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  • Lammone Davies
    Lammone Davies 9 hours ago

    She enter the video like a boss and leave like a boss. Queen Lisa! We love our LiLi 💛😍

  • Watanabe Haruto하루토

    Haruto best visual , rap,dance 💕💕💕

  • loothvc
    loothvc 19 hours ago

    Thank you for reaction 🧡

  • Malam Biru
    Malam Biru 19 hours ago

    Where's the rest epsd of your reaction to iKON TV? Do u react to previous epsd as well? I cant find it

  • roys
    roys Day ago

    Can you react to FACE of woosung the boy with the husky voice in the group the rose


    Is this a live performance ? No those people are there for something else

  • Sleepy oongi
    Sleepy oongi Day ago

    Comeback👏of👏the👏year👏 thank you for reacting💜

  • Kim JeonBoo
    Kim JeonBoo Day ago

    Yeahhhh mikki🥰

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox Day ago

    Oh yeah, Babymetal is amazing! Thanks for the reaction video! I would definitely like to see more reactions, maybe Babymetal Karate official. Excellent video and song. Now Babymetal is a new thing, kawaii metal (cute metal) and it's different from everyone else. And the songs are varied as well, some are very hard and some are very pop. They even have a few ballads. Personally, I think Babymetal and Band-Maid are shining examples of the rock scene in Japan. Band-Maid is an all girl rock band. They all wear maid outfits, which is cute, but they seriously rock out. I like Band-Maid's Thrill, that was my first experience with them. These two bands have enough material to keep you busy with reactions for a long time. And us fans will be there all the way. 😁

    WOLF II Day ago

    SB19 - GO UP pleaseee

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki Day ago

    Great comeback by the boys, now we wait for the dance practice!

    • Ryan LIFE
      Ryan LIFE Day ago

      Please watching C-POP queen from Taiwan 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai《怪美的 UGLY BEAUTY》Official Music Video (The film can be tuned in English)

  • Shahenda Koshaik
    Shahenda Koshaik 3 days ago

    OMGG!! WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING 😱 .. I am glad that someone recommended this, just WOW I loved it alot!!!

  • lennyg47
    lennyg47 3 days ago

    Always more BabyMetal forever! :)

  • TheTeufelpanzerVI
    TheTeufelpanzerVI 3 days ago

    Welcome to Babymetal! This is their newer will be getting many requests for many songs....and they cover many styles of music, all with a metal flavor. I would suggest one of their earlier songs "Megitsune" (circa 2013)

  • The Nesian Productions

    Good sir you have no idea what you got yourself into. Just subbed cuz I know a Babymetal journey is coming up. #jointheone

  • icebalm
    icebalm 3 days ago

    Hey Mikki! Awesome reaction! BABYMETAL describes themselves as "Kawaii Metal", which means "Cute Metal". PA PA YA is one of the new songs from their upcoming new album release next month, it's absolutely amazing live. They've got a US tour going right now and I saw them last week. Su-Metal is their lead singer, and on the left is MoaMetal who does "Scream and Dance". YuiMetal their other original member had to leave the group due to health reasons, so now they have three "avengers", one chosen per performance, who fill in the third spot as a support dancer. If you want to continue down the BABYMETAL foxhole here are some more recommendations: "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" Live Sonisphere 2014 UK - - Title translates to "Bullying, no good, absolutely". This was their first big show in the west. "Rondo of Nightmare" with the Mischiefs of the Metal Gods intro, Budokan Black Night 2014 - - Su-Metal solo, but it also showcases their awesome backing "Kami Band". "Road of Resistance" Saitama Super Arena 2015 Japan - - This is how BABYMETAL closes an arena show.

    • icebalm
      icebalm 2 days ago

      @itsMikki They were in Australia Dec last year for the Good Things festival, I think they played 3 cities. Maybe they'll come back for the Metal Galaxy World Tour?

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 2 days ago

      Hey, thanks for the recommendation! Oh thats awesome that you got to see them. Hopefully one day they come to Australia, would definitely want to go

  • Sean
    Sean 3 days ago

    They are not really the new J Rock. They are ina genre called Kawaii Metal. I would recommend checking out all of BabyMetal's stuff. They have been together since 2010, kinda. The vocalist is Sumetal (21) and the girl in the in the pigtails is Moametal. The other girl Riho is new after Yuimetal left to pursue a solo carreer. I just went to their concert and it was amazing. Such a fun atmosphere.

    • Sean
      Sean 2 days ago

      @itsMikki You should check out more of theirs (hopefully react to it) Megitsune(Personal Favorite) Gimme Chocolate (Most Popular) Karate Road of Resistance- Live in Japan Distortion Headbangeeeeeerrrrr!!!

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 2 days ago

      That awesome! I would definitely go to their concert if they ever do get around to Australia

  • Steve Biko
    Steve Biko 3 days ago

    Great reaction! I think some of the expressions you used (...very interesting, ...completely different, ...damn catchy) are pretty accurate descriptors for this band. Great instrumentals and high energy are also a staple of many of their performances. A few suggestions for some other BABYMETAL songs: "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" live at Sonisphere U.K. 2014 "Road of Resistance" live in Japan "KARATE" official music video

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 2 days ago

      Thanks alot for the suggestions 🙏

  • sTiLL'bY' mE,.
    sTiLL'bY' mE,. 3 days ago

    yes please do another reaction & you'll find why they so special because the girls and the kami band are awesome & each song is different and none of their song sound same,..if you have a chance please go and watch their live show ,because the voice, the dance & the music really good at a live & trust me you wont regret it,..for the next song many people will suggest which one to listen first as part of your journey to become "The One",..but beware the fox-hole is so deep,..once you're in there's no way out, fasten your seatbelt & just enjoy the ride,..

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 2 days ago

      I’m in for a ride here, lets do it!🔥🌟

  • Rick Wagner
    Rick Wagner 3 days ago

    💕 ⚡ 🌸 / 🌞 I'm in full agreement about that stage. It looked like it was about to take off. This was the second of two nights at Yokohama Arena, so everyone knew to bring a towel to wave, or to get one at the merch stand. F.HERO from Thailand was a special guest both nights. Having Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno) leave the group for health reasons, and the tragic death of one of the Kami Band guitarists, Mikio Fujioka, made 2018 a difficult year for this group. However, like the title of this late June 2019 concert says, "BABYMETAL AWAKENS - THE SUN ALSO RISES"-. There are two solo songs by Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) on each of the first two albums, as well as two songs per album by Black BABYMETAL (Yui and Moa without Su). For these 2019 concerts, Moametal (Moa Kikuchi) has a head mic, and does back up vocals. The third spot is a dance only support position that is rotating between three people. In this video, it's Kano Fujihira. Kano is also the current Student Council President of Sakura Gakuin, a role both Su and Moa held during their time with that school themed Idol group.

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 2 days ago

      Thank you for the detailed comment, really appreciate it! Will definitely checkout more of their other stuff 👌

  • Mo zim
    Mo zim 3 days ago

    Reaction again babymetal - karate MV official

  • FastWalker
    FastWalker 3 days ago

    Great reaction! This official MV uses the studio recorded audio over the live footage from their show at Yokohama on June 30th, 2019. _Road of Resistance_ is a pure live version (well, with some post-production obviously involved) and it would be a good follow-up:

    • FastWalker
      FastWalker 2 days ago

      @itsMikki I forgot to mention that _Road of Resistance_ video is from some older show from early 2015. The girls were 17 (Su) and 15.5 (Yui & Moa) then but it's a standout performance even not considering their age.

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 2 days ago

      Hey thanks! Definitely looks like a concert i’ll would dream to go to, it’s insane 🔥

  • Singulitarian
    Singulitarian 3 days ago

    "I'm getting chills, I'm tearing up right here": every BABYMETAL song is different from all the others, but all incredible new takes on metal.

  • okazaki moko
    okazaki moko 3 days ago

    this is kawaii metal,all song babymetal is amazing please react more

  • Sky Esc
    Sky Esc 4 days ago

    Lmao this was funny but great reaction 😂❤️ I love when the rap part throws people off 😂 and yes her vocals are amazing! If I’m not mistaken the band was kinda created around her vocals which is why it works. c: one of the girls did leave due to health issues and they did unfortunately lose a guitar player, Mikio R.I.P. 😔while he was stargazing which their song Starlight was a tribute to him. Anyway just a little info on what happened in the last year ish with them. Again thank you so much for the video 😭❤️

    • Sky Esc
      Sky Esc 3 days ago

      Steve Biko thank you 😭☺️

    • Steve Biko
      Steve Biko 3 days ago

      Nice job recommending BABYMETAL :)

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 3 days ago

      Yoyo! Definitely sounds like theyve been through quite abit. But thanks for the rich info, much appreciated 🙏😁

  • mnipp
    mnipp 4 days ago

    They have a main singer su-metal, moametal on your left of the stage wears the head mic as a backing vocal, a third member yui-metal had to leave due to health issues so you have one of three dancers filling her spot. F-Hero is a guest artist Thai rapper singing in Thai.

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 3 days ago

      Hey, thanks for the details. It was pretty cool seeing this collaboration here. It was new and refreshing, to me at least.

  • Ndox 900
    Ndox 900 4 days ago

    it's not Rock or J-Rock genre , it's J-Metal and Metal genre and BABYMETAL is Kawaii Metal genre. their music are fusion of J-Pop/ Idol genre with Metal and they are the one and only in Kawaii Metal.

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 4 days ago

      Ndox 900 oh I see. Cheers for the headsup 👍

  • Ernest Rimbeck
    Ernest Rimbeck 4 days ago

    More BabyMetal They are the chameleons of metal no style they can't play

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki 4 days ago

    Now this is rock!!🤟 I think I'm getting into some BABYMETAL, really loving their style here! (Something new for the channel, hopefully you guys enjoy it!)

    • TexasVeteranPatriot
      TexasVeteranPatriot 3 days ago

      The Kitsunes will be asking for this one from a few years back... BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance - Live in Japan (OFFICIAL)

    • LouieGrandie
      LouieGrandie 3 days ago

      itsMikki thanks for the react. Here are some suggestions if you want to see more. 1. Road of Resistance Live in Japan- their epic masterpiece 2. Legend of 1997 Head Banger also epic 3. Karate the official video - their work of art. That should get you started

    • Sky Esc
      Sky Esc 4 days ago

      Also thanks for the little shout out 😭

    • Sky Esc
      Sky Esc 4 days ago

      itsMikki omg you did it 😭❤️😂 thank you so much 🤧 I greatly appreciate it!

  • shofiyyahfhia fhia
    shofiyyahfhia fhia 5 days ago

    I like you reaction💗💗💗

  • Sarah Chan
    Sarah Chan 6 days ago

    I hv no idea how lisa exists 1. Shes HOT LIKE SRSLY HOT 2. Limarioooooo super cute and crackhead and friendly and kind and u get the point 3. Lalisaaaaaa she can learn dances and languages so fast i cant- 4. Lisaaaaa DANCE MACHINE AMAZING RAPPING EVEN IF ITS NOT HER FIRST OR SECOND LANGUAGE she doesnt need to sing but she still SLAYS at singing and did i say dancing? Oh wait i forgot dancing. Oh and one more thing: DANCING

  • huahuayu22
    huahuayu22 7 days ago

    I would like to recommend you a young and talented China Singer. Hua Chenyu is one of the current top Chinese Singer in China Mainland. He is basically a Rock Singer but able to manage many different styles of songs. He participated in many singing programme and achieved fantastic results. Singer 2018 has allowed him to showcase his capabilities because he has to compete with many other artists. He has proven his creativity and abilities in rearranging and composing of songs. The wonderful part of him is he sing very well too. I hope you will not miss this wonderful artist. Please do reaction videos on “I Don’t Care” and “Nunchucks” in Singer 2018.

    • HH H
      HH H 6 days ago

      Please check Hua Chenyu's links below.You won't disappointed. EP6:"Nunchucks" EP7:"I Don't Care"

    • jing chai
      jing chai 7 days ago

      Totally agree with you! Hua Chenyu is amazing!His performance can cross the language barrier. Make you fall in love with him instantly. please check it out. Thank you.

    • Jenny Wong
      Jenny Wong 7 days ago

      "Nunchucks" is a song about young men of streets, they are fascinated by martial arts. During the filming of TV program "Singer" in 2018, "Hua Chenyu" has spent 48 hours to make an adaptation of the song . He put in multi musical elements like vocal, rap, chinese tradional opera & rock. His stage performance was awesome & also amazing. You would never regret.

  • amonrut prajongrum
    amonrut prajongrum 7 days ago


  • kookie 97
    kookie 97 8 days ago

    Our multi-talented GOD YEDAM😍

  • Jirai
    Jirai 8 days ago

    React to SB19 - Go Up ;)

  • cik Kinnick
    cik Kinnick 9 days ago

    You pronounced Taeyong without g. Or it's me who misheard.

  • Shireen Bhat
    Shireen Bhat 9 days ago

    Loved your reaction. She is insane. Her solo will break records.

  • Zhameka Kulayan
    Zhameka Kulayan 9 days ago

    QUEEN LISA👑👑👑👑😍😍😍😍

  • Zhameka Kulayan
    Zhameka Kulayan 9 days ago

    That are QUEEN LISA

  • Khushi Türk
    Khushi Türk 10 days ago

    Punch: Done for me please

    BLINK FOREVER 10 days ago

    Our main dancer 😍😺lisa

  • Elias Dimas
    Elias Dimas 10 days ago

    react to Rosalia- CON ALTURA. She is the singer of the video song❤️

  • YeongJae Vlogs KOREA 영재랑놀자

    Great! Love your reaction! She is just gorgeous. Thumbs up !👍from South Korea

  • Tosaporn Voigt
    Tosaporn Voigt 10 days ago

    My Lovely Lisa.💜💜💜💜💜 Queen of Love ...💛💛💛💛💛 Queen of Dance ...💜💜💜💜💜

  • Snake Fish [งูปลา]

    Love Lisa

    ZJDTV BLINKAmry 10 days ago

    I love her 💝

  • degpor6
    degpor6 10 days ago

    Queen Lisa

  • Jenith Maibam
    Jenith Maibam 11 days ago

    Love it😘😘😘

  • myYTchanneI
    myYTchanneI 11 days ago

    If Lisa ain't letting you breathe, imagine what Rose would do to you xD

  • Leian gail
    Leian gail 11 days ago

    I'm here 😍😍

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki 11 days ago


  • zillah faith Drilon
    zillah faith Drilon 11 days ago

    Can you plss react to sb19 'GO UP" dance practice cause they are soo LITplsdss

  • Andrea Lizeth
    Andrea Lizeth 11 days ago

    Lisa is a Queen😻😻❤️

  • anh phạm
    anh phạm 11 days ago

    Lilifilm is Lisa ‘s RU-clip channel

  • Taecup Sis
    Taecup Sis 11 days ago

    *So I’m early but I don’t know what to say*

    WOLF II 11 days ago

    Please do react to "SB19 - GO UP" Pleaseee. Thankss!!

    POPKAMJ POPKAMJ 11 days ago


  • Oun Nuch
    Oun Nuch 11 days ago


  • Trisna Aidernia
    Trisna Aidernia 13 days ago

    I love Taeyong talent..not just his God visual

  • Kashmiri Noona
    Kashmiri Noona 14 days ago

    watch their debut video bon bon chocolate. that was an epic debut! they go hard in ALL their videos.

  • miltiny
    miltiny 15 days ago

    Please reaction to Ateez Dancing like butterfly wings! That song and their dance is so beautiful

  • Valdemar R Queiroz
    Valdemar R Queiroz 15 days ago

    Brazil ❤❤

  • Andrea Lizeth
    Andrea Lizeth 15 days ago


  • Octavia Hawkins
    Octavia Hawkins 15 days ago

    You're only gonna fall deeper into the fandom once you hear their other songs!😊

  • Sky Esc
    Sky Esc 15 days ago

    Would be down to react to something totally different? Like still in the realm of pop...kinda lmao omg that sounds rude, I meant like if i made suggestion would you be down to react 😭

    • Sky Esc
      Sky Esc 15 days ago

      itsMikki also thank you for being so responsive! I really appreciate it 😊

    • Sky Esc
      Sky Esc 15 days ago

      They do have a new song out 😊 a new album actually but you don’t have to react to the whole thing lol

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 15 days ago

      Sky Esc oh yes I have haha. My cousin showed me them. Ive seen afew of their old stuff, but if they do have any new ones out, ill definitely check those out 👍

    • Sky Esc
      Sky Esc 15 days ago

      itsMikki have you ever heard of Babymetal? 😂 if not I would LOVE to see you react to that it’s a mix of jpop and metal.

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 15 days ago

      Haha what is it?

  • An yee
    An yee 15 days ago

    Wow, no dislike....We Rose

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki 15 days ago

    EVERGLOW changed me FOREVER!

    • J.ghoul kings
      J.ghoul kings 3 days ago

      Plz react to Bon Bon Chocolat!! It's really good!! Trust me 👌

    • Shellywho
      Shellywho 13 days ago

      if you haven't seen it ,their debut is amazing to. "bon bon chocolat"

  • Tim Harker
    Tim Harker 15 days ago

    Siyeon is mah girl lol, i copped their debut album too XD

  • Young ZK
    Young ZK 15 days ago

    finally Everglow...they should get their first win by now...knet just blind

  • JumpX Stream
    JumpX Stream 16 days ago

    R u Samoan? If so same here!

  • kalid hassan
    kalid hassan 17 days ago


  • kalid hassan
    kalid hassan 17 days ago

    Omg can I be in ur vid pls x

  • kalid hassan
    kalid hassan 17 days ago

    Can I have your autograph please huge fan xx

  • Khristine Gemilga
    Khristine Gemilga 17 days ago

    Goshhhhhh!!! I can’t 😭🥰🥰🥰🥰!! Bang Ye Dam is sooo freakinnnnnn gooddd!!

  • Khristine Gemilga
    Khristine Gemilga 17 days ago

    Ahhhhhh i love yedamm!! I fell in love with his voice!! I hope you support him till the end!!🥰🥰

  • Young ZK
    Young ZK 17 days ago

    bro you should check this out.. Kim of the trainee that join YG treasure box...i think he already leave YG bcs he have an ig also have youtube channel..he is the one that have husky voice when he rap he doing his own stuff dancing and make his own rap

  • Shahenda Koshaik
    Shahenda Koshaik 17 days ago

    This comment might be long 🙈😂 I cannot believe that you reacted for this OST so thanks for that and it was amazing seeing soft side of taeyong he really delivered the lyrics so well and punch is the OST's queen her voice is so beautiful. The drama hotel del luna is really so good I love IU her character is amazing del luna I think means full moon^^ You mentioned SuperM and I cannot pass this by cuz I am super excited for this group I am sure they are going to be amazing!! All the teasers we have received till now are soooo good^^ I haven't watched korean dramas for long time I just check one from time to time for my fav.s and I like jichangwook alot^^ I hope you are enjoying K2 and he is about to release a new one very soon 🙊😂

    • Shahenda Koshaik
      Shahenda Koshaik 17 days ago

      @itsMikki I like lee minho too, his new drama with kim gu-eun will be released early next year, I am so excited to see his work after the hiatus^^ .. also I hope you will enjoy hotel del luna^^

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 17 days ago

      Yep, i’m loving K2, it’s really good. JiChangWook is one of my favs actor, him and Lee Min Ho. But yeah definitely I’ll check out this Hotel del luna once i’m done with K2. 👍

  • Samia elghobar
    Samia elghobar 17 days ago

    All the ost of this drama is really cool to listen 💕

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 17 days ago

      I'll give the others a listen 👍

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki 17 days ago

    It was nice seeing a softer side of Taeyong. Anyways leave some Kdrama suggestions below! Thanks guy!

  • Shintika Damayanti
    Shintika Damayanti 18 days ago

    Thank you for reaction!!!!!!

  • Shahenda Koshaik
    Shahenda Koshaik 20 days ago

    I normally don't comment when I am late to the reaction but it's the Rose and Sammy's voice kills me it's so beautiful I hope they get more recognition because they deserve it!

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 19 days ago

      Haha . I agree, I get goosebumps every time when he starts singing. And thanks for your comment, means alot!

  • Sinza Ruja
    Sinza Ruja 20 days ago

    Yedamm <3

  • w1nN2R
    w1nN2R 20 days ago

    jinu 💙 thank you for video 💙

  • M. _
    M. _ 21 day ago

    They're so talented like I can't and Sammy can just kill me with his vocals

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 21 day ago

      Yeap, very time haha

  • SheoulGra *
    SheoulGra * 21 day ago

    It is a half accoustic

  • 멍멍
    멍멍 22 days ago

    Yes Jimin!

  • Rami chan
    Rami chan 22 days ago

    Yeah Havana brown we run the night! Old school edm ☺️

  • Raeanna Carbaugh
    Raeanna Carbaugh 23 days ago

    You should check out "Face" which is the title track from the solo album by Sammy (Woosung).

  • Raeanna Carbaugh
    Raeanna Carbaugh 23 days ago

    Your reaction was literally me.

  • 이양산
    이양산 23 days ago

    예담이 랩도 대박!! 이런 곡을 쓰는 예담이도 대박!!😍😍👍👍👏👏

  • fatima cabral
    fatima cabral 23 days ago

    The Rose are so talented, I love Sammy´s voice so much. Also can you react to the dance version (4K) [BE ORIGINAL] CIX 'Movie Star', it´s very good and you should see the live performance of What You Want, as well it´s so good.

  • Young ZK
    Young ZK 23 days ago

    next react to YG new solo debut...VIINI - GENIE... he actually a YGKplus model and he go to produce 101 and didn’t get to debut as wanna one member but he debut with JBJ ( another temporary group) as a rapper....btw his real name is“ Kwon Hyunbin” and now he go with a stage name as VIINI...

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki 23 days ago

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so is this! 👌

  • Margaret Fabro
    Margaret Fabro 24 days ago

    Please react to here dance performance in her YT channel. Please

  • Jia Roslan
    Jia Roslan 24 days ago

    Seunghun not Seungjun😂😂

  • Aleah Nicolette
    Aleah Nicolette 24 days ago

    I love your reaction. I love you man! I love JINU and WINNER.💙💙💙💙

  • Dlluminati
    Dlluminati 26 days ago

    That tiger move reminds me of Hirudora in naruto , Guy move

  • Yo Vietnam
    Yo Vietnam 27 days ago

    Jinu ❤⚘💯🏆

  • Michelle Barrow
    Michelle Barrow 27 days ago

    Is it just me or does this song remind you of high school musical

    • itsMikki
      itsMikki 27 days ago

      Michelle Barrow you’re right.. now that you mentioned it haha 😆

  • itsMikki
    itsMikki 27 days ago

    It's nice to see the girls enjoying their little summer vacation here!

    • Thomas Bato
      Thomas Bato 27 days ago

      Please react also to the mini album.