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Ask TRC #3
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Blve Cocaine Interview
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  • 민주시민 천만칠호

    The woman in that M/V is one of the most popular actress in south korea. Jo Yeo -Jung. I was shocked when I saw her dancing.

  • Jorge Valentim
    Jorge Valentim Hour ago


  • Space Ghost Coast To Coast

    Dope album! I appreciated this album.. I was here for the bars.. Fuck what everyone else was talking about. I don't think people understand what the Summertime Shootout series mean.. It's a vibe! It's not like his other projects.. It's a album to ride to.. I just think people expect him to be on some hard rap shit.. This is a solid album. I appreciate ya'll review.. Now this is a real honest review with people that know hip hop. Suscribed🔔

  • design Ino
    design Ino Hour ago

    Thankyou for reacting our CEO/ artist KANG DANIEL....

  • Manuja S
    Manuja S 2 hours ago

    Replay has to be one of my favourite songs,not just in K-POP but in any genre period.Great vocals,visuals & dancing.Replay has it all! SHINee is my favourite K-POP group!Of course our Taemin is just a Mimi me here!

  • sang
    sang 3 hours ago

    Please do " Heize - And July ". You'll like it I think

  • Salma Ben
    Salma Ben 3 hours ago

    I enjoyed the reaction at first until you said you already listened to it the only sincere reaction was the reactions of the two other guys

  • driss kapoula
    driss kapoula 5 hours ago

    You really don't know nothing about hip hop

  • L C
    L C 6 hours ago

    Thanks for reacting & supporting Kang Daniel! TOUCHIN is great song with awesome choreo - you should react to his live performances of this! DD got good taste for being a fan of KD. Even though KD is on hiatus now, we’re all wishing the best for his well-being and hoping KD will recover soon & return to the music/entertainment scenes.

  • young lee
    young lee 6 hours ago

    Thank you so much for reacting to the MV. The song is real good.

  • audra_smiley_productions

    i love this song! thanks for watching it

  • DatBoiVell
    DatBoiVell 7 hours ago

    He knows he gave Jen her suit

  • Jayem Baluyot
    Jayem Baluyot 7 hours ago


  • Robert Hallford
    Robert Hallford 7 hours ago

    5’9 your right but Joel can’t spit with Em

  • PuRe_ Moral
    PuRe_ Moral 7 hours ago

    This reaction sucks, you guys dont know his message, i dont wanna hear ur opinion, expect for the guy on the left, hes cool but you other two are uncle toms

  • Flora_idk •_•k
    Flora_idk •_•k 7 hours ago

    Just great JYP sang a song about a woman giving him rice cakes 😂

  • Patricia Valentin
    Patricia Valentin 7 hours ago

    Thank you for your reaction! Also, where did you get ur hat?

  • Erna Nj
    Erna Nj 8 hours ago

    React SHINee “Like love oxygen,Amigo,juliett,hello” MV 🙏

  • Cameron Cook
    Cameron Cook 8 hours ago

    No cap i ll slay this bih

  • SuspiciousEgroll
    SuspiciousEgroll 8 hours ago

    You got big band in your music. I'll listen. This is a fun song

  • Pink Gangsta
    Pink Gangsta 9 hours ago

    More Taeyeon, I, Fine, Why, UR, 4 seasons, Here I am etc

  • wrooth tadeo
    wrooth tadeo 9 hours ago

    Exo just doesnt follow trends they make their own trends 🤷‍♀️

  • Space Beach
    Space Beach 10 hours ago

    Thank you 💜💜💜😊 Love the silent movie vibe for this one. I can't wait to see what they do in the future

  • Kook Alan
    Kook Alan 10 hours ago

    No one can top Whitney ever but she is close as it gets. I love her~~~~ God bless her!!

  • Kook Alan
    Kook Alan 11 hours ago

    No one can top Whitney but Ailee may be the only one who can come close. I love Ailee~~

  • Monsta Reaction
    Monsta Reaction 12 hours ago

    J.Y Park Fever Mv sounds like the perfect 70s disco classic song with BIBI rap line Claps

  • Sara
    Sara 12 hours ago

    This whole album is a BOP my favourite song is groove I like Jekyll trouble and ya ya ya too

  • Monsta Reaction
    Monsta Reaction 12 hours ago

    Kang Daniel Touchin music video was definitely something different from His previous music video just with the black and white smooth Criminal movement

  • Niecey
    Niecey 12 hours ago


  • Niecey
    Niecey 12 hours ago

    react PIRATE KING- ateez

  • Niecey
    Niecey 12 hours ago

    They are originally known as the KQ boys.. so they have revamped and the comeback is with vengence!!

  • Niecey
    Niecey 12 hours ago


  • Niecey
    Niecey 12 hours ago

    I dont know if ya have or not, but react to HALA HALA by ATEEZ

  • Julie Julie
    Julie Julie 13 hours ago

    Just in case you guys don't know, his last name is Kang not his first,(since you kept referring Daniel as Kang), we Koreans start with our last name first.

  • Niecey
    Niecey 13 hours ago

    I do believe Lay was in China, NCT Korea and Derulo many different places if not just USA!! dont quote me this is a guess!!

  • Miss Hammie Loves K-POP

    Weirdly enough I’m not surprised

  • Byun Mochi
    Byun Mochi 14 hours ago


  • Niecey
    Niecey 14 hours ago

    React to Jason Derulo "Shut up an dance:" featuring Lay (EXO) and NCT 127

  • Niecey
    Niecey 14 hours ago

    There is actually 21 3 are missing, cant remember as to why though.

  • MsKilala
    MsKilala 14 hours ago

    Love this song and choreo. Thanks for the reaction

  • 엘키
    엘키 14 hours ago

    It's traditional in Korea to give out rice cakes when you're new in the neighborhood like what the girl did to JYP 😎🍰

  • Masril Ponsel
    Masril Ponsel 14 hours ago

    Good job

  • Brooki brook
    Brooki brook 14 hours ago

    I mean no one is whitney. But admit she did well

  • PeachMother _
    PeachMother _ 15 hours ago

    thanks for reacting to his video!♡

  • Chang Yunho
    Chang Yunho 15 hours ago

    React to THE BOYZ- TATTOO

  • Nikki Love
    Nikki Love 15 hours ago

    It gave me Michael Jackson vibes

  • nooryelda
    nooryelda 15 hours ago

    Guys please react to Ravi RAVI - LIMITLESS (Feat. Sik-K, Xydo)(Prod. YUTH) Official M/V and RAVI, Chillin Homie(칠린호미), Xydo(시도), Cold Bay(콜드베이) - ASURA(阿修羅)(Prod. QUIZQUIZ) Official M/V

  • NCT, WayV & iKON stan
    NCT, WayV & iKON stan 15 hours ago

    Can you guys react to NCT U "Coming home"? It came out today

  • StephyW Weber
    StephyW Weber 16 hours ago

    This song and video are both A+ ❤️🎶

  • Bribrilovess
    Bribrilovess 16 hours ago

    React to Alarm Clock by Shinee

  • Bts Lover Forever
    Bts Lover Forever 16 hours ago


  • Sirta Divd
    Sirta Divd 16 hours ago


  • farty king
    farty king 16 hours ago

    please react to GD x TAEYANG - GOOD BOY

  • Rekha Kumari
    Rekha Kumari 17 hours ago

    yes, it was shot at the same place where exo's LOVE SHOT was shot! 😊

  • se.H B
    se.H B 17 hours ago

    I am absolutely obsessed with EXO's obsession. 😍

  • Valeria Vides
    Valeria Vides 18 hours ago

    react to suelta la comba de pinto wahin ft lali

  • Eduarda Silveira
    Eduarda Silveira 18 hours ago

    EXO: EXO-L: i don't think so

  • PJ
    PJ 19 hours ago

    Did this man really say he didn’t know who post Malone was

  • ابتهال الدورسري

    aoa plz

  • Nl_Sng_Kng
    Nl_Sng_Kng 20 hours ago

    Rice cake; Dduk in korean has same pronunciation as a slang fuxk sound

  • Tamara Qonita Mahadi

    Hi, G Soul newest album is out! He changed his name to Golden. If you really like his voice I think you should check his newest song 'Hate Everything'. There are english and korean version i think you will like it!

  • Septiana Wulandari
    Septiana Wulandari 21 hour ago

    To be honest, when Frozen first came out, I don't get the hype. I thought it was good but not that good, you know what I mean? I think the songs is what makes them bigger. But I watched the second one couple days ago for my cousin and I'm genuinely surprised. It is actually really good, so much better from the first one, much more entertaining. And Taeyeon, of course, as always, slay like THE Queen she is. I totally get why Disney picked her out of hundreds of other female korean vocalist. She's like the korean-human version of Queen Elsa. Just so so so gorgeous and talented

  • Coer
    Coer 21 hour ago

    오른쪽분 정준하 닮으셨다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • R A
    R A 21 hour ago

    NCT U - "Coming Home" MV

  • Josue Hernandez
    Josue Hernandez 23 hours ago

    Those sequels went straight to dvd because they weren’t made by Disney

  • army purpleheart

    Ya'll need to watch dance choreographys

  • StephyW Weber
    StephyW Weber Day ago

    4:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 This became a meme for like a whole year after they aired AHL

  • Lee Hangyul produce 101 x fan

    react to produce48 performances plsss

  • Krysta L
    Krysta L Day ago

    Thanks for reacting to this!!


    Can you please react to BTS MAMA 2019 performance!! Its was such a good performance and BangtanTV have uploaded it on their channel its safe. They performed N.O and We Are Bulletproof pt 2 live!! Its an amazing performance


    Can you please react to BTS MAMA 2019 performance!! Its was such a good performance and BangtanTV have uploaded it on their channel its safe. They performed N.O and We Are Bulletproof pt 2 live!! Its an amazing performance


    Can you please react to BTS MAMA 2019 performance!! Its was such a good performance and BangtanTV have uploaded it on their channel its safe. They performed N.O and We Are Bulletproof pt 2 live!! Its an amazing performance

      TAEJOON TAEGI 15 hours ago

      @The Report Card Podcast MMA Performance or MAMA Performance? I noticed you did some mama and some MMA... hope you guys react to both

    • The Report Card Podcast
      The Report Card Podcast Day ago

      We are. Its gonna be a patreon exclusive though. It will be up next week for sure.


    Can you please react to BTS MAMA 2019 performance Its was such a good performance and BangtanTV have uploaded it on their channel its safe. They performed N.O and We Are Bulletproof pt 2 live!! Its an amazing performance

  • honey cloud
    honey cloud Day ago

    Lmao watching people react to old shinee mvs are kinda painful now 😂 constant cringe and all... But it was fire back in the day lol. Everytime jonghyun starts the song with that "baby~" i just got so excited 😂 Thanks for reacting guys, and I would love it if you all react to taemin's solo live stages 💖

  • Eu Phoria
    Eu Phoria Day ago

    Her voice, it's really good that you already close your eyes and just listen coz you feel lonely at first and then at the end while you open your eyes it's like your heart open also💜💙.. It's like she's saying no matter what you feel and the end you'll go on and open your heart and mind for the future💜💙 Watch you and i, it's the 1st one and then continuation is this, hoping we got the trilogy these december😍😍😍

  • Eu Phoria
    Eu Phoria Day ago

    .. It's funny how your heads dance😂😂😂😂.. I love your reaction guys u automatically understand the meaning of it😊😊😊

  • Candace Kunimura

    Frozen 2 is a necessary ending to the frozen story. Frozen 2 was better than the first...just a thought

  • Eleena
    Eleena Day ago

    React to Tinashe Songs for you Album

  • Kari M
    Kari M Day ago

    Can you guys react to Curiosity by Amber Liu??? PLEASE

  • Jestic
    Jestic Day ago

    can you react to some old school Taeyang - Wedding Dress theres an original & dance version

    ANNIE CRUZ Day ago

    Please omg put the album review here 😭😭😭 i want to know what you guys think 😭😭😭😭please

  • I love k-pop / k-dramas Bts army’s

    In America that’s a song 😂😂 I’m dead

  • manju331
    manju331 Day ago

    You guys have to see the live performance

  • Foca no pão
    Foca no pão Day ago

    I'm so happy to see Taeyeon back here and so quickly. Thanks again! I love your reactions 💙

  • 성이름
    성이름 Day ago

    love u guys!

  • Kim Exo
    Kim Exo Day ago

    The album is definitely one of my fave exo albums. And the chess piece reoccurs which may mean it’s a motif EXO (good) vs EXO clones (evil)

  • Ilana Lawyer
    Ilana Lawyer Day ago

    THIS video has me on the floor 😂😂😂😭

  • pendragnx
    pendragnx Day ago

    Agreed. This mv was just FUN!

  • shai Nam
    shai Nam Day ago

    I really like this comeback, their image was totally change,,,,, their new concept really complements with their visual

  • daniel pagan
    daniel pagan Day ago

    How do you not like the song what’s there not to like about it????

  • aka lilly
    aka lilly Day ago

    Tbh the movie is actually really good (too me) a 22 yr old that see the world like a 10 yr old girl lol. Go watch it. It's worth $10

  • 케이팝라니아

    Please react to Astro Blue Flame

  • JustGaming4Us
    JustGaming4Us Day ago

    Thank you for reacting to this, cause not many are, this shows Taeyeon's vocal abilities really well, she fits this style of music perfectly, I'd like to see more "rocky" vibe stuff from her, cause she has what it takes to do that style. This is all about Taeyeon and this shows her range.

  • Gabriel K
    Gabriel K Day ago

    Damn... you just reminded me that we're at the end of the year and Girls' Generation didn't release a single thing this year. I love Taeyeon''s solo work but I really miss GG. As far as I know, the 5 members that released "Lil' Touch" last year (Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sunny), still are under contracts with SM. Only Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung left the company. Probably their conflicting schedules didn't help but it's a pity. They led Kpop for a decade and could show some of that aura to new Kpop fans! Maybe we will get something next year. They can't stay on indefinite hiatus forever. The group is still alive, everyone said it, the fans, the members and SM Entertainment. EDIT: I don't know if you will keep uploading during holidays but if you have time please react to "Lil' Touch"! You will see Taeyeon there and the other girls. It's from September 2018. The most recent Girls' Generation music video.

  • Byun Mochi
    Byun Mochi Day ago


  • Claire Higgins

    Tbh, regarding frozen 2- I don’t really know if they ripped off avatar per se. I get it because the four elements are included and there is a “bridge that connects” those elements but I’d say that’s where the similarities end. In my personal opinion, I think it’s worth a watch if you liked the first one. The music is phenomenal and honestly, I was worried about it not being a good sequel, but even my older brother who despises sequels thought frozen 2 was pretty decent. I was in full blown tears as an 18 year old next to my mother who was also crying during some parts. There was some pretty heavy feelings in the movie that felt pretty adult. It’s still a Disney movie, but despite the similarities of avatar I would suggest giving it a chance, solely for the music even. Anyways, enough of my rant, loved the reaction as always!

  • allygator 20
    allygator 20 Day ago

    Taeyeon is such an amazing vocalist, and genuinely needs more exposure. Ugh, what a queen.

  • Mary Alvin
    Mary Alvin Day ago

    Omg thank you so much for reacting to thissssss!

  • Shawol KE
    Shawol KE Day ago

    Taeyeon is an amazing vocalist ♥️ thanks for reacting.

  • Sese Korea
    Sese Korea Day ago

    Ilove this 💛