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  • Latoya Whitland
    Latoya Whitland 17 days ago

    🇺🇸 Conveyed magnificently!

  • Southern Belle
    Southern Belle 25 days ago

    One point that was missed was the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a Democrat who wanted to eliminate 40% of the black population

  • David Sherwood
    David Sherwood 29 days ago

    Though Blexit is properly said as well… You just have categorized everything else that should lead up to Blexit like nobody else has said in all of the walkway videos that I’ve seen

  • David Sherwood
    David Sherwood 29 days ago

    You should send this to Fox news because this opinion piece that you’ve done not about Blexit but everything else that you said in it, is what is unsaid this clearly for everyone to hear and remember like you did here

  • Tenkara 1
    Tenkara 1 Month ago

    You speak well. Excellent tempo

  • Steve D
    Steve D Month ago

    Please stand for office.

  • Ileene Lynn
    Ileene Lynn Month ago

    They always show pictures of these thugs when they were really young, not the pics of them with guns and money

  • Ileene Lynn
    Ileene Lynn Month ago

    It truly hurts me to see so many of my friends stuck in group think. I love that you think for yourself. Let's hope it's contagious

    HOWARD KING Month ago

    Yes, I am voting for Trump-again and too! Thanks, Mr Johnson!

  • Jerry Metzler
    Jerry Metzler Month ago


  • me b
    me b Month ago

    It's not color that divides people, like those on the Left would like for us to believe. It's culture. It's worldview. The things one considers to be right and wrong, good and evil, and a person's belief system all play in to the culture they prefer to live in. We need to start seriously evaluating and thinking critically about the ideas the Left keeps putting out there and getting us to believe.

  • Andrew Marchbankd
    Andrew Marchbankd 2 months ago

    As a black man, I concur on what you're saying wrd for wrd my friend. Sharpton and Rev. Jessie Jackson never had a problem with him yrs ago when they would ask Trump for donations whenever a function was involved. Now, the man is president they see him as the plaque or something lol? As long as there's a strong economy which we have right now, Trump will definitely be back in the white house come 2020. So many of us's and I'm implying the black community still yet see themselves as the victim instead of trying to obtain victory over their lives. Everyone of us in this day and time have the opportunity right at our finger tips to make our lives far much better, but we as a people are still stuck in what my dad always says, "The What About Me Mentality." When is someone going to do something for poor little me? The question is this. When are YOU going to do something for yourself!?!? It disgust me to see our young people bringing babies into the world out of wedlock and don't even realize the responsibilities that come with it! So many sacrifices and lives lost in order for us to have privilege after privilege right at our finger tips today. 60 or 70 yrs ago and more u and I didn't have a choice. Today, u and I can reach higher heights without question. CNN and MSNBC paint a pretty good picture to the blacks in this country that we're supposed to play the victim card, not think for ourselves, and get whatever u can from those who are putting their best foot forward.

  • Greg James
    Greg James 3 months ago

    Bravo and beautifully spoken.

  • Cherokee Schill
    Cherokee Schill 3 months ago

    Walk away is an Astroturfed movement created by Steve Bannon. Innocent until proven guilty is for trials. This is a fact and your feelings about it don't change the facts. Democrats are against a police state. A police state is the definition of tyranny. Pro-life is a false message. You're not pro-life you're pro forced birth. I've never seen anyone as confused as you clearly are.

  • victornewman06
    victornewman06 3 months ago

    Have you read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander?

  • Lourdes Korshak
    Lourdes Korshak 4 months ago

    Smart guy....

  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez 5 months ago

    All Exit!!!! Good Video kid ;)

  • Luis Fernandez
    Luis Fernandez 5 months ago

    A very smart young man god bless you kid good for you the sky is the limit always forward never backward thank you.

  • Erin Bean
    Erin Bean 6 months ago

    I hope the democrats are done. You are an intelligent young man. President Trump wants the best for all Americans. I pray more people wake up. I voted for Obama in 08, then President Trump in 2016. I loved Ben Carson too but God had his own plans. You are a true American. We are all in this together. I hope you ignore the ignorant liberals. You are AMAZING!

  • Crepuscular*Sunshine
    Crepuscular*Sunshine 6 months ago

    Awesome, just awesome! Thank you for this video!

  • Dennis Dean
    Dennis Dean 6 months ago

    This is a very well spoken man. He knows exactly what he's saying and why he said it. This is what patriotism is really all about. Sticking up for your country regardless of the adversities that haters will put in your way.

  • Mr54nomore
    Mr54nomore 6 months ago

    Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk need to hire you for their youth reach-out organization [Turning Point USA]. You sir. are a wonderful speaker that needs to get in front of audiences and deliver messages of truth as you are doing here...Awesome video! I just subscribe.

  • eyestoenvy
    eyestoenvy 6 months ago

    Exquisetly put, warmest regards from the South Bronx of NYC (MAGA) 🇺🇸

  • mai
    mai 6 months ago

    Very well said !!!

  • Kathy soccermom
    Kathy soccermom 6 months ago

    You will be Very successful now that you woke up. I can feel it.

  • poopy Doo Doo britches

    Mahalo my brother! I support you and Blexit! Im very happy to see this come to fruition!

  • chirag mehta
    chirag mehta 6 months ago

    Thank you.

  • timothy newsome
    timothy newsome 7 months ago

    Thank you for not only waking up but "speaking truth to power". Tats real and how we will unite and recover.

  • kiddfonkadelic
    kiddfonkadelic 7 months ago

    Actual Nazis and the Klan supports Trump. There are videos of Nazis and the Klan marching in Charlottesville.

  • D. Robbins
    D. Robbins 7 months ago

    I hope this includes Latinos as well. They have also been tools of the far left deep state puppets. Bless you for helping to wake the people up!

  • R B
    R B 7 months ago

    You’re right. The Democratic Party does not care about helping fix the black community at all. They’re literally failing to help it as we speak while they go full effort into chasing trump to no end. It’s time to vote them out. White blacks latinos and Asians are one people. We are going to unite very soon

  • Alexander Baron
    Alexander Baron 7 months ago

    So Michael Brown deserved to be shot down like a mad dog? news.wikinut.com/The-Two-Faces-Of-Michael-Brown/1yfjdq7c/ Like Trump you see no police evil. Here is the real problem and the real solution: archive.org/details/how-to-stop-fatal-police-shootings-dead

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 7 months ago

    The fact that you are familiar with the great Thomas "Show me the evidence" Sowell tells me a lot about your character. I'll subscribe.

  • Dexter Daughtry
    Dexter Daughtry 7 months ago


  • Meghan Schuler
    Meghan Schuler 7 months ago

    Subbed! Fantastic video. So well put just right on point. This is amazing. And I'm going to try to push you to everybody I know. Which I admit is not as many people as I wish it was but I'm sure you'll get new subscribers from it because I think we need to support each other.

  • Lance Sabot
    Lance Sabot 7 months ago

    I WANT to SHAKE your hand not sure why caps God bless

  • Quintin Marsters
    Quintin Marsters 7 months ago

    You might of lost some friends but you will gain a lot more new ones. Al sharpton and Jessie Jackson are both cons and have used you all for there own personal gain and control over you all.

  • cnniz fakenewz
    cnniz fakenewz 7 months ago

    That’s why they are trying to lower the voting age to 16..They know the 60 years of broken promises and lies are very apparent now...

  • ramon pen
    ramon pen 7 months ago

    You gained a lot of new friend. Welcome patriot

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 7 months ago

    You are a great human been! I hope you run for office e some day.

  • Big D 1776
    Big D 1776 7 months ago

    Awesome awesome video brother one of the best I've seen in a very long time I can't believe you don't have 250,000 subscribers! Godspeed keep up the good work I will be following you God bless

  • Arthur Wilton
    Arthur Wilton 7 months ago

    Excellent video!

  • Deborah Ferris
    Deborah Ferris 7 months ago

    Well said. Btw I love Ben

  • Deborah Ferris
    Deborah Ferris 7 months ago

    They say he’s racist cuz of Central Park 5

  • Robert Antonelli
    Robert Antonelli 7 months ago

    Leonydus.....The Dems have used blacks for sixty years and destroyed them. The inner cities are a disaster, and the mayors of those cites are Democrats. The Republican Party IS the party created by black slaves. It is the party OF and FOR the blacks. It just breaks my heart that blacks can ever vote Democratic. God Bless you, and keep up the great work. Your voice is important in the black community. Tell blacks to leave the Democratic Party which puts Muslims and illegals ahead of them.

  • ginamero
    ginamero 7 months ago

    You are so strong to be able to stand up to friends and family who deny you because you think with your head and not your emotions. I'm sad for you but you have a new family and friends now...welcome to the party, pull up a seat and have a plate.

  • random3263827
    random3263827 7 months ago

    I clapped at the end of that. Thank you, good sir! b(^-^)

  • Liz Johnson
    Liz Johnson 7 months ago

    I did fall for the demorats bullcrap too, not no more, thank God for sending President Trump to wake me the fuck up

  • gabriella lopez
    gabriella lopez 7 months ago

    How dare you think, we're supposed to believe the lies the media tells us.

  • Joi Blake
    Joi Blake 7 months ago


  • Dorian Guinn
    Dorian Guinn 7 months ago

    So well said. I also was rooting for Ben Carson after being so disappointed in Obama. When I saw how the press came after him and openly cheered for Clinton I knew they had an agenda. I saw how corrupt they are. There was no way I was ever voting for Clinton. Finally started listening to policy and not who press, gatekeepers say is RACIST. Don’t believe I can ever vote for another dem.

  • Caroline Smith
    Caroline Smith 7 months ago

    Thanks for this. One of my nursing professors is married to a cop who is going to pharmacy school because it’s so hard to be a cop now. Pretty soon the cops WILL all be corrupt. Thanks for that BLM

  • Karen Fretz
    Karen Fretz 7 months ago

    You are AMAZING!!!!!

  • Lloyd 1
    Lloyd 1 7 months ago

    Very well said on all points

  • Kelli Langley
    Kelli Langley 8 months ago

    Very well said! I so appreciate you speaking out on the Mike Brown situation...you have gained a new fan!!!

  • Celeste Sylvia
    Celeste Sylvia 8 months ago

    I love you. You're so articulate and I'm so glad you were able to see through the lies of the press and party. GOD Bless.

  • Jay Oakley
    Jay Oakley 8 months ago

    Beautifully said!!!

  • mwansa munsha
    mwansa munsha 8 months ago

    Man you good, you really good. Double kudos from the UK

  • luann nguyen
    luann nguyen 8 months ago

    You made right decision. 👍 I have more friends ran away from democrat. Thank you for true great video.

  • niece dspain
    niece dspain 8 months ago

    RU-clip is trying to hide #walkaway and #blexit videos. They are playing into the hands of the democrats! It’s disturbing that they are trying to censor based on political parties! Thanks for your video and thanks for being brave and posting this even when conservatives risk be8ng attacked by the crazy liberals!

  • Tina Alvarado
    Tina Alvarado 8 months ago

    Freaking awsome video. Loved it!!! Okok

  • Tina Alvarado
    Tina Alvarado 8 months ago

    Seems like your videos are being monitored. You should have way more subs, likes. But your too intelligent and speak so much truth. Can't let this be heard

  • Tina Alvarado
    Tina Alvarado 8 months ago

    Dont let the ugliness get you down, just look for the love

  • Tina Alvarado
    Tina Alvarado 8 months ago

    You are so elegantly at your expression. Smart and good looking and woke!! Powerful voice to be afraid of!!

    LIFE IS WORTH LIVING 8 months ago

    You are blessed with a contagious smile... keep up the good work and always keep that smile ... you'll make people around you happy. God bless!

  • Ligori Sekajipo
    Ligori Sekajipo 8 months ago

    wow....you were so brilliant

  • estelle foster
    estelle foster 8 months ago

    We're all one blood..in Jesus...

  • estelle foster
    estelle foster 8 months ago

    Leonydus..God bless you...keep the faith...all of you are in my prayers

  • No Prisoners Waters
    No Prisoners Waters 8 months ago

    Very thoughtful

  • DignTrdoffRoad
    DignTrdoffRoad 8 months ago

    Bless You, Thumbs up, if you don't believe the "Truth" there is only One thing left to "Believe".

  • Larence gagland
    Larence gagland 8 months ago

    So they have to stop the Wall, at all cost, they need the Brown vote.

  • lynne ling
    lynne ling 9 months ago

    Glad you #walkway from Democrat plantation🎊🎆🎉

    • Andrew Marchbankd
      Andrew Marchbankd 2 months ago

      @Elder: Kenneth Green, that's plantation talk sir. It's time to pack up your bags and leave. Let's be victorious. Just because we're the same color doesn't mean we have to all think the same and have the same frame of mind. Let's change how we think, feel, and do.

    • Elder: Kenneth Green
      Elder: Kenneth Green 8 months ago

      Well if we BLEXIT the Democrat Party what Party we will BLENTER in?

  • Antone ogzewalla
    Antone ogzewalla 9 months ago

    I loved your video although I'm not sure it's that necessary for Dems to have a lock on the black vote... that's why they oppose the wall and promote mass illegal immigration. Not to mention gerrymandering and mass fraudulent voting, accomplished mainly by things like not enforcing ID to vote and being able to 'find' thousands of votes sitting somewhere in a car trunk or a closet somewhere. Despite that, I love the #walkaway and #blexit movements because it's about people waking up and using their brains to think rationally... and see through the lies.

    NELSON X 9 months ago

    The democrat politicians have become disgusting. It's like space aliens zapped them with an evil raygun and they went nuts. It's not like regular democrat differences, higher taxes and bigger government like they used to be, they are screwed up in every way and have become stupid and are trying to wreck this country. Open boarders and free money to people that don't feel like working, that alone would kill the country in a year, which is why I think they want to do it, the raygun got em.

  • Vic G
    Vic G 9 months ago

    Thanks for your insightful witness; I'm with you.

  • Jen Bradshaw
    Jen Bradshaw 10 months ago

    Great video

  • 18alwaggoner4501
    18alwaggoner4501 10 months ago

    Very eloquently stated, Black liberals that are still slaving after the Democrat Plantation mentality can’t understand my conservatism and change of heart with the Democrats. I was a Bernie supporter, and I’ve realized and see how the media and Democrats unfairly treated and misused him, I also realized the truth that Democrats could care less about me and my black brothers and sisters. But, they either don’t want to or refuse to understand my story. I long and hope for the day that Black Liberals And Black Conservatives can coexist peacefully with one another, discuss fervently with one another, and change minds through our ideas and realizations.

  • facemite
    facemite 11 months ago

    I dont understand why minoritys think they are immune to the same white guilt if they are americans then its imposible they dont have direct white ancestors. its also imposible I dont have black and native ancestors so wheres the apology for what their grandparents did to mine?

  • Scottlynn Robinson
    Scottlynn Robinson 11 months ago

    Enjoyed your video and am in full agreement with you. I was at the Walkway in Washington DC when the summit was going on. I walk with those who have walked away. I have always been conservative and it is good to see people of color who have awakened and are free to think and be. God bless you!

  • Michael Montero
    Michael Montero 11 months ago

    This video deserves millions of views. Simply applying the statistical variables LJ mentions to the carefully-framed talking points pushed by the media and academia destroys their entire "white privilege" hypothesis. When holding up any of these demographically-based social "theories" against the totality of the data, the faulty logic from which they are derived usually collapses upon itself. Great statistical analysis and perspective here; I wish this sort of logic was being shared at universities. Awesome job brother.

  • William L. Nowell
    William L. Nowell 11 months ago

    Another excellent video. It's always good to see someone who makes sense and doesn't cling to a useless victimhood mentality. Keep the videos coming.

  • victornewman06
    victornewman06 Year ago

    Breaking the chains 😂😂😂😂 That's funny...


    Just liked and retweeted some of your brilliantly worded tweets on white privilege. Thank you so much for speaking up courageously about this in the face of so much opposition from those on the Left. Appreciate you, brother!

  • William L. Nowell

    I like the way you think. And you just got a new subscriber too.

  • Popenator 7
    Popenator 7 Year ago


  • Traci B Good
    Traci B Good Year ago

    So refreshing to hear a voice of reason. I've already voted Republican straight down the ballot. I pray the majority of others will too. Not that I'm republican but, they are the only ones making any sense in this messed up world.

  • Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa

    Kanye says he's not involved and that's ok. Although this is BLEXIT, we are American first. Black folk, just embrace America and you will be successful.

  • The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy

    Very great video my Brotha, let the haters and the Lames know where they stand. Its up to them not to do the research and make the decision to #walkaway from the real Hate on their side.

  • easymoneynch
    easymoneynch Year ago

    Very interesting. Al Sharpton needs to step aside!

    • Ileene Lynn
      Ileene Lynn Month ago

      All Sharpton is simply an opportunist. He uses people who are hurting to keep himself in the spotlight

  • BJ Francisgg
    BJ Francisgg Year ago

    Wow! You’re a damn fine speaker, my friend! That was an amazingly articulated display of truth, sincerity, and passion. Well done! I’ll be sharing the hell out of this video. Keep them coming!

  • a-6_grindtime
    a-6_grindtime Year ago

    I can almost hear the tea cup stirring in the background

  • Webmaster VoluntaristDK

    Hi Mr. Leonydus Johnson Thank you for your video. I am from Denmark (in Europe) and my country men (and I assume the majority of Europeans) do not know whats going on in USA with #walkaway nor about #blexit. I should very much like to interview you for my (small) RU-clip channel about your personal awakening "travel" - something our main stream media here in Denmark would never talk about - they are copies of CNN. (Beware +90% of danes can speak/read english) If you are interested please contact me via webmaster@voluntarist.dk My website (in danish): voluntarist.dk I've done two videos in english: ru-clip.com/video/Uz30sIjY2Cg/video.html ru-clip.com/video/pip74YtXdBg/video.html I hope I will be hearing from you. -- Best regards Grosen Friis

  • Jamie Osgood
    Jamie Osgood Year ago

    You are my hero. Candace is my hero. Every black man and woman who is choosing to break the chains and think for themselves are my hero today. What political party you choose does not matter. What matters is that you think for yourselves and hold them accountable. Thank you.

  • Keenan Smith
    Keenan Smith Year ago

    That's right Summit Roomie! Def supporting and proud! 😎👌🏾

  • BigMark2.0
    BigMark2.0 Year ago

    Where's the ''Love'' button? Thank you sir, for a wonderful perspective.

  • Gregory Stark
    Gregory Stark Year ago

    Great Video! Well spoken. Thank You. What a disgrace that people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson weren't at the White House supporting today's young black leaders. They really don't care.

  • Oochakaballa
    Oochakaballa Year ago

    Thank you for not falling for the insults, and making your own decision. I was a Dem for over 50 years, and crossed over for Trump. I really believe he is trying to balance our economy, and bring back our hope for the American Dream. Thank you for being red pilled on the dangers of the party.

  • Won Mai
    Won Mai Year ago

    So Awesome 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Suzy Lobo
    Suzy Lobo Year ago

    Romans 8:31 NKJV What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

  • Larry Martinez
    Larry Martinez Year ago

    My feelings exactly. Once we're accountable to ourselves, excuses go out the window. This needs momentum.