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Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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  • Just Gitrdone
    Just Gitrdone 2 minutes ago

    Thats a blessed family

  • Lunacorp1
    Lunacorp1 14 minutes ago

    I Love your stuff. Keep rebuilding. Greetz from Germany

  • the upscriber
    the upscriber 18 minutes ago

    I've never sealed or primed over that EDP coating on the fenders/hood. But everyone says you should.

  • Gregory Cain
    Gregory Cain 21 minute ago

    Thats my dream truck right there hopefully one day i will get me one

  • Lee Brown
    Lee Brown 22 minutes ago

    2010 Called, they want their chrome delete look back. Chrome isn't evil!

  • Félix Arroyo
    Félix Arroyo 26 minutes ago

    make fully black

  • espenelle photographie
    espenelle photographie 30 minutes ago

    It is necessary to go to make check the plan of joint of the cylinder head 😉 I already replace the cylinder head gasket on my S2000 without problem afterwards 😁 Keep it up guy's 😉😉

  • Nathaniel Allen
    Nathaniel Allen 32 minutes ago

    Boys and their toys!

  • Steve Insidious
    Steve Insidious 34 minutes ago

    Black wheels look shit.

  • Hunter Lucas
    Hunter Lucas 36 minutes ago

    4:31 How did y’all dent the Denali tailgate??

    • E Pluribus Unum
      E Pluribus Unum 12 minutes ago

      That was from the forklift at the auction yard they bought it from. Awesome truck!

  • Félix Arroyo
    Félix Arroyo 36 minutes ago

    keep this ford F450 broo it's a beast

  • Elijah Parker
    Elijah Parker 38 minutes ago

    U should add black rim

  • iModMw2
    iModMw2 39 minutes ago

    8:32 FIFA 14*

  • Randy Isham
    Randy Isham 39 minutes ago

    My favorite part was the chevy pulling a Ford.

  • Jarrett Sherry
    Jarrett Sherry 41 minute ago

    Have you kept any of the cars that you've bought??

  • Max Ogle
    Max Ogle 50 minutes ago

    Dont black out the chrome. Or at least leave the grill alone. Thats the whole point of the platinum.

  • Hovannes Ohanian
    Hovannes Ohanian 51 minute ago

    Try to find and repair an Audi R8

  • Mark Massingill
    Mark Massingill 51 minute ago

    Since everyone of your builds start with a dead battery, you guys need to buy a nice charger to get the job done.

  • J Smoove
    J Smoove 57 minutes ago

    Yeeeeeeeeeees black it out. All the out 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 best idea

  • Avnish Dwivedi
    Avnish Dwivedi 58 minutes ago

    Goonzquad is slowly becoming a prosquad.

  • porter88030
    porter88030 Hour ago

    Actually, my '14 Cummins Laramie has rear heated leather seats.

  • george macconnell

    seen some folks do that black chrome on chrome pieces no idea how hard it is but that would look sick

  • Joe Metzger
    Joe Metzger Hour ago

    All you need now is a gooseneck! Keep up the hard work fellas, this truck is gonna turn out sick!

  • Joe Gravelle
    Joe Gravelle Hour ago

    Magnets holding up the headliner is genius. I’ve broken countless clips removing headliners and door panels on 20+ year old cars

  • Michael Heiser
    Michael Heiser Hour ago

    all black kinda defeats ,the " platinum " concept of the ford platinum , you will regret it

  • Yeshu Infinity
    Yeshu Infinity Hour ago

    Is no one talk about his riding skills damnnnnnn🔥🔥🔥

  • Adham Xgeeh
    Adham Xgeeh Hour ago

    This truck is ford

  • Abdulahad Bhavnagari

    Now you can do a photoshoot of you both and all the cars you made

  • Cole Borman
    Cole Borman Hour ago

    Personally I wouldnt black out a platinum.....the chrome is what sets it off

  • VINMAD666
    VINMAD666 Hour ago

    Thanks guys LOVE IT -------- DEFINITELY BLACK OUT........that will be sick........ keep doing what you do ~~~ PEACE

  • David Rockell
    David Rockell Hour ago

    Guys that black primer on new parts is transfer primer you NEED to prime or use SEALER OVER IT. I see guys in youtube vids painting over it directly, NOT CORRECT. Please do it right for the truck paint to last.. Ive painted for a loooong time.

  • JJDiablo
    JJDiablo Hour ago

    Well, DAAANG !

  • Anup Bagul
    Anup Bagul Hour ago

    You scare the Hellcat Thomas.

  • Kent Frederickson

    Just wondering how much these trucks cost brand new? Where I live we don't have anything like this unless it is imported.

  • Richard_AKL
    Richard_AKL Hour ago

    Someone please send them some steelcaps.

  • BigBoss 429
    BigBoss 429 Hour ago

    Goonzquad, I LOVE the “Black out” idea for your F450! Look into the black “Chrome Candy” that Count’s Kustoms does on the tv hit show Counting Cars! I thought it looks awesome on the cars they put it on, especially when the vehicle is all black itself! I think it would look awesome on a full-size truck! Another awesome video, thanks!

  • Victor Velazquez
    Victor Velazquez 2 hours ago

    Dam if only u guys woulda lent that lambo to me for prom night lmao i woulda got some more ass

  • Harrison Grant
    Harrison Grant 2 hours ago

    Those odd looking screws are flow screws that hold two dissimilar metals together that can't be welded or riveted.

  • James Mauro
    James Mauro 2 hours ago

    Leeks. Good for stir fry or potato and leek soup. Look up a recipe for the soup (make sure you make it with bacon bits) you won't regret it 👌

  • Joey Agosto
    Joey Agosto 2 hours ago

    Hi Boys, nice job again, have a request COULD U PLS. ASK ARMITRIX ABOUT A DISCOUNT FOU UR FANS? i'd like to buy from them an exaust for my Porsche BoxterS :p maybe U can help me with a DISOUNT USING GOONZQUAD , what U think? Grtx from Holland, Ciao

  • Shane Black Lord
    Shane Black Lord 2 hours ago

    Hi Guys! Black out the truck, but leave the wheels chrome. You are going to have a hell of a time getting paint to stick to chrome. I think it would look great to leave the wheels as they are. They look like eighteen wheeler rims. If you black out the grill are you going to black out the tailgate as well?

  • Barry Mccarty
    Barry Mccarty 2 hours ago

    Please never pull a vehicle with chain boys seen some horrible accidents with chains breaking and that chain can fly through your back window with enough force to kill you

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 2 hours ago

    It’s awesome that you bought all oem parts for a truck like that.

  • Pascal M
    Pascal M 2 hours ago

    It's good you had your kevlar reinforced gloves on! Jumps on the bike, does a wheelie but doesn't put on any gloves. :-)

  • Chris Waldron
    Chris Waldron 2 hours ago

    Fully black inc. black wheels 🤮

  • jamesblake1848
    jamesblake1848 2 hours ago


  • ashtyn bishop
    ashtyn bishop 2 hours ago

    make all the chrome parts white😍

    HIGRIDER HigRIder 2 hours ago

    I see a white door and I want it painted black... ;)

  • XeVander
    XeVander 2 hours ago

    Maybe do Q&A video some day?

  • CommanderVinyaya
    CommanderVinyaya 2 hours ago

    Repair a 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter, it has way more space, i think it would be more usefull for you guys

  • De3terYT
    De3terYT 2 hours ago

    More motobikes plz

  • White Thunder
    White Thunder 2 hours ago

    Is there a door ding on the driver's side on the buggy?

  • lispy jacob
    lispy jacob 3 hours ago

    Do a black chrome on the chrome parts

  • Phil S
    Phil S 3 hours ago

    You buy and build all these vehicles, then what, you sell them for more money or what. Or do you just have rich parents and they give you the money

  • riowibowo 88
    riowibowo 88 3 hours ago

    I like u vidios bro..from indonesia 👍👍👍💪💪

  • Mikhail Chernov
    Mikhail Chernov 3 hours ago

  • Tim You know
    Tim You know 3 hours ago

    Quick question why no plates on any of your cars just wondering @goonzquad

  • Neil Duke
    Neil Duke 3 hours ago

    A little upholstery tip for you guys that will make life easier next time.... That little plastic tube stuff is called piping, as in pipe- ing. Usually you sew it into a smaller strip of vinyl into like a P shape and add that on by sewing it to the larger piece, or staple it on between the upper and lower piece. It is generally used as a transition line between seems to make the join look better. Anyway, have fun learning guys, I've really enjoyed watching this project. Cheers, Neil

  • Brian Hume
    Brian Hume 3 hours ago

    Of course it's a 450 body fender coz that's wot you ordered duh!!!

  • baileygamly
    baileygamly 3 hours ago

    you need a battery rack to keep all your project batterys on charge

  • jerry henderson
    jerry henderson 3 hours ago

    I just found this channel a couple weeks ago and have been bing watching all the older videos . Best car channel I've found so far .

  • Brian Hume
    Brian Hume 3 hours ago

    These two drink to much red bull totally hyper cant stand still shouting need to calm down we're not all deaf!!@#$%^&*

  • Patrick Mcgee
    Patrick Mcgee 3 hours ago

    Nardo grey would look cool as fuck

  • leon lebreton
    leon lebreton 3 hours ago

    Maybe black chrome everything, that's chrome?

  • skrin hazim
    skrin hazim 3 hours ago

    make it black matte n call that car black phantom platinum

  • Viorel Luchak
    Viorel Luchak 3 hours ago

    Nice job guys 👍👍👍

  • Ernesto Saucedo
    Ernesto Saucedo 3 hours ago

    Love your videos keep up with the builds

  • Christopher Gonzalez

    Rebuild begins at 17:10

  • drew searle
    drew searle 4 hours ago


  • Habeeb Uddin
    Habeeb Uddin 4 hours ago

    You can go with 'chrome black' it'll look awesome

  • Fabio Fonseca
    Fabio Fonseca 4 hours ago

    guys the oil filter attaches in a part that use the radiator fluid to cool down the oil... maybe it is falty a let make te passage the coolant into the oil... null that and give it a try..

  • Untamed_Insanity
    Untamed_Insanity 4 hours ago

    LineX it!

  • Dusik Padtong
    Dusik Padtong 4 hours ago

    Is almost complete..can't wait for the next video..huhu rebuilding is fun

  • smallengineperson 14

    Yesss black it out !!!

  • eurocarman
    eurocarman 4 hours ago

    some mods like this truck would be cool especially in the front

  • Alfonso Almera
    Alfonso Almera 4 hours ago

    @goonzquad i think you can sell the junk parts at a junk shop

  • eurocarman
    eurocarman 4 hours ago

    Just put that truck back stock and sell it to me for a bargain LOL nice job gonna be a great videos!!

  • Ilir Baliu
    Ilir Baliu 4 hours ago


  • Anup Bagul
    Anup Bagul 4 hours ago

    They got mad after getting over budget.

  • Ilya Maslak
    Ilya Maslak 4 hours ago

    liberty walk the huracan

  • King Naem
    King Naem 4 hours ago

    Do chrome black on the rims..its look so sick!!

  • xPineappleGames
    xPineappleGames 4 hours ago

    I hope they keep the dent in the GMC's tail gate fits the truck pretty well

  • Nuno Gens
    Nuno Gens 4 hours ago

    Do a classic car!

  • Joel Farley
    Joel Farley 4 hours ago

    My 09 dmax has 2 batteries

  • Richard_AKL
    Richard_AKL 4 hours ago

    Cutting oil would help with drilling.

  • Melanie Paris
    Melanie Paris 5 hours ago

    You need a bigger working shop goonz... so you won't waste anytime. More garage space too for your builds. :)

  • Ola Sjösten
    Ola Sjösten 5 hours ago

    How many "bro-sick-man-dang-dude" can be crammed into 22 minutes...

  • 4johnybravo
    4johnybravo 5 hours ago

    I wanna see a good portion of video of the frame being bent back in shape.

  • 2H80vids
    2H80vids 5 hours ago

    Why would you black-out that brand new grill? Surely, the whole point of the Platinum package is all the shiny bling?

  • Arctic Trooper
    Arctic Trooper 5 hours ago

    black out

  • Steve Fraser
    Steve Fraser 5 hours ago

    Where dis the stickers on the poleetz car go?

  • Shibu T
    Shibu T 5 hours ago

    Chrome delete it

  • José Juan Villarreal garcia

    Holaaa 👍

  • Tony G
    Tony G 5 hours ago

    Rhino line the entire truck! Haven't done that yet!!. Get rid of the duramax keep the super duty! Black out rhino line!!!

  • 2H80vids
    2H80vids 5 hours ago

    Leaving comments here seems to be pretty pointless. The Goonz never seem to answer anything, it's just like we're chatting amongst ourselves. Even offers of free parts or getting stuff done for nothing; they seem to go unanswered. They could maybe use a couple of moderators, someone to pick out the good stuff and provide some answers - just a thought.

  • Manuel Espagne
    Manuel Espagne 5 hours ago

    Guys your workshop is such a mess... great content as usual, keep going on bros, you rock!!

  • Just One More
    Just One More 5 hours ago

    I can't wait for this blacking out trend to die off... Just like all the 1990s billit aluminum crap with scalloped paint jobs with louvers .. and stupid trends of bright neon paint jobs on lowered mini trucks with chopped convertible tops from the early 90s. People will look back on this black out trend in the future.. and think.. That looked like total crap! Like the drift car with the all red everything. Red wheels, red interior, etc.. Yep! Ugly..

  • Rishi Jain
    Rishi Jain 5 hours ago

    Don't black put the chromes They look very popping!!❤️

  • Griffin Ryan
    Griffin Ryan 5 hours ago

    Where did you guys find the truck?

  • Abhay bhullar
    Abhay bhullar 5 hours ago

    Get this sucker some osm wheels