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Food Phrasal Verbs
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  • Kripa Khanal
    Kripa Khanal Minute ago

    We say, "chhya" 😂

  • Caiyun Huo
    Caiyun Huo 3 minutes ago

    thanks a lot, a beautiful and passionate teacher

  • onzyify
    onzyify 3 minutes ago

    So moana ain't properly english?

  • B P
    B P 4 minutes ago

    Cheers Ta Sweet Spect Ma bro

  • Wilson Gardner
    Wilson Gardner 5 minutes ago

    You're welcome bitch

    JAMIE JAMES 10 minutes ago


  • ekeh chioma
    ekeh chioma 13 minutes ago

    I simply love you Lucy!

  • Suheyba Mohammed Mohammed

    U resemble denistlava

  • Rob M.
    Rob M. 21 minute ago

    My pleasure is very popular with Chick-fil-a restaurant workers.

  • Rajesh Sk
    Rajesh Sk 22 minutes ago

    Lucy you are a Muslim I can't believe it anyway I am also Muslim

  • HouseOfVolk
    HouseOfVolk 25 minutes ago

    A number of these are used in working class speech as well- rather, chuffed, thrilled, jolly etc but agree most of them are POSH :)

  • Abdul Qadeer
    Abdul Qadeer 25 minutes ago


  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye 36 minutes ago

    Breaking news just in. The old 1990's campaigner "Swampy" has just died from heart failure. He was famous for trying to prevent the new road around Newbury , Berkshire that was to avoid the built-up areas in his Town which was to let through traffic flow without interference from local traffic He hid in trees and tunnels.He was famous at the time in 1996. The really sad news is that they could have saved him......but he didn't want a By-Pass.......

    David ESTILLORE 43 minutes ago

    A lot of people nowadays say OK instead of Thank You which I find kind of weird. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Shahinoor Islam
    Shahinoor Islam 44 minutes ago

    Watch the movie "The Notebook!"

  • Ali Hussein
    Ali Hussein 44 minutes ago

    I'm Syrian. I want to learn English language.

  • Gizem Cebeci
    Gizem Cebeci 45 minutes ago

    Hello Lucy, could you please write the example for number 3 which you began Anna .. I am also writing when you’re talking and I could not catch that sentence. Thank you in advance , gizem

  • Suresh Choudhery
    Suresh Choudhery 45 minutes ago

    Great.. 👌

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye 48 minutes ago

    Another very important thing about teasing and piss-taking is that it should be done "with affection" and in the full knowledge that the "victim" can handle it.Also they have to know that you can easily take it as well as dish it out which is vital otherwise it's just verbal bullying. Much of my attempted humour is at my own expense...:)

  • Giang Nguyễn Hương
    Giang Nguyễn Hương 52 minutes ago

    I think it is unrelated but i just want to say that you are so beautiful uwu

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh 56 minutes ago

    "Fruit is my favorite fruit" - Lucy, 2019

  • Terence Austin
    Terence Austin 57 minutes ago

    You are more beautiful than Candice King, with all due respect to Candice King

  • İkrime Yıldırım
    İkrime Yıldırım 57 minutes ago

    I am scared of her eyes 👀 Her eyes look like I'm Popi girl's. Maybe she should use sunglasses 😎

  • florah mwelu
    florah mwelu 59 minutes ago

    Waw am a communication student and I want to be fluent in English

  • محمد القريضي

    True thing to study only ,no husband,no baby, y r not busy . I am at school and university the first but my life without a wife is very difficult. I advise you to marry one who is a true Muslim who make you very happy .

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye Hour ago

    Being critical for a moment, my 65 year old pet hate ( sorry Ladies but 99/100 it IS Females ) who make a teasing joke at their female friends expense and spend 5 minutes after re-assuring them that they were "just kidding!". I am sure she is intelligent enough to know and she is secure enough to not take it personally .She is NOT a snowflake .....!

  • Emmette Davidson

    Contrary to the title, I'm glad you didn't recommend to not say "you're welcome," which is of course always correct regardless of circumstance. But nothing wrong with changing things up a bit under different circumstances. There were none I'd not heard of and have used most. The one that I believe is overused -- often inappropriately -- is to say "thank you" back. I thought "no worries" was Australian (down under), and "much obliged" was more an alternative way of saying "thank you" (rather than "you're welcome") in the American West (cowboys).

  • Phil Chadwick
    Phil Chadwick Hour ago

    You’ll only have a new regime if there’s been an election. 😁😉

  • Osagie Obasuyi
    Osagie Obasuyi Hour ago

    You're the best.

  • David Cook
    David Cook Hour ago

    My favourite is ‘ He’s two vouchers short of a pop up toaster.’

  • Claudinei Ap.
    Claudinei Ap. Hour ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm dying of boredom, but that's not because of the video | -.- | I'm living in a small city perfect to learn boring to get out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let's learn.

  • Colton Davis
    Colton Davis Hour ago

    Wow she made a video about literally nothing! Good job

  • Josi Mutmainah
    Josi Mutmainah Hour ago

    8 out of 10 yeaaaay....

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye Hour ago

    A Man wa working hard to retain his body shape and physique and was proud of it. He went to the Butchers and said to the Girl behind the counter " I bet you can't tell how old I am?" "About 39?" she said. "No! I'm 56 !" he replied.He went to the bus stop where an old lady started chatting and told him it was her 70th birthday and she is going back to her sheltered accomodation. So he said to her " I bet you can't guess how old I am" She said let me have a feel-up and with his approval she removed her hand from his "meat and 2 Veg" after a 5 minute rummage round and said "56!" "SPOT ON !" he said. "How did you know?"......She said " I was standing behind you in the Butchers !"........:)

  • bruh
    bruh Hour ago

    Do you have an only fans?

  • Ahmed Dahlan
    Ahmed Dahlan Hour ago

    I hate it when u mentioned "my boyfriend". It broke my heart,u know. I adore u so much. U r such a gorgeous girl.

  • محمد القريضي

    U r teacher but has high technique .your speech is the sweetest.To sum up , you cut the words as l cut the cake.

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye Hour ago

    Love your analysis. Being a Londoner and 65 years old I have enjoyed most English comedy since the very early 1960's with some American humoUr thrown in. The glorious Groucho Marx,Phil Silvers as Bilko , latterly Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.All brilliant Jewish Comedians.Conversely hate smart-ass Seinfeld (ironically Co-written by Larry D.) but Jerry Seinfeld with his slick,smart-ass, supercilious ways would bomb here. I have just subscribed and it as got me over a horrible experience just now in my local supermarket at the check-out. The Girl noticed I had "1" of everything and,on payment , said "You're , obviously, single!" :) I said, knowingly " How could you tell ? " "Because you're ugly !!! " CHARMING! :)

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye Hour ago

      My day has just got worse :( I was looking forward to a "Psychic Night" at my local pub but it has just been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances......

  • Keira Denis
    Keira Denis Hour ago

    Why's she is posh?

  • Александр Стрех

    You said "RU-clip" as russian

  • Mustafa Al-Jumaily

    4 of 10

  • Naome Tavonesa
    Naome Tavonesa Hour ago

    I just want to know how to pronounce GIF

  • Jojo Jovia
    Jojo Jovia 2 hours ago

    U deserve 💞

  • Ali Aljareh
    Ali Aljareh 2 hours ago

    Thank you so much



  • Bryce Aung Naing
    Bryce Aung Naing 2 hours ago

    Thanks alot 😊

    AARIZ I 2 hours ago

    if anyone have whatspp group of speaking english here is my number 00252617033035 plz add

  • Banana Tips
    Banana Tips 2 hours ago


  • Tomash
    Tomash 2 hours ago

    Since we're all the same I assume that Muslim female teacher teaching Arabic in the UK is not allowed to drive a car, ride a bike, talk to men in public, etc., just like you wouldn't be allowed to do those things if you went, say, to Saudi Arabia to teach English. www.i-to-i.com/tefl-blog/teaching-english-middle-east/teaching-in-saudi-arabia-for-females/

    AARIZ I 2 hours ago

    hi am aariz , from Mogadishu-somalia , i am 24yr old, public adminstration gratuate now i work as manager assistant nice to meet you lucy. i hope to concentrate my english here

  • Colin Mill
    Colin Mill 2 hours ago

    Again the thumbnail uses "wrong" where it should be "wrongly" B- Must try harder. 8-)=

  • Alexa playz
    Alexa playz 2 hours ago

    I speak 3 languages which is Indonesian English and Mandarin

  • Colin Mill
    Colin Mill 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail for this video reads "...pronounce wrong" It should read "...pronounce wrongly" (you may be able to hear the distant grinding of my ancient teeth)

  • Fian PY
    Fian PY 2 hours ago


  • Fjodor Pattyn
    Fjodor Pattyn 2 hours ago

    A pterdactyl actually isn't a dinosaur

  • Coops
    Coops 2 hours ago

    11:50 i have heard that word before in an ABBA song..

  • Dave Bauer
    Dave Bauer 2 hours ago

    A word that drives me crazy is FINE , do the British say fine? How are you? Fine Drives me crazy

  • Ro Jahangir J
    Ro Jahangir J 2 hours ago

    good idea I watched everyday in your English but I am a little improve

  • Coops
    Coops 2 hours ago

    I thought dashing means sprinting, running fast?

  • Kyzen Del Aguia
    Kyzen Del Aguia 2 hours ago

    I ain't never heard a spaniard ever say Loe Ve, we aren't germans we say w like english (little different) but all my family say Loe We. If you're a spaniard or know someone that speaks spanish please tell me if you heard someone say Loe Ve cause this is getting under my skin how she just said that

  • Delete AfterReading
    Delete AfterReading 2 hours ago

    Oh I cannot wait until I get to read 4 dozen puns in a row again.

  • AnnaPedersen
    AnnaPedersen 2 hours ago

    I learn the Norwegian. We can use these tips learning Norwegian also😊

  • Ali Aljareh
    Ali Aljareh 3 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Noel van Wilgenburg
    Noel van Wilgenburg 3 hours ago

    Funny enough I see a lot of french words or from French origin in this course! Even dishevelled, comes from cheveux, échevelé!

  • Stereo4102
    Stereo4102 3 hours ago

    9:02 You skipped the letter M, which, as first letter in the word MNEMONIC, [nəˈmänik] is silent.

  • Noel van Wilgenburg
    Noel van Wilgenburg 3 hours ago

    Funny enough I see a lot of french words or from French origin in this course! Even dishevelled, comes from cheveux, échevelé!

    SURYA SHRESTI K 3 hours ago

    Hurrey i got 4 , it is the reason I never apply to study in Oxford..

  • Mohammed Massadeh
    Mohammed Massadeh 3 hours ago

    Verb number 22 Glare, the back show is not matched with your voice :D , BTW, your videos are pretty amazing, Keep it up

  • Brian Cossey
    Brian Cossey 3 hours ago

    When you get rid of Brexit you can give lessons agein,same idea with Americans when we get rid of trump, borris is a huge point of embarrassment as well

  • Habibullah Stanikzai

    its honor to listen your English lesson

  • Brian Cossey
    Brian Cossey 3 hours ago

    Brits are clueless

  • Jincy George
    Jincy George 3 hours ago


  • HRH PRINCE EUGEN of Sweden


  • Annoying Replies
    Annoying Replies 3 hours ago

    I only watched cause Lucy got my heart racing like a bull on Mexican border . Idk what I'm writing but I'm High AF.

  • Ria April90
    Ria April90 3 hours ago

    I don't get it, but u too beautiful I can't handle it 🤣

  • Howard Grüffüdd
    Howard Grüffüdd 3 hours ago

    If you are american, you just change the spelling so that you can say it differently...

  • Phil Chadwick
    Phil Chadwick 3 hours ago

    No mention of one of 'old chaps' meanings being penis? :D

  • luca lamberti
    luca lamberti 3 hours ago

    Darling tour ads are far too long !!! Good lesson though ...

  • Stephen Crane
    Stephen Crane 3 hours ago

    Sad how you make Christianity in this country sound insignificant and irrelevant when it’s the bedrock of this nation and that both Anglicans and Catholics are widespread. Your viewpoint is based purely on upbringing and you’d have a different view otherwise.

  • Waheed Ahmed
    Waheed Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Lucy is LOVE♥️♥️♥️

  • yari rivera
    yari rivera 4 hours ago

    pss dejame decirte que no se dice enchilaras se dice enchiladas y tampoco se dice tacous se dice tacos

  • M Xoxo
    M Xoxo 4 hours ago

    You never know how much i love British accent❤️,But it’s difficult for me when i try it,i sounds so fake and like I’m trying to be someone else🥴

  • baim Aziz
    baim Aziz 4 hours ago

    Your smile interested me into your life.. if i were your real student, i would be the happiest man.

  • Md Shakir
    Md Shakir 4 hours ago

    Mam I m lost in ur eyes what did you speak I didn't know

  • Ali Hussein
    Ali Hussein 4 hours ago

    thanks 😗

  • Md Shakir
    Md Shakir 4 hours ago

    Why u are so attractive i m staring you nd I didn't get anything

  • sheikh sarwar jahan Azom

    Madam, can i talk with you by video call. Cause i believe that if talk with foreigners by vedio it will clear to me how to speak,listen, express Opinion etc. Have any option to talk with you? Please mam consider.

  • Lili Q
    Lili Q 4 hours ago

    Can you make a video for replying to those questions? It may help a lot of people.. thanks

  • baim Aziz
    baim Aziz 4 hours ago

    Beautiful teacher i would like to be her student all day..

  • sheikh sarwar jahan Azom

    Sister your video is so helpful. From Bangladesh

  • Anskie Bananskie
    Anskie Bananskie 4 hours ago

    Nakasunod na me

  • Ayesha Nowsher
    Ayesha Nowsher 5 hours ago

    3/10 I didn't consider your options actually 🙈

  • Toñi González
    Toñi González 5 hours ago

    Spelling test

  • Germain Alcantar
    Germain Alcantar 5 hours ago

    There's still time to delete this video

  • Rone Cantones
    Rone Cantones 5 hours ago

    PS: for me the most beautiful English word is "HOME."

  • Rone Cantones
    Rone Cantones 5 hours ago

    Hi Lucy... i just wanna say thank you for those words but I think you're more beautiful than any of those.

  • Juan Santiago
    Juan Santiago 5 hours ago

    Those lips...

  • CoreyTheFreeman
    CoreyTheFreeman 5 hours ago

    In nz, ur welcome isn't over used, all goods is

  • Nadia Nasuha
    Nadia Nasuha 5 hours ago

    Them: *acting crazy* Me: hey, your nuts Them: So? Me: It's no nut november b*tch

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    Only got 4 korect...;)