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  • zhasss v
    zhasss v Day ago

    i have a budgie and ngl they take up a lot of money and time. since I’m at school 5 days a week, it’s hard to keep up with taking them out everyday, changing their water & food everyday, and making sure that they are happy and healthy. just keep that in mind if you are considering getting any type of bird.

  • DV1General
    DV1General 2 days ago

    "How do you practice? How do I make my thumbs go faster?" In the hur dur voice too, like how disrespectful is that question..

  • Heathers world
    Heathers world 4 days ago

    My biggest dream is to let dita give me a hollywood glam makeover❤❤❤

  • Tom Giuliano
    Tom Giuliano 5 days ago

    out of all cooking shows, these two UBER LIBERALS annoyed me to the BONE>>>yuk!!!!

  • стефанія
    стефанія 5 days ago

    anyone else thinking that this guy looks like ryan reynolds

  • Weronika Adamczyk
    Weronika Adamczyk 5 days ago

    Hey, can i ask where do you get this end efect of Scarlett Witch power? Please

  • Mike C
    Mike C 7 days ago

    sashas awesome

  • Luke Wood
    Luke Wood 9 days ago

    I’ve had all these pets before except a bird and they’re all between medium and high maintenance except guinea pigs they’re Hell

  • mandy green
    mandy green 11 days ago

    hahaha that is not how whe did it in the 80s!

  • David Pollack
    David Pollack 12 days ago

    I miss her =\ would love to do a halo LAN again

  • Milton Bradley
    Milton Bradley 12 days ago

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  • Monika Kowalska
    Monika Kowalska 13 days ago

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  • Zerland Peralta
    Zerland Peralta 13 days ago

    been there last week, such a beautiful place.. i want to live there

  • BryanX 64
    BryanX 64 13 days ago

    Been looking for like an hour but this finally is what I was looking for - that classic '80s hair metal hair

  • Anne Baskerville
    Anne Baskerville 13 days ago

    Can you do me next?

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 14 days ago

    Poor Michelle, didn't get to experience the fruit of her home country before travelling to VN. 😕

  • Poly Steve's wife and girlfriend

    Looks like my hair after I take a shower and don't brush it

  • blue durp
    blue durp 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought the interviewer's voice was annoying?

  • turtleflowyoga
    turtleflowyoga 16 days ago

    Love dragon fruit. 💖

  • xun wei li
    xun wei li 17 days ago

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  • Ernest Scribbler
    Ernest Scribbler 17 days ago

    Self-made, not home-made. 🙄

  • Moises Valadez
    Moises Valadez 20 days ago


  • Alyna Michelle Forgus


  • • Colors & Scribbles •

    These actors are literally friggin dope tho lol

  • • Colors & Scribbles •

    I’m just rewatching this series..... 💄💄💄💄💋💋❤️ Don’t minddddd meehhhh :)

  • Kable645
    Kable645 25 days ago

    Sir, Takeshita St?

  • Totally Undateable
    Totally Undateable 25 days ago

    I keep tarantulas (hence the channel name) because they're badass and super low maintenance!

  • Gift Dino
    Gift Dino 28 days ago

    Event tickets are a great wedding gift for couples who love going out! We've just added this video to our playlist of Top Wedding Gift Guides! Check it out here for more gift ideas! ru-clip.com/p/PLNf3V4X_3zIHfbc3iiDjqgL7ekpK7WOtg

  • steel ratana
    steel ratana 28 days ago

    Yep get your hands in there

  • livvyla1111
    livvyla1111 28 days ago

    My God that was annoying to watch

  • livvyla1111
    livvyla1111 28 days ago

    Are you still at school - 'back to school shopping'?!!

  • Erin Brunk
    Erin Brunk 29 days ago

    Wait holdup. You said they need LIVE rodents? Lady?!

  • My Mochi
    My Mochi Month ago

    Looking at all these Vietnamese dishes makes me really miss my mom's home cooked meals. Maybe in the next life :)

  • Gavin Meenk
    Gavin Meenk Month ago

    LMAO Kat looks so uncomfortable

  • Go.Outsider 19
    Go.Outsider 19 Month ago

    This looks gorgeous, but I could only imagine how dreadful it was to fix the models hair back to the way it was.

  • Josh May
    Josh May Month ago

    Where can i find this 80s beat music at ?

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley Month ago

    Beautiful thoughts!... Quotes from the Baha'i Faith that enhance an attractive Inner Beauty 1 SMILE "A cheerful countenance lends consolation to the beholder." 2 BE KIND "Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart," 3 PRAY - NURISH SPIRIT "..enter the heaven of communion with Me. Cleanse thy heart with the burnish of the spirit," 4 BE GRATEFUL "O ye loved ones of God, offer up thanks unto Him, since He hath made you the object of such bounties," 5 SERVE HUMANITY "Service to humanity is service to God. Let the love and light of the Kingdom radiate through you until all who look upon you shall be illumined by its reflection." (~ Baha'u'llah & Abdul-Baha)

  • Milaboo
    Milaboo Month ago

    Ya they may be “low maintenance” but oh boy can I tell u I have over half the animals she named and none of them are “easy”

  • Jay Ru
    Jay Ru Month ago

    Hhahahaha this is fucked lol

  • Emily L
    Emily L Month ago

    No sun, no cigarettes Love it!!!!

  • boulder man
    boulder man Month ago

    I legit didn't know about her until today is she really that famous

  • cj222100
    cj222100 Month ago

    The stylist kinda looks like Ryan Reynolds.

  • Anui B
    Anui B Month ago

    No sun Yea, can't do that when you live in a tropical country.

  • Anui B
    Anui B Month ago

    Her house, her hairstyle, her clothes her everything is from a long gone era. It would be scary for the people living with her but it's interesting.

  • kajijoejo
    kajijoejo Month ago

    "hey mom, do you still have your . . diffuser?" "my what?" "YOUR DIFUSSER" (she's deaf from all the 80's music) "haha, no" "why not?" "sold it at one of my garage sales . . WAY back in the 90's" "why?" "to buy COKE IN THE 80's" "oh- wait, wha-" "HERE I AM! ~mom does air guitar~ COCAINE LIKE A HURRICANE!" ON GOD THAT'S MY EXACT CONVO I HAD WITH MY MOM ABOUT THIS proves i get my sense of humor from her mom you suck lol but i love you

  • 유다현
    유다현 Month ago

    앗 링링이잔아

  • Momof2 :/
    Momof2 :/ Month ago

    umm hate to break it to you but guinea pigs are actually quite high maintenance pets... they need at least 1-2 partners, a special vegetarian diet, and at least 1 square foot each piggie (I recommend 8.5 square feet) lol they do take up some space in the fridge and house and some pets in this list are kinda high maintenance pets idk maybe they put “low” instead of “high”

  • Sweet&Sassy
    Sweet&Sassy Month ago

    Why did these videos just die outv

  • Kaeden Rosé
    Kaeden Rosé Month ago

    As a Maori from Australia I loved

  • Madalina B
    Madalina B Month ago

    Best tutorial on this. Also you need a pretty damaged hair to look like a perfect 80s hairdo. Nowadays hair is not damaged anymore so is hard to recreate that style really.

  • bad egg
    bad egg Month ago

    the hairdresser looks a bit like Ryan Gosling ☺️😁

  • Hahaho Vlog
    Hahaho Vlog Month ago

    Wow love your shows .. amazing ❤️🥘💯 My pleasure 😇 ask you visit my new chanel please give me some advice. Thankyou ❤️

  • The Beast
    The Beast 2 months ago

    This is a dumb video

  • Waikin Yu
    Waikin Yu 2 months ago

    Hi nelly furtado you are one of my other favorite celebrities out there. My two favorite songs were say it right and man eater.

  • Chiara
    Chiara 2 months ago

    The best example of a woman who knows how to always look at her best with staying herself and unique.

  • Геннадий Стредевский


  • Jonhny Martineli
    Jonhny Martineli 2 months ago

    That girl near dita von Teese looks so vulgar and forgettable!no offense ❤️ kisses

  • Giulia Agazzi
    Giulia Agazzi 2 months ago

    She's so cool❤️

  • Emily Evans
    Emily Evans 2 months ago

    This was published on a Saturday which was 2 days before Monday before me my mom and Diane had to go to the LACASA center and on Monday when we got home from school CPS and the police were at the house and they took us to LACASA and we had to stay there until dad had to move out of the house and he had to move in his mom's apartment and when we were at LACASA mom took us to school and she picks us up and takes us to LACASA until dad moved out and we moved in the house

  • heidi is cool
    heidi is cool 2 months ago


  • heidi is cool
    heidi is cool 2 months ago


  • Huia HJH
    Huia HJH 2 months ago

    "Don't hit your face boo" soo cute

  • Hằng Lê
    Hằng Lê 2 months ago

    I like how after a while she stopped translating the dish's name into English :))

  • Asparagus Bear
    Asparagus Bear 2 months ago

    she has a slight speech impediment, or maybe she's trying not to mess up her lipstick.

  • allison riley
    allison riley 2 months ago

    Everyone knows these

  • Bobbi McNeely
    Bobbi McNeely 2 months ago

    Ok so... The end result was ok but the only part he got right was pulling the sides out spraying them with hairspray and blow drying them.. Good try though

  • Charley Bell
    Charley Bell 2 months ago

    This video was so uneducated 😂

  • Sweet toto
    Sweet toto 2 months ago

    You looks Like Cleopatra

  • thunder_ thumper
    thunder_ thumper 2 months ago

    oh nah if you wear this in my school you gonna get jumped

  • Kimberley Hawker
    Kimberley Hawker 2 months ago

    Beautiful! Thank you! 😍👏🏻

  • Spirit Snake27
    Spirit Snake27 2 months ago

    *This is so beautiful* I was adopted from S.Korea when i was 6 months old. My new home is here in America I hope one day me and brothed could travel back to Korea, our motherland, and experience the culture we never had before. Like you said home is where food is

  • Mahrukh zaki
    Mahrukh zaki 2 months ago

    Bunch of idiots

  • Legendary NayanKitten
    Legendary NayanKitten 2 months ago

    A lot of people think I am Korean but I Vietnamese 😡 Trying not to hate or anything but yea

  • Ingrid Cabrera
    Ingrid Cabrera 2 months ago

    There's much hate for Michelle in the comments and honestly you guys just sound like brown noser's. Admiring Dita so much and bullying the person interviewing her. I enjoyed her more than Dita honestly. She's sweet, friendly, and seemed genuine. I felt like she was just wholeheartedly wowed by her, and I respect her for being authentic and not trying to be all stuffy or fake. Okay she seemed goofy, but act like you wouldn't be goofy meeting someone you really admire? Buncha bullies :p Dita is stiff and monotone in my opinion. Dont care how fabulous she looks, her personality is pretty drab, nice...but drab. Just being real 🤷‍♀️

  • Jia Hui L.
    Jia Hui L. 2 months ago

    PhD. In purse psychoanalysis 😂😂😂😂

  • Nani Furtado
    Nani Furtado 2 months ago

    Love dita, but the interviewer is very bad. Dita deserves better.

  • ice man
    ice man 2 months ago

    In fiji we call piko piko lalabe bula from fiji islands cheers ✌

  • Do Artichaut
    Do Artichaut 2 months ago


  • beta play
    beta play 2 months ago

    U gay

  • tazzer the wolf
    tazzer the wolf 3 months ago

    My charity is going to be for wolves in yellows tone national Park this year in national hunting season 233 wolves were kill

  • Kayla Ounsy
    Kayla Ounsy 3 months ago

    can anyone please tell me the song in the beginning of the video

  • lizard mom
    lizard mom 3 months ago

    Almost all, if not all, of these animals require high maintenance and lots of care and can't just be kept in small enclosures that most pet stores suggest. I recommend getting someone who actually knows what they're talking about to make this video. All of these animals need to be researched about for months. This woman is giving out false information to people who might not know about animals and it is important that people know what they're getting into when they get a pet. Pets are a huge responsibility and these animals are definitely not low maintenance.

  • Emily Vlogs
    Emily Vlogs 3 months ago

    I had to get rid of my hedgehogs because I didn’t have enough time in my schedule to take care of them...

  • Chelsea Ruiz
    Chelsea Ruiz 3 months ago

    Okay see but everyone says guinea pigs are perfect first pets cuz they're so easy to take care of yet I see other people saying they demand alot of space (huge cages/pens) and they eat entire veggie aisles in a day. So 🤷

  • angela possidente
    angela possidente 3 months ago

    What brand of hair putty is this??

  • Luis Franco
    Luis Franco 3 months ago

    Your list is good except the bugies they die easy and go threw food fast make mess cus they eat seeds and they poop a lot are very loud

  • Haren Russel Samson Makaea

    😂 😂 😂 Funny him making faces after eating the piko piko! Crack up. Thank you guys. Awesomeness. Amazing buffet. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Paul Meissner
    Paul Meissner 3 months ago

    Paul jw single call 12062653988

  • Godfrey Patea
    Godfrey Patea 3 months ago

    Mean Maori, Mauriora

  • Buchworm
    Buchworm 3 months ago

    He nailed it! Major flashbacks to getting ready to go cruise the boulevard.

  • RIFAT Malik
    RIFAT Malik 3 months ago


  • Ginger Ale
    Ginger Ale 3 months ago

    It would take me an hour and two weeks to o get ready to meet Dita! And I'd still feel like a fat man in a dress next to Her!😛😫😲

  • Sumaiya Iqbal
    Sumaiya Iqbal 3 months ago

    Ur so sweet!!!💕

  • Captain Dildoface
    Captain Dildoface 3 months ago

    Please tell me I'm not the only heterosexual guy watching this.

  • Patricia montocchio
    Patricia montocchio 3 months ago

    Super cute

  • Bhabos Dhaba
    Bhabos Dhaba 3 months ago

    It's reality bed idea😑

  • Anh
    Anh 3 months ago

    Vietnamese here

  • Gayatri Ramchandran
    Gayatri Ramchandran 3 months ago

    She's actually pretty sweet and real, although I never really liked her <3

  • Jamie Goddard
    Jamie Goddard 3 months ago

    total goddess classy and elegant sexy without being sleasy we love you dita x

  • ihate tejfol
    ihate tejfol 3 months ago

    Me encantaaaaa👏😍😍