Wake Up
Wake Up
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  • Connie Ogden
    Connie Ogden 10 hours ago

    Go Trump

  • Felix
    Felix 5 days ago

    It is hard to believe that after over 150+ deaths of one sort or another, supposedly by clinton hit men or man, that someone in enforcement can't come up with some answers. Clinton's 'Kill Orders' must be given either by phone or some other method, can't they check the call records ???? How about checking bank records for payments made?? Seems that we NEED Perry Mason ! Maybe we should bribe some party to give info. The people under protective custody is also under the same mystery, there has to be a leaker somewhere !

  • Lee David
    Lee David 5 days ago

    So this is where the 40% of dumb white hicks are ..... branding you stupid is too convenient ..you are. Just racist ... keep at it ... vote trump 2020 please ..give me entertainment for another 4 years

  • emily foisey
    emily foisey 6 days ago

    They are guilty of everything that has been said of them !!! This has all Democrats running for their lives !!!! This has to be stop they are some of the most evil wicked people that has ever live in the USA !!! They rank right up there with the 911people that hate American and everything we stand for !!! They must be destroyed at all cost for their parts in this treason against the United States of America and its all because of the evil that they have done against us all !! Very evil wicked people !!!!

  • Betty Lonv
    Betty Lonv 7 days ago

    No Republicans are the deplorables. And there is a blue wave coming!!! Unless Russia once again steps forward . Trump invited a terrorist association to Camp David on American Soil . And this is what every Republican and deplorable like him will pay for.

  • Mystery Monk
    Mystery Monk 8 days ago

    God bless Trump!

  • Carolyn Dennis
    Carolyn Dennis 9 days ago

    Barrack was actually born in Indonesia so I’m told

  • achristian's illuminosity

    all these lying asswipeys need to be hung by hitlery's testicles

  • Kelly McNichols
    Kelly McNichols 10 days ago


  • terrifiedanimal
    terrifiedanimal 11 days ago

    Ha! Tick Tock my ass... It's September 2019 and I'm still wondering when that "Bombshell" is going to drop.

  • Kevin Callaghan
    Kevin Callaghan 12 days ago

    I am certainly not shocked after hearing what A E Obama got away with. Sleezebag the late Pres. O. would love to see him interviewed under oath Isincerely trust that this will happen sooner rather than later. Having him tell no lies under oath, the clintons lies over the years may find deep holes in what Killary has said prior to he being wiped off the map and floor by Pres. trump. Lets get Obama to testify under oath. Make sure it is alive telecast so that we all can read his body language and see him be rattled by some tough questions being thrown at him. I would suggest Trey gowdy andthe A.G to do the questions. with backup by several people holding the white towells and tissues for Obamas crying that could occur.

  • Keenan Hunt
    Keenan Hunt 12 days ago

    Muslim - new dress code ?

  • Kurt Hanssen
    Kurt Hanssen 12 days ago

    Taxes, Trump is not even taking a Salary, it is all donated, Newer heard of any Previous presidents donating their salaries, The best thing The Deplorables did was to put a sharp intelligent business-man in the White House, this the USA got to be run as a business with cheks and balances, China comes to mind. No More Lawyers in the WH. They only work on Greed and are good at getting away with their Crimes Like NoBummer and Killary. The Clintons And the Nobummers were all Disbarred because they ware all crooks and criminals...

  • Kurt Hanssen
    Kurt Hanssen 12 days ago

    Mueller was the Cower up man For the Bush, Chainey, Clinton Mafia, The FBI, and the CIA. (John Brennan) had their Offices in the WTC.7. open 24/7. but not on 9/11. WTC.7. Collapsed in 5.7. seconds. still, not one agent or staff was hurt, no wonder, they were not there, Told by Mueller and Brennan to stay home,, and CNN. reported the Collapse 27. Minutes to early, their timing was a little off. The Israeli Mossad Demolition-team Dustefies the WTC.1, 2, and 7. was arrested by the NYPD, held for 90. days, Pardon by Bush and walking our streets after killing 3000.? Put the Blame on the Saudis, but Attacked Iraq.?? And Only Israel and the Jews Like Silverstein benefitted from 9/11. Now they finally got their war in the Middle East, Using Our Military as their tool.

  • Rosalyn Martin
    Rosalyn Martin 14 days ago

    Get the word out, pass this to everyone you know🙏🥰🙌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • OM Winter
    OM Winter 14 days ago

    Where is the co-pilot ?

  • ThePearsch
    ThePearsch 14 days ago

    Ope! Hillary'd.

  • Helen Lopez
    Helen Lopez 17 days ago

    Let's get them America!

  • Helen Lopez
    Helen Lopez 17 days ago

    We The People, have got to stop this.

  • cooperstan581
    cooperstan581 17 days ago


  • Lee Melton
    Lee Melton 17 days ago

    Ludacris fines are shortsighted, yes the state gets paid, but at what cost? Impact fees exorbitant insurance rates and so on, all contribute to revenue lost to a business or resident . Make it easy on business, they will provide employment, long-term stability for the business and it’s employees, and the state will make more money in The long run. The more people working, the more revenue The state acquires.

  • Rosee
    Rosee 20 days ago

    Ice could pick him up.. He is not an American citizen!!

  • Rosee
    Rosee 20 days ago

    He is a cocaine user too ..likes little boys and of course Michael or should I say Michelle ..He is Trashy!!

  • Sheranda Tyndall
    Sheranda Tyndall 21 day ago

    This kid spent all that time saying the same thing over and over simply rewording it to sound built upon....let me sum it up for you,"were all in an antfarm that is in the house of God but in Gods world many other Gods have antfarms from the same manufacturer but accessorized a little differently based on what was available,perhaps when we sleep our God likes to trade out a few of us with other Gods and it takes awhile for the trades ones to adjust" "smartest kid in the world" foh

  • Jessie B
    Jessie B 21 day ago

    Great video 👍🏻

  • tony'sMelody TM
    tony'sMelody TM 22 days ago

    They , freemasons/ jezuits, switched Russia's ruler before. He lived 5 years in Holland, "studying" . Came back unrecognisable and full on sodomite. Every real Russian know. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czar_Peter_House_(Netherlands)

  • PST3K NaN
    PST3K NaN 24 days ago

    I love Mandela effect believers.... it must be quantum entanglement, it could never be that people suck at remembering things...

  • AndyPutt1
    AndyPutt1 25 days ago

    This is all absolute rubbish

  • Rosalyn Martin
    Rosalyn Martin 26 days ago


  • Bambi Tramp
    Bambi Tramp 26 days ago

    First of all I'd pay a salary for some one to beat this kid up on a regular basis. Second, in an infinite number of infinate realities what are the odds of us being magically teleported to one the exact same bar one line in a shitty disney movie? Third, what happend to the people that were in this parallel universe before us? Lastly, there are like 8 billion people on the planet, most of whome don't remember what they had for breakfast. Is a more likely explanation not that some of them just have poor memories while others are easily iflnfluenced? If occams razor was a fundamental principle most of these 'super smart', 'theoretical physicists' would be either homeless bums or locked away in mental institutions. Go chase girls and ride your bike you little faggot...

    MK CULTRA 27 days ago

    The SWISS are behind all of this.

  • Margaret Hulit
    Margaret Hulit 27 days ago

    What did they ever do about this ...nothing as usual?

  • Ariel Domínguez
    Ariel Domínguez 27 days ago

    He must watch rick and morty

  • charliestravels
    charliestravels 27 days ago

    Joe Rogan brought me here but I literally made a video about this a few weeks ago

    • charliestravels
      charliestravels 26 days ago

      @Tyler Durden well, I DO have insomnia and I enjoyed Fight Club. Project Mayhem, it is!

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 26 days ago

      @charliestravels never, Charlie...I always travel with you...

    • charliestravels
      charliestravels 26 days ago

      @j2323j when aliens do DMT, do they see Joe Rogan?

    • charliestravels
      charliestravels 26 days ago

      @Tyler Durden stop following me around the internet

    • j2323j
      j2323j 26 days ago


  • Mr._Imperfection Gaming Channel

    To never learn from history is to forever to remain a child.

  • Steve Wyatt
    Steve Wyatt Month ago

    Debbie does the big house.

  • Nancy Peterson
    Nancy Peterson Month ago

    Do not believe a word of it!! Wray a weak do nothing operative for deep state. Otherwise FBI Agents would be in jail including DOJ operatives!! All involved in destroying evidence, and cover-ups!!

  • Jamie Kloer
    Jamie Kloer Month ago

    Duh we know they are corrupt and we have guns.

  • Helen Lopez
    Helen Lopez Month ago

    Well perhaps it's time for Every single person in America, to hunt them down (Dems and Republicans) who are against President Trump ! This President has done nothing but Good ! Time for We The People , to get up in their Faces ! God Bless Us All, in Jesus Name !

  • Helen Lopez
    Helen Lopez Month ago

    She called for the Hit on Seth Rich, yep Debbie is the one who called it !

  • RED BALL73
    RED BALL73 Month ago

    Two words. NO OBSTRUCTION. Two more. NO COLLUSION

  • teacher4all
    teacher4all Month ago

    You can see it with the naked eye that Mr. Putin was replaced long long ago before 2014!!!

  • Tina Mitchell
    Tina Mitchell Month ago

    The only thing makes sense is that their are two Groups of rh. Negative blood. One connected to Jesus and Mother Mary. One connected to fallen angels. Two competing bloodlines. One is targeted. Those of us who love Jesus. And believe in Jesus with conviction.

  • Rattan Lal
    Rattan Lal Month ago

    world war will start in 2019 or 2020 definitely.

  • Jay Zee
    Jay Zee Month ago

    Seriously Man, Listen to your viewers and STOP WITH THE STUPID ELECTRONIC VOICES..... Great Vid, great info, ... but thumbs down for the audio.

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    How can they be done for money laundering? Rothschild's own all the money in the world. Wake the hell up. Everywhere you see a world Bank you also see a non-sovereign government borrowing money from Rothschild

  • Prayn Mantis
    Prayn Mantis Month ago

    Im RH negative. Wow, im famous! Am i related to which group of ETs? We all are? Im allergic to hot sun, lights and loud noises. im scared of people. They are like monsters. I love animals, not people so much. Am i an alien? Lol. I know i am? I have intelligence people cant understand? Im so ALONE. Sad 😢

  • Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee Month ago

    Eating shit is poor nutrition.

  • jerald triplet
    jerald triplet Month ago

    yes please.

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney Month ago

    closest nothing but a corrupt piece of trash her and her cronies don't need to travel anywhere nobody wants to talk to their disgusting kurup line communist socialist garbage anyway they're lying corrupt trash and they will be removed

  • Scarlett Wilson
    Scarlett Wilson Month ago


  • Scarlett Wilson
    Scarlett Wilson Month ago


  • Scarlett Wilson
    Scarlett Wilson Month ago


  • star star
    star star Month ago

    Better get some help Nancy with those pills or pot your not doing to good, maybe you could go for a walk with old Joe but don't come back take your green B. S . With you

  • star star
    star star Month ago

    What's wrong with your eyes Nancy? Old Joe was putting his hot hands all over those kids, your kind don't care about kids or you would say something about what we all saw on t.v. and that's not fake new we saw it.

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney Month ago

    close he is nothing but a communist socialist corrupt garbage piece of trash just like the rest of the democratic party they're no longer liberals they're just communist socialist scumbags that's what they are

  • Rosee
    Rosee Month ago

    we will stand by you always president trump 20/20

  • Are you Serious?
    Are you Serious? Month ago

    Thumbs down for the ear blast. Thumbs down for the monotone computer voice.

  • Marie Mackey
    Marie Mackey Month ago

    This voice is making me sick. 😨

  • Bruce Farley
    Bruce Farley 2 months ago

    The American phrase "Wake Up" has recently been voted the most putrid, rudest and wrongly presumptuous phrase worldwide, that has been brought to the surface in the last few years ~ and would only be used by persons with extreme mentally-disordered egotism who are incredibly stupid, narcissistic is the nearest one-word description to that.

  • Michael Wamiko
    Michael Wamiko 2 months ago

    It's a fight club

  • Victor Sturdivant
    Victor Sturdivant 2 months ago

    The Clinton's had him killed. I'VE personally known too many people that knew thew the Clinton family that are now dead.

  • Kevin Snell
    Kevin Snell 2 months ago

    That was A $8 billion Lied And many more of them to come

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    nothing but lies corruption in to see that's all we ever got from sessions that's all we ever get from most of these communist socialist scumbags it's time to get these people remove it's time to get our country straight back out we don't want common is socialism lies corruption and deceit in our country we will remove it they're lying corrupt garbage we don't want them by by scumbags

  • Arthur Radtke
    Arthur Radtke 2 months ago

    Max is a good kid trying to better mankind. That in itself tells me all I need to know about him. God Speed Max!

  • Arthur Radtke
    Arthur Radtke 2 months ago

    The power they are messing with at CERN is mind boggling. Mad scientists are running the show for now. The one true God Jesus is Lord of the universe and these scientists are in for a big surprise.

  • Marlene deRonde
    Marlene deRonde 2 months ago

    Another murder victim . . .

  • Kerry Azulay
    Kerry Azulay 2 months ago

    Rubbish. We are the originals. Other humans are hybrids/messed around with. Indoctrinated to shit. I hate these channels which say 'We Negs' are the different ones.

  • Rosee
    Rosee 2 months ago

    Clintons obama totally EVIL ..they leave a trail of utter and destruction .. they both need to be locked up ASAP wakeup!!!!!!!! before it is too late ....

  • Kathie Logan
    Kathie Logan 2 months ago

    Lock the treasonous criminals up! Lynch a traitor to all of America attempting to cover up all the treason espionage murders racketeering money laundering uranium one Fusion GPS Fast and Furious birthing financing and arming terrorists groups! Sex trafficking drug trafficking kidnapping pedophilia rape and murder of children military troops Ambassador and Supreme Court Justice as well as so manynmore... Imagine the nerve and Corruption of Lynch and Comey Wray McCabe Clapper Brennan and others attempting to put treasonous career Criminal Clintons in our white house? Is there any doubt as to how far this corruption goes??

  • Eunice Bryan
    Eunice Bryan 2 months ago

    She has been disfunctional for sometime and should be impeached!

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    Barack Obama what a disgusting slimy piece of trash absolutely a communist socialist piece of garbage Muslim that doesn't even bother me as much as the Communist socialist the lies the corruption in the deceit but worst of all he was nothing but a treasonous traitor to our country and he needs to be in prison he is scum of the earth disgusting slime that will be proven to be the absolute most corrupt president in history of America he's a slimy scum of the earth and needs to be put in prison where he belongs he's a treasonous piece of garbage

    PANKAJ GHOLAP 2 months ago

    I am RH negative

  • Olivia Shaw
    Olivia Shaw 2 months ago

    Being convicted of Treason ☞ Consciously and Purposely ☜ acting in the ⮩BETRAYAL⮨ to Aid its OWN country’s ﴾ ENEMIES.﴿ Use to get the accused the ☞☞DEATH☜☜ penalty ⪼What The HeLL⪻ ?�¿

  • Annemarie Stanton
    Annemarie Stanton 2 months ago

    Prophecy states the false pope can only appear in the presence of a real elected pope, the real pope who raitans sovereign will be apposed to an uncanonicl destroyer Pope who only goes by the title bishop of Rome, Frances refused all other titles at election.

  • William Sarokon
    William Sarokon 2 months ago

    This is why they passed the no lynching law. These people all know exactly what is coming. Today she plead guilty to a small 40 month fed prison sentence. I believe that she has flipped and helping the prosecution against the state department. She is an evil treasonous woman.

  • kb csDJvno \]][,.
    kb csDJvno \]][,. 2 months ago

    "Candace Marie Clairborne on Tuesday 9 July 2019 broke down in tears as she was sentenced to 40 months in prison for conspiring with foreign agents."

  • Dawnie Newman
    Dawnie Newman 2 months ago

    Another one added to the Clinton Body Count, no surprise

  • Baraqua Amina Levy Belle Khan

    Send #PeterThiel to #Afghanistan and let him talk shit 💩💩💩

  • Scarlett Wilson
    Scarlett Wilson 2 months ago


  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    that's because the Democrats are communists socialists come they want to destroy America they're not liberal anymore if there's any liberals left it's very few most of the Democrats are nothing but how many socialists come that's what they've turned into and they can think Hillary and Obama for that just disgusting and absolutely horrible

  • star star
    star star 2 months ago

    Look that nut job went after Trump like the mad dog she is saying all kinds of her sick lies, but now it's hot hands Joe and it's about little kids and that nut job don't care. You see what kind of people you got working for you,well not working just making up lies I don't call that work. Just sick,

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    nothing but lies and corruption Loretta Lynch nothing but a line corrupt piece of trash mouth puppet for the Obama and Clinton's that's disgusting they were scum Obama was one of the most corrupt president in the history of America and Hillary Clinton the absolute most corrupt piece of trash ever in the state department or any place else she's nothing but

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    Democrats are in turmoil what's the matter with Democrats is there is some actual liberals that are trying to help and trying to help America while the rest of these scum-sucking communist socialist pieces of garbage or trying to destroy America that's why they're having conflict that's where their conflict lies and the bad thing is is that most of them are all just communist socialist pieces of trash the scum of the earth that will be removed from office either through vote impeachment or jail cuz they're lying corrupt garbage

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    these disgusting scumbags think they deserve a trip they can't even do their job these corrupt pieces of trash can't even do their job than they think they deserve a trip their disgusting scum-of-the-earth my God these aren't Democrats these are communist socialist scumbags that are just trying to destroy America sickening disgusting slime balls pelosi Schumer absolutely slime disgusting corrupt garbage bribe-taking pieces of trash absolutely just like shifty ship nothing but corrupt lies deceit that's it I'm glad they got canceled they should never be able to leave this country until they go down and live in Venezuela because they're nothing but corrupt garbage that needs to be removed

  • Brittany Foster
    Brittany Foster 2 months ago

    She's a WITCH people a real Witch

  • Brittany Foster
    Brittany Foster 2 months ago

    Well he come up dead or did he just say he was dead oh yep insider did it lock all of them up somebody will crack

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    Little faith America has no faith in them they're lying corrupt bribe-taking garbage they're the scum of the Earth are communist socialist Democrat trash nobody wants to deal with them nobody wants them in office they will be removed and there will be a lot of other communist socialist garbage removed from our political system we're not going to put up with this socialism trash its corruption it destroys countries and it's not going to destroy America we know who they are and what they are they're the scum of the earth and we're not going to tolerate them any

  • Barbara Kelly
    Barbara Kelly 2 months ago


  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    Closing Schumer nothing but slimy sleazy communist socialist garbage the absolute scummy trash of the Earth the most disgusting things I've ever seen come out of their mouth they're nothing but lying corrupt bribe-taking treasonous pieces of garbage they need to be removed and will be in this coming next election nope you'll be voting for them because they know they're lying corrupt garbage their trash that's trying to destroy America the American people don't want to destroy America we don't want socialism we don't want anything to do with it it's a lying and corrupt garbage that does nothing but destroy countries if you want it so bad why don't you to move down to Venezuela you lying corrupt

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    he needs to be arrested put in prison for life for treason he was one of the key players trying to overthrow our government the American people know what he is nothing but a lying disgusting scum of the Earth communist socialist Democrat he might not be able to openly speak that but that's what he is and he's a nothing but a lying corrupt piece of garbage he needs to be put in prison and then tried for treason and then either given a life sentence or put to death doesn't really matter to me he's UPS disgusting scum just like the Communist socialist Democrats and just like all these other trees in his pieces of garbage in the FBI the doj and the CIA nothing but lying corrupt garbage

  • The audio channel By Aidan Wade!

    Why GoAninate's Caullou gets grounded video?

  • Donna Jensen
    Donna Jensen 2 months ago

    Arrest them all there are guilty as hell, until then this will continue.

  • Dawnie Newman
    Dawnie Newman 2 months ago

    I saw the video, Obama admits he was not born in the United States, he admits he was born in Kenya, look it up

    • Kat 77
      Kat 77 2 months ago

      That's funny I saw the video where Trump admits Obama is an American citizen.

  • Fernando Santos Viana
    Fernando Santos Viana 2 months ago

    i am A-, i am just another appe like all humans, this is all bull shit, mutations happens in all species

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    She should be removed she's nothing but a lying corrupt piece of trash very disgusting

  • danny whitney
    danny whitney 2 months ago

    why is this shift corrupt piece of trash not in jail she is nothing but a lying corrupt piece of garbage my God she takes bright from cartels now she's stealing our money and everything else that's disgusting it's sickening this piece of trash needs to be impeached and put in prison immediately

  • luna sky
    luna sky 2 months ago

    I am amazed as to how so many people on this site willingly tell strangers they are rhesus negative , there are trolls on all these sites ,not the usual nuts you would expect,but very intelligent ones working for the powers that be,government's of this world.dont say I didn't warn you.......

    WRETCHEDAVION 2 months ago

    "I"-'Thought'-He-Was ARKANCIDED!!!??? >(*U^)<

  • Z ESDS
    Z ESDS 2 months ago

    Since R. S. Mueller III is a SC not an IC so his reports are due to the AG ... if Congress wanted the whole scoops for themselves then they would have to reenact the ICR first then patiently awaiting for the next investigation... onwards from there... Declassify, declassify, declassify... all so we're all shall see what we shall see what the BS's regime dark forces at the worst works... against US... A... ll... The BS's ICA (aka In Cahoots Ass.) must be joining the fate of the whole 7th floor of the FBI's building... right now! We also need to consider reemerging FBI's organization into the US Marshall Service as once was... again! Just a friendly reminder... EUDS