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  • don't ask me
    don't ask me Minute ago

    They're helping each other..HOW CUTE THAT WAS !!! 😍😍

  • Tarun Shetty
    Tarun Shetty 4 minutes ago

    This reminds me of the scene in Batman Returns when the penguins push a dead Danny Devito into the water.

  • Uzair Bajwa
    Uzair Bajwa 6 minutes ago

    He has stealth system installed in his body

  • James Barratt
    James Barratt 7 minutes ago

    Hiw did the male spider play that music though? 🎶

  • James Barratt
    James Barratt 7 minutes ago

    Typical woman. Man simply used and then discarded.

  • Yeah Okay Sashayed
    Yeah Okay Sashayed 15 minutes ago

    That orangutang (robot) looked so real!

  • Bhatt Hole
    Bhatt Hole 18 minutes ago

    This is definitive PROOF that the earth is flat! How can you not see that?

  • Alex Clarke
    Alex Clarke 21 minute ago

    And so materialism was introduced to the animal kingdom

  • Deathwish026
    Deathwish026 21 minute ago

    best action film of 2019. 10/10

  • justin1064
    justin1064 23 minutes ago

    Ant: Whats that smell? Big boi: Its time... Ant: Time for what? Big boi: I'm gonna rip off my arms, nut and die

  • jack davis
    jack davis 23 minutes ago

    Flash vs Doomsday

  • My own World
    My own World 27 minutes ago

    Amazing... You people are doing best job can anybody do... Making us know how beautiful nature is...

  • Thief in the Night
    Thief in the Night 27 minutes ago

    Are they not afraid of humans at all?? That cameraman is just hauling his camera in the middle of a meerkat herd and they don't even bat an eye at him!!

  • Sea crystal
    Sea crystal 28 minutes ago

    Now the smartest bird prize of 2019 goes to- Drongo!

  • Riyansh m
    Riyansh m 30 minutes ago

    What a photography

  • كلاب وحيوانات مفترسه

  • jack davis
    jack davis 37 minutes ago

    Strength vs Speed.......

  • Almin Dizdarevic
    Almin Dizdarevic 39 minutes ago

    Why are they in a cage

  • Mabin Thapa
    Mabin Thapa 43 minutes ago

    God: gives earth for humans to live Hooman: pollutes a good healthy habitable earth Aslo hooman: searchs for other habitable planets.. God and earth at once: are we joke to you??

  • Sappi Sahu
    Sappi Sahu 45 minutes ago

    percat Bahut lmba hay nahi dikeka

  • Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma 52 minutes ago

    Sb apna sochte h Same as Man 👌👌👍🤔🤔🤐🤐

  • Rad Tanks
    Rad Tanks 53 minutes ago

    That spiders a cannibal.

  • sandynoby
    sandynoby 53 minutes ago

    2: 40 onwards it is the Indian Bengal Tiger .. fearsome of all ....

  • Abis Yt
    Abis Yt 57 minutes ago

    I watched this video because i wanted to learn fishing But I'm not a bear 🐻

  • Vvv Ooo
    Vvv Ooo 58 minutes ago

    This makes my cats look dumb

  • das wright
    das wright Hour ago

    Glad that Raptor got that scabby lizard,,,,,

  • Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong

    One that I like about owls. Stealthiness

  • young roller
    young roller Hour ago

    Props to the camera man who risk their life for this

  • Avery Wilson-Hannah


  • Pickin7
    Pickin7 Hour ago

    Damn he went through all that beating, lost his wings, endure for five days straight just to mess the queen for few seconds before he die. Probably three seconds. His endurance may be enormous but his sexual performance and sexual life, was cut short.

  • Ackilis Wang
    Ackilis Wang Hour ago

    Make more videos like this OKIE

  • Miss Bee
    Miss Bee Hour ago

    I dunno why, when i watch documentary i dont see it as national geographic, or educational channel but i see it as food channel. Smh.

  • arbaz shaikh
    arbaz shaikh Hour ago


  • shubham wakle
    shubham wakle Hour ago

    I thought it is real tortoise 😅

  • ali 3131
    ali 3131 Hour ago


  • Agent Franz
    Agent Franz Hour ago

    I came for bargain 😂

  • Thanos
    Thanos Hour ago

    1:31 get.. the.. faq.. outta here...

  • JBA
    JBA Hour ago

    Ok. Too much internet today. I'm out.

    RAHUL SHARMA Hour ago


  • Fatih Kan
    Fatih Kan Hour ago

    Sound is being absorbed completely somewhere in its feathers. Sound is being killed before it was created by the feathers.

  • Z Revolution
    Z Revolution Hour ago

    Uh no, when an insect is put through cold environments their metabolism slows down and they go to sleep but they don't die. If this insect can come back from the dead, squash it and see if it does, only then it can be said that it comes back from dead.

  • Royalle DiPerre-Goldstein

    I wanted these beautiful creatures to win so hard, but boy, was I crestfallen?

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom Hour ago

    Stegosaurus : *has a brain as small as a walnut* Stupid people : *expect rational reaction from a Stegosaurus facing danger*

  • LateGamerReacts
    LateGamerReacts Hour ago

    Imagine it jumps right at your face😭😭💀

  • Legend O Nor
    Legend O Nor Hour ago

    Next up: Spy T-rex tracks down the last living T-rex

  • Person Behind
    Person Behind Hour ago


  • ramdani haryanto

    in Indonesia we called it "Undur-undur" 😂

  • arnab bose
    arnab bose Hour ago

    Kalahari means land of great thirst!

  • Royalle DiPerre-Goldstein

    I came here to marvel at nature's engineering feat in the finesse of these creatures' flight prowess but leave here brokenhearted at nature's cruelty, the worst I have been in a while. As Scar would say, "Life's not fair"

  • Matthew Rodriquez
    Matthew Rodriquez 2 hours ago

    Robot squirrel

  • Symphuzic Bey
    Symphuzic Bey 2 hours ago

    That's amazing that is knows how to mimick a chainsaw but also a bit sad that it knows what a chainsaw sounds like.

  • Johnloyd Segura
    Johnloyd Segura 2 hours ago

    Masarap to, luto na 🤭

  • sailaab
    sailaab 2 hours ago

    the (fake) sound effects (as heard during hooman kung fu movies).. made it seem funny :D

  • Frog .1o
    Frog .1o 2 hours ago

    This is some trippy black mirror shit. Haha. Felt like i was there.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 2 hours ago

    This is really brilliant cinematography. Keep at it BBC Earth !

  • Kevin Putra
    Kevin Putra 2 hours ago

    thats the fastest fricking ive ever encountered

  • F1lthy James
    F1lthy James 2 hours ago

    Time to give my brother a whack for cutting the whiskers

  • F1lthy James
    F1lthy James 2 hours ago

    Time to give my brother a whack for cutting the whiskers

  • Mark Palcko
    Mark Palcko 2 hours ago

    This is really no surprise....women always act like this.

  • Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk 2 hours ago

    Welp time to bleach my eyes

  • Francis E
    Francis E 2 hours ago

    Maybe, just maybe, the symbols weve been discovering from ancient civilizations so far, were made by us to teach apes same as on the video. And sooner or later, they evolve. And the cycle repeats itself. Which could mean that the humans as we all are now, most likely became extinct as we all were thousands of years ago.

  • Devwati Pathak
    Devwati Pathak 2 hours ago

    This also teaches that Success comes from a perfect planning hard work & concentration

  • k.p anurag
    k.p anurag 2 hours ago

    this is friendship....

  • Bakul Dubey
    Bakul Dubey 2 hours ago

    Bird making chainsaw sound, This is one the saddest videos ☹️

  • Irnoman
    Irnoman 2 hours ago

    Is the police gonna arrest this squirrel?

  • FaZe_daniel 12345
    FaZe_daniel 12345 2 hours ago

    Hare: Get finessed then I die

  • josh davis
    josh davis 2 hours ago

    That man got his nut in and said "ight imma head out"💀💀💀

  • Atom-Phyr
    Atom-Phyr 2 hours ago

    You're not getting in wearing them sorry. Alright fine ill take them off.

  • Tim Auran
    Tim Auran 2 hours ago

    Weary and parched, the Attenborough draws a breath leaning carefully away from his microphone, while instinctively adjusting his snifter towards the tilted bottle held by his assistant.

  • Aesthetically Fruity

    i thought she was gonna eat him

  • Kayan Yuyutsu
    Kayan Yuyutsu 2 hours ago

    It was truly beautiful. But they should've added the line that 'It is already a dead 🐅.. we didn't killed it'.

  • JimmyRowe1994
    JimmyRowe1994 3 hours ago

    Get him to play The Witness.

  • Leblanc Jarvan
    Leblanc Jarvan 3 hours ago

    Horror movies irl

  • Makgoka Lekganyane
    Makgoka Lekganyane 3 hours ago

    This are my ancestors...they never killed an animal unless warranted. That’s was there we no extinctions like what happened to the Quagga. Never had people wanted to learn from Africans just wanted to make us feel non human & destroyed us mentally. Now we are still struggling generations after generation recapture our abilities.

  • Saef Ali
    Saef Ali 3 hours ago

    old clip i saw this a long time ago

  • Comrade Bear
    Comrade Bear 3 hours ago

    1:57 they need a strong neck to survive falls like that

  • Comrade Bear
    Comrade Bear 3 hours ago

    That's why we need to save the climate

  • joan Alonso
    joan Alonso 3 hours ago

    Poor guy he sleeps for 8 months then has to fight for 2 weeks straight just to try to get lucky with a female that will only be ready for 12 hrs 💀😰😰

  • Ryheme Polk
    Ryheme Polk 3 hours ago

    Human or not I guess everyone likes doggy😂

  • Yul Daga Goicochea
    Yul Daga Goicochea 3 hours ago

    0:40 Cuando ves a tu Crush 😂😂😂

  • Broly the sarcastic savage

    Imagine if us humans had sex the same way as these ants. Guys would think twice before wanting to smash with another girl. They'd be like : aww shit,I just gave up my left arm last week!.

  • solomon grundy
    solomon grundy 3 hours ago

    Will they kill her kids?

  • CrAzY PaRaNoId
    CrAzY PaRaNoId 3 hours ago

    Dilphins can live i freshwater

  • LaChele
    LaChele 3 hours ago

    Dang, I'm over just hollerin' and carryin' on. Now I done started itchin'.

  • Deviant
    Deviant 3 hours ago

    _What does the squirrel say?_ *_UWEEEEEH_*

  • Oliver
    Oliver 3 hours ago

    Oh my god, they're both cute AND smart??? I love them!!

  • New York to UK
    New York to UK 3 hours ago

    They need to sell those glass cages to humans. We can jump in them at will when a burglar breaks in, during a storm, etc. We can even go in when Armageddon comes. I'm sure it's fire proof. I bet Germans designed it. They're always using their heads. In fact, put wheels on it and no more car accidents.

  • Deviant
    Deviant 3 hours ago

    *No one:* *Absolutely no one:* *Mobile Legends Bang Bang:* _SAVAGE!_

  • Ehtisham Khan
    Ehtisham Khan 4 hours ago

    why they haven't live with adult tiger since the birth

  • Ii T
    Ii T 4 hours ago

    Tigers in the wild can never be replaced by american backyard tigers. No matter what any western person says.

  • Jalz Mallorca
    Jalz Mallorca 4 hours ago

    Trash???. 👊

  • john hand
    john hand 4 hours ago

    one time a squirrel stole my nuts

  • Eden Chia
    Eden Chia 4 hours ago

    Researcher found that orang utan can communicate with hand language, they just can't talk

    AMG AMG 4 hours ago

    F in the chat

  • emmyrenny
    emmyrenny 4 hours ago

    She’s just guaranteeing that her babies daddy will never cheat on or leave her.

  • serious
    serious 4 hours ago

    Why are people such idiots????

  • Dylan Carlyle
    Dylan Carlyle 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who clicked on this video thinking of Half Life?

  • Acid Man
    Acid Man 4 hours ago

    1:56 scared the nuts out of him

  • jason4275
    jason4275 4 hours ago

    *Now who throws away a half soda can.*