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Dancing for joy
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3 People for dinner
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Be very afraid
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It’s true
Views 975Month ago
Who, me?
Views 1.3K2 months ago
My hometown
Views 1.1K2 months ago
The way of the world today
Views 6K3 months ago
A.P. Bio
Views 1.7K4 months ago
Unconvincing landord
Views 2.8K5 months ago
Love at 1st sight
Views 2.4K6 months ago
Just for fun
Views 1.8K7 months ago
A little disappointed
Views 1.4K7 months ago
My Dome Home from a helicopter
Views 2.1K11 months ago
One scary experience
Views 2.9K11 months ago
The Disillusioned stare
Views 1.5KYear ago
Receiving bad news
Views 5KYear ago
Thought for today
Views 3KYear ago
WWII Pilots
Views 380Year ago
Finishing Details
Views 405Year ago
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Portraits of growers
Views 99Year ago
Oops! Spot correction
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Small Details
Views 78Year ago
Switching Brushes
Views 41Year ago
Taking a Break
Views 85Year ago
Changing Hands
Views 46Year ago
Bits & Pieces
Views 45Year ago
Shafter, CA Mural
Views 146Year ago
My Truth
Views 1.8KYear ago
Sunset Boulevard
Views 8412 years ago
How it all started
Views 1.4K2 years ago
My Bridge Across Eternity
Views 1.5K2 years ago
Thank You
Views 1.2K2 years ago
Your Chance to Dance/2010
Views 3.2K2 years ago
Thoughts & Memories
Views 8092 years ago
Freaking Out
Views 2.2K2 years ago
Just sharing
Views 2.5K2 years ago
Pasadena City Hall
Views 9372 years ago
Bohnett Park Santa Barbara
Views 1.9K2 years ago
Saturday Morning View
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AFI short film
Views 2112 years ago
Northport, Wisconsin
Views 6212 years ago
Thought for Today
Views 1.5K2 years ago
Hart to Hart/1994
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Fish Creek, Wisconson
Views 1.3K3 years ago
Vintage Holgie/1984
Views 8K3 years ago
Fictional Character
Views 11K3 years ago
Queen Latifah
Views 3.2K3 years ago
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Darby Forever
Views 4.7K3 years ago
Worst Cooks/Holgie
Views 17K3 years ago
Having a Bad Day
Views 8K3 years ago
Holgie's wild adventure
Views 5K3 years ago
Saying goodbye
Views 4.4K3 years ago
Signing off
Views 1.1K3 years ago
Last looks
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Under the lights
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Finishing touches
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Final stretch
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Additional lettering
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Window treatment
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Devil in the details
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New Year Mindset
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Light reflection
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