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Why we're shutting down...
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  • Irfan Ahmed
    Irfan Ahmed Hour ago

    How much travel up front ?

  • Deslin Sarvis
    Deslin Sarvis 3 hours ago

    Fox X2 is the one

  • Rod Palm
    Rod Palm 3 hours ago

    Just for the XD free hub for my Chris King hub is nearly 300 dollars! F that crap, this is the way to go.

  • Doug Gore
    Doug Gore 4 hours ago

    Got some code rsc’s on my Fezzari pretty sure they are sintered pads. They loud as hell. Sounds like a goose under water

  • Jamison 92
    Jamison 92 6 hours ago

    that screensaver tho

  • insrtclevrnamehere
    insrtclevrnamehere 6 hours ago

    good, informative, unbiased 👍

  • Goldi und Korn
    Goldi und Korn 7 hours ago

    wheres sr suntour

  • Family YouTube
    Family YouTube 8 hours ago

    One of your best videos yet. Really glad to see you give us a sincere opinion and not say "they all work really well" lol - Much appreciated :o) Love your channel and shop!!

  • JT Manuel
    JT Manuel 9 hours ago

    In my country, it's more cost effective to build your own rather than buy a complete bike. For the same price of a built bike, you can build a better specced bike.

  • PixelGarage - PCR
    PixelGarage - PCR 9 hours ago

    My 2008 rockshox reba is better

  • JTMarlin8
    JTMarlin8 9 hours ago

    Ned Flanders spotted. As early as 0:24.

    JR MASIA 11 hours ago

    Well explained video, 👌.

  • Napalmdog
    Napalmdog 14 hours ago

    Ah, yes! Mert Lawwill was *right* all along! Girvin's fork was really good too, although the wheel path on that one was a bit too much. The design effectively shortens the wheelbase with its design. Modern geometry is much more suited for a linkage design like this.

  • Chops 00
    Chops 00 19 hours ago

    You guys are missing out on a lot of money by not adding amazon affiliate links for this stuff

    • Ben Asquith
      Ben Asquith 8 minutes ago

      @Chops 00 oh right

    • Chops 00
      Chops 00 15 minutes ago

      Ben Asquith They don’t sell a lot of these things

    • Ben Asquith
      Ben Asquith 17 minutes ago

      Why would they. They should put links to there website though. They are an actual bike shop if you don't already know

  • Dougie TeeMTB
    Dougie TeeMTB 19 hours ago

    great video! lmao

  • LV426
    LV426 23 hours ago

    Front and back... joy

  • Very Mental
    Very Mental Day ago

    Reverse Seismic Carbon - love’em

  • Zenex Oo
    Zenex Oo Day ago

    Getting minion dhf

  • ChedengMB
    ChedengMB Day ago

    I’m building and choosing parts for an SB 5.5 raw and I’ll take the XX1 in Fort Knox gold.

  • Cj
    Cj Day ago

    7:57 🤣

  • ragu4545
    ragu4545 Day ago

    Anyone know what helmet that is?

  • Jackie N
    Jackie N Day ago

    What's the blinky thing on the tire valve??

  • actionong
    actionong Day ago

    I'm a middle aged dad with limited skills but a decent bank account. I rode the Trust Message fork on Evil Following bike shop demo. Most noticeable difference on 30 min loop is the traction into corners. The bike feels more comfortable leaning further into turns. Managed to get BP in segments without pushing for both uphill and downhill. My usual bike is a 2019 transition smuggler with Fox36 Grip2. For the enjoyment factor and frequency of use, I'm very tempted to buy.

  • Guy that likes games :P

    500? thats how much my entire bike costs ._.

  • Lj M
    Lj M Day ago

    Dude, my bike is under $300

  • Kazik Skurwysyn

    I can reccomend x fusion and suntour forks. I had Auron RC2 and it was as good as my Pike. X fusion sweep is decent too.

  • pho3nixmatt
    pho3nixmatt Day ago

    Oops apparently I wasn't subbed. Fixed it. Good one Jeff!

  • adam metzinger

    Ready to rumble still have it on vhs

  • blake kuhlmann

    i have sram guide r's, 6 months in i was having problems with them, he said my pistons were swolen, pads were out, and they had air in them. after all this service they still brake like garbage and have even less power at speed. im about to put an xt in the back and an mt5 up front, i just need the bleed kit.

  • dandexinventor

    I went to a shop and found a couple discontinued bars (for 20 bucks total) with different angles and rises, left them long and tried them all over different trails so when I got my carbon fiber bars I knew exactly what I wanted. I did cut one of the cheap bars down half inch at a time until I knew I didn't like it. I ended up with 780, 20mm rise and 7 degree sweep which I would not have bought the carbon fiber bars that way at first.

  • Simon Daberooni

    the fucking clip with the guy falling down the drop got me weak af, love u guys

  • The Midnight Rider

    Do you make a big deal about the color of your bike? I get a lot of flack because I’m really picky about the color.

  • chinese owl
    chinese owl Day ago

    Anyone here finds WWC is much much more entertaining and more informative than gmbn? I do.

  • Connor Pierson

    I love the little clips you guys put in your videos

  • Que se yo amigo

    This question is for everyone who could help me. Im considering to buy a Maxxis Ikon for riding only on tarmac, BUT seeing it from my ignorance, ikons look not so durable because his tiny knobs. Then im between a pair of Maxxis Ikons or Assegais (for more durability in asphalt) what you think?

  • [CPU] Sandalphon

    Apparently this is an ad video...and I love it

  • Owen Amos
    Owen Amos Day ago

    I was riding the renthal carbon downhill bar 31.8 on a stumpjumper . My hands were going numb. Now i'm riding aluminum bars. No more numbness

  • Robert Simoneaux
    Robert Simoneaux 2 days ago


  • Rafal Barutowicz
    Rafal Barutowicz 2 days ago

    Where is the sector eeeeh ?

  • Connor Moore
    Connor Moore 2 days ago


  • Fernando Miralles Delgado

    Yoeleo makes realiy good rims

  • Alex McIntire
    Alex McIntire 2 days ago

    Comminnnna yeaaaaahhaaaa, was the unofficial rallying cry of many a high school sports team of mine because of this movie.

  • Paul Yac
    Paul Yac 2 days ago

    Ha! Sugar Gay!

  • QuidEst Nunc
    QuidEst Nunc 2 days ago

    What about The Message and it's sibling ?

  • Januszekk skrr
    Januszekk skrr 2 days ago

    Nukeproof electron EVO?

  • JTMarlin8
    JTMarlin8 2 days ago

    The purpose of having kids is for them to wash your bike after you're done riding.

  • Meteor Media
    Meteor Media 2 days ago

    No SR Suntour Auron? Best option in that price category imho.

  • wim belder
    wim belder 2 days ago

    1x10 all the way

  • sam klem
    sam klem 2 days ago

    My friend rode a enduro bike with 180mm travel front and rear in a xc race where the most technical part of the course of the trail was a rock garden that I can barely feel on a hardtail

  • rniad
    rniad 2 days ago

    In philippines price manitou machete and markhour almost $210 with tru axle boost and QR. But this fork i cant buy. if you think this budget fork but in the philippines this fork is expensive hahahaha. My budget fork is almost $29 dollars. Manitou machete is my dream suspension fork better than Fox. Nice video btw. Godbless. 😃😃

  • Alex Zondlo
    Alex Zondlo 2 days ago

    Can we just get like 10 minutes of kazoo dirt bike sounds. I always make dirt bike sounds to get pump up for a tech climb or big descent. Maybe dub the over of a supercross race.

  • Gregory Boland
    Gregory Boland 2 days ago

    I just got sick of buying tiers so I just said fuck it and just run the rims

  • Brian hill
    Brian hill 2 days ago

    The rock shox Judy feels left out

  • Matt Garofolo
    Matt Garofolo 2 days ago

    I like the muzak. What track is that?

  • HulluJanne
    HulluJanne 2 days ago

    Your voice sounds very raspy at points, definitely should do some slight EQ'ing in post.

  • Mason McGraw
    Mason McGraw 2 days ago

    Santa Cruz bikes are boutique, they still focus on solely mountain bikes

  • spacetaco1
    spacetaco1 2 days ago

    I like Jeff. He's a silly bitch 😉🌶💩🤘🐉🍻

  • Matt Keller
    Matt Keller 2 days ago

    Love it out back unless it's bone dry then it's Minion SS duty.

  • J Chase W
    J Chase W 2 days ago

    No question, just a comment. Jeff, let me buy you a haircut....or at least a hat. I’m not sure what kind of rodent/bird has moved in.

    PIĘTY NISKO 2 days ago

    Make some smaller pieces of paper for questions. Make cycling be associated with eco friendly behaviours please :)

    PIĘTY NISKO 2 days ago

    You are aware of YT Industries existence on the market and recommending a hardtail for 2500$. Somethin is wrong. Or you maybe say the prices in Canadian dollars?

  • Berlioz
    Berlioz 3 days ago

    great video, think im going with the aggressor or wtb trail boss! also whats that chill little song in the background ha

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 3 days ago

    SRAM Eagle b/c I am middle aged, overweight, and put out very little watts. 😎

  • Lan Youree
    Lan Youree 3 days ago

    Big follower of BKXC so it’s nice to get to know him a little better but I guess I should throw his address away since I don’t like being beat up. He is inspiring thousands of riders.

  • Laqika Narvans
    Laqika Narvans 3 days ago

    I have a giant trance 2 small frame and I want to buy Fox Racing Shox Float DPX2 EVOL LV 3POS Factory Rear Shock can you tell me what size do I have to buy 🙏🏽

    • Worldwide Cyclery
      Worldwide Cyclery 2 days ago

      Hey! If you would like to send us an email over to one of our customer support guys will be able to get you all the info on your bike : ) Cheers

  • Chris Taco
    Chris Taco 3 days ago

    I ride dhf front and minion as rear

  • downhillsyndrome
    downhillsyndrome 3 days ago

    One time I demoed a Santa Cruz with fatbar carbon bars, I stood on the bars to test the sturdyness and it flexed a shit ton smh

  • Budrick3Gaming
    Budrick3Gaming 3 days ago

    I'm sitting here with my 650$ marlin 6.

  • MTB Matt
    MTB Matt 3 days ago

    I had a backpack for hydration and I just got a lumbar pack I like the lumbar pack more more air on my back

  • Carl Arpon
    Carl Arpon 3 days ago

    Thats why it is called TRUST

  • Jon L
    Jon L 3 days ago

    FYI, RU-clip made me's done this to me with several channels now. I see a video and go to it just to find out I'm not subbed anymore...

  • YvMa Lnt
    YvMa Lnt 3 days ago

    Are you using enough paper would you think?

  • motoace2007 Adrian Fahey

    If you ride slighly less aggressively and wanted something just a wee bit more "XC'ish" could the SB 100 work and still provide some of the burlyness that this has?

  • raheem gahel
    raheem gahel 3 days ago

    I swear to God you should be a comedian!; lmfao 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • Minus Previous
    Minus Previous 3 days ago

    Hello Jeff. Is there any E-MTB content on your channel? Maybe ive missed it, but have not seen you comment on this new, emerging wave of technology / enthusiasts. Maybe youre an anti E-Biker? haha. Thanks!

    • Minus Previous
      Minus Previous 2 days ago

      @Worldwide Cyclery Thanks Jeff. Really enjoy your channel, as you have a real knack / gift for presenting. Im a bit older than ya & my Giant E-Trance has been a real blast to ride. Joe

    • Worldwide Cyclery
      Worldwide Cyclery 2 days ago

      Hey! Not necessarily anti E-Bike, just not taping into that market as of now and will not have much content provided on them : ( But anything that gets someone out on the trails and two wheels I support! : )

  • Seth Nicholls
    Seth Nicholls 3 days ago

    No High Roller 2???

    JMANSWAT 3 days ago

    I'm amazing! World Wide Cyclery said so!

  • Vojta Vörös
    Vojta Vörös 3 days ago

    Oh wow, Jeff said I'm amazing!

  • Local MTB Rider By Michael H

    saving silverman

  • Wild Hornet
    Wild Hornet 3 days ago

    Do you sell those bikes

    • Worldwide Cyclery
      Worldwide Cyclery 2 days ago

      Hey! Yes, we are an authorized dealer and have demos in our CA and PA locations : )

  • S Gomez
    S Gomez 3 days ago

    Fox? 😒

  • R Mohr
    R Mohr 3 days ago

    2.4 DD Maxxis Minion(front) & WTB Judge 2.4(rear) are lasting me just fine on HOT rocky,dusty hard pack and steep rock alongside grip 🌵🍮😎🌵but excellent Vid the Guys are funny and i will try some of those other brands out but i like thick casing coz sharp rocks out here in Arizona🌵😎🇺🇸.

  • The biking Peanut
    The biking Peanut 3 days ago

    I made it on the list!😂

  • Dapster
    Dapster 3 days ago

    You can definitely build your own bike for $2500 or less. That includes full suspension. Yes, it will be aluminium, but so what? Will it be heavier than carbon, yes. But it will also last a lot longer than a carbon frame.

  • dosetti
    dosetti 3 days ago

    Had to buy new front brake when "upgrading" from full rig IS to PM suspension. Could not find suitable adapter for old magura front brake..

  • andrew johnson
    andrew johnson 3 days ago

    Jeff needs to check the weight weeny box 1x9 drive chain because damn it looks fine

  • Dan K
    Dan K 3 days ago

    Jeff, yes or no, will you race Nate Hills? "Say yes everytime".......

  • Turbost
    Turbost 3 days ago

    bruh my bike is under 500$

  • ragu4545
    ragu4545 3 days ago

    Saving Silverman!!

  • One Man Kebab Remover

    Are DFS forks any good? I'm torn between trying them or just getting the rockshox recon.

    • One Man Kebab Remover
      One Man Kebab Remover 2 days ago

      @Meteor Media Thanks, I'm probably going to just get the Recon.

    • Meteor Media
      Meteor Media 2 days ago

      No, they are a ultra-cheap chinese knock-off brand. Get a SR Suntour instead

  • Arnold Rimmer
    Arnold Rimmer 3 days ago

    no to the grip tape. ruined gloves after one ride..or no skin. textured shrink wrap is plenty grippy enough and comes with custom printing. for chainstays..stabproof tyre liners + 3m vhb adhesive tape. clear to show your paintwork plus protective. ohh and maxxis parent companys second brand..cst..amazing tyres..half the price at least of maxxis due to lack of advertising costs, same quality (better grip design imo)👍

  • Eaton Pooter
    Eaton Pooter 3 days ago

    ummm I like big girls , if I change the seat post angle on my bike & put her on there will that help me hit the g spot easier ?🥴

  • Preston La
    Preston La 3 days ago

    Lmao "PewDiePie. is that spelled right?"

  • Nick  Daiss
    Nick Daiss 3 days ago

    Just got my new Rocky Mountain Instinct A50 and want to try 27.5 plus tires. This is the best video I've found on tire difference. Great job dudes

  • Jacob MTB Rider
    Jacob MTB Rider 3 days ago

    #askjeff what is a good dirt jump bike for around $1000 CAD (which is $755.77 USD as of September 16 2019) or less?

    • Kent Quindt
      Kent Quindt 3 days ago

      I'm saving up for a dirt jumper and I'm getting a norco ryde 24. There is a 26 in version and a 24in version and both are about $600 USD but norco does have a few other options.

  • Mr. ZiggedWhenHeShuddaZagged

    Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a $2500 FS bike that’s a good frame n low end parts and slowly mod it out with parts from WWC? 🤔

  • Mr. ZiggedWhenHeShuddaZagged

    Why do you read 1 question per sheet of paper? Is that shiny laptop broken?

    • snikwahjets
      snikwahjets 3 days ago

      Mr. ZiggedWhenHeShuddaZagged probably cause it looks cooler than clicking a button. And the laptop must be where the answers are kept. Lol. But seriously. Wasting paper. :-/

  • Gergely's Technic Models

    He Protecc He Attaccc But most of all... His Fork is Slacccc