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Blackface in America
Views 2.8K6 months ago
Inside El Chapo's Villa
Views 3.6K8 months ago
Trump Foundation is no more
Views 1.8K9 months ago
George H.W. Bush dead at 94
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  • anthony trejo
    anthony trejo 12 minutes ago

    I need you in my life girl lol

  • Mark Langlois
    Mark Langlois 21 minute ago


  • sir
    sir 33 minutes ago

    This is completely false

  • KITTY X3
    KITTY X3 39 minutes ago

    who came from share my story???

  • Bob Lazar
    Bob Lazar 43 minutes ago

    Billy bad ass gangster i thought

    ARTORIUS R. 44 minutes ago

    Evil uniform wearers are all chocking on their chemical torture warfare crap. Even evil Hitler was against Chemical war fair because of blow back, So PBA blue mafia torturers are more evil than Hilter and dumber than him.

  • Bob Lazar
    Bob Lazar 46 minutes ago

    White people. Race card expired bitch

  • Martin Gonzalez
    Martin Gonzalez 46 minutes ago

    Get a army go back and kill evey CRIMINAL u have to make your OWN justes

  • Martin Gonzalez
    Martin Gonzalez 49 minutes ago

    U are not a SLAVE u are a free woman no man GOING to enslave a free WOMAN

  • EtroNa Eritrea
    EtroNa Eritrea Hour ago

    It is Islam.

  • Shelly Peek
    Shelly Peek Hour ago

    The Worthless Piece Of Shit was resisting, that's why he was put in the chair to begin with, then Stating he was going to resist if he felt any pain, then tried to resist while they were trying to uncuff him to put his arms out on the arms of the chair. While sitting there waiting for the medical staff he apologized for resisting. All you aholes that feel sorry for this Scumbag are in serious need of a lobotomy

  • jackie smith
    jackie smith Hour ago

    Leave the trump's alone let them run this country witch that are doing great

  • Tuho
    Tuho Hour ago

    Women aren't adults so they can get away with this shit like they were 6 years old.

  • Jahaira Reyes
    Jahaira Reyes Hour ago

    This is the second video where the woman is the one shooting and the hubby comes out later lol

  • Philip Stephenson

    To shoot 7+ times is a bit ridiculous. Then to say “drop the gun” as if you’d even know what was going on if you’ve just been shot, America is fucked up 👏🏼

  • lightdarklovehate
    lightdarklovehate 2 hours ago

    this woman, who was too old to be at an undergrad frat party, got drunk, left with a random guy, cheated on her boyfriend, and after deciding that she regretted it, threw some stupid young fuck under the bus, and is now cashing in. let's say that they both made mistakes on that drunken night, but only she gets to walk away a hero. "you've been inside of me"? no. he is a boorish child who stuck his finger down her pants. he was not inside of her. and her rhetoric, the hyperbolic emotional appeal of it, speaks to her venal nature. BOOK DEAL! look at the facts, as i suspect you have not, based on your emotion heavy conclusion. They made out all night at a Frat Party on a campus where he was a freshman and she a 23 year old already having graduated. She taunted her BF all night by text and phone saying she was hanging out with other dudes. At some point SHE made the decision to leave the party on her own two feet and return to the teenager's DORM ROOM. They fucked around in a parking lot and she PASSED OUT -- probably not the first person in the world to pass out drunk in the middle of fucking around (I know I have.). At some point Turner stopped, stood up and was about to ... just before he was tackled by those fucking idiot SWEDES. She has no recollection of the events. She cannot contradict anything he has said. She is from a VERY VERY WEALTHY Silicone Valley Family. Her BF, who happens to resemble Turner physically BTW, is from an even RICHER SILICONE VALLEY FAMILY worth Billions. Turner is from a regular upper middle class family in BFE Ohio. he was on scholarship. He is not a spoiled rich kid. He is not an entitled white dude. He is a kid with some talent and good grades who worked his ass off. She used him to make her BF jealous. She partied with a bunch of children years younger than she. Turner's life is RUINED. She just signed a Book Deal and became even more wealthy. So what you have is an irresponsible, drunk, Rich Girl, who regretted her actions -- though she cannot recall exactly what they were -- destroying a boy from a much lower class status, and being called a hero, instead of the nasty little cheating bitch she would have been called if TURNER had a modicum more experience in the world. He was a child at his first campus party, and an older pretty girl liked him, and he put himself in a dangerous position. CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT WOMEN CAN ENDANGER MEN AS WELL????? This is an injustice. She is not a victim. Have some fucking heart. Is it so hard for you to empathize with a man? a very young man's life was ruined, at 19 years old you are not cognitively a fully functioning adult, that is the science. and the rhetoric of 'you've been inside me' and 'i must find myself again' is hyperbolic, self indulgent, misleading nonsense. this woman was not a sex slave in some dungeon. she was not the victim of years of abuse or forced prostitution. she didn't even have sex, forcible or otherwise. NOTHING happened. I've had plenty of strangers grab my crotch at bars and parties over the years, men and women. it wasn't ideal but it was not the end of the world. you move on. she didn't have anything taken away from her. she was rewarded for getting drunk, cheating on her BF, leaving with a younger boy, and ... in the end taking NO RESPONSIBILITY for her own actions. None. A noble person would walk away. A kind person would put themselves in his shoes. And a decent reflective person would own their own mistakes. All she does is continue to pile on a kid that really didn't do anything ... nothing happened. she is no worse for wear. period.

  • Beata Gojnovci
    Beata Gojnovci 2 hours ago

    Ci amerykanie sa bardziej przychylni zwierzetom noz ludziom

  • Beata Gojnovci
    Beata Gojnovci 2 hours ago

    Co oni robia ludzie, mimo wszystko to jest czlowiek!!!

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 2 hours ago

    That man get what he deserved!

  • Josue Collazo
    Josue Collazo 2 hours ago

    Note to self never call OnStar incase of an emergency

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar 2 hours ago

    Very lovely kids

  • David Schosser
    David Schosser 3 hours ago

    This is the nature of blacks 🧐🤔 Funny u nevr see any other race act like this

  • Dersim Goldberg
    Dersim Goldberg 3 hours ago

    Pufyy look everytime gay

  • Miguel Lavoie
    Miguel Lavoie 3 hours ago

    An Bidan says you dont need more than 5 bullets.

  • James Graham
    James Graham 3 hours ago

    Why was he stopped in the first place

  • No Name
    No Name 4 hours ago

    Stop making these assholes RU-clip stars. This is what they want.

  • paul gibbins
    paul gibbins 4 hours ago

    ' If You ask me , Someone was expecting trouble what with the bog roll an all ! '

  • Len Joshua
    Len Joshua 4 hours ago

  • charles duncan jr
    charles duncan jr 4 hours ago

    That's AWESOME!!! Good girl! Too bad you didn't kill them ALL!

  • tayuyya uchiha
    tayuyya uchiha 5 hours ago

    My cuzion used to date this guy 😂in rl

  • J.D Truths
    J.D Truths 5 hours ago

    This is Totally Wrong , Fing Wu should have called police and waited , a life was lost now because of her Actions, a worthless life but a life nonetheless ; )

  • Intrepid 55
    Intrepid 55 5 hours ago

    I don't think I could have done any better...

  • Leonard Johnson
    Leonard Johnson 5 hours ago

    People thought the body cams and front cams on their cars was going to prevent them from doing what they do best

  • JustToComment
    JustToComment 5 hours ago

    Sickening behavior

  • Darryl Knox
    Darryl Knox 5 hours ago

    This is sooooo awesome!!!!

  • Cranston Cranston son

    This racist criminal wanted trouble, he got it. Now he can sit in a chair and insult white people all he wants with pepper spray in his face. Idon't see a problem with it.

  • Homeless Geek
    Homeless Geek 6 hours ago

    And why is no one helping her wtf

  • Homeless Geek
    Homeless Geek 6 hours ago

    So fucking weak like multiple girls fighting one girl like wtf has this world come to this is mf sad

  • longstrongdong
    longstrongdong 6 hours ago

    my sincere prayer everyday is that pig's will die and THIER children cry and the bootlickers that support them 🐷🔫🙏

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 7 hours ago


  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade 7 hours ago

    Great move with JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT ....honestly , I was more impressed with the scouting , preparation and logistics of setting the WHOLE THING UP than the actual WALK !!!!!

  • Samuel Griffin
    Samuel Griffin 8 hours ago

    I live in Jamaica Queens so you already know that kids get on the bus telling these bus drivers can I get a free ride mos,t bus drivers allow it but it's time to take action against kids getting on for free

  • Shafik Bashir
    Shafik Bashir 9 hours ago

    Is this Afghanistan or what?

  • Ayanao Cookie
    Ayanao Cookie 9 hours ago

    Wait what.? The cucumber vid said he was..a teen... HELL NO HE FAKER

  • Sanfew
    Sanfew 9 hours ago

    Just 1 guy trying to protect the unconscious girl.... wow. This is just sad. I hope they go the fuck to prison and do time. Jumping someone was already cowardly but hitting them while they were down and out is simply disgusting. Hope you all rot for this.

  • Baneen
    Baneen 9 hours ago

    To the parents that think it’s Islamic to get your daughters married without their consent should know it’s not in ISLAM so STOP using our religion to emotionally blackmail young women .in Islam a woman has to be ready for marriage you can’t just said I’m getting you married and you have no say because then that marriage is void !

  • Hi
    Hi 9 hours ago

    Four years ago, it was an assault of a 57 year old Indian man, who was left partially paralyzed. Fast forward to June of 2019, where an entire unarmed Indian family was gunned down inside of a packed Costo in Riverside, California by an off-duty LEO, and where all Costo video surveillance footage was seized and ordered sealed by the Riverside County judge for at least a year. We call this "progress".

  • saleem suliman
    saleem suliman 9 hours ago

    Brave lady

  • 3 Foundation
    3 Foundation 10 hours ago

    Ain’t this shorty of the paid in full dvd

  • Juicey Bananas
    Juicey Bananas 11 hours ago

    If restrained the use of pepper spray is just for fun. The prisoner does not tell jailers whats protocall, or else this type of torture happens. He should be thankful hes alive. Must have been a heavy load of pepper spray as the cops are all hacking too.

    SEBASTION HAWK 11 hours ago

    she should have put in another mag as soon as the slide locked back...

  • bbodinefan11
    bbodinefan11 11 hours ago

    You love that half black dick don't you.

  • bbodinefan11
    bbodinefan11 11 hours ago

    Take Obamas dick out your mouth.

  • John Bell
    John Bell 12 hours ago

    Well done you He will not steal from working people no more. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. 🇬🇧. ✌🏻

  • Mark Bell
    Mark Bell 12 hours ago

    How is he suppose to turn around with all them people on top of him? These COs have serious power trips

  • Alista Lester
    Alista Lester 12 hours ago

    Jesus Christ are these people animal 🦓 or human being, are they Hybrid ,do they have a heart my god ☠️💀

  • Mike mor vlogz
    Mike mor vlogz 12 hours ago

    Damn she did all that with one hand, she has skills!!

  • David Hutchinson
    David Hutchinson 12 hours ago

    it was such a beautiful morning that day. The day the United States changed forever.

  • Anika Snyder
    Anika Snyder 12 hours ago

    I’m kinda numb when it comes to law enforcement. Unfortunately.

  • Ethan Clarke
    Ethan Clarke 13 hours ago

    That’s what happened when you gave women guns and she’s asian, fuck yeah!

  • John Sanabria
    John Sanabria 13 hours ago

    Cop could have killed him or paralyzed him

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 13 hours ago

    What the fuck this video isn't worth a shit it's like a fuckin go pro attached to a balloon spiraling back down to land.

  • Southern Man80
    Southern Man80 13 hours ago

    Blacks just about every fucking time. Why dont motherfuckers vet a goddamn job instead making a career out getting robbing people and getting shot ? Useless motherfuckers!!

  • 256 bradley
    256 bradley 13 hours ago

    I thought this kidnapping was fake this seemed hella real to me

  • Toney fast
    Toney fast 13 hours ago

    Nobody her asked the question how was all this recorded. Did the feds install a camara and listening device in his car.

    • mafiahalo93
      mafiahalo93 12 hours ago

      you guys dumb? ever heard of dashcam

    • Taylor Stern
      Taylor Stern 12 hours ago

      I was thinking same. What's up?

  • Mr Paul Grimm
    Mr Paul Grimm 13 hours ago

    You slammed him into the side walk and wonder why he can’t stand up? The guy broke no laws walking on a public side walk!

  • Anthony Holbrook
    Anthony Holbrook 14 hours ago

    Punk ass with a badge needs to lose his Pension and that innocent Man should get every dime, What is wrong with peace officers these days.

  • Kayla Davidson
    Kayla Davidson 14 hours ago

    He dont speak English so I'm gonna keep asking questions he dont understand then slam him to the ground. He needs to be charged, hopefully he gets his punk ass beat. Disgusting pig!

  • heyimgoingtoplaysomegames

    The Clintons are murderers. Complacent in acting with war criminals, not to mention Ba'al worshiping pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein. He's still alive, and still performing ritual acts of sex magick and sacrifice to Hadad/Ba'al/Yahweh the storm god.

  • velvetmonroe 88
    velvetmonroe 88 14 hours ago

    It's not that she's just black... She's gorgeous and that's the problem. It's only weird cause she never expected the upgrade to be black 😂😂😂

  • Filmaker25
    Filmaker25 14 hours ago

    How did this guy get gun? No gun control that , is how.

  • covey leader
    covey leader 14 hours ago

    This is an act by a douche that fucked up

  • Charles Parish
    Charles Parish 14 hours ago

    Did I miss seeing the perps gun? I know the cop didnt't seem to concerned about a gun after he shot the guy due to him watching traffic more than a guy who still had a gun and was still alive. JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER. I want to see the rest of the footage, and the gun.

    • Stephen Sparks
      Stephen Sparks 12 minutes ago

      Also. That's a pretty dick attitude to have. You sound like an uneducated asshole. I'm sure the leo was wrong and the heroin trafficking junkie was just going to the store to pick up milk unarmed and had NO reason to want to harm officer. You a douche. Hope you get caught by one from a purp one day.

    • Stephen Sparks
      Stephen Sparks 16 minutes ago

      I bet you won't have anything to say when you do. Bet you also have never been in a firefight, have you? Are you trained? Go through academy? Been involved of anything of the sort?

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo 15 hours ago

    Whoever wrote this story for NYDN is an idiot. I saw the stupid video and he doesn't provide any evidence...he just says the word "Fact" a lot and only fucking retards believe him

  • phutto505
    phutto505 15 hours ago

    Oh we're not all bad? Fuck you! Don't judge us for the action of a few? Fuck y'all! All you! Pieces of shit! Fuck you!

  • phutto505
    phutto505 15 hours ago

    " Can I have a supervisor in route" code for , shit I don't know what the fuck I'm doing! Fucking piece of shit pig! Fuck all y'all!

  • Justin Blackface Trudeau

    Bunch of trash. Put them all in prison.

  • Christina Aguilar
    Christina Aguilar 15 hours ago

    that guys a vagina lol go back to bed worthless ass

  • edward brookes
    edward brookes 16 hours ago

    ambulance was IMMEDIATELY called? What is that - how long after the man went into respiratory distress was IMMEDIATELY ? He was already dying when the thugs were crowded on top of him & the murderer leading the violence, crushing the man's head onto the floor.

  • CUstoMM SupreMe
    CUstoMM SupreMe 16 hours ago

    Lone Suspect should of hid n back of van so he could not been shot thru windo

  • Don Kinzett
    Don Kinzett 16 hours ago

    Do you think he fired enough shots ha ha

  • Max Freedom
    Max Freedom 16 hours ago

    On a good day, cops are useless. On a bad day, murderous thugs.

  • Robert Palmore
    Robert Palmore 16 hours ago

    Have to take a breath to say "I can't breath".

  • Jason Mcdonnell
    Jason Mcdonnell 16 hours ago

    Yet another piece of shit. Hope karma finds him soon. Maybe someone will accidentally run over his whole family. Can only hope so

  • Brendon Ward
    Brendon Ward 16 hours ago

    What an ass. Lets hope he gets slammed to the ground.

  • derek ziko
    derek ziko 17 hours ago

    You need a priest in route to that location!

  • Dra O
    Dra O 17 hours ago

    Stop walking away. Don’t get face planted. Better yet, don’t move to a country in which you don’t know the native language.

  • ISleepNow
    ISleepNow 17 hours ago

    Um, that isn't what they looked like. How did they maneuver the way they did?

  • Brenden Campbell
    Brenden Campbell 17 hours ago

    Money Over Sovereignty Security And Deception.

  • Will Stutler
    Will Stutler 17 hours ago

    It's racist only because white actors are in the ad

  • dark Phantoms
    dark Phantoms 17 hours ago

    Those who laughed they have no life

  • Baby Eli
    Baby Eli 17 hours ago

    wtf :/ that’s sad smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • h i
    h i 17 hours ago


  • jude hancox
    jude hancox 17 hours ago

    Why do theses guys act up like this if they only did what they were told and not resist . Got to think they bring this on there selfs . I would do exactly as they said because the cop in the u.s.a don’t fuck around .

  • Dalton Harmon
    Dalton Harmon 17 hours ago

    Only black people they do these things to, that's why Destruction is coming to place

  • Sheis2Die4
    Sheis2Die4 18 hours ago

    These people make you wanna put your arm over their face till they stop flailing. HIS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS, chick...

  • Gasss Dasss
    Gasss Dasss 18 hours ago

    Regardless jumping is gas and always will be pussy shit

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 18 hours ago

    We need to change the laws for people who do these massacres and don’t kill themselves. They should have a trial within a month of the massacre and if they are found 100 percent guilty they should be killed by firing squad on live TV so the person watching who is contemplating doing the same thing might change his mind. Walking into a crowded area and shooting at random people for no reason other than to try and become famous should carry an instant deaths sentence. A death sentence that takes 20 plus year to carry out isn’t gonna deter anyone, especially when they put you to sleep before killing you. If you are found guilty they take you outback and end it right then and there

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue 18 hours ago

    Arranged marriage in Islam isn’t forced, you get the chance to talk to the girl/boy and if you connect then you can say yes but if not then you can say no...

  • May Walsh
    May Walsh 18 hours ago

    why is it if a cops gets killed the person gets death penalty.But when an adult kills a defenseless child these fuckers go to the prison mental hospital or the get a few years .Truly hate the way the government gets to pick and choose,