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1985 Dolphins at Broncos
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1986 Jets @ 49ers Week 14
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1980 Saints at Jets partial
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1980 Buffalo Bills
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1981 Dallas Cowboys
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1980 Vikings
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1981 49ers
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  • Kerwin Ronquillo
    Kerwin Ronquillo 13 hours ago

    I miss Candlestick Park. Just look at the playoff games in Santa Clara the last few weeks. No wet soggy field, it's just too clean.

  • DeJay Meyer
    DeJay Meyer Day ago

    Lol! Jim Brown led the NFL all time in rushing in 1979... until Emmitt Smith came along years later to take that crown LOL! I love history haha!

  • Dallas Brubaker

    Football the way it was meant to be played

  • Robert T.
    Robert T. Day ago

    I remember being at this game as a kid. When Derrick Jensen returned the onside kick for a TD, Cedrick Hardman doubled over with what I thought was an injury..when I read an article the next day in the Newark Star Ledger I found the reason: he doubled over with laughter....

  • Ron Cobb
    Ron Cobb Day ago

    It is so funny the intro is filled with illegal penalties or should be. Thanks for posting this. It is so much fun to watch. The game, the hosts, the rules, the commercials and so much more.

  • Chris Randy
    Chris Randy Day ago

    Looking back at some of these old videos and remembering at the time, Montana had a habit of overthrowing people quite a bit

  • TrR
    TrR Day ago

    The Steelers had no pass rush in 1980. Three good reasons why. Age, the team cut Dwaine Board in 1979 and was going to pick Rulon Jones in the first round of the 1980 draft, but shifted to Mark Malone due to Bradshaw’s threatening retirement.

  • TrR
    TrR Day ago

    Doug Williams wasn’t offered a contract by the owner after the 1982 season. Hugh Culverhouse was down on him for not winning a SB at that point and Williams amazingly wasn’t signed by anyone. Maybe Williams’ wife being sick had something to do with it and he turned down offers, buy you know who should have offered Doug a contract? The Steelers. Once Bradshaw wasn’t ready for camp due to his elbow the Steelers should have signed him. Williams could have QB’d the franchise for the rest of the decade he was that good.

  • Edster III
    Edster III 2 days ago

    These older snow games were awesome. I remember the 70's as a kid diving over snow piles pretending to be a running back. Playing catch with my Pops and games with my buddies. I have some great memories. Some real crappy ones too but that's life.

  • Matt Schwartz
    Matt Schwartz 2 days ago

    Al t hough injured for most of the season, Paul Hofer was in fact the starting RB for the first 49ers team. COming off a great year in 1980 (for him personally, not the team), he played in the pre season and I think the first couple games. Regardless, he was pencilled in as the starter. I want to say that Lenvil Elliot/Bill Ring and Amos Lawrence filled in for the 1981 season when he got injured. 82 was a strike year of course and I believe he was cut before 83. That is all of the head. I didnt check statfinder so I could be wrong

  • Lance Hurley
    Lance Hurley 2 days ago

    That surface was like playing in the parking lot

  • Thomas Danyluk
    Thomas Danyluk 3 days ago


  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo 3 days ago

    Schaefer stadium in Foxxborough, Massachusetts.

  • Jed Belcher
    Jed Belcher 4 days ago

    van Eeghen must have shattered the NFL record for slip downs in one game..

  • Zen Of Tupac
    Zen Of Tupac 6 days ago

    IDK why anyone might have thought Matt Robinson was a good NFL QB to begin with. He was horrendous in College ( 17TD -20INT and 45% passer career in College with significant time in 3 separate seasons )

  • Zen Of Tupac
    Zen Of Tupac 6 days ago

    Just found out that Stanley Morgan was a RB all thru college (Tennessee)

  • Kyle Standerfer
    Kyle Standerfer 6 days ago

    Mia-muh, Florida

  • malbuff
    malbuff 6 days ago

    Notice Staubach is still calling sacks "traps" as they used to do in Dallas. The sack would not become an official stat until the next year.

  • malbuff
    malbuff 6 days ago

    I was at this game! Never forget it.

  • Thomas Danyluk
    Thomas Danyluk 7 days ago

    JB in over his head as color analyst.

  • radar0412
    radar0412 7 days ago

    I always thought this was Montana's perfect game as a Pro. Every aspect of his spectacular talent was on full display against the Browns on that day.

  • radar0412
    radar0412 7 days ago

    The last time McDonald played against Montana it was in College Irish vs Trojans 1978, and McDonald got the best of it. Montana settled the score in this game.

  • Snake Oiler 12
    Snake Oiler 12 7 days ago

    The game that really had a significant view on the end of the Steeler dynasty was the 49er at Steeler game 1981. 49ers 17-14. The Steelers first loss at Three Rivers in 10 yrs to an NFC team. The last loss to the Rams in 1971. Rams owned the Steelers in 70,s. Until Superbowl XIV. Jan-1980.

  • Lord Beasley
    Lord Beasley 8 days ago

    37 seasons later, these two teams meet in the big show

  • David Neal
    David Neal 8 days ago

    Interesting they mention how the 49ers felt about their defense before anybody could see what was coming. What changed in 1981 when they went from 6-10 to starting their long run at the top was drafting Lott, Williamson and Wright, all of whom started in the secondary, and then trading for Hall of Fame pass rusher Fred Dean after the 4th or 5th game. Suddenly, they had a great defense for dealing with an increasingly pass-happy NFL. When the 1994 49ers got over the hump, it wasn't just Steve Young having one of the best seasons a QB ever had -- the defense ranked No. 1 and had Defensive POY Deion Sanders.

  • His Overlord Upon High

    Phyllis, a total hottie.

  • Jose Angel Hernandez

    o.j. killing it with the commentary

  • p47rr
    p47rr 9 days ago

    Funny to think these players are senior citizens now. Time flies.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 days ago

    Holly fuck! That’s OJ!

  • zxccxz164
    zxccxz164 10 days ago

    ummm not the full game! you should put that in the description : (

  • radar0412
    radar0412 11 days ago

    Ammad Rashad the MVP of the game?

  • Astrosjer
    Astrosjer 11 days ago

    Bucs lost a lot of close games in 1980. Injuries also hurt this team a lot. They would miss the playoffs but would make it in 1981 and 1982.

    • Sean Jackson
      Sean Jackson 7 days ago

      Excessive coke didn't help things either.

  • zxccxz164
    zxccxz164 11 days ago

    imagine a game with the tadpole sponser now adays! lol

  • Nicky Depaola
    Nicky Depaola 12 days ago

    Billy " White Shoes " Johnson belongs in the Hall of Fame !!

  • Nicky Depaola
    Nicky Depaola 12 days ago

    Dante' Dan Pastorini was a STUD !!..He did get a RING in 1980 with Oakland , as he was the starting QB , then broke his leg in week 3 I believe & we know the rest of that classic year !! { Bay Area boy too and fellow Italian/both like myself } Took a pounding and could throw the football 70 yds.Too bad those 78' & 79' AFC Championship games vs the Steelers didn't work out, but they did get screwed in 79' Mike Renfro TD all the way !!! I was 16 on that day and a Vikes' fan....Houston was tough all of Bum's years !!

  • Mr. GoGetter18
    Mr. GoGetter18 12 days ago

    17:17 27 years later, in 2001, Ford Field was under construction in downtown Detroit, waiting for the Lions to come back home to the city, while the Pontiac Silverdome was becoming an obsolete NFL venue. Then, the Pistons, who played at the Silverdome from 1978 to 1988, then the Palace of Auburn Hills from 1988 to 2017, eventually followed suit, by becoming co-tenants with the Red Wings at the new Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit. It's proven that downtown Detroit, has slowly come back to life in the 21st century. As the Silverdome, it's all open land, after it was completely demolished in 2018. As for the Palace, it's about the meet the wrecking ball this year after Pistons owner Tom Gores sold the arena.

  • David Madras
    David Madras 12 days ago

    This game (directly or indirectly) was the impetus for which led to the decisions that had become the 80’s dynasty; ironically.

  • creates100
    creates100 13 days ago

    The Los Angeles rams of Anaheim

  • 187 Macabee
    187 Macabee 13 days ago

    So everyone is going to ignore OJ Simpson being the guy with the mic

  • Purple Sword 5
    Purple Sword 5 13 days ago

    Roy Winston was not past bobby bryant imo...

  • Oxbow Lane
    Oxbow Lane 13 days ago

    John Robinson in the booth.

  • herb petrillo
    herb petrillo 14 days ago

    Not a viking fan....but I sincerely hope soon they win a super bowl.....their fan base has suffered far too long

  • Astrosjer
    Astrosjer 14 days ago

    So close to being the Super Bowl matchup the January before

  • gary robinson
    gary robinson 14 days ago

    42:00 Walters brother. A great returner.

  • gary robinson
    gary robinson 14 days ago

    Man I miss when it was played like this. I can’t stand this arena ball they play anymore.

  • David Steinle
    David Steinle 14 days ago

    10:00 Wonder how many other times officials have worn short sleeves for a December game in Denver? Probably can count on one hand.

  • David Steinle
    David Steinle 14 days ago

    29:40 How did Simpson get to pick his NBC game ahead of Gowdy? Maybe NBC gave Simpson first pick of divisional games since Gowdy was doing the AFC championship.

  • Eric Rakestraw
    Eric Rakestraw 16 days ago

    Both the 49ers and Vikings had a wide receiver named Gene Washington? That must have been confusing for fans listening to the game on radio!

  • jlopez65
    jlopez65 16 days ago

    Before there was ESPN, we had MNF Half-Time Highlights with Howard Cossel!!!

  • jlopez65
    jlopez65 16 days ago

    I remember that game on Sunday Night. I was 8 years old. Luckily, the game was not blacked out in Los Angeles that night. It was a very damp night. During half-time, my brother and I played catch on very damp grass. Beautiful memories. RU-clip is definitely a Time Machine!!!

  • p47rr
    p47rr 16 days ago

    Billy Parks was leading receiver in the league that year until he broke his arm in the tenth game. Next year him and Montgomery were trade to Dallas for Duane Thomas. What a mistake that was.

  • Richard Rutledge
    Richard Rutledge 16 days ago

    I remember watching this after playing football outside

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard 17 days ago

    Ted Hendricks #83 of the Raiders played 15 seasons from 1969-83 At the end of the 1979 season a vote among Raider coaches showed that all of them had voted to release Hendricks at season's end. However, Al Davis insisted on keeping him. 1980 was an incredible year for Hendricks, an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection. The Raiders won the Super Bowl, and Hendricks had a team-leading 9 sacks plus 3 interceptions, 3 blocked kicks and a safety. He also had been appointed the Raiders' defensive captain that year. Hendricks was at his best over nine seasons with the Raiders from 1975-83. The Raiders gave him the freedom to roam the line, blitz on impulse, read the play and react. Nobody could key on him. Hendricks could disrupt the other team's offense like few others. Career Accomplishments Baltimore Colts (1969-1973) Green Bay Packers (1974) Oakland Raiders (1975-1983) 8x Pro Bowl selection 4x All Pro selection 4x Super Bowl champion 25 career blocked kicks 26 interceptions Never missed a game (215 games played) Pro Football Hall of Fame selection

  • Bruce12867
    Bruce12867 18 days ago

    How is it that the Dolphins and Broncos had only one meeting from 1976 to 1997? How many Marino-Elway shootouts were we robbed of?

  • melbea03 .tonto
    melbea03 .tonto 19 days ago

    I remember that 1 second, that's when I learned the extra point is untimed

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen 20 days ago

    I was at that game, mates!

  • Randall Denison
    Randall Denison 20 days ago

    Wish Marino had been there 5 years earlier. The killer bee's would have a couple of rings.

  • Randall Denison
    Randall Denison 20 days ago

    Wow! Tony Nathan was slow as the mummy.

  • Joseph Saroce
    Joseph Saroce 20 days ago

    Remember as a kid , a life long jets fan, seeing the clock running out clip on tv as the game wasn't aired in CT. It was snowing , bad jets loss...they sure did that kinda shit a lot over their long history...still a big fan regardless.

  • blaqceeza
    blaqceeza 20 days ago

    Whoever taped this was probably rich to have such a quality VCR.

  • Brett Shepherd
    Brett Shepherd 21 day ago

    Had the good fortune to be at this game. I thought it would be a superbowl preview

  • Randall Denison
    Randall Denison 21 day ago

    Killer 🐝 great teams were coming to an end.

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 22 days ago

    The second game the Red skins spanked the Cardinals 28-0. Very bad butt beating. Embarrassing.

  • William Schroepfer
    William Schroepfer 22 days ago

    First regular season College Football Game on ESPN. Wow!

  • Boogie Ondown
    Boogie Ondown 22 days ago! TD. What an arm. Good to hear Enberg and Olsen as always...just so smooth.

  • zxccxz164
    zxccxz164 22 days ago

    interesting mike phipps later in 1979 had a 9-1 starting record!

  • Steve P
    Steve P 22 days ago

    Being a lifelong Miami fan, this was a great game. Even better was this was the game that won me like $300 on a $1 bet, with one of those "tickets". Think I had to pick 12 or 13 games, but this was the one that won it for me :-)

  • Culinarywizard13 Culinary

    I was very pleased to see this game posted. Dan Pastorini would have completed this season had he not broken his leg( unfortunately). Plunkett being on the sidelines showed the commitment the Raiders had for Pastorini. This Raiders team had so much momentum going into the super bowl that they couldn't loose. I think this team was surprised at the consistency that Pastorini was bringing to the game plan. Plunkett right place right time and of course his athleticism, experience and maturity showed. Plunkett could've easily watched Pastorini and I believe this Raiders team would have still won the championship. Pastorini went to the Rams and the end of his dream to be a super bowl champion quarterback ended. Stabler continued with Oilers, Saints. R.i.p Mr. Stabler. Pastorini is and was a winner. Glad I found one game with Pastorini as a Raider. Now I'll need to find a Jersey.

  • Marty Powell
    Marty Powell 23 days ago

    Damn.. I miss the old days.. The Bucs were gamers back then.. However 97- 02 were my favorite years, because it was a return to defense of the late 70's/ early 80's... Year's later, my friends and I used to have drinks with House, Brantley, Giles, and Wilder at the old O'Brien's in Carrollwood, and talk football.. These teams from 79-82 were just a bit short of being play-off forces to recon with in the NFL. Just tremendous heart..

  • John Hennington
    John Hennington 23 days ago

    Sounds like Jim Simpson. Also was excellent

  • oldschooleddie
    oldschooleddie 23 days ago

    Actually this game is 11/24/1985. Looking forward to the rest of it, great upload!!

  • Greg Hubbard
    Greg Hubbard 25 days ago

    Sam wyche was the third string quarterback on this team he died yesterday rest in peace to one of the best coaches the Bengals ever had

  • smg1665
    smg1665 25 days ago

    How was Mean Joe Greene not kicked out for what he did at the 1:00:00 mark? He punched a Denver lineman clearly.

  • Nolan Krause
    Nolan Krause 26 days ago

    Who's watching this 40 years later

  • swami 7774
    swami 7774 26 days ago

    Before this game started, Cosell did an interview with Hank Schwartz, head of Video Techniques, which was handling the closed-circuit broadcast of the upcoming Ali-Foreman fight. Earlier that day the fight was postponed because of an eye cut Foreman suffered in training. Do you have that interview? If so, please post.

  • Patrick Fallon
    Patrick Fallon 27 days ago

    Dang. Williams wants to argue with the refs...cant do that

  • radar0412
    radar0412 27 days ago

    This is when the NFL was just a shell of what it is today.

  • futilitariano
    futilitariano 29 days ago

    I was at that game. It was while I was in the US Navy. I had a temporary assignment at Naval Station Treasure Island. The official reason for the assignment at TI was to recharge breathing devices with oxygen, but that assignment was a cover so that I could play on Treasure Island's football team. The 1979 49ers lost most of their games. Little did any know in October 1979 what the 49ers would become. It seems like such a short time ago.

  • Mayhem Jr.
    Mayhem Jr. 29 days ago

    "Joey" Montana, lol. Howard was such a Niner hater. Sure we looked HORRIBLE against the Falcons that day They were a playoff team while we were still young and inexperienced We got the last laugh though. We won the Super Bowl, 😉


    Look my old ass Seahawks 😂 When they would only show the scores of games at commercial breaks or at the end of the game.

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard Month ago

    Matt Blair #59 of the Minnesota Vikings Career Accomplishments Minnesota Vikings 1974-85 1974 All Rookie Team selection 6x Pro Bowl selection 20.5 career blocked kicks is the 3rd most in NFL history. His blocked punt against the Steelers in Super Bowl 9 was recovered for a touchdown. They were the only points the Vikings scored in a 16-6 loss. 20 fumble recoveries 16 interceptions 1,452 tackles ranks second in team history. No other Vikings linebacker has intercepted more passes than him either. Defensive Team Captain from 1979-85 1981 NFL Man of the Year

  • Cavalcade of Fred Couples

    Simple excellent play by play by Chris Schenkel ... great memories

  • PJ Jacobson
    PJ Jacobson Month ago

    Crazy how the 9er’s struggled in much of 83

  • ack36
    ack36 Month ago

    Amazing.. No graphics. Hardly any mention of the clock. O discussion about 30 or 40 second clock. No score showing....Wow have I gotten old.

  • Joshua Dodgins
    Joshua Dodgins Month ago

    I was born on this day in 1979 and a classic game on this day

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Month ago

    This is the only time the Raiders lost on MNF in the entire decade of the 1970's. This is back when the Bills used to be on MNF 2-3 times a year mostly because of OJ Simpson. Can't even remember the last time MNF came to Buffalo but I have a feeling they'll get a few prime time games in 2020 after their great 2019 season. The best thing that has happened to the Bills franchise in about 20 years is new ownership and the hiring of GM Brandon Beane and HC Sean McDermott. Ralph Wilson's cheapskate mentality is the reason the Bills were a laughingstock for most of their existence. At least the Pegula's actually care whether they win or lose

  • D .R
    D .R Month ago

    LOVE IT.... MISS IT.... M.N.F ALL THE 80'S!!!!!!!!!!AND THOSE announcers

  • hicks727
    hicks727 Month ago

    ah Tuborg gold..what a shitty beer

  • LordApathy1
    LordApathy1 Month ago

    Anyone got the whole game? Been looking for years.

  • Wayne Cummings
    Wayne Cummings Month ago

    What's a "Veronica"?

  • 42NORRIS
    42NORRIS Month ago

    Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant did not allow his players heaters to keep warm.(for any game) He thought it would make them tougher and give them an advantage if they became accustomed to the cold.He was a good coach but that decision was ridiculous. Late in the game his receivers dropped a lot of passes because their hands were cold.

  • Edward Young
    Edward Young Month ago

    The Vikes would have won the SB that year, but a hail mary got in the way.

  • Sean Weathers
    Sean Weathers Month ago

    I remember hearing the 49er receivers were frustrated a lot with Young that year. Unfortunately, being in NYC I couldn't see most of there games, but watching this I could see why. Running the ball way too much and relying easy check downs and on swing passes to the running back.

  • JayDogTitan 1464
    JayDogTitan 1464 Month ago

    John Hadl #21, I'd like to see the NFL go back to letting players wear whatever number they want regardless of position, Fans want old school and throwback, There you are.

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard Month ago

    Bruce Mattews #74 of the Houston Oilers Career Accomplishments Played 19 seasons from 1983-2001 14x consecutive Pro Bowl selections (9 at Guard / 4 at Center) 9x All Pro selection 1990's All Decade Team 3x Offensive Lineman of the Year Hall of Famer Started 292 of his 296 games played in the regular season and started all 15 playoff games in which he played. Played every position along the offensive line during his long career. Left Guard 99 games Right Guard 67 games Center 87 games Right Tackle 22 games Left Tackle 17 games

  • Rob Edin
    Rob Edin Month ago

    18 months hence the offence of the New Jersey Generals looked surprisingly similar to that of the Jets in this game.

  • Maximum Max
    Maximum Max Month ago

    Can you please do 2000 Chiefs at Broncos we’re the chiefs beat them 17-10 that was one of my favorite close chief fan games please