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  • mma 99
    mma 99 3 hours ago

    Hello Derek 🙋‍♀️, I have a question about how I can Insert an image to mysql using php? , plz help me Derek 😔

  • Emiliano Haag
    Emiliano Haag 7 hours ago

    Hi Derek, I figured out that delete function doesn't delete any row. Why is that ?

  • angshuman mahanta
    angshuman mahanta 8 hours ago

    Excellent... Very informative, Thank you Derek

  • Neil du Toit
    Neil du Toit 10 hours ago

    We're also going to be able to come in here and leave a nice comment. Nice vid.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 9 hours ago

      Thank you :) Happy you liked it

  • Seliște Valeria
    Seliște Valeria 11 hours ago

    why is this video not having more views? it deserves more

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 9 hours ago

      Thank you for the compliment :) The RU-clip algorithm doesn't like short videos for some reason anymore.

  • BigPictureProgramming
    BigPictureProgramming 12 hours ago

    Im confused we create a Java bean with getters and setters but we never used them. I know we used getParameter() and the constructor to set the information for the Customer object, but i expected to use a getter to display the info on the display.jsp file instead of the ${cust.fName}; .

  • Team Hackers Peru
    Team Hackers Peru 20 hours ago

    Min 5:42 Sorry but pi is 3.141592*

  • colin rickels
    colin rickels 20 hours ago

    if age > 18 do 😳

  • Michael McLean

    I just found your course on Udemy add to my wish list Thank you for the great content

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 13 hours ago

      Thank you :) Make sure you get the 50% off coupon

  • yymin-ouch san

    Nothing that he doesn't covers

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 13 hours ago

      I love making all types of videos :)

  • Макар Кондратьев

    Holy man, you basically made so that every doggo would have an owner, i started crying on that moment

  • Daniel Delaney


  • Alphabet Corp
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  • el muzaffer
    el muzaffer Day ago

    How can I add subheadings like chapters to each Deck? Can't seem to find how to!

  • PatrickAllenNL

    Dereks Sponsor channel

  • PatrickAllenNL

    Hey Derek! Haven't been here awhile. I see you show your face now 👍🏼

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      Nice to see you :) Yes I did that for a bit just to be different

  • Ellie Borden
    Ellie Borden Day ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I assumed this was an all-in-one video until it ended short. I came across the other parts randomly while looking for more material. It might be more apparent that this is part one of a series if the title followed the same scheme as the other videos in the series. E.g. C++ Tutorial 1: things and stuff, etc Unless I missed something, the only indication that this is part of a series is in the description. Anyone who already knows a language could infer that the video is not comprehensive, but new students might not. It looks like a lot of the first titles of your series are named like this, and I wonder if anyone has missed the remainder of a course because of it. Anyway, great video. I appreciate your pace.

  • Alphabet Corp
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  • Željko Gavrilović

    Great tutorial, tnx a lot! I would only suggest you changing the title of the video to include the Clojure part, so the people searching for the Clojure/Emacs/Cider environment setup could find it.

  • đừng hỏi tao-kẻ ngốc nghếch


  • Gerry Bogonko
    Gerry Bogonko Day ago

    I followed along line-by-line but for some reason, my code won't print the output and I have to force stop it. Where did I go wrong?

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      I have a link to the code in the description. What error did you get?

  • BRO Gamer
    BRO Gamer Day ago

    I love these tutorials man keep it up. It's 2019 and there are still no better tutorials than yours.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      Thank you for the nice compliment :) I try to do my best

  • pebble225
    pebble225 Day ago

    I'd hate to break it to you, but it's not an easy task to install the workbench and it would've been nice if you went over it.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      I cover installation in my new video

  • Thota Vyshnavi


  • Tural Ali
    Tural Ali Day ago

    I do not recommend to use Kivy. It is almost impossible to get the all things done for proper usage. The installation process is not easy and every documentation or installation tutorial is missing important details. Versions mismatch, download fails, path issues, library issues and tens of other errors... totally headache! I uninstalled. I'd used command prompt to uninstall all the kivy files just typing:' pip uninstall (package name) '. For example: pip uninstall docutils

  • popa andrei
    popa andrei Day ago


    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      Thank you for the nice compliment :) I try to do my best

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  • sharath kumar
    sharath kumar Day ago

    These tutorials are just awesome @Derek :) Very easy to understand

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      Thank you for the nice compliment :) I try to do my best

  • tonyi guru
    tonyi guru Day ago

    Hello, I'm using an older mac pro that will not update past lion 10.7.5 so I am also restricted to using java 7. So that limits the versions I can use of Eclipse to Mars or earlier a prior version, which I cannot find anywhere. Does anybody have one of those old versions, of Eclipse they would be willing to share, or know of a link, where I can obtain an older version? Mars, Indigo or Luna....

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      I hope this helps

  • Jingyu Li
    Jingyu Li Day ago

    Great tutorial!

  • Max W. Alexander

    In these 'modern times' where everything needs to be done as soon as possible, where everything goes at super sonic speed, with so many programs and what not - it's hard to keep up... until you came along. What you are doing is actually saving people with simple and to the point explanation tutorials. So, in short terms => thank you. p.s. you speaking fast... my kind of teacher :)

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      Thank you for the nice compliment :) I try to do my best

  • yourtv
    yourtv 2 days ago

    Thank you very much for the great tutorial!

  • David Morrow
    David Morrow 2 days ago

    Great Tutorial! One fast Buick (160MPH).

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas Day ago

      I'm happy I could help :) I actually drive a 1998 Buick, but I don't think it goes 160 MPH

  • Imperial Watch
    Imperial Watch 2 days ago

    "The R7 in this situation having the value of one, i telling SWI that it *one'ts* to exit to the terminal" HA i see what you did there

  • MajinHico
    MajinHico 2 days ago

    This pattern version is violation of Liskov substitution principle

  • Dillinger R.
    Dillinger R. 2 days ago

    This is useless for Linux users tho

  • Sensei 1667
    Sensei 1667 2 days ago

    I am 2 years late to this video but for the record HIS NAME IS FRICKIN LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK

  • NekaDev イーラ
    NekaDev イーラ 2 days ago

    *THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS* this tutorial is for people who alerady know other programming language or want to remember java

  • ElHackerman
    ElHackerman 2 days ago

    Dude i watch your videos when I need a crash course on a language. They really help me learn the concepts much faster than individual videos for each topic. Thank you so much!

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      Thank you :) I'm very happy to hear that I've been of help

  • ismail mosa
    ismail mosa 2 days ago

    Pretty neat stuff 👌

  • RawadYT
    RawadYT 2 days ago

    is there anything changed in roblox studio cause roblox studio have the language Lua but it looks like theres some things changed

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      The core language is the same, but there are extra functions for drawing and such

  • Alphabet Corp
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  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh 2 days ago

    Hi I am new to Python, should I be using Sublime text, Pycharm IDE (pro or free edition), Anaconda (Jupyter notebook) What is pros and cons of each?

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      I like the free community version of PyCharm. It is best to learn Python 3 because Python 2.7 is being fazed out this year. I have a tutorial here

  • BvsMAcosh
    BvsMAcosh 2 days ago

    another language without an ide. This is a pain.

  • Judge Tater
    Judge Tater 2 days ago

    My math sucks and i have no programming skill at all. Should i learn lua? Lol I need to do *something* with my life.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      Learn Python. It is much better

  • mark angelo fancubila Garcia

    hi guys i'm an anspiring web dev currently studying html5/css3 so which languages should i learn next? (i was work as a technical support in a company but due to massive lay offs i was 1 of the unfortunate who got fired but due to family needs i seek urgent employment currently working as a pump attendant and now seeking to work as a freelancer(web dev) to provide a better future to my family) please help me any advice and tips would really help me.............thanks guys

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      Definitely JavaScript if you want to get into web development. I have a tutorial

  • V3n 4 C0ding
    V3n 4 C0ding 2 days ago

    Thank you this is helpful to understand Strategy pattern. Strategy pattern separates varying functionality from the common code and uses composition to handle changes.

  • Thuận Thiên Nguyễn

    Love all ur lessons so much man !! Keep the good work !!!

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      Thank you for the nice compliment :)

  • Mr. Fakeman
    Mr. Fakeman 2 days ago

    I couldn't watch the Python tutorial neither. I am currently learning Math. I have more trouble with that than with programming.:(

  • Henryk K
    Henryk K 2 days ago

    Well done, thank you for your work!, but there is one issue with your example, worth to be pointed ( I know this is an old video ;) ). The implementation of setNextChain is repeated multiple times which means it does not follow DRY, a very simple but important principle. As the setNextChain implementation is common for all Chains it should be moved to an abstraction from these concrete classes by creating the AbstractChain class having the method setNextChain and making all concrete chains extending it. I am aware this is not a part of this particular pattern, but as many new devs are watching this, it would be useful to make at least a note in the video description and update the code examples ?

    TONY DIXON 2 days ago

    As a unprofessional Professional, I do agree using the Big D when your mad to destroy un-merged branches is the go-to way to go.(Bad English, but hey, I am THE Unprofessional Professional)

  • Maicon Matos
    Maicon Matos 2 days ago

    Hey Derek, Why You Haven't a Dedicate C Tutorial? Don't Worth To Learn C?

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      I do have one here and I have another specific to Arduino

  • John McMahon
    John McMahon 3 days ago

    You're speaking Greek to me. This would confuse Bill Gates. I'm not this tech savvy,

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 2 days ago

      Prolog is one of the most complex languages. I did my best to explain it

  • Madtail Main
    Madtail Main 3 days ago

    Vim scrub! Saint IGNUcious will punish you. I hereby declare you a threat to the emacs religion. You’ll be exiled from this planet if you don’t switch!

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts 3 days ago

    This doesn't work in Ubuntu, why can't you put that in the description, that you're NOT using Ubuntu.. I can't find a decent tut for ROR with a Ubuntu only to save my life.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 3 days ago

    Pretty interesting!

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 3 days ago

    By any chance can you include the previous video maybe as version 1?

  • Cesar Ale Sports
    Cesar Ale Sports 3 days ago

    Whats Is the program?

  • TheTricir
    TheTricir 3 days ago

    Whatched it whole. I found these "short" videos of yours good tool to use in order to remember everything i need before goin on an interview. Thanks for your work :)

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 3 days ago

      Happy I could help :) Best of luck on your interviews

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  • Shukrullah Askari
    Shukrullah Askari 3 days ago

    Who else like his voice

  • Daniel Schellenberg

    Nice job

  • Bikram Chettri
    Bikram Chettri 3 days ago

    Hey Derek can you make a course on php+ mysql+ajax fully featured e-commerce project.

  • TpojkaVEVO
    TpojkaVEVO 3 days ago

    7:55 for macOS

  • Haiden Geary
    Haiden Geary 4 days ago

    I am more manic than usual these days. Learning something new is such a fantastic way to work on focusing that energy, thank you!

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 4 days ago

      Happy I could help :) As a person with ADHD superpowers I can relate

  • Safa Bacanli
    Safa Bacanli 4 days ago

    Still I have question. What if we add toppings as objects and put an list inside the pizza for the toppings objects?. We are writing that the topping is a kind of pizza which is logically wrong (topping is subclass of pizza). Why do we need that kind of bureaucracy? I am asking seriously.

  • spookysama
    spookysama 4 days ago

    Love the work examples but man SQL is so grueling

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 4 days ago

      This tutorial literally covers everything. Take your time and you'll get it. If I did anyone can

  • vidita daga
    vidita daga 4 days ago

    Have been following your videos. But this one is confusing since it creates a new instance of real machine every time. Is this correct ?

  • vidita daga
    vidita daga 4 days ago

    Your videos are very helpful and make these patterns a lot simpler to understand. Thank you !

  • James Allan
    James Allan 4 days ago

    Dude you are my hero. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you inspire me

  • nietJoost
    nietJoost 4 days ago

    Rct is created in this language, how sick is that 😍

  • RedBluePill
    RedBluePill 4 days ago

    That was quick and to the point. Love some more. Im new to go, How do you deal with graphic? Sound? 3d? or anything that a game maker would want to to know.

  • Fabricio Fernández

    how can I compile with mpif90 in windows?

  • Noah Nobody
    Noah Nobody 4 days ago

    Elixir with BEAM/OTP is a really interesting technology.

  • Oceans Blue
    Oceans Blue 4 days ago

    Would you consider this process as "Still Valid" as we are now ending the year of 2019. Looking forward for your feedback.

  • keivan Ipchi
    keivan Ipchi 4 days ago

    No genius can learn anything in 30 minutes dude! ;D

  • Cody Dixon
    Cody Dixon 4 days ago

    Is there any tutorial for grep command in prolog?

  • Biswajit Sahoo
    Biswajit Sahoo 4 days ago

    Is this Tutorial of urs sir done from basic???....becoz am a beginner!!!

  • tonyi guru
    tonyi guru 4 days ago

    Thanks again for you great tutorials. In the 'problem' after you taught us about named groups I mistakenly thought you would want us to use are new found knowledge to solve it. So, a little different than the standard answer for the email problem: randStr = " A-100@m-b.INTERNATIONAL" regExpr = r'(?P<email1>[a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+)\s(?P<email2>[a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+)\s(?P<email3>[a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0.]+)' matches =, randStr) print('email1: ','email1')) print('email2: ','email2')) print('email3: ','email3'),'\n')

    • tonyi guru
      tonyi guru 4 days ago

      @Derek Banas I really did not expect a reply from you in this old thread, and am pleasantly surprised. Just wanted to share the outcome of what happens, when not paying close enough attention to the teachers instructions.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 4 days ago

      I'm happy you liked it :) Thanks for sharing your code

  • Beinsezii
    Beinsezii 4 days ago

    Why is "const" used when taking another Box in the binary operator overloads? I'm guessing it's for safety but it wasn't explained. Ex. """ Box operator + (const Box& box2){...} """

  • Rajranjangiri
    Rajranjangiri 5 days ago

    Thanks .

  • Jack T
    Jack T 5 days ago

    This video helped a lot for me because I already know coding and can use other languages well, but it's a good way to transition into the syntax and logic of another language. Thank you!

  • Tomboyish44
    Tomboyish44 5 days ago

    I kept my C.S book at school and this helped a ton, Thanks a lot!

  • Jonathan Hatton
    Jonathan Hatton 5 days ago

    and how do you load the database in windows you switched to mac and do commands in there that dont seem to work as I have no idea where im saving anything

  • flower sunny
    flower sunny 5 days ago

    Hi Derek, I think the first two "int" arguments in the "printHorzArray" method are not necessary. Could you explain why you put them there? I think you must have some good reasons for that.

  • Milad
    Milad 5 days ago


  • Sitaram Pal
    Sitaram Pal 5 days ago

    Awesome video gives confident to build one

  • iamchrisb
    iamchrisb 5 days ago

    I got confused, the weeks didn't start with zero :S

  • Richard Nagy
    Richard Nagy 5 days ago

    reputedly cute, not qt (kyoo-tee) :) - though this video is unutterably useful. thank you.

  • Masaab Umear
    Masaab Umear 5 days ago

    You never make sense to me! sorry if you feel bad

  • Emad Kamel
    Emad Kamel 5 days ago

    Would it be possible to get a sample of a sequence diagram? Via email maybe

  • Spider Juice
    Spider Juice 5 days ago

    Your tutorials are excellent!

    • Spider Juice
      Spider Juice 5 days ago

      @Derek Banas No problem: I mean it. Just starting to dabble in Prolog. Know some assembly, C, Pascal, Ada, but I am pretty terrible at C++. Your installation information is just as much use to me as the programming details - so your compliment is well-earned and I wanted to let you know.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 5 days ago

      Thank you for the compliment :)

  • GEH
    GEH 5 days ago

    Just subscribed. Great tutorials!

  • Phil Alexander
    Phil Alexander 6 days ago

    Very good video. I've went back and watched it several times and the more I learn in my classes the more I understand and gain from the video.

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 5 days ago

      Thank you :) I'm happy it has helped

  • Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    27:31 Made by Derek Bananas HUE

  • Shady Metwally
    Shady Metwally 6 days ago

    Hi I want to share all of your videos with my friends but we are from un(english) country so please activate the auto English subtitles for all of your videos to keep up with your talk if you can support Arabic Translation it will be really great help YOU ARE A GREAT MAN THANK YOU FOR YOUR TUTORIALS

    • Derek Banas
      Derek Banas 5 days ago

      Thank you very much :) I set up all videos for auto translate, but for some reason it isn't working. I'll see if I can figure out how to make it work.

  • Terrabyte12
    Terrabyte12 6 days ago

    Thanks a lot for this.

  • shubhangi jagtap
    shubhangi jagtap 6 days ago

    Great video 😎