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Five Easy and Smart Working Tips for Pipe Repair and Connection
Five Easy and Smart Working Tips for Pipe Repair and Connection
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Easy and Neat Tips for joining wood together
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Easy and Neat Tips for joining wood together
How To Connect Two Wood Together With Butterly joints
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How To Connect Two Wood Together With Butterly joints


  • nondescript straight white male with glasses

    Absolutely top Chinese craftsmanship right here

  • Mery Zoy
    Mery Zoy 18 hours ago

    Дятел, что тут ещё сказать

  • 피요몬
    피요몬 19 hours ago

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  • Фёдор Краснов

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  • Simranjitsingh Chhina
    Simranjitsingh Chhina 19 hours ago

    Kitne kaa hee bai

  • TheYorkshireman88
    TheYorkshireman88 20 hours ago

    Those nails are doing nothing

  • El Che
    El Che 20 hours ago

    Aaand there it is! ...the most stupid video on YT this month.

  • 3li3 Man
    3li3 Man 22 hours ago

    Jaaaaaaaa !

  • Мишаня
    Мишаня Day ago

    А обратно как зайти?

  • Игорь Андреев

    А зачем?

    • Дмитрий Галаганов
      Дмитрий Галаганов 20 hours ago

      И я в ахуе - Сунь трос в гайку и зажми тисками 🤣🤣🤣- это у них называется - нахрена просто когда можно сложно 🤣🤣🤣

  • imvu people
    imvu people Day ago

    DIY videos are getting dumper and dumper🤮

  • john jkizer
    john jkizer Day ago

    Self closing latches have been around since 70’s

  • Day ago

    ой как интереснааа, ток нихуа не понял.

  • Hiêu Nguyên Trung

    Bộ gài của đóa nhiêu za

  • Bob C.
    Bob C. Day ago

    Not quick. You can get a safe one, at the dollar store. And it would be easier to clean, and more sanitary.

  • JuicyMoose
    JuicyMoose Day ago

    Everytime I see this kind of nonsense I can feel a blood clot in my brain forming.

  • i Flaxo
    i Flaxo Day ago

    These are literally $0.01 to buy

  • Tempestan
    Tempestan Day ago

    Wha da hail is that mess.

  • Spiros Mavropoulos

    I can see a few good uses for these👍

  • The Daily Knife #2

    Get the real deal

  • Crazy Nerd Inventor

    This is not a life hack this is a life hazard.

  • Chandra Sekhar


  • Mark
    Mark Day ago

    Never once in my god damn life have a found a need for a chain to be attached to a board like this

  • Jill ladd
    Jill ladd Day ago

    This is moronic. The whole purpose of a tee nut is having a threaded insert that will hold itself while tightening a bolt into it. What you made is not a tee nut, it’s a washer that still needs a nut. The wings that dig into the wood serve no purpose. If you were to weld the nut to the modified washer, then you’d have a tee nut. But rather than that, why not go th the local hardware store and pay 28 cents for a tee nut????

  • спиртмен

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  • спиртмен

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  • Alistair Parker

    Bet that's comfortable in your pocket!

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    꼬부기 Day ago

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    BHAVIN. 048 Day ago

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  • Кирилл Григорьев

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  • VECTOR9 벡터나인

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  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 2 days ago

    The dumbest and ugliest possible way to do this

  • alphonse alchemist
    alphonse alchemist 2 days ago

    Total cost: 50 dollars

  • dj 500
    dj 500 2 days ago

    Omg this made me so mad and I just couldn't see it a second time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Е Т
    Е Т 2 days ago

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  • Matthew Tercyak
    Matthew Tercyak 2 days ago

    Trash just like the country it came out of

    USBGD 2 days ago

    Very nice

  • ESE
    ESE 2 days ago

    My IQ just went down

  • smallworld
    smallworld 2 days ago

    As a plumber this would genuinely be helpful, on deep dish kitchen sinks wrenches can be god awful to fit in certain scenarios

  • Đại Mèo yb
    Đại Mèo yb 2 days ago

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    이강인 2 days ago

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  • Nanditha products
    Nanditha products 2 days ago

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  • juan ruvalcaba
    juan ruvalcaba 2 days ago

    Or just buy an a real clamp,🤑

  • Basti 2290
    Basti 2290 2 days ago

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