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Watch: Showers to north
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FNF Week #6
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  • Radhakrishnan P K

    Tulsi is a courageous intelligent candidate

  • Carlos de Lins
    Carlos de Lins Hour ago

    There should be death penalty for paedophiles.

  • Our Lady
    Our Lady 3 hours ago

    Thelma and Louie!

  • alexleanh
    alexleanh 5 hours ago

    Yang is the only real choice in this field of Democrat candidates. Yang and Warren ticket would be a win. Bernie Sanders should join this new administration as a cabinet member (such as Secretary of Labor or Commerce or maybe even State). If Yang is the Democratic Party's choice for 2020, he should run again in 2024.

  • David Moore
    David Moore 9 hours ago

    Tom Steyer is a corrupt LOSER dont be fooled by this crook.

  • NeanderthalRetardo
    NeanderthalRetardo 10 hours ago


  • Gamete Gaming
    Gamete Gaming 11 hours ago

    Yo even that chomo’s lawyer was smiling,watch it in slow mo if you don’t believe me

  • Carl Sosnoski
    Carl Sosnoski 13 hours ago

    Let's hope they really stick it to her

  • Tadia Foster
    Tadia Foster 13 hours ago


  • Tamara Rutland-Mills
    Tamara Rutland-Mills 15 hours ago

    Rah! I wish President Trump would have picked Gov. Christie as a running mate.

  • Frank Tool
    Frank Tool 16 hours ago


  • Frank Tool
    Frank Tool 16 hours ago

    Trite Forest Gump Gimmick. How about uphold our bill of rights?

  • Kane Oliver
    Kane Oliver 21 hour ago

    Trump's going to perp walk the pedo elite... It's going to be glorious

  • person
    person 21 hour ago

    Video: Car nearly hit by a bear in Bedford.

  • Champ Marly
    Champ Marly 21 hour ago


  • Dan Ban Yam Yan Aram

    Look, we’re having a great fall so far, just redirect that spoiler back north, thank you

  • Cathy T
    Cathy T 22 hours ago

    we desperately need a NATIONAL ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRY.

  • Wolfe Twitzer
    Wolfe Twitzer 22 hours ago

    Guy's a savage. He should've kicked him in the face.

  • Antione Berry
    Antione Berry Day ago

    due to my current social economic level can't buy a puppy!

  • Charles Du Max

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • Charles Du Max

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • NeverLetGo KojnKuv

    I was confused w/ the military that lady asked. It was not clear. She should word it different. So glad Andrew made her clarify it. I didn’t even understand it the way she word it. 🤦‍♀️

  • Callie Hansen
    Callie Hansen Day ago

    Kaylee Congratulations i was happy to be their and Richard thank you for your service

  • Alfredo Tirado

    The ole I AINT DO NUTTING WRONG defense

  • verma sk
    verma sk Day ago


  • ishant 7
    ishant 7 Day ago


  • Gene Garren
    Gene Garren Day ago


  • Jeffrey Trammell

    Biden saying that because he know he's guilty

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    niggaz be ok it was head shot. niggaz aint got no brain

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago


  • JoJo
    JoJo Day ago

    WTF is wrong with people. that poor baby. This scumbag needs to rot in jail...

  • King Nico
    King Nico Day ago

    He would have probably got less time if he'd have killed the officer

  • Justin Partridge

    I love Bernie Sanders if he doesn't go for election this year for the president I'm not vote for nobody else because I think he is truthful in the best person speaks the truth he's a very good guy 😄👍🏻👍🏻💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Justin Partridge

    That is crazy

  • Justin Partridge

    Why are goes out to those people to that's terrible

  • Brian J. Carnevale

    looks like great weekend weather. time for a trip up North.

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf Day ago

    Yes that's a bear. At least you got that much right

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf Day ago

    Best fake news story yet

  • Marshal Monsanto

    The comments are 100% truth

  • Christian Asmussen

    Solution: electrocution by the electric chair. Right now!

  • Gregory Pitts
    Gregory Pitts Day ago

    America cant complete with China and other countries with this level of nonsense against the President constantly the focus of our attention ?

  • Sheldon Fritz
    Sheldon Fritz Day ago

    Do the world a favor & put the child molester into general population & leak what crime he committed . Justice will be served up very soon . Anyone who molested a child should have prison justice and very soon . They don’t deserve to live

  • christian najarro

    tulsi 2020

  • roberto Amador

    Go Bernie Sanders 2020

  • Mark Dennison
    Mark Dennison Day ago

    He's gonna get his face slashed as soon as they see his paperwork...within 24 hours that guy is going to be in the hospital

  • Kilo Naz
    Kilo Naz 2 days ago

    Wow.....justice what a joke

  • Richard Whitney Sr
    Richard Whitney Sr 2 days ago

    The third officer was a part of the crime. Before and after the fact.

  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 2 days ago

    kids need to stop riding their bikes into the roads while waiting for the bus,almost hit 5 kids last week, cute kid in the pic tho :)

  • June Hewitt
    June Hewitt 2 days ago

    Nooooo Wayyyyy

  • Mike j
    Mike j 2 days ago

    This dude is a perfect example of criminals DON'T care about gunlaws! THAT'S why they are criminals! All these gun laws just infringe on law abiding citizens that need to be able to protect themselves and their families against people like this!!! It is very unfortunate but random acts of crime happen anywhere and anytime! Even at a church!!!! Prayers to everyone!

  • paul raycraft
    paul raycraft 2 days ago

    Pedophile protectors

  • Big John
    Big John 2 days ago

    all three are guilty not there first time committing a crime just haven't got caught.

  • Spencer Wheeler
    Spencer Wheeler 2 days ago

    For headbutting pedophile he should get reduced sentence

  • Nostradamus !
    Nostradamus ! 2 days ago

    American people are not secular or democratic as their government and media propagate.

  • wellok
    wellok 2 days ago

    What this family went through at the hands of those POS - and to be standing there with smiles on their faces - is just a miracle

  • Nyc Bit
    Nyc Bit 2 days ago

    God bless the victims, praying for everyone involved. Further confirmation to my mind of the reality of the spiritual battle we find ourselves in.

  • cjasse 63
    cjasse 63 2 days ago

    Keeping all in prayer. Bishop is such an annointed godly man. Praying for complete healing in Jesus name for him.

  • john newson
    john newson 2 days ago

    Very knowledgeable candidate and worthy of being a viable candidate for POTUS.

  • Lynn Fyffe
    Lynn Fyffe 2 days ago

    What about the other two officers who just stood there watching and laughing? I saw three criminals in that video

  • Ilikeisha
    Ilikeisha 2 days ago

    BS. Tusli unabashedly supports the Hindutva movement - a nationalistic KKK-like movement, which is far removed from Hinduism ... see her sucking up to Modi and you will get a better understanding of her true colors.

  • ReyesOzaeta Reef
    ReyesOzaeta Reef 2 days ago

    We’re a family of four who are Republicans. And now registering as Democrats for Andrew Yang

  • Todd Royce
    Todd Royce 2 days ago

    Where did he say he takes issue with Trumps conduct?

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 2 days ago

    What could go wrong. Destruction of the United States through big pharma

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 2 days ago


  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 2 days ago

    Agenda dark 21

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 2 days ago

    Fake news

  • Mercy Pan
    Mercy Pan 2 days ago

    I've never been interested in politics bec of all the bs politicians say and do but it all changed when I saw a vid of Andrew Yang... And binge watch all vids with his name in it...I hope Americans vote for him...he seemed sensible, logical, smart and resonates with the common people. I wish Canada has an Andrew Yang running for the office too! All the best Mr. Yang!!! I can feel you'll WIN the hearts of your people and will be the first Asian American president!

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez 2 days ago

    Officers should be put on unpaid leave until they are cleared. They could always get back pay if cleared.

  • Teri Butler
    Teri Butler 2 days ago

    Didn't put his tail too far between his legs...

  • Stan Mustard
    Stan Mustard 2 days ago

    Leo Wong It's the city so they could possibly have the power to garnish her wages!

  • Stan Mustard
    Stan Mustard 2 days ago

    I agree that this woman should not get away with it and she should pay back every cent but for them to charge anybody else $25 a day is totally obscene and the city is whining about getting their money back! I live 30 minutes away from this particular city and the taxes are extremely high there so they should not whine about money at all because the taxpayers are getting screwed without even being kissed first!!!!!

  • bill Ing
    bill Ing 2 days ago

    She is sincere when she answered questions in comparison to Elizabeth Warren.

  • Movimiento de F.E.
    Movimiento de F.E. 2 days ago

    I think the only rational and physical explanation is the existence of a Firmament. The rainbows are also explained by the existence of the Firmament, which is a solid structure that seals all our Atmosphere and skies (that is the only rational explanation for a constant atmospheric pressure of near 15 psi). Physics says you need a back reflective wall to get this kind of optical manifestation.

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 2 days ago

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  • Marko B
    Marko B 3 days ago

    I'll be PROUD to call her.. "Madam President"... Sadly.....I know..it won't come into fruition ....it would be interesting though..to see where this nation goes.. if she hypothetically WON

  • Thahir Ahmed
    Thahir Ahmed 3 days ago

    Canvas for Bernie, Talk to people.

  • Andrea Foxx
    Andrea Foxx 3 days ago

    Need be fired

  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther 3 days ago

    Each year Marijuana kills millions of people 🙁

  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 3 days ago

    LIVE FREE OR DIE? this is not the state I grew up in, NH has gotten more blue over the years and you can tell, and thats even with the reds not wanting weed legal.

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 3 days ago

    head butt in court is the least of this guys worries. wait till he gets to prison.

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 3 days ago

    Remember men 80% of divorces are filed by females. Most of the time females get full custody of the children...DONT EVER GET MARRIED MEN. GET A VASECTOMY NOW.

  • Snow Fox
    Snow Fox 3 days ago

    I’m independent, I’m not a Republican, nor Democrat. But I wholeheartedly support the US Constitution. Taking away my firearms or Demanding a license registry for my firearms is a violation of the 2nd Amendment. Registry always lead to forced gun confiscation. Threatening my Right to Self Protection is an absolute no-no for me. I shouldn’t be forced to have a license to protect myself nor should I be limited to what I can use to protect myself. Criminals DO NOT CARE for laws, they’ll always have their weapons unrestricted and use them against law abiding citizens. I’m not going to be forced short handed by government when it comes to protecting my life. I don’t mind this guy, but I’m not too trusting of the democrat party over the past decade. They try sound good but there’s always a dangerous catch to them, and currently they seek to remove or bypass the Rights of the People for “safety” but that’s a gateway to socialism and communism that seeks to remove the Right to Self Protection against all threats, including a Government that seeks to remove the Rights of the People. I would only vote for him if he’s: Pro-Constitution Pro-Due Process Pro-2nd Amendment Anti-Socialist Anti-Communist Does Not Defund the Military (Obama defund the military and left it in a terrible state, which risks the lives of our servicemen) For the Removal of the Red Flag Law (that violates Constitutional Rights and Right to Due Process) Against Medicare for illegal immigrants (I’m a taxpayer but I’m not going to pay for someone who violates the laws and security of the country) Against the “Defeat Trump at All Costs” Rhetoric (Actually running to support the working class of Americans, not to just “Defeat Trump”, I don’t care for Trump but he was better than Hillary at 2016)

  • anatoliy8212
    anatoliy8212 3 days ago

    When she speaking about racism and discrimination she have to remember that we are the Capitalistic country an Capitalism going always hand to hand with Nationalism which is a little brother of racism and discrimination in any form. So basically you can't fight all this problems without changing a system to a social style.

  • anatoliy8212
    anatoliy8212 3 days ago

    When she speaking about racism and discrimination she have to remember that we are the Capitalistic country an Capitalism going always hand to hand with Nationalism which is a little brother of racism and discrimination in any form. So basically you can't fight all this problems without changing a system to a social style.

  • Nic Jackson
    Nic Jackson 3 days ago

    Simple assault? Not felony?

  • Quincy Wilson
    Quincy Wilson 3 days ago

    U make me look bad

  • ChuckD59
    ChuckD59 3 days ago

    50% of this RU-clip content is one big face nearly filling up the screen. When "selfies" attempt to pass for journalism.

  • cjasse 63
    cjasse 63 3 days ago

    Praying for Bishop's healing. Such a tragedy.

  • james abraham
    james abraham 3 days ago

    Thanks for cameras record misconduct and policy, should be fired and charged and jailed for assault 🤩 any lawsuit 🤔

  • josefina bananos
    josefina bananos 3 days ago

    These invaders should be sent home to fix their own sheythole countries. Give them pamphlets on birth control before they leave.

  • Ameri Color
    Ameri Color 3 days ago

    "First Degree Assault"? If he'd shot inside a Mosque, it would be Attempted Murder and Terrorism!

  • YourUglygod
    YourUglygod 3 days ago

    If Bernie was 35 years younger and less boring, he could be certainly the same socialist with no real job, but younger.

    • Thahir Ahmed
      Thahir Ahmed 3 days ago

      Yeah, what is more, boring as "poor people are dying"

  • Randy Bailey
    Randy Bailey 3 days ago


  • James Smith
    James Smith 3 days ago

    If my friend jumped out a car commits a crime without me knowing I'm automatically an accessory but go on.

  • Deborah Troyan
    Deborah Troyan 3 days ago


  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown 3 days ago

    I am voting for Bernie. He is working for working and middle class families. I also trust him more than Elizabeth Warren. Nothing need more to be said...

  • Lynne Dare
    Lynne Dare 3 days ago

    ‘ UMM’ it’s the same hearing ‘like’ you know! ‘Like’ bla bla bla & ‘like’

  • Lynne Dare
    Lynne Dare 3 days ago

    Umm is not a word - she’s flaky, no eye contact - jumbled info - seems distressed, not confident

  • 1pilot2000
    1pilot2000 3 days ago

    Seabrook Police Department Officer Mark Richardson. and the three other officers with him needs all their heads slammed into a wall!

  • mrfuzztone
    mrfuzztone 3 days ago

    Bernie Sanders main focus is promoting policies good for the American people. He doesn't spend much time on the impeachment thing unless asked about it.