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Making My Own Markers!
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I Hate My Art
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Trying WATERCOLOUR Markers
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Recreating Squidward's Art
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WALMART Art Supply Haul
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Best Art I've Ever Made??
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MASSIVE Oil Painting Haul
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3D Pen - Making a Castle
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Art Advice I DON'T Follow
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My Art Room Flooded
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WHAT THE HECK? Weird Art Tool
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Painting with PLAY-DOH
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  • TragicToymaker
    TragicToymaker 3 minutes ago

    I love your videos! How about Goofy as a hot guy or Mickey Mouse.

  • Ramen Noodle Babey
    Ramen Noodle Babey 8 minutes ago

    she literally says in the beginning of the video that she'd still be using it for her face but yall dont listen

  • Sanjida Akhter
    Sanjida Akhter 8 minutes ago

    This is so stupid. -3- its not youtubes job. Its the stupid parents job.

  • *itzstarie Animations!*
    *itzstarie Animations!* 13 minutes ago

    rEmEmEr tO kEeP cOmMeNtS rEsPeCtFuL aNd tO fOlLoW oUr gUiLd LiNeS! Me: *sees a car ad...* Me: NANI?!

  • *itzstarie Animations!*
    *itzstarie Animations!* 24 minutes ago

    Dude about my channel there doing this? I’m fricking 14 and still they do this? This is unpredictable 🤦‍♀️

  • ToiletClogger1945
    ToiletClogger1945 39 minutes ago

    youtube is pulling a George Lucas. trying to make it for the kids and about to ruin everything

  • Nyxus Valon
    Nyxus Valon Hour ago

    Hi, Baylee. I'm new. I found you on Twitter, but I just remembered Jazza recommended you ages ago. Glad top hear you're doing well, and looking forward to watching more of your videos

  • My Nontraditional Life

    I wished I had watched this video sooner. You were able to organize the different information out there and make it clearer than a lot of other creators have. It seems like you can separate the content out by video now as for kids or not, though still so up in the air.

  • Ross The dark artist

    So just as a random recommendation that you might not notice but what if you do a spin-off of the series of hot girls?? Maybe?? Cause ooo I’d like to see hot girls

  • Desiree Boswell
    Desiree Boswell Hour ago

    You should mix those with oil I bet the color would look awesome

  • Farah Abdullah
    Farah Abdullah 2 hours ago it to the maxxxx.. Your artwork is totally love💜💜💜 may I borrow your hand for a day please... 😅

  • Grace Rockwell
    Grace Rockwell 2 hours ago

    The only thing we it was made into a fursuit their is to many spots

  • Jessica Spezzano
    Jessica Spezzano 2 hours ago

    Comment section: Stop being rude she bought it with her own money !!! Me: uhh wheres the hate comments ?

  • Chrryblu
    Chrryblu 2 hours ago

    Makeup is to create art!!!

  • Moon Wolfy512
    Moon Wolfy512 3 hours ago

    Dude these new rules are so stupid. They over here like 'FaMiLy FrIeNdLy, FaMiLy FrIeNdLy, FaMiLy FrIeNdLy!!!!" Then they go and yell at us for being 'FaMiLy FrIeNdLy'

  • Shimmer’s Animations

    Your drawing turned out pretty good, and I loved the cutie mark! Yeah, your research was pretty accurate! What kind of white pen did you use at the end to outline it?

  • Birdie :3
    Birdie :3 3 hours ago

    R.i.p comments and anime And my channel 😭 I was getting close to half of 1k 😖😔

  • StuffWithSophie SWS
    StuffWithSophie SWS 3 hours ago

    Waitwaitwait.... Does this mean eddsworld is gonna get hit?

  • 『 k a w a i i 』
    『 k a w a i i 』 4 hours ago

    It isn’t our fault, it’s the “karens’” fault for them not supervising their children and not paying attention to what their children are watching. An entire platform used by MILLIONS, of *MILLIONS* of people shouldn’t be changed completely because of parents that aren’t supervising. I’m still only a *kid* , but I have an opinion, too, and what I think is that we shouldn’t be able to *not* communicate with each other through comments.

  • The_Gay _Raccoon
    The_Gay _Raccoon 4 hours ago

    1:25 they were laughing at james Charles mini pallet

  • Emma Furman
    Emma Furman 4 hours ago

    You did so well are you like a art teacher? I love the painting so much💖

  • Verna Hill
    Verna Hill 4 hours ago

    Gestures are great

  • Emma Furman
    Emma Furman 4 hours ago


  • Topunito
    Topunito 4 hours ago

    I think this is definitely gonna kill RU-clip. The amount of content being restricted is absolutely insane, it won't just be another really bad RU-clip problem like content ID or false copyright claims, it will be *THE* really bad problem.

  • Emma Furman
    Emma Furman 4 hours ago

    You are great😋😋

  • Silver Ice Core
    Silver Ice Core 4 hours ago

    So u can't make kid content or adult content or anything in the middle? HMMMM pretty much no one can make any kind of content then, in which is really stupid. What's the point of RU-clip if no one can really like comment or even make videos what so ever. A other company might take advantage of this and make their own app that is like youtube. Really I think this is possibly going to end the app. And a lot of people have RU-clip as a job, not only that but express themselves on youtube ,and you pretty much get the idea. I hope youtube will survive.. it's very unfair how all this is happening

  • Moonkittyムーンキティ

    I- I'm not gonna start my channel anymore because I'm afraid. I WAS going to make an anime chanel, BUT anime is japanese animation

  • Axel Aurora
    Axel Aurora 4 hours ago

    im genuinely scared for my VERY small channel (just above 80 subs) edit: YT is aimed at 13 and up, younger children should only be on yt kids

  • army
    army 4 hours ago

    You should sent the art to the people that provided the supplies

  • Olivia Chamberlain
    Olivia Chamberlain 4 hours ago

    Self Care as makeup fanatic is not watching this video 😂

  • Dewberry150
    Dewberry150 5 hours ago

    That’s wild that the survive you use claimed your video :0

  • azorasCreations /projectmango

    Dose that meen that the furry fandome is gonna suffer TwT

  • ToxicPasta
    ToxicPasta 5 hours ago

    I just deleted all of my videos

  • beast plays
    beast plays 5 hours ago

    Fickle farp

  • It's Me Abby
    It's Me Abby 5 hours ago

    paint Shane with the shadow pallet

  • Neriah Peters
    Neriah Peters 6 hours ago

    Wait I'm not supposed to have s RU-clip account? I'm only 10... don't kill meh youtube!!

  • ToktokMSPcrystal• Shy

    Killing my channel 2 😭

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 6 hours ago

    He is good with David said he has a rich bitch thing you need screen with the enemy looks exactly like him that kind a looks like Squidwards opposite because he has that on his head there’s lines

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 6 hours ago

    If we didn’t have any bones would be of help of Bob’s in and in her legs would be on the floor all the time and you couldn’t walk the nurse the nurses room would be like that too it won’t be any houses because you can’t put your hands out

  • Jelly Pop313
    Jelly Pop313 7 hours ago

    Oh god I do animation :/

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 7 hours ago


  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 7 hours ago

    Looks like you need to go back and then say wait what do you listen to pictures of guys zooming into the body and you like wait what is that OK if you’re weird

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 7 hours ago

    Tournament really trying to make it look like it tennis with the diamond in the stuff they say we will meet this guy Illinois see it I see this person I see this person before but he has a box body

  • Unicorn mimi:3
    Unicorn mimi:3 7 hours ago

    What did the digital look like an animation from a movie 😂 you draw so good you should draw for a movie ❤️ I love your vids and your drawings I also love to draw.

  • AnduRo
    AnduRo 9 hours ago

    1:28 I draw one eye... Looks normal The other eye looks like a royal with "the purest blood possible" then hugged the cerobils elephant's foot Im not asking for perfect simmetry, im asking for both eyes to look like they belong on the same bloody face

  • Lover Boy
    Lover Boy 9 hours ago

    Charging me 40% of my revenue they can afford 140 million you know what I mean.

  • Xiao He
    Xiao He 9 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure you can put the lid on top of each other

  • Safari Dreams
    Safari Dreams 9 hours ago

    My art teacher bought blick studio for all of us to use

  • neko chan :v
    neko chan :v 9 hours ago


  • Alexa Taylor
    Alexa Taylor 9 hours ago

    I really enjoy how the makeup creates that texture that almost looks like colored pencils or like u said pastels

  • Alexa Taylor
    Alexa Taylor 10 hours ago

    1:05 omg the patrick meme in the pallet mirror 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ruhi Goud
    Ruhi Goud 10 hours ago

    Wait...why is it mor then 1

  • Dangoes Psi
    Dangoes Psi 11 hours ago

    Wish u are so cool we are not judging you at all!👏👏👏👏😸😸😸😸

  • tarot and tulips
    tarot and tulips 12 hours ago

    What an amazing Mystery Box video! The package was super thoughtful and the outcome amazing!

  • inferno 601
    inferno 601 12 hours ago

    lets sue the parents for letting kids use their accounts. they should have youtube kids account

  • Eevee Doodle
    Eevee Doodle 13 hours ago

    These are alot cheaper in england

  • Willow The Tree
    Willow The Tree 13 hours ago

    Who else was upset when she didn’t compare ohuhus?

  • Yeet Yeedy
    Yeet Yeedy 15 hours ago

    2019: RU-clip population: 1,300,000,000 2024: RU-clip population: Bravo six, going dark.

  • Yeet Yeedy
    Yeet Yeedy 16 hours ago

    RU-clip: "Adult content? Nope. Kid content? Nope. Your all screwed, have fun!"

  • M Santos
    M Santos 16 hours ago

    Haters will always hate! But... go do it somewhere else

  • ag dolly pals
    ag dolly pals 16 hours ago

    youtube kids costs money why would you pay 5 bucks a month just for a kid

  • Ferchii Alice
    Ferchii Alice 17 hours ago

    I mean its urs u can use it as whatever u want to use. Please do dont listen to hater

  • Taylor Inman
    Taylor Inman 17 hours ago

    Your cat is so cute my dogs are always like that when I'm doing something and they want attention

  • Taylor Inman
    Taylor Inman 18 hours ago

    I grew up with a store bought little easter tree and I loved it we always decorate every holiday

  • Miho Animations
    Miho Animations 19 hours ago

    Reddit videos with the neon thumbnails: FAMILY FRIENDLY Very adult cartoon character fan fictions: FAMILY FRIENDLY

  • Die Cast Racing with Von

    **ANYTHING** that even LOOKS like it's for kids..........

  • Miho Animations
    Miho Animations 19 hours ago

    Good thing I don’t wanna make my channel kid friendly :) Wait but my art style is sorta cartoony WAIT I ANIMATE *-NOOOOOOOOO-*

  • Daft Rose
    Daft Rose 19 hours ago

    Such a huge load of crap, really. That's a job for parents, not for youtube.

  • Zmenace Angel
    Zmenace Angel 19 hours ago

    Wait, so you mean Animators HAVE to choose the "for kids" options? And they wouldnt get any money?

  • Aki Nara
    Aki Nara 20 hours ago

    Its the fkin parents' fault. Just watch what your kids are doing or play with then instead of leaving them alone with a smartphone

  • Lana Holm
    Lana Holm 21 hour ago

    Soooo I almost got mine, but then at the day it supposed to be in my hands it got canceled! I already imagined how I was using it, I was so disappointed, I cried.

  • 《Herminoy 》
    《Herminoy 》 21 hour ago

    Im ten, well fuck lmao

  • Oya Oya Oya
    Oya Oya Oya 22 hours ago

    i mean makeup is an art that people do cuz they like to do it, and baylee does the exact same thing but for actual art

  • Anthony Ritchie
    Anthony Ritchie 22 hours ago

    Ouuuuuuu if you do giveaway some of the shades, I’d love to get some 🤩 but I honestly think itd make a super cute pencil case💛

  • irina mutterperl
    irina mutterperl 23 hours ago

    This was an awesome use of the art supplies you received, so much expression but it blended together so well! Love your creative process.

  • Sarah Koch
    Sarah Koch 23 hours ago

    Wow beautiful I love all three!!

  • Sidney Doerksen
    Sidney Doerksen 23 hours ago

    I wonder how this will effect anime RU-cliprs

  • luis bito
    luis bito Day ago

    integram is change too facebook buy integram creo que van cobrar en integram for promotion same que hacen facebook

  • Ghosty Rust
    Ghosty Rust Day ago

    Even Vanoss all of his video which was uploaded on 2019, all he have to do is to cenosor the bad words but his friends didn't. But what about Jazza will he still draw?

  • Classic Hmong Music Productions

    So people have to say their stuff is not made for kids so that kids on their mom's account can still watch it?

  • Dark & Twisted

    REAL job? HA! The people who say that must live in the dark ages. Anyways... I think these new rules are pathetic and straight up silly. I work my ass off on my channel. My channel is animated horror, and I have an animated horror series where I am a one man team doing everything myself including animation, illustration, narration and writing. And just because my characters appeal to kids does not make me a kids channel. I mean seriously my series is called MY GIRLFRIEND WANTS TO KILL ME for heavens sake. Many of my fans are adults and even some are in their 70's, and they are addicted to my series. I do not think I should be labeled a kids channel in anyway. I really hope RU-clip takes a strong stand and fight for us all.

  • Business Guy
    Business Guy Day ago

    Instead of blocking the adult content on you-tube which are watch by kids they are attacking the useful video content which are not only useful for kids but for an adult also. Actually You tube is killing itself slowly & we all viewers & creators need a new video platform in near future.

  • Eden Editsシ
    Eden Editsシ Day ago

    You need to do a hot girl series Oof!

  • Goowygirlgamer

    I’m sorry I’m only 12

  • Eden Editsシ
    Eden Editsシ Day ago

    So basically if you don’t get payed by RU-clip you don’t need to worry about the add issue?

  • HelmutDoork
    HelmutDoork Day ago

    OMG are you kidding me? Animated, toys? I have a stop animation video with Gumby in it. For kids, right? WRONG! He beats the crap out of someone and uses bad language. Not the only "toy" video that is violent. NONE of my videos are geared for kids, but some of them could be watched by kids. Why can't I just rate the whole channel "R" with a warning to kids not to go there? Do I now need to start every new video with FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! just to get google and the FUCKING GOVERNMENT off my back? My channel is not monetized, does that get me off the hook from the government, which is threatening 40k fines to youtubers?

  • nekoroogami soul kun

    Best one yet in my opion

  • nekoroogami soul kun

    I have an art idea, do you think you could turn a cartoon/anime charater into a realistic charater?

  • Hunter Southon

    The thing that I find the most stupid about the whole situation is that they are more likely to ENDANGER children from this, if you watch the majority of art videos there is either nothing in it that relates to children or there are so many TOXIC AND DANGEROUS things used in it that children are going to end up getting themselves killed because a doll repainting video was deemed as being safe and only for children or crafts involving knives and power tools

  • Marley Lara
    Marley Lara Day ago

    can you test out Arteza brush markers

  • Zebra Roll
    Zebra Roll Day ago

    (watches a youtuber who said he might stop making videos if he is unable to have comments because thats what motivates him and his content is kid friendly) Me: O h n o (same youtuber does reviews on kids products) Me: *O h N o* Well there went that channel I liked watching... And possibly others..

  • Tasha Davis
    Tasha Davis Day ago

    Just found yoyr channel. Already love it! Keep going hun!

  • actuallywinter

    if you are looking for a service that provides pre approved music, i recommend thematic.

  • Genos
    Genos Day ago

    Shane and Jeffeee would love this.

  • Zach&Hannah M.

    Literally only clicked to see the comments...

  • Amber Goff
    Amber Goff Day ago

    I like the crayola better

  • Nora Dominguez

    Bebita taffyta

  • Littleladylulu Lulu

    Reminds me of the proud family type of drawing.

  • Rocío Bernal Arenas

    Omg I thought about this!

  • memes ._.
    memes ._. Day ago

    She looks like the teacher from Recess