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If You're Sad, BTS can help
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BTS needs your love!
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When V (BTS) play games
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  • lele lele
    lele lele Hour ago

    amei kkkkkkkkk

  • Helene Huo
    Helene Huo Hour ago

    Sooo funny!

  • fã do grupo bts
    fã do grupo bts 2 hours ago

    Come Black

  • fã do grupo bts
    fã do grupo bts 2 hours ago

    Aoooo kkkk

  • Olivia Posavatz
    Olivia Posavatz 2 hours ago

    I love the way Junkook and V get along so well. It warms my heart up

  • Mina Bina
    Mina Bina 3 hours ago

    3:05 I thought he would cry 😅🙈

  • holi como estas
    holi como estas 3 hours ago

    Qe tiernos

  • kıм jєση jυηgkσσk ·

    2:54 so cute MIN YOONGI!!

  • Nena Bullabek
    Nena Bullabek 7 hours ago


  • Beatriz dasilva
    Beatriz dasilva 7 hours ago

    Jimin love ❤ Oh fonh fihs ❤❤❤❤ Jimin love love love love Jimin curte ❤💯 Jimin & Beatriz ❤💙❤💙

  • Quamrun Nahar
    Quamrun Nahar 7 hours ago

    When he sees the insect I'm like omfg look at dish dudeee

  • Angellena Wong
    Angellena Wong 11 hours ago


  • Nongcebo Khomo
    Nongcebo Khomo 12 hours ago

    U scared of a snake haha I am not 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Thoajs buon that
    Thoajs buon that 13 hours ago

    Jin hài quá

  • Lujin Masadeh
    Lujin Masadeh 14 hours ago

    الجبناء وكتيييييير خوافين😂😂😂😂😂 بس بموت فيهم عملولي ادمان ما صرلي اسبوع متابعهم وصرت حافظ اسمائهم من دون اشكالهم يش بعرف شكل جيمين وكوكي وتاي وRv اعشقكم بقد بعدي عنكم انا اردنية.. وخاصة الارنب و النمر تاي و كوووووكي عشقي🐰+🐯=👬❤❤ 😍😍😍😍😍🙈😙😙😙😙😘

  •  15 hours ago

    hello Armys new youtuber here 1Like=1Sub thank u 😘

  • Debora Dafny
    Debora Dafny 17 hours ago


  • Josabet Torres
    Josabet Torres 20 hours ago

    Te amo

  • Man Official
    Man Official 20 hours ago

    Nama video 2:18

    VENITA SAVITRI 20 hours ago


  • Sarwoto Pituruh
    Sarwoto Pituruh 20 hours ago


  • Danna Cruz
    Danna Cruz 22 hours ago


  • Mîláinà Chan
    Mîláinà Chan 23 hours ago

    Amo a V Al igual a jimin

  • اخوات_ سان.
    اخوات_ سان. 23 hours ago

    ليش انتم حلوينننننن منجدددد ليششش+انا ارمي

  • اخوات_ سان.
    اخوات_ سان. 23 hours ago

    ليش انتم حلوينننننن منجدددد ليششش+انا ارمي

  • piero orosco
    piero orosco 23 hours ago

    a love this music this cool

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby Day ago

    Suga minha amiga disse que vc e o nenem lindo dela

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby Day ago

    Por vcs usam esse tipo de 😷 ?????

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby Day ago

    Jin vc gosta do suga??

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby Day ago

    JungKook vc gosta do j-hope??

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby Day ago

    V vc gosta do jimin ou do suga???

  • maria Lacerda
    maria Lacerda Day ago

    Amo eles

  • Griselda De La Cruz

    Me gusta

  • Johanna Perez
    Johanna Perez Day ago

    3:29 yo i can see his tears

  • eunhye’s
    eunhye’s Day ago

    Yoongi is a big bro when he’s with the younger ones. But he’s just a lil brother when he’s with Jin uwu🥺

  • uma blink loika

    Sei ofensa mais da bts??

  • MuggleNoMore
    MuggleNoMore Day ago

    My forever bias haha

  • Владлена костина

    7:23 хахаххахахахахха

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby Day ago

    Vc forãm a saltado???????

  • Suze van Leeuwen

    My dog has to be put to sleep (he’s 5) and im rlly sad about it:( Thank god for this video:) Thank you for making my day a lil’ better

  • iNews
    iNews Day ago

    There is something interesting about them, they have the facility of contact that girls have, in western culture girls can hug, and hold hands, and be close physically without people immediately assuming that it’s romantic, but boys, people immediately will think that “they’re gay” or be made fun of, if they show even a tiny bit of physical touch towards each other, but they act the way girls do in Western culture but like comfortably, like he went to hug his friend, and that was just that, there was no : “yoooooo broooooo what the fuck are you doing ?”

  • Maris Genieluz Nebreja


  • Jason Wolf
    Jason Wolf Day ago


  • Glenn Laguna
    Glenn Laguna Day ago

    (hahahaahaha!) all bts are scare and also bts can sang boy with lov but yeah i love bts and also blackpink


    V is so cute and funny

  • Tính Đức
    Tính Đức Day ago

    Tai sao Jungkook không giặt minh nhi


    [00:50 Girl: you want banana Jin: yeah I want banana Girl: this is for you Jin: Thank you Girl: wait there's something else [00:56]: Jin: ah hah hah hah hah

  • yui Gill
    yui Gill Day ago


  • perla mora
    perla mora Day ago

    Que lindos :3

  • Creepy Pinter
    Creepy Pinter Day ago

    0:00 What song is

  • Barbi Liquitay

    Jajjaajajajajjajjaja me meo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 me hizo el día

  • Sidney Almeida


  • stariist x
    stariist x Day ago

    VMIN PRROS >:D 👌

  • Marites Sanchez

    Haha bts are so funny

  • Youthmom2
    Youthmom2 2 days ago

    I think he’s adorable and should speak however he wants to!

  • Hayley Neville
    Hayley Neville 2 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Clarice Nascimento
    Clarice Nascimento 2 days ago

    Eu amo eles

  • Ana Luiza Alcântara


  • Arturo Prieto
    Arturo Prieto 2 days ago

    Es mejor jungkook y Tae

  • Sadeen Alsarhan
    Sadeen Alsarhan 2 days ago


  • Femeli Bi Vlog
    Femeli Bi Vlog 2 days ago

    소총 저걸

  • Анжела Айрапетян


  • Thuý Trần
    Thuý Trần 2 days ago

    Suga and kook and rapmonster

  • Taekook And More
    Taekook And More 2 days ago

    90% is Jin and Hobi

  • Satriya Kysa
    Satriya Kysa 2 days ago

    Jin ancok wedi ambek iwak pari

  • Andriana Constantiniuc

    8:12 that sounds like a minion laugh ;-;

  • iceking- Roblox
    iceking- Roblox 2 days ago

    Jimin is so funny

  • Jaja Campos
    Jaja Campos 2 days ago

    oi tai vai fase um chou no brasil

  • P Lala
    P Lala 2 days ago

    Soooo funny

  • Ff Yyy
    Ff Yyy 2 days ago


  • lifa ika putriani
    lifa ika putriani 2 days ago

    Lucunya v

  • Noraizha Sulani
    Noraizha Sulani 2 days ago

    i love you bts

  • Tatiane Silveira van p

    Aí gente coitados

  • Suman gupta
    Suman gupta 2 days ago

    JK ❤❤❤❤❤

  • з life
    з life 2 days ago

    треба писать не джинмін а чимин кстатє ти з україни?

  • Crystal heart
    Crystal heart 2 days ago

    Oooooh poor boys😂😂😭

  • sirley rodriguez garrido

    you love

  • litel princes cincin Sinta slim squishy


  • yakshitha punati
    yakshitha punati 2 days ago

    The ending clip LMAO😂

  • violeta Omg
    violeta Omg 2 days ago

    *definitivamente amo BTS*

  • Lorena Costa
    Lorena Costa 2 days ago

    Kkkkk poriso eu adoro VOCÊs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Guilherme Dias
    Guilherme Dias 2 days ago

    Me leva pra Coreia do sul

  • Millefeuille86
    Millefeuille86 2 days ago

    0:18 Where is this from?

  • J_dope
    J_dope 3 days ago

    Pick a language: Korean: English: Broken English: Kim Taehyung: ✅

  • Sonya M Muman
    Sonya M Muman 3 days ago


  • Hawdyar The Beloved Darkness

    Sexy porn star 😂

  • Janains Bonatti
    Janains Bonatti 3 days ago


  • Misha
    Misha 3 days ago

    what is the name of the song in 2 min pleas ==

  • A aa
    A aa 3 days ago

    Love v and jimin

  • A aa
    A aa 3 days ago

    Www look v and jimin

  • A aa
    A aa 3 days ago


  • TheEUPHORIAgroup
    TheEUPHORIAgroup 3 days ago


  • Hamdi Ibrhim
    Hamdi Ibrhim 3 days ago

    1:22 name of the song?

  • Shãrmíñ Jãhäñ

    love you jungkook

  • Emilygamer xd :3
    Emilygamer xd :3 3 days ago

    0:15 no me gusto

  • Emilygamer xd :3
    Emilygamer xd :3 3 days ago

    No me parece bien es mejor vkok es mejor jimin es feo granos tiene v y jungkook es mejor te di esto 👎👎 y me desuscribi feo esto feo ni siquiera jimin lo quiere sólo le da celos porque jungkook pasa más tiempo con v y v y jungkook se besan

  • Lizkook Is Real
    Lizkook Is Real 3 days ago

    I love Jungkook so so so so so much , he is my bias . Jungkook you are so beautiful voice ! I love you Kooki 😍😍😍😍

  • Shravani Khilare
    Shravani Khilare 3 days ago

    2.38 LMAO 😂 jin

  • Kiran Shamurailatpam

    I love it 😍.

  • Andri Sopian
    Andri Sopian 3 days ago

    I love you too