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How to Spot a Terminator
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  • C Smith
    C Smith 7 hours ago

    Sorry, you're wrong about this one!!! We actually started losing the chance to teach the usual cursive lessons in 3rd grade (and others) years ago, when all that "standards" and testing crap came with No Common Sense Left Behind and Common Corpse, which introduced a whole different kind of script--the ones we had to read as teachers. Yes, we get actual scripts from which we're supposed to read in many lessons, as the central curriculum dictates what our goals and actions are supposed to be in classes, not because that's the best way to teach , but because that's how we avoid school systems being sued! Having determined the unfortunate but obvious reality that even the best of teachers cannot take wildly disparate students and produce equality of outcome, schools are solving their legal issues by turning to equality of input, giving everyone a crappy education!!! Many schools only allow cursive lessons between spring and the end of the year, after major elementary testing is over. Yet we're not just defending or passing on some outmoded technology as Noah suggests; results collected over the years since we changed 3rd grade handwriting are showing that the switch is part of what is driving down literacy mastery, as writing by hand helps students pour and cement the foundation of symbolic language skills. Just 3 years ago, I was in a middle school classroom where we were handing out documents to go home to parents, and students were supposed to sign a list on the outside of the envelope the teacher kept indicating that the papers were distributed and later returned. I had 4 students tell me they didn't know how to sign their names (i.e., provide a cursive signature)--including a kid named "Ken." Ok, though, we can put signing one's own name in the outdated pile, assuming we'll all be chipping those anyway. Yet writing is an aspect of informal but critical note taking, too, which is part of generating personal understanding and written output sharing knowledge and thoughts through verbal communication. I cannot tell you how many times I ask students to read what is written on their own papers, work done within just a few minutes of my question, and even they can't tell me what their own illegible (and often unintelligible) words are! They'll all have electronic devices and voice commands for that, though, right, and it's not like Siri, Alexa, closed-captioning software and the like ever make mistakes with voice-to-text conversions. So, ok, sometimes they're going to need to do some work on that work they've just "finished," but that takes us to editing or trying to suss out things like what the "subject" of the sentence is supposed to be or whether that bit on the end is a "prepositional phrase," which we also can't do, because we're not supposed to be teaching all that useless specialized language for parts of sentences, either. It's so much more effective just to expose students to good writing during their formative K-12 years and let them figure out how to produce it through a whole-language approach. (Sigh) It seems like every few years there is something else we're supposed to stop teaching so that we can spend our time more wisely on work important to the realities of the tech-savvy here and now, but if any of you are trying to manage millennials in the workplace, you probably know how well (he he he) that's going!!!

  • Floodsye
    Floodsye 7 hours ago

    Too bad her first move was to help her corrupt friend (caught in a scheme to decrease post office wages by an extreme amount) to stay in power instead of ensuring she faces consequences. The SDP, her party, let key positions to slip into other party hands during this process. And the former prime moved from second most powerful man in Finland to fifth most...for a massive scandal. This whole fiasco now has the so-called "True Finns" raising in support again. You can probably the types of ideologies they hold...kick out immigrants, private industry over actual healthcare, etc. They are a fascist party akin to the current Republican party in the US. I'm glad she's young as it gives me some hope, but her first moves are heaped in corruption and I'm afraid that further blunders will lead to two party majority (very rare in Finland, there are six major parties in Finland with many smaller ones) and a neo-facist president.

  • Tasmiah Afrin
    Tasmiah Afrin 7 hours ago

    Man, that is some highschool level shit :D

  • KO Sarraz
    KO Sarraz 7 hours ago

    🧠+❤️=AndrewYang🧢 !!!!

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 7 hours ago

    I will never get over "tickey tocks"

  • eyescandeceive
    eyescandeceive 7 hours ago

    "You want me to hate myself?" Hell yes, they DO want you to hate yourself. Women who hate themselves are better consumers; .women who love themselves are harder to keep under control.

  • Ike Turner
    Ike Turner 7 hours ago

    First Swede ever to win!!! Go Sweden!!! Heja Sverige !!! Damn, am i proud to be a Swede today!!!

  • Thalia Rosa
    Thalia Rosa 7 hours ago

    Why do they get training not to steal..and our juveniles in trouble get jailed? Fuck the trumps. Cant wait till hes impeached. And they get kicked out of the wh. To live on the streets ..that's where they all belong.

  • Patrick Haupt
    Patrick Haupt 8 hours ago

    Cutting food stamps to those in need while giving billions to the big oil companies in the form of a subsidy. Fuck you America, fuck you 🖕

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 8 hours ago

    That is the biggest troll on art that I've ever seen

  • Evans Meki
    Evans Meki 8 hours ago

    Ummm i think something is wrong 🤔

  • Thalia Rosa
    Thalia Rosa 8 hours ago

    The trash family

  • Michael Asay
    Michael Asay 8 hours ago

    She's terrible...should be prosecuted along with so many Demorats

  • raul r
    raul r 8 hours ago

    We all know that she’s only the face doing what the adults want her to do in making this point in the world

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen 8 hours ago

    If that's not a Fuck You to Conservatives, I don't know what is.

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 8 hours ago

    Cursive is good for signatures and… That's about it. There's no reason to write in cursive. Most people's cursive looks like illiterate scribble.

  • Pharoah M
    Pharoah M 8 hours ago

    Lol she's look creepy like a robot doll

  • Lenwood Cruze
    Lenwood Cruze 8 hours ago

    Can't wait to see what scandals she's gonna get herself wrapped up with in the future.

  • Kitu's Junkyard
    Kitu's Junkyard 8 hours ago

    oh yeah, he's an entrepreneur alright now he's selling 1K-A51 candies to gen-z kids and he studied trump's attention seeking mouth and hand gestures too the thing is, he's asian... can his asian hands unf#@k us giant 455?

  • c r i s t o b a l
    c r i s t o b a l 8 hours ago

    Aren’t there other young people that are actually doing something and not actually point fingers and blaming others...

  • kloggmonkey
    kloggmonkey 8 hours ago

    the only time i've been genuinely impressed by time's pick was back in 2011 when the anonymous protester was the person of the year. that was like saying "you, you are" to every political activist of the world and an acknowledgment of the movements, the struggle, even when there wasn't a representative public figure, and it blew me away.

  • Brandon Schaefer
    Brandon Schaefer 8 hours ago

    The Benghazi attack happened on 9/11 2012. He was probably referring to that. Also not sure if it was the same guy but there was a black dude in the background when he asked the guy to point out the black people. This is just selective editing. Not saying dumb trump supporters aren’t out there, there are plenty but just realize they chop these videos up to make people look as stupid as possible in the name of “comedy”.

  • Miata love
    Miata love 8 hours ago

    Her being on the cover of Times is the reason why he went after her.

  • Ali Razi
    Ali Razi 8 hours ago

    Oh false flag like iraq and soon iran?

  • Juned Mohamed
    Juned Mohamed 8 hours ago

    This is clear proof that these people don't even know what Islam is

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 8 hours ago

    Get your money and for all your f****** haters that down this video f*** you

  • 7DK
    7DK 8 hours ago

    Hong Kong protesters got over 30 % of the 27 million votes cast and came in first place as they are protesting an totalitarian government form their cities freedom however the clear agenda being pushed is shown as 16 year old autistic girl whose claim to fame is skipping school. She got less than 4 % of the vote and came 5th in person of the year poll overall.

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 8 hours ago

    Hit that f****** pocket 10 million damn it's going to look good

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 8 hours ago

    This whole family should Sue the place of business and the police department hit them in the pockets cuz they pockets deep

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 8 hours ago

    Yeah I need to start asking for your money back

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade 8 hours ago

    What is never the truth as you can see cops live through their mother f****** teeth their time is coming they'll be held accountable keep up the good work officers you're doing the well f****** job my f****** taxpayers dollar go to you mother f****** idiots they can't even use common motherfuking sense

  • MusicallyFly
    MusicallyFly 8 hours ago

    Cursive is needed for signing your name

  • Sanctuary 2199
    Sanctuary 2199 8 hours ago

    I lived in a country that experiences at least 10-20 typhoons per year. For fifteen years, I've experienced a lot of them.

  • Mary X
    Mary X 8 hours ago

    I wish I could write this comment in cursive.

  • Winter Val Thanne
    Winter Val Thanne 8 hours ago

    Wow. This wasn’t funny, it was just bad.

  • Aravind Retnakumar
    Aravind Retnakumar 8 hours ago

    There are probably an elite few in the military industrial complex of America who made money from all these.

  • Root_CR
    Root_CR 8 hours ago


  • Melissa Lee
    Melissa Lee 8 hours ago


  • Truth Litter
    Truth Litter 8 hours ago

    Trevor is such a bought/paid for POS.. I miss Jon Stewart, actual intellect/biting humor/sharp wit... not some clown doing impressions..

    • Ellie Nyaya
      Ellie Nyaya 7 hours ago

      Then find someone who has a style similar to Jon Stewart

  • Truth Litter
    Truth Litter 8 hours ago

    Greta wins? A title for a defunct magazine? Her win would be getting climate change legislation, dumbass... Of course you’d be impressed with the magazine cover..

  • The Blacked IPs
    The Blacked IPs 8 hours ago

    and all 5 of them are hot, time to move to Finland, whats the USA got anyway?

  • Alex George
    Alex George 8 hours ago

    I think it should be Mr beast. Dude did so much for the community and for the world. Probably so much more than Greta. He actually did something other than

  • Areu Kiddingme
    Areu Kiddingme 8 hours ago

    meh. Greta's *_parents_* have put Greta in the cross hairs instead of aborting her to reduce their own carbon footprint, regrettably. 16 year olds belong in school, not on the lecture circuit. Barron's not running around making speeches.......yet.

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley 8 hours ago

    Total fucking assholes.

  • hugo13231
    hugo13231 8 hours ago

    I'll say it... Greta hasn't done anything concrete besides criticizing everyone, people just like her cuz she's young.

  • human zalez
    human zalez 8 hours ago

    Republican politicians are trumps bitches submissive obedient and willing to sacrifice their souls for turds like trump and pence.

  • benm mbk
    benm mbk 8 hours ago

    I had a little liking for time magazine until now.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    *Trump:* "Chill, Greta. Chill." *Greta:* "Calmer than you."

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 8 hours ago

    I'm waiting for Trump to say "Publicly", that he stole the Money and is sorry.... at least, that was one of the parts of the agreement, if I'm not mistaken....

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka 8 hours ago

    The only app that doesn't know your location is Uber 😂😂😂 Firstly, no. Secondly, helllll no 😂😂😂

  • texasvice1
    texasvice1 8 hours ago

    What pisses me off is the fact is this sole juror was the first juror that ever missed a day in a trial ever. If he wasn't I would have heard about jurors going to jail along time ago. When I was in jury duty they have these things called alternates. God forbid if a person gets sick or has to go to the hospital, they would give the person life. This is yet another classic example of racism at it's finest. Incidentally, this is the first time I ever have seen Trevor go off-script.

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka 8 hours ago

    I will destroy this TV by watching it every day 😂😂😂

  • Murat Durmaz
    Murat Durmaz 8 hours ago

    What is her achievements exactly?

  • Paula Jean
    Paula Jean 8 hours ago

    Given this man's epically stupid diet, I bet he has to flush 10-15 time.

  • Sarah Ellerbrock
    Sarah Ellerbrock 8 hours ago

    "..But it never starts in the center. It always happens in the fringes, with people who are first dismissed as radical, as crazy, as lunatics, right? So, I guess we got to be a bit unreasonable sometimes." Made me think of a certain Democratic Socialist, a leading Presidential candidate, whom I deeply admire. :-)

  • Fluffy guinea pig
    Fluffy guinea pig 8 hours ago

    Greta : our main priority is the planet Random ass woman: “yes” “ooooo”

  • Michael M
    Michael M 8 hours ago

    Nothing against their choice but totally against they selection method. Besides, i was already the person of the year so.. not a big deal.

  • Angel Venegas
    Angel Venegas 8 hours ago


  • Walter White
    Walter White 8 hours ago

    Climate change is fake news!

  • Mariama
    Mariama 8 hours ago

    Disgusting, honestly smh.

  • James Dogwalker
    James Dogwalker 8 hours ago

    When the hell will someone here understand that the kid has asperger? She is sick, get it? Her parents use her to make money, its that simple! 5 years from now she will drive an audi, and live in a big house with a playstation made of gold. That poor kid should be in a mental ward, with a real doctor treating her head, how DARE you people call her a normal kid? Shame on you all!

  • Angela Cretten
    Angela Cretten 8 hours ago

    OMG! Well done ladies !!

  • Thomas Forget
    Thomas Forget 8 hours ago

    Come on! Don't all billionaires create charities and then steal from them???

  • Movies For Adults Music

    If Trevor Noah were to be a Trump supporter, would he tell us?

    DAVID THOMPSON 8 hours ago

    All these assholes had to take a course in not to rip ppl off. After the number one asshole had to repay 2 million for stealing..

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka 8 hours ago

    No, the ellipsis is still his. All those tweets that come in parts.

  • Thomas Forget
    Thomas Forget 8 hours ago

    He is so wealthy that had to create a charity and steal money from it. Sure he's a billionaire? Wink wink.

  • Sarah Ellerbrock
    Sarah Ellerbrock 8 hours ago

    I truly believe that if more Americans could have opportunities to study or work abroad, esp., in their youth, for a minimum of a few solid years (incl. high school years, not one of those one semester break), completely immersing themselves in the local spoken language and culture, in one of the more developed countries of social democracies, then they'd have a much better idea of how many other countries function better, even despite each of our own flaws (no society is perfect). It's really too bad that so few people in the U.S. get to see and experience the outside world, and they seem to have little to no point of reference on what people like Rutger Bregman are talking about. Having lived and worked in both the U.S. and my home country of Japan for roughly 20+ yrs in each, back and forth, I can attest that has been my greatest life experience, developing a genuine sense of appreciation for both societies, gaining more critical and objective views about our own home countries (seeing forest through the trees), while at the same time, learning about the other countries' best practices as well as flaws. The notion that something like universal healthcare is a "radical idea" is simply laughable to me and most others from one of those countries...

  • Tracey Whitney
    Tracey Whitney 8 hours ago

    First of all, who kills endangered species?! But who KILLS SHEEP 🐑 with a laser scope? Big game hunter... Coward. I hate this friggin' family! 😡

  • nishan syed
    nishan syed 8 hours ago

    Bullshit Osama's body were disposed in the ocean to avoid his grave becoming a shrine? or is he somewhere a rapper now singing coolio song cover gangster paradise? he's a created character and his role had to end...bullshit at its best

  • Momčilo Martinović

    Our current President of Montenegro was the youngest Prime Minister at 29 years. (1991)

  • Najavano P
    Najavano P 8 hours ago

    President Trump 8 years 👍👍🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • dep one
    dep one 8 hours ago

    wtf is she gonna actually do besides just talk shit around the world?

  • Tytyx2
    Tytyx2 8 hours ago

    In honor of Greta, I am going to recycle my Amazon delivery box today, I won't be putting it in the trash bin.

  • jamsheela kakkadan
    jamsheela kakkadan 8 hours ago

    6: 38. *And not any animal on the Earth, nor any bird flying with its two wings except as a community just like you; We have not omitted anything in the Book, then into their Lord they all will be summoned.* There are 1000 communities including mankind in the world as explained by Lord through His Messengers. Out of this 600 are in water whereas the rest 400 are in the land. It is told in verses 17: 44, 24: 41 and 22: 18 that all creatures are praying, praising and glorifying the Lord Allah by their soul. The spirit (life+ soul) of all the creatures is from the spirit of Lord itself. The difference of mankind from other creatures is that they are bestowed with the intelligence and they are deputed to earth to bear the representation of Lord Allah. So it is the duty of the mankind to cultivate food for all creatures and to maintain air, water etc. in pure by planting trees and promoting organic cultivation aiming for the wellbeing of 1000 communities of creatures in the world. Today the Muslims who are only reading these verses by rejecting and hiding Lord’s Book have become the Mujirims without utilizing the intelligence. They are the inmates of hell fire from mankind and are the worst creatures among the 400 communities in the land as told in verse 98: 6 and the worst creatures near the Lord among the 1000 communities of creatures as told in verse 8: 22. See the explanation 2: 159- 160, 3: 19 and 5: 86. *From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book*

  • Buff
    Buff 8 hours ago

    The fact that lawmakers are still trying to mandate something like cursive in 2019 shows how antiquated our education system is. One of the most useful things I took away from high school was a proper typewriting skills course, and that was in 1991!

  • Deleted No mas
    Deleted No mas 8 hours ago

    #HongKongProtest #FreeHongKong #HumanitarianCrisis

  • Manoj Rijal
    Manoj Rijal 8 hours ago

    I am pro-Cursive

  • Cuda Danger Baird
    Cuda Danger Baird 8 hours ago

    You know that no one who needs to hear about climate change listening to a 16 yr old.

  • Henrik Löfqvist
    Henrik Löfqvist 8 hours ago

    Yeah, not a big fan of Greta.

  • vohryzek08
    vohryzek08 8 hours ago

    What a stupid choice! A rich sweden girl with no life history.

  • Buff
    Buff 8 hours ago

    It's pretty sad when a rotting banana makes more money than me, an 18 year veteran grade school teacher....

  • V
    V 8 hours ago

    ew tomi is disgusting

  • thabiso mbingo
    thabiso mbingo 8 hours ago

    "Military industrial complex" long as they are spending on weapons

  • Yabo Bayo
    Yabo Bayo 8 hours ago

    As long as we sit at home and let this people run havoc across the world and cause pain and instability, they will keep on going. We have to get on the street instead of waiting for someone else to fix this craziness.

  • Matan Baruch
    Matan Baruch 8 hours ago

    Pretty sad that she got it... she doesn't deserve it and needs to learn to respect he elders.

  • Chanda Brozio
    Chanda Brozio 9 hours ago

    Unfortunately this Trump has brains of a three year old. Glad Greta is around.

  • Captain Prototype
    Captain Prototype 9 hours ago

    We are in a race between education and catastrophe". "Prejudice: No! Ignorance: No! Bigotry: No! Illiteracy: No!" Its The Knowledge, that you really want! The Knowledge, do you really want it? Janet jackson, The Knowledge (1989).

  • Dimic Dragan
    Dimic Dragan 9 hours ago

    Some people said donald junior killed some pandas.

  • insouciantnt
    insouciantnt 9 hours ago

    Be best 🤗

  • Fenix
    Fenix 9 hours ago

    I mean, Stalin and hitler have also been time person of the year, so whatever

  • CybershamanX
    CybershamanX 9 hours ago

    No mention of Trump's lame attempt to flame her on Twitter while he was crapping out the remains of a presidential hamburger? Shame, Comedy Central... ;)

  • Liz C
    Liz C 9 hours ago

    umm... cursive is real- and making fun of it- telling us we don't have to learn- that's sad.

  • V
    V 9 hours ago

    She an actress working. Air tax coming soon.

  • Nah Jah
    Nah Jah 9 hours ago

    We all Americans need to put Andrew yang in office just because of the 1000$ every single month. Who will me? Please America make sure you people vote for Andrew yang because I really need that 1000$ each month. Thanks you and God bless America and my bank account

  • Bender Fender
    Bender Fender 9 hours ago

    it's good to be not-Norway

  • Kalevi Urpilainen
    Kalevi Urpilainen 9 hours ago

    Thank you from Finland. I like Tulsi Gabbard, hope she gets to be your president. She seems like a strong good person and a genuine young leader.