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What Causes Food Allergies?
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What Exactly is Lupus?
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  • Virgle DeBord
    Virgle DeBord 2 hours ago

    Did Taylor Wilson have something to do with all of this?

  • LouPremo
    LouPremo 3 hours ago

    they plug into a usb port

  • Free World
    Free World 3 hours ago

    Who cares

  • Bige
    Bige 3 hours ago

    If hedgehogs are being marked as invasive to the USA then why are they allowed in some states but not all?

  • cesar chavez
    cesar chavez 3 hours ago

    John webb is john wicks step brother

  • maxphilly
    maxphilly 3 hours ago

    Race isn't real?? Wow i gues I'm crazy hmm

  • eternalchao11
    eternalchao11 3 hours ago

    This title is wrong

  • DD826
    DD826 3 hours ago

    when do we decide how they spend OUR taxes?

  • Ya Boi Diglett
    Ya Boi Diglett 3 hours ago

    Well eren did

  • Sergio White
    Sergio White 3 hours ago

    there is no dark matter or energy they were made up to make a faulty foundation keep going lol red shift is age not distance te universe is electric the general relativity and gravity are wrong suns are eletric see safire project thnderbolts of the gods will tell you more

  • Mortimer Hasbeengud
    Mortimer Hasbeengud 3 hours ago

    Let us rule out DM with a sim. How would the Hubble Volume look any different?

  • Alex Van Sant
    Alex Van Sant 3 hours ago

    shouldn't we just ask a ai algritom to make the best possible perpetual motion machine? also spin a tire in space your welcome

  • Josh Chavers
    Josh Chavers 3 hours ago

    Anyone else notice their argon tanks are not 3d printed. This is a sham.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 3 hours ago

    It's done well.

  • Josh Chavers
    Josh Chavers 3 hours ago

    Completely leak proof.... lmao idiots.

  • flatblackstrat
    flatblackstrat 4 hours ago

    Coolest photo ever taken was that of the genetic code and proving the double helix.

  • Kyle's Place
    Kyle's Place 4 hours ago


  • Jeff Nguyen
    Jeff Nguyen 4 hours ago

    Why does he sound like Linus??

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 4 hours ago

    Aerogel Could Be the Key to Colonizing Mars, Here's How 'Blacks can't get their helmets on over their fro's....rub on a little Aerogel'

  • sportdutch
    sportdutch 4 hours ago

    Add some Christianity to it.

  • Chocktae Bolanca
    Chocktae Bolanca 4 hours ago

    A girl just told me she’d rather be friends. We weren’t even dating but it was a thing for a couple of months. So obviously it’s not true heartbreak but it still sucks

  • Esequiel Tovar
    Esequiel Tovar 4 hours ago

    Isnt it possible that one photon passed .00000000000001 seconds earlier than the other

  • Keithprestige
    Keithprestige 4 hours ago

    Quantum entanglement proves that multiple dimensions are real ?

  • ya_boi_jemre
    ya_boi_jemre 4 hours ago

    Meta runner 2 leaked

  • odis mesa
    odis mesa 4 hours ago

    what are humans going to look like in the future ?

  • haywoodtuk1964
    haywoodtuk1964 4 hours ago

    What is the best product or brand to increase your IQ of 20 points? I read a lot of superb opinions on the net about how exactly Rotogenflux Methods will help you improve your intelligence. Has anybody tried this iq course?

  • Abid Chowdhury
    Abid Chowdhury 4 hours ago

    Not in all fields of life.....but specifically in the fields of spirituality and science, it DOES make you dumb if you believe in organised or theistic religion 😅

  • Jeremy Li
    Jeremy Li 4 hours ago

    For you it is easy to believe the mindless nonsense that comes out of your mouth. Since the atom manifests so exceedingly momentarily in what we call the physical world just how exactly is the speed of the camera capable to see something oscillating in the range of hundreds of trillions of cycles per second. ...metal atoms? Do you even think about you're saying or you're told what to say? Please mention the Heisenberg Principle. Atoms are not things merely tendencies. You are either clueless or you read a script not caring about the bad, blasphemous, failed, science you're pedaling. Metal atoms....Just get a clue woman.

  • Chris
    Chris 4 hours ago

    It's only a theory so we don't really know it exists. 1:07

  • GeoSco
    GeoSco 4 hours ago

    Lying ass motherfuckers!!!!! DO NOT LET THESE PEDOS WIN!!!!! HEMP STUPIDS!!!!!!!

  • Koustubh Avachat
    Koustubh Avachat 4 hours ago

    Nuke Mars

  • Jay_McGill94
    Jay_McGill94 4 hours ago

    I'm sure folks have heard of the security dilemma in International Politics, right?

  • Alban1 you’re to blame

    3:00 like glass does , where there’s glass there’s sand/rock , where there’s such , there’s water

  • Joseph Gagaridis
    Joseph Gagaridis 5 hours ago

    Doesnt God Offer Us Eternal Salvation If We Believe And Worship? Do the right thing etc...if only the scientists would believe in God, Soul And Afterlife. They Truely Can Earn Immortality In The Kingdom Of Heaven Where Evil And Nagging Wifes Don't Exist.

  • feel toofree
    feel toofree 5 hours ago

    “This is a a puzzle given to us by the universe and I can not think of anything better to do with my time other than to find the answer”...said the scientist. Me: (lying on my bed watching this as one of many other RU-clip videos) hmmm sure dude, good luck.

  • feel toofree
    feel toofree 5 hours ago

    Dark matter: you ain’t ever gonna catch me

    BRAYAN BAEZ LIMONAR 5 hours ago

    Imagine if they did genetic engineering to trees to make them luminate at night 🌲✨

  • oku_jumu
    oku_jumu 5 hours ago

    Man science ..or.. the active striving towards more specific and better understanding of specific aspects of reality ... sometimes feels like a spiritual practice/ quest

  • Tete
    Tete 5 hours ago

    I have always had trouble taking pills.... I would put it in my mouth and drink water but then the pill just started to dissolve but when I did this exactly as he said it went down so smooth

  • S. L.
    S. L. 5 hours ago

    I'm not a racist... I hate everyone equally.

  • Andrew Brumagen
    Andrew Brumagen 5 hours ago

    My ex-wife farted a lot, my ex girlfriends farted more than I did and longer like 10 seconds long I'm not kidding and my daughter did when she was younger.

  • ThatSlowTacoma
    ThatSlowTacoma 5 hours ago

    Flies, Roaches, Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Earwigs should all go extinct

  • Dean Rao
    Dean Rao 5 hours ago

    Of course they should have the right. And as humanity and medicine have supposedly progressed so far now it's only humane that they be offered assistance to do so as painlessly as our advanced state of medicine allows. In this case it's a particularly rational decision. Even knowing the option is available should they get to the point would be some comfort to anyone who is facing a future that they dread.

  • Chum Dog
    Chum Dog 5 hours ago

    Not to mention the nazis used it to keep people passive

  • G. L.
    G. L. 5 hours ago

    But what if a closed system is the myth?

  • big diego
    big diego 6 hours ago

    our solar system is part of a particle that exploded. earth is a bit of the particle that’s still in the process of moving away due to the explosion. there could be an infinite number of universes, and every universe is made up of smaller universes. think about it. why couldn’t an extremely small organism evolve into existence on the side of a particle?

  • African Girl
    African Girl 6 hours ago

    lol, wish i was baby! again

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 6 hours ago

    When u learn to divide and know ur soul and learn not to carry but wards if u can u all ready there even down to spouse for u carry in your temple 2 o

  • janelle 101
    janelle 101 6 hours ago

    When i walk past my crush and i think hes looking at me my GODDMAN LEGS GET SHAKY ASFF

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 6 hours ago

    I didn't get a flu shot b/c its so so so stupid of an explanation.."we introduce small amounts so u can build anti bodies".... I don't get flu shots.

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva 6 hours ago

    maybe thers a diference in qustions of plasma and energy

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 6 hours ago

    I swear to God if I hear this spooky action shit one more time..

  • TheRealSaint
    TheRealSaint 6 hours ago

    Out here like doomfist

  • Kevin Mueller
    Kevin Mueller 6 hours ago

    You stated: "He (Einstein) proposed hidden variables that would act as a messenger between entangled pairs". I do not think that is what he proposed at all. There is no messenger that can travel faster than light and Einstein knew this. As I understand it, what he proposed was actually that the properties were already fixed beforehand, but hidden. He proposed that the situation was analogous to a pair of gloves separated from one another, once you observe a particle to be say, left-handed, it follows that the other "glove" or partner would be right handed. This was his explanation for the properties in the distant entangled partner, appearing to become fixed instantaneously. It was, he said, already fixed beforehand. His idea of was indeed, disproved, and the cause remains very mysterious.

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 6 hours ago

    NASA’s Nuclear Drone Will Search for Life on Titan and nuke it. 'Before they start showing up asking for Asylum'

  • mochatea
    mochatea 6 hours ago

    how would you wash your hands though...

  • NFL Royal
    NFL Royal 6 hours ago

    I hope flys go extinct and never come back

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 6 hours ago

    This time the calculations will all be checked by Black Labs. And Hollywood will make a movie about it.... 'Whiskers'

  • Raditya Oe
    Raditya Oe 6 hours ago


  • Andrew Wynd
    Andrew Wynd 6 hours ago

    Well let's assume you don't. Immortality could be used to torture individuals until the end of time. So take you're over-rated textbook hero brain and stop toying with the universe

  • moo10 cow
    moo10 cow 6 hours ago

    Science and genes could make it happen, but not any time soon, no mutations can give us 20x the lenght and strenght of our brain waves to move matter.

  • Kameron Cole
    Kameron Cole 6 hours ago

    What will it do with the knowledge that beneficial to us in the present while were livong on earth...telescopes only survey even if thrown in space

  • MrMrCahill
    MrMrCahill 6 hours ago

    i know they expensive wouldn’t it be better to send like 100 drones tho?? lmao

  • DD826
    DD826 6 hours ago

    there is a malfunction in any gay person, and this black guy is really gay. That means something wrong needs to be handled first. Before they can be trusted to do an important job.

  • 100k subscribers without any videos

    this video just talks about the behaviour of crabs but it has nothing to do with actual pain. If you were to poke a spider then they would instantly move away and avoid that spot yet we all know that they can only react to stimuli not pain it's a natural instinct for all animals even for ones that dont feel pain. Crabs have Nociceptors like other species such as fishes and octopuses which allows them to detect their surroundings incase if there is potential harm however they lack Nerve fibers. Nerve fibers are split into different groups such as A, B, C which are either myelinated or not and allow us to feel pain/detect pain in different ways. These nociceptors are usually linked with the nerve fibers and the nerve fibers work along with the central nervous system. Without the sensation or conscious awareness of pain then it is okay to kill a crab. Without emotions how would crabs know whenever or not pain is distinguished or perceived?

  • Andrew Wynd
    Andrew Wynd 7 hours ago

    And don't you think it's dangerous to be tampering with u have any comprehension of the dangers of immortality

  • Mark Halverson
    Mark Halverson 7 hours ago

    Someone tell the Doctor!

  • 777 burro
    777 burro 7 hours ago

    We are in the same place as 50 years ago.

  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster 7 hours ago

    well it's halal so i dont mind

  • jopekay
    jopekay 7 hours ago

    It was far easier to discover the New Worlds, just a couple dozen of nucklehead, and a boat

  • Jaxattax
    Jaxattax 7 hours ago

    If this Comment gets 1000 likes I’ll make a petition for making a light saber

  • Laxis 710
    Laxis 710 7 hours ago

    I mean I have ibs and I went from shitting waterfalls to solid shits. Worked for me

  • LEGO Star Wars Channel

    One word hacksmith

  • Frank Gibson
    Frank Gibson 7 hours ago

    There is probably no totally safe method of energy production so it is a choice between going without the benefits of large scale energy production and finding the method that has the least amount of downside. My preferred path is that we go with devices such as that in the video as a stop gap to the point where fusion power becomes a reality. The pollution from fusion power is close to zero but the technology is still some way off. We cannot afford to wait 30 years so we go with these SMRs and also thorium based reactors in the short term while working on fusion power for the long term.

  • Humanunnaki
    Humanunnaki 7 hours ago

    Everyone should go to their grave a skeptic.

  • wrist so sloppy
    wrist so sloppy 7 hours ago

    Lol I’m sorry to all y’all religious mfs but, I believe that all these “God, Jesus, Allah,” are one same mf lol he probably had kagebunshin all over the world or some shit except polytheism mfs.

  • Shawni Ysais
    Shawni Ysais 7 hours ago

    At 4:35 that glowing inverted triangle looks pretty dangerous. Marie Curie dangerous.

  • Clay More
    Clay More 7 hours ago

    1:48 equilibrium comes to mind. In the EU Theory blackholes and galaxies have a tendency to increase and convert matter into higher states and adding to their local circuit 💫 & dispersing 80% of interacting matter as a plasma into the galactic environment. It's that addition to the local circuit that is of interest. Russian space agency has done a plasma experiment on the ISS, firstly plasma experiments done on the Earths surface DO NOT act the same as they do on the ISS, secondly the part of the experiment that has interested me was the dust suspended in the plasma didn't form into a typical filament rather a plasma sheet, when the voltage and amperage were varied the spacing of the dust particulates was increased or decreased. Seeing how magnetic plasma is virtually disregarded in astrophysics, it could be surmised/assumed the expansion of the universe is a factor of this process of conversion and addition to local galactic electromagnetic plasma. The expansion, slowing and continued expansion of the universe could then be seen as a result of a system that seeks balance in which has a continuous increase of electromagnetic complexity and input.

  • noah keebler
    noah keebler 7 hours ago

    He’s delusional get him to the infirmary!

  • NOT kd
    NOT kd 7 hours ago

    the Kinsey scale was the beginning of the gay agenda

  • anamaria
    anamaria 7 hours ago

    Criminals, anyway

  • NOT kd
    NOT kd 7 hours ago

    the gay agenda

  • Shane Azpilicueta
    Shane Azpilicueta 7 hours ago

    U look like u like to admix alot baybay

  • Akshay Sehgal
    Akshay Sehgal 7 hours ago

    Stop and just wait. Dark matter will find us. It's not that dark matter is a mystery but the rarity of normal matter in our universe. Maybe they are looking for us - dark beings but we are so rare that are almost invisible. We hypothesis that we may be the only intelligent species in our universe then it would be difficult to find us beca. as a whole universe is very big.

  • TrainerAQ
    TrainerAQ 7 hours ago

    Imagine if Einstein was wrong about everything else and we just became biased towards his ideas and how to prove them. We would be able to go faster than the speed of light!

      METAL NERD 6 hours ago

      Yeah, the operative word being "imagine".

  • NOT kd
    NOT kd 7 hours ago

    a lot girls claim to be bisexual but in reality only find girls attractive and would never go down on a vagina. women have to learn finding somebody attractive and sexually attractive are two different things.

  • Dino Hauska
    Dino Hauska 7 hours ago

    why hoomans love pictures? or films?

  • blue ki
    blue ki 7 hours ago

    Oy boy

  • GandalFarCough
    GandalFarCough 7 hours ago

    I heard photons... and phase...

  • Frank Page
    Frank Page 7 hours ago

    Plot twist... there is no dark energy and space is not expanding.

  • junior aroche_galindo

    The question is how will this systems work in space or tilt

  • Rylin Rendon
    Rylin Rendon 7 hours ago

    Don't make my system blow😂😂

  • Crak Shot
    Crak Shot 7 hours ago


  • Adam Donald Marks
    Adam Donald Marks 7 hours ago

    May it bee ...

  • Keeper Holderson
    Keeper Holderson 7 hours ago

    just how in the hell can you take a picture of nothing? we took a picture of movement... we took a picture of casting a shadow... we took a picture of magnetic repulsion... not only is this just nonsense, you make it sound even more nonsensical.

  • ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about 7 hours ago

    Animal, fish and bird declines = zephaniah 1:2,3

  • Jerome Mohanan
    Jerome Mohanan 7 hours ago

    This is the greatest verification ever given.

  • ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about 7 hours ago

    Why doesn't GOD stop this ? It's HIS earth and HE created it..HE does nothing !😐

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto 8 hours ago

    Notice how he said don't drink *too* much lol

  • J
    J 8 hours ago

    It's ironic that the girl reading the copy, probably doesn't understand anything she's reading. That's the way it is with the majority of women these days. Journalists are woefully, shamefully science illiterate. If MEN could get into that field anymore, that might change, but until then.