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ABL: Always be Learning
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  • PJ Howland
    PJ Howland 2 days ago

    I love how the emphasis this year is all about human connections.

  • Tech Audit TV
    Tech Audit TV 4 days ago

    Love this idea!

  • Allison Marquette
    Allison Marquette 2 months ago

    Thank you Seth.

  • Kristin Gibson
    Kristin Gibson 3 months ago

    Phenomenal! Thank you for what you do.

  • Sunil Choudhary
    Sunil Choudhary 3 months ago

    Fabulous, .. esp because u included a 1 hour Q and A

  • Shingirayi Sabeta
    Shingirayi Sabeta 3 months ago

    Really enjoyed this talk - and learned a lot of revolutionary new ideas! Thanks Seth!

  • Dave Robison
    Dave Robison 3 months ago

    I love Blue Ocean Strategy...what a great book. So Im curious why you introduced and interviewed someone doing a RED OCEAN strategy? Anyone can do stuff for cheap...remember thats a red ocean. Blue ocean is when you can charge more for a service. Red Ocean is when you cut costs. Cirque de Soleil, Starbucks. They didnt cut costs..they charged alot more. This companies competitors can do that very easily and actually their competitors have been selling homes as cheap as they have for more than 20 years. This is Red Ocean not Blue Ocean.

  • Saman Dayani
    Saman Dayani 4 months ago

    Love how he says great question! as if the questions weren't rehearsed or researched prior. Great interview though, good general overview of the subject matter.

  • Jammes T.
    Jammes T. 4 months ago

    I think this is a great video. Thanks

  • The Mire
    The Mire 4 months ago

    I'm glad to creating this channel

  • The Mire
    The Mire 4 months ago


  • Eskimoz
    Eskimoz 5 months ago

    Contenu de qualité.

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    Influence Ehimen 5 months ago

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  • Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne 5 months ago

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  • harry seibert
    harry seibert 5 months ago

    "He lays 5 or 6 eggs a day" that some Awesome rooster!

    • TheVjaimes
      TheVjaimes Month ago

      A week

    • Hexspa
      Hexspa 4 months ago

      harry seibert where my country bumpkins at

  • Egan Ezra Vorster
    Egan Ezra Vorster 5 months ago

    Seth "It turns out" Godin

  • John G
    John G 6 months ago

    Thanks in a million.

  • jean distefano
    jean distefano 6 months ago

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  • Victor Adedamola
    Victor Adedamola 6 months ago

    Great lecture Seth 👍

  • Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne 6 months ago

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  • Santa Fe Fashion Week™

    Love this lecture, I just finished reading his book, gave me a new perspective on business and marketing

  • Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne 6 months ago

    Just make sure these influencers are legitimate before engaging with them. It doesn't hurt to give them an audit before proceeding. (tools such as *influencer auditor* are very helpful for that)

  • Tom Grant
    Tom Grant 6 months ago


  • aoun rizvi
    aoun rizvi 7 months ago

    Amazing , you have gained a new subscriber :)

  • Raphael Bazan
    Raphael Bazan 7 months ago

    This is Seth in a nutshell

  • air pods
    air pods 9 months ago

    Great interview!

  • Mohamed Sellamia
    Mohamed Sellamia 10 months ago

    skip to 6:26

    NERF NINJA 11 months ago

    Wow great video love to watch more

  • Kevin_may
    Kevin_may 11 months ago


  • Rayaan Steppp
    Rayaan Steppp 11 months ago

    Great Video

  • Chris
    Chris 11 months ago

    Love that burn regarding Apple emojis. I’ve been thinking the same thing for years.

  • Sandewp Kumar
    Sandewp Kumar 11 months ago


  • mukesh kumar786
    mukesh kumar786 11 months ago

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  • William B. Martin

    Good job

  • Amy Ahlquist
    Amy Ahlquist Year ago

    I had a best friend as a kid named Brian Gill but I’m sure he not the same guy.

  • Camila Stein
    Camila Stein Year ago

    Two thumbs up dear.

  • Rigo Brayan
    Rigo Brayan Year ago

    Wow..I'm really interesting.

  • Amanda Simmons
    Amanda Simmons Year ago

    nice show!

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  • Jennifer R. Prather

    What a nice communication!

  • ian James
    ian James Year ago

    A young African stoic here. Great interview

  • Bobbie Daniels
    Bobbie Daniels Year ago

    Good conversation. Like it

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  • Paula Weber
    Paula Weber Year ago

    Good conversation..

  • Jenna Neal
    Jenna Neal Year ago

    This was awesome to watch! I purchased a bag that had a problem and I will say they were very quick to refund me dollars but also assured me it was not standard which I put that money back into Fawn Design to buy more. I would not have known how great the product has become without that so thank you! A total fan! I have multiple bags in many colors.

  • Stefan Patterson

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    Sean Cameron Year ago

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  • Sean Cameron
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  • Tribute to Women

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    Crtani Filmovi Year ago

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  • Kasey Cummings
    Kasey Cummings Year ago

    This philosophy should be properly attributed to Mary Beth O'Neill, executive coach and author of Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart: A Systems Approach to Engaging Leaders with Their Challenges

  • Albertmey3
    Albertmey3 Year ago

    Capital is heart of buisness

  • Kevin_may
    Kevin_may Year ago

    Yes starting is Always Hard

  • Sandra Desoza
    Sandra Desoza Year ago

    I like her style

  • MBby Nation
    MBby Nation Year ago

    This video is so interesting I can watch it all day💕

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