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  • Nordic
    Nordic 7 hours ago

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  • Vernon Hardapple
    Vernon Hardapple 8 hours ago

    Hola, mi nombre es Pablo Pablo Pablo...

  • Mieke De Mey
    Mieke De Mey 20 hours ago

    one of the guys is now gay lol

  • Noe Morales
    Noe Morales 2 days ago

    Mexico people worship El Chapo like he was God

  • Vic Corral
    Vic Corral 2 days ago

    Good analysis! Glad you liked it! Seeing positive reaction videos to songs I love is kinda like experiencing it for the first time myself

  • dragonfistX200
    dragonfistX200 2 days ago

    The guitarist is actually really good, he just intentially plays in a wierd and unique style that fits with the music

  • dokanyon
    dokanyon 3 days ago

    it's so late 90s !!! this nostalgia man

  • 愛Pattagarri-Chan
    愛Pattagarri-Chan 3 days ago

    Nigga why


    Fuck you.... You did show shit

  • Pisgah Range LTD
    Pisgah Range LTD 3 days ago

    How wide? So. Fricken. Wide. :D Great video

  • Tripp Bass
    Tripp Bass 4 days ago

    Love that POOOOOOOOO too <3

  • Alexandre Lalonde
    Alexandre Lalonde 4 days ago

    How about Science fro System.

  • Void
    Void 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for the short and concise video! Straight to the point. My favorite.

  • Pineapple Person
    Pineapple Person 4 days ago

    I was born in the wrong generation I gotta be with these guys all day 🤮

  • Dave Lewis
    Dave Lewis 4 days ago

    As said, jesse left due to personal reasons, howard took over. Howard then left due to health reasons and jesse rejoined. You heard my last serenade, one of Jesse's original big hits, now this song, one of howards, please now listen to thier new(ish) song 'The Signal Fire', as it is the 1st time both of them were on a song together. If you can, watch the official video of it.

  • james barnes
    james barnes 4 days ago

    what do you expect when your staying in a very cheap hotel ?

  • Eric Evo
    Eric Evo 5 days ago

    take less than 1 min to do it and 5 mins of talking

  • Durban Poison
    Durban Poison 5 days ago

    You only had to do one wisdom tooth?! Consider yourself lucky! I decided to be awake for mine and listened to Fantomas- Delirium Cordia. Thanks for doing more SOAD!!

  • Jordan Landis
    Jordan Landis 5 days ago

    What up Omar!

  • Brian Canning
    Brian Canning 6 days ago

    1996 is not back in the just cant be.

  • Zarkus Black
    Zarkus Black 6 days ago

    You are a L

  • Thomas Ballenger
    Thomas Ballenger 7 days ago

    Younger Chino! Still Amaze!

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 7 days ago

    I thought it was Haram to listen or play instruments?

  • ASTr9fg
    ASTr9fg 7 days ago

    While Adrenaline was their first studio album I recommend giving "Like Linus" (technically their first album released in 1993) a listen after you go through Adrenaline. Production is far from perfect but it has songs that where in their infancy then matured and made their way into Adrenaline( e.g. Root, Engine no. 9 and 7 words) and as far as that "raw" sound, I'd say Like Linus is the rawest chinos voice and even the band in general has been besides live vocal performances. Highly recommend.

  • Too Real
    Too Real 7 days ago

    Make more music video vlogs

  • ProsperSeed
    ProsperSeed 7 days ago

    Started at 3:15 you're welcome.

  • Naytone
    Naytone 7 days ago

    They recorded this whole album in the same room which is why it sounds so raw. You should try Lhabia next. Very rhythmic and beautiful chorus.

  • Kevin Gonzales
    Kevin Gonzales 7 days ago

    React to chelsea smile for bring me the horizon

  • ralph simpson
    ralph simpson 8 days ago

    Cochise, was a very important Apache Indian chief.

  • Leonidas Neves
    Leonidas Neves 8 days ago

    Yeah!!! Finaly come back with soad I've been waiting for suite pee so long! And omg DIE!! DIE!!! DIE!!! One of the bests screams in growl serj ever did And good luck dude with everyhing and rhe home

    • Leonidas Neves
      Leonidas Neves 7 days ago

      @ZombieRoca Hehehehehe i always kow you dude Lol XD He rly need to react to mind

    • ZombieRoca
      ZombieRoca 7 days ago

      Leonidas Neves hey I know you 😉

  • Mamikonars
    Mamikonars 8 days ago

    return to SOAD? Good)

  • sarko lixo
    sarko lixo 8 days ago


  • aissam eddine
    aissam eddine 8 days ago

    Hi why don't try daron malakian and scars on broadway? Bye

  • Diego Holguin
    Diego Holguin 8 days ago

    Sick ☝️ bro

  • Dylan Jade Owen
    Dylan Jade Owen 8 days ago

    That second kid made me cringe so hard i started questioning my existance

  • Harlan Fadhillah
    Harlan Fadhillah 8 days ago

    i need water

  • Eqbal Morow
    Eqbal Morow 9 days ago

    This was so helpful! Thank you and good luck

  • Laacikaa_55
    Laacikaa_55 9 days ago

    cringe as fuck

  • ivo pilic
    ivo pilic 9 days ago

    That was enough cringe videos for my entire life

  • Deathly Eagle
    Deathly Eagle 10 days ago

    4:30 its in Hebrew not arab xd

  • Adam Czubaszek
    Adam Czubaszek 10 days ago

    when you rebrand yourself from raphead to arab muslim

  • Edwin Centeno
    Edwin Centeno 10 days ago

    A pointer on your ¨Hey guys whats up ¨ intro. Felt forced, just keep it chill.

  • Marcos Trevino
    Marcos Trevino 10 days ago

    Literally fucking everything by deftones is good, so you're in for a treat

  • rx7dude2006
    rx7dude2006 10 days ago

    Deftones and Tool my favorite bands.

    • MusikIsUniversal
      MusikIsUniversal 10 days ago

      Same here! In that order. You must also like Karnivool, Chevelle, and Dead Letter Circus to name a few of the many great bands.

  • GBC666 chop
    GBC666 chop 10 days ago

    I really wanna murder everyone in this video

  • Rich SVvital
    Rich SVvital 11 days ago

    Heaviest album.. The next Album around the fur, is the best cause its heavy and the new sound they eventually developed

  • Lunar
    Lunar 11 days ago

    I DARE YOU TO LISTEN TO PLAGUE FOR PLAGUES. But anvist is super good

    • OmarOmarOmar
      OmarOmarOmar 11 days ago

      i did a reaction to that ;) coming out this sunday i think ;)

  • Dat_ Ford_Guy
    Dat_ Ford_Guy 11 days ago

    And the scream he uses is a safe scream technique and very effective so no it dosent make his throat hurt

  • Dat_ Ford_Guy
    Dat_ Ford_Guy 11 days ago

    It’s deathcore not death metal

  • Jonathan Garmuth
    Jonathan Garmuth 11 days ago

    They evolve so much over 25 years

    • Jonathan Garmuth
      Jonathan Garmuth 11 days ago

      They have a similar sound to early nu metal. They evolved to so much more.

  • Wisevu
    Wisevu 11 days ago

    Youchube!!!!! Sick video bud!

  • Chase Vonnegut
    Chase Vonnegut 11 days ago

    Circa Survive bro.

  • Durban Poison
    Durban Poison 11 days ago

    Thanks for the Deftones!

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P 11 days ago

    I love all of Deftones albums, but Adrenaline is my favorite!! Nice reaction. Yes, his vocals and the whole album is raw which is why I love it so much.

  • Fredrick Cosma
    Fredrick Cosma 11 days ago

    “Arab Muslim” reacts? That’s pretty unrelated & random to put in the title lol

    • Fharid Valencia
      Fharid Valencia 11 days ago

      "unrelated and random" that's what's related to Deftones

  • daniel hernandez
    daniel hernandez 12 days ago

    definitely check out their demos from before they made Adrenline, very raw and experimental

  • Awkward Dawn
    Awkward Dawn 12 days ago

    When did you become an Arab Muslim? Lol. Jk. interesting title...

  • Lizzie Turbett
    Lizzie Turbett 12 days ago

    if you love deftones, check out the songs romance and the love machine by varials

  • Omar Ceniceros
    Omar Ceniceros 12 days ago

    Cool reaction tocayo, have a great day and always be as cool as you are.

  • Truthseeker882
    Truthseeker882 12 days ago

    If you are looking for more Deftones try their side project called Team Sleep, or Crosses. Both bands bring sides to Chino that are way softer are more instrumental

  • Moon Gazer
    Moon Gazer 12 days ago

    7 Words, Engine No 9 and Lifter - the best songs in this album.

  • Mark Latham
    Mark Latham 12 days ago

    Keep with the Killswitch reactions! Love this band!

  • Terraco
    Terraco 12 days ago

    React to emil bulls - the age of Revolution

  • steppere97
    steppere97 12 days ago

    Listening to their songs/albums in the same order they came out is a great idea, that way you can really appreciate how much their sound has evolved through the years! That said, I love their first record, it's so grungy, raw and in your face, it shows how young they were and how much energy they had! Not their best album, but it's pretty good nonetheless. After all, it's where everything started ^^ And yes, Chino has always been a great singer, even without all the effects he uses nowadays

  • Mister Pekka
    Mister Pekka 12 days ago

    Please react to Louna - колыбельная

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 12 days ago

    One of my favorites by them. And probably the first song I heard by them. You should try Around the Fur! (song not the album)

  • Jez Evans
    Jez Evans 12 days ago

    not even their hardest, bring it back to 2006 pls

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith 13 days ago

    Without a doubt the best song on Tony hawks pro skater that game made had a bangin sound track but this was the best one on it

  • Daniel Giraldo Gallego

    Bro, react to Avalanche by Bring me the horizon, that song is great

  • ray ray
    ray ray 13 days ago

    Watched Chop Suey tonight and it's almost to 900 M views. Best. Band. Ever.

  • Reid Scott
    Reid Scott 13 days ago

    Maybe I missed the explanation but what is that sound in the background and the thing in the top left corner?

  • hawks77
    hawks77 13 days ago

    And I Will Let the rabbits wear Glasses!!

  • Mark Hammond
    Mark Hammond 13 days ago

    Rick rubin-produced Metallica . Rick rubin-produced Slayer. Rick rubin-produced Rage Against the Machine, Johnny cash, Public Enemy and run dmc. Rick Rubin is God as a producer.

  • Josh Worsham
    Josh Worsham 13 days ago

    Filler song... Tool does not make filler songs. just saying

  • Abraham T
    Abraham T 14 days ago

    Drink sharabi, fuck arabi :)) (ex muslim)

  • BobGianShow
    BobGianShow 14 days ago

    Thank you. Simple as sbc! You’re the man!

  • Mister Pekka
    Mister Pekka 14 days ago

    Please react to Louna - колыбельная

  • Alex Rud
    Alex Rud 14 days ago

    Listen to Rose of Sharyn by them!

  • Alex Rud
    Alex Rud 14 days ago

    Jesse., the original singer left, and was replaced by Howard Jones (one on this song). Howard left after a few albums, and Jesse is now back with the band. They just released a song with both singing.

  • Alex Rud
    Alex Rud 14 days ago

    Great band!

  • Neo theone
    Neo theone 14 days ago

    Great reaction vid. Do the signal fire video from killswitch engage it's a great video and has both singer's in it. Btw hope they get your tooth problem fix and everything goes well👍

  • Peter
    Peter 14 days ago

    react to killswitch engage - world ablaze

    • Edwin Centeno
      Edwin Centeno 10 days ago

      + And embers rise, these songs go together.

  • Hiro Brown
    Hiro Brown 14 days ago

    Thanks for reacting to the album version! Nice video man.

  • Wesleech
    Wesleech 14 days ago

    its back when shit was awesome.

  • Sad Human
    Sad Human 14 days ago

    4:33 Walmart version Justin Bieber

  • WhoisFC
    WhoisFC 14 days ago

    i need a ZHYUN CRANE with my G7

  • Devin Luoto
    Devin Luoto 14 days ago

    Shoulda did the unplugged version with video bro

  • Kinotzu Bryan
    Kinotzu Bryan 14 days ago

    React: off the heezay from count your blessing album

  • Sid Arthur
    Sid Arthur 14 days ago

    i get what you mean. this album (as all of them but this one in particular) is like classical music. it doesn't hit you straight away like pop music, you've got to listen through a few times and get used to what they're doing. listen to descending. you won't get that at first neither. i didn't but after about six or seven listens it became almost a religious experience to hear it. i never appreciated invincible the first few times i heard that but now it gives me satisfaction after satisfaction. and i haven't fully plumbed the depths of the album yet. i'm still discovering things to enjoy in it. glad to hear you've been so busy, that must mean you've been called to do interesting work

  • Raychel b
    Raychel b 14 days ago

    Mother Fuckin Tool! They make music NO1 can plz EVERYONE EVERYTIME!!!!!!

  • Raychel b
    Raychel b 14 days ago

    Your okay & Don't Worry bout ur reaction videos your fine

  • Renan Amendola
    Renan Amendola 15 days ago

    Listen to this track from a high quality source then you're going to listen to the guitar a bit louder. Evil Empire is one the most powerful albums of all time.

  • Long Live The Knot
    Long Live The Knot 15 days ago

    What a dumbass

  • Dnnu Dnnu
    Dnnu Dnnu 16 days ago

    i'm getting goosebumps from him getting goosebumps to a deftones song

  • Mobydickofdopeness
    Mobydickofdopeness 16 days ago

    We had our words, a common spat. So I kissed him upside the cranium with that aluminum baseball bat. My name is Mud. Primus Sucks!

  • Spencer Brase
    Spencer Brase 16 days ago

    when you get the chance check out Archspire Involuntary Doppelganger

  • Laura Buie
    Laura Buie 16 days ago

    Fireworks??? Bye

  • G.J. Atienza
    G.J. Atienza 16 days ago

    u the best with all of 'em deftones reactions.

  • mayanna
    mayanna 17 days ago

    react to (deftones- entombed)

  • Bruno Silva
    Bruno Silva 17 days ago

    what's the fucking deal with insanely high pitched double velocity music?!