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The Manning Hour | FOX NFL
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  • jayjaylen75
    jayjaylen75 6 hours ago

    This is cool but everybody will get used to how the season of the XFL goes and then when the NFL season kicks back up everyone will have to get back into the boring way of playing the game.😏

  • Stripe Gurger
    Stripe Gurger 6 hours ago

    It was bad when we watched it, but hearing his scanner, and those pictures of him in the car in a neck-brace, obviously in pain, that's when it's real scary.

  • Allen Ross
    Allen Ross 6 hours ago

    I feel so bad for them they always get so close 2015 vs Seattle Seahawks 2017 vs Atlanta Falcons and now 2020 vs San Francisco 49ers 3 times they could played in SUPERBOWL

  • Tim Hief
    Tim Hief 6 hours ago

    Since NFL fans are the pool of potential watchers, what poll was taken that suggested NFL fans want to see games without defense or punting or field goals? The only thing missing here is a 15 yard penalty is blocking a player without their consent.

  • Luis Bee
    Luis Bee 6 hours ago

    0:11 Devante Adams slamming his helmet against the lockers lol

  • Black Ocean
    Black Ocean 6 hours ago

    You dedicate your life to a sport to have a career changing or ending injury that you can not control. Knowing you had so much more to prove. To cry is natural especially if you love the game whether it’s basketball football soccer or track. Real athletes understand

  • Diego Solis
    Diego Solis 6 hours ago

    El buen Mike

  • Kevin Mott
    Kevin Mott 6 hours ago

    These changes are actually really exciting! Can’t wait

  • Ronniel Boggan
    Ronniel Boggan 6 hours ago

    I'm remember seeing Sanders play it was a pleasure in seeing the best corner back EVER and most humble and respectful man at that

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen 7 hours ago

    This is so depressing

  • Gawd SZN
    Gawd SZN 7 hours ago

    Love seeing the packers in defeat

    • Daniel R
      Daniel R 6 hours ago

      Gawd SZN I hope the Chiefs win SuperBowl

  • clint sutherland
    clint sutherland 7 hours ago

    Number one

  • Ben Mangrum
    Ben Mangrum 7 hours ago

    Astros are a disgrace to baseball I always had a bad feeling about this team

  • HMZ MC
    HMZ MC 7 hours ago


  • arpan chakraborty
    arpan chakraborty 7 hours ago

    Mr. 300 right there.

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby 7 hours ago

    Less punting, more aggressive plays. Yeah, this is going to be successful.

  • Beanie Monster
    Beanie Monster 7 hours ago

    You can see the toaster bath in their eyes

  • James Young
    James Young 7 hours ago

    As a border collie owner it's makes me proud. My second one now 2 years old. A real livewire

  • Griffen Gaine
    Griffen Gaine 8 hours ago

    Earn Rodgers

  • solegood
    solegood 8 hours ago

    Y’all clowns are already bitching and moaning...

  • Rene Perez
    Rene Perez 8 hours ago

    Que mordisco

  • Joejoe Brian
    Joejoe Brian 8 hours ago field goals?

  • navanater123
    navanater123 8 hours ago

    Say what u want but we are 6 pieces away! We need 2 wrs, One tight end, Two inside linebackers and from there One more rb to help jones Any other capital can be traded or used to build on the d

  • Karima Troudi
    Karima Troudi 8 hours ago

  • Justin Ivey
    Justin Ivey 8 hours ago

    Notice how none of them are crying or really even that sad bc they all make millions regardless so y’all can get over it too

    SONJA HARRISON 8 hours ago

    Awesome stuff...just like they wrote it. CONGRATS TJ...well deserved!

  • Codey Hodges
    Codey Hodges 8 hours ago

    They got they butts handed to um. And then AR WANTS TO dig ate Mike McCarty win he said were having fun again

  • Isaiah Winbrone
    Isaiah Winbrone 8 hours ago

    The NFL will destroyed the XFL

  • 9rEmpire
    9rEmpire 8 hours ago

    Quest for six

  • The Elite
    The Elite 8 hours ago

    Saddest exit in nfl history lol.

  • MotherLoveBone
    MotherLoveBone 8 hours ago

    You like that?! You like that!!!

  • Marshae Miller
    Marshae Miller 9 hours ago

    They need to sign Colin Kaepernick

  • Plunderkid
    Plunderkid 9 hours ago

    Forget the rules. I want "He Hate Me" to make a comeback🤣

  • HicktownHero3030
    HicktownHero3030 9 hours ago

    Big KC fan here. I'll pull for the Niners if John Lynch suits up..💪👊

  • Навруз Исматов


  • Europa
    Europa 9 hours ago

    Your reputation is forever ruined. Until the day you die and even past then whenever someone brings up the name "José Altuve" the first thing that will come to mind is this despicable cheating scandal.

  • 22 Veterans A Day
    22 Veterans A Day 9 hours ago

    Atta boy Rudy!

  • RanBelGaming
    RanBelGaming 9 hours ago


  • bfitcalendars
    bfitcalendars 9 hours ago

    My whole game is designed around Tommy from the first time I saw him bowl, my absolute fav!!!!

  • JFiji
    JFiji 9 hours ago

    Let’s go 49ers

  • FSU FBBB Fan
    FSU FBBB Fan 9 hours ago

    Rice the goat no doubt.

  • Ray Jr
    Ray Jr 9 hours ago

    Got One More to Go and Bring Home what's rightfully Ours that Lombardi Trophy Let's go Niners..

  • Rook 45
    Rook 45 9 hours ago

    Sure hope there’s defense in this league them X’s can’t close a hole for 💩

  • Go Cougs
    Go Cougs 9 hours ago

    I wanted an nfl version of the nba g-league. Basically what the afl was which I really enjoyed but the xfl is like the nfl version of the 3 on 3 basketball league. Too many rule changes too much offense.

  • VideoGameGreaser
    VideoGameGreaser 10 hours ago

    Doesn't seem all that terrible, let's see how good it's implemented.

  • Tony 2times
    Tony 2times 10 hours ago

    Man when jimmy’s voice cracked and you could tell how much it meant to him, I remember getting the chills trying to not cry myself! You deserve it jimmy congrats man!

  • Gambit08
    Gambit08 10 hours ago

    Only 7 49er teams can call themselves NFC Champions. I’m glad this team was one of them.

  • Jay Pype
    Jay Pype 11 hours ago

    From the moment I found out TJ and I are in the same age group (Tommy being 5 months older than me), I gravitated towards watching his career closer. Congratulations on title 20, Tommy Jones, and for capturing it in perfect fashion! Definitely a Hall of Fame worthy television appearance!

    DEEPGNOSTIC 11 hours ago


  • 。ぴろり菌
    。ぴろり菌 11 hours ago


  • Jason Sibayan
    Jason Sibayan 11 hours ago

    Terry Bradshaw and George Kittle have something in common they're both emotional crazy funny guys

  • KashfirstJaay
    KashfirstJaay 11 hours ago

    Patrick Mahomes Number 2? Smh🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jesse Shapiro
    Jesse Shapiro 11 hours ago

    Packers should have not been there.....but Seahawks couldn't cover adams to save their season.

  • Jason Holcomb
    Jason Holcomb 11 hours ago

    As a Bears fan this is incredibly enjoyable to see!!

    • wolverineyy
      wolverineyy 7 hours ago

      Jason Holcomb it was incredibly enjoyable to ruin your all’s playoff chances in week 15, had an amazing time that week🤣

  • Gamer Deal
    Gamer Deal 11 hours ago

    No Dak???

  • mc getbusy
    mc getbusy 11 hours ago

    Dude... in theory... it sounds nice.

  • Bones Jones
    Bones Jones 11 hours ago

    i love you mike, but how's montana to young is not #1?

  • J.
    J. 11 hours ago

    I hope the sorry good for nothing owner of the redskins was watching.

  • Lorenzo Manny
    Lorenzo Manny 11 hours ago

    Are backward bowlers like this guy are allowed in the league?

  • Beastifus
    Beastifus 11 hours ago

    Dean Blandino?? The guy who doesn't know what a catch is?? Count me OUT !!

  • Generation Sensitive
    Generation Sensitive 11 hours ago

    Why they gotta film them doing the walk of shame

  • Levi Kohen
    Levi Kohen 11 hours ago

    Sorry guys as a 49ersFaithful fan my whole life.. even through our rivalry still i have a ton of respect for the Packers and Packer fans! Loyal & Diehard. It always sucks to lose. ✌🏻

    • wolverineyy
      wolverineyy 7 hours ago

      Levi Kohen thanks man you’re one of the few niners fans I’ve seen with some class and respect✊🏼

  • Clyde Davis
    Clyde Davis 11 hours ago

    Why they so quiet? 🤣🍻🤣

  • Jonathan Tsang
    Jonathan Tsang 12 hours ago

    Never realised how much bigger NFL players are compared to normal people

    • MrOuchiez
      MrOuchiez 10 hours ago

      It's insane. Well oiled machines.

  • Tyler Botelho
    Tyler Botelho 12 hours ago

    I have a hard time trying to get my dog to sit nevermind run a course

  • hanmabookie
    hanmabookie 12 hours ago

    Make it co-ed and I'm in. Not talking about sexy co-ed, I mean get the biggest girls on the planet co-ed. Ratings gold.

  • Scott Schendel
    Scott Schendel 12 hours ago

    bye bye swiss cheese !!

  • John
    John 12 hours ago

    The packers were lucky to even get to the playoffs

    • Itz WillieE-Z
      Itz WillieE-Z 6 hours ago

      @Ramaun Thompson we beat the bears and Vikings square and fair we still would've won the lions game

    • Erik Buxmann
      Erik Buxmann 7 hours ago

      Ramaun Thompson and the Eagles only won because of the refs

    • Erik Buxmann
      Erik Buxmann 7 hours ago

      Ramaun Thompson only the lions game

    • Ramaun Thompson
      Ramaun Thompson 8 hours ago

      Itz WillieE-Z I think he’s saying the amount of games u guys got helped by the refs, lions, lions, bears, kinda Vikings

    • Itz WillieE-Z
      Itz WillieE-Z 8 hours ago

      That makes absolute zero sense considering we won 13 games and beat the Seahawks

  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis 12 hours ago

    It'd make a nice daily driver.

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz 12 hours ago

    I'm skeptical but hey I do need a break being a Cowboys fan.

  • Casey Dean
    Casey Dean 12 hours ago

    So taking out defense and giving the offense higher advantages is a formula for success. The group that came up with these rules really do not understand the entertainment of tactical football

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 12 hours ago


  • Joel Muhs
    Joel Muhs 12 hours ago

    They both played well, but neither one was incredibly efficient as they both shot under 50% from the floor. Both teams are nearly identical. They both can put up points in a hurry while each has a go to scorer in Mac and Howard, but both teams struggle mightily on the defensive side of the ball. Both teams are a good defense away from being a top 20 team, maybe top 15.

  • Fergie Tomlinson
    Fergie Tomlinson 12 hours ago

    Two really great guys, boxing is lost without them.

  • Chris olagrim
    Chris olagrim 12 hours ago

    How do they get the ball to spin like that?

  • James Tyson
    James Tyson 13 hours ago

    Keep y'all head up. Y'all gonna get it next season

  • Joshua Giordano
    Joshua Giordano 13 hours ago

    That’s a lot of Offense and Defense switch offs for overtime shootout

  • James Padilla
    James Padilla 13 hours ago

    Wow one sided Football. Sounds really exciting not seeing any players like Sherman have a chance to do their Job

  • Luis T. De La Torre
    Luis T. De La Torre 13 hours ago

    Boy the league is really starting to fix up to fail again

  • BigMase
    BigMase 13 hours ago

    strange enough, Arod could have been apart of the Red Sox, had the trade between the Rangers and Boston gone through without MLBPA interference.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 13 hours ago

    This will be so much better than the no fun league.

  • f moana
    f moana 13 hours ago

    As a niner put your heads up y’all had a great season. You will be tough next year. Great season 👏👏👏👏

  • Bob Spence
    Bob Spence 13 hours ago

    When t jones is healthy and bowling well 2 handers reg.1 handers dont matter they will have their hands full. Would love to see him reach 30 or more

  • Raz M.
    Raz M. 13 hours ago

    OMG! Adorbz

  • Bob Spence
    Bob Spence 13 hours ago

    Ahmad the most i remember for 3oo was 100gr. Cant rem his name and not 100% that was the highest pId out

  • Brandon Morris
    Brandon Morris 13 hours ago

    Eddie Debartolo would be proud.

  • Taurus El
    Taurus El 13 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.thats for cheating the bears

    • ああ
      ああ 9 hours ago

      and the Lions

  • DefChef
    DefChef 13 hours ago

    Go 49ers!

  • revpgesqredux
    revpgesqredux 13 hours ago

    as my 4 year old son used to say: He knock down pins.

  • Mad Maxim
    Mad Maxim 13 hours ago


  • Neik Mahp
    Neik Mahp 13 hours ago

    Sometime a team comes to play fully prepared and loses to a better team like Tennessee and then you have to Packers ,unprepared, defense didn't show up and losses how pathetic. Start the game like you were down 27-0. Rogers 4 championship lost. Maybe its you and not the coach.

    JOEY TAYLOR 13 hours ago

    Welcome back to nfl on fox Oh never mind

  • Marcus Maxwell
    Marcus Maxwell 13 hours ago


  • Eric Ruiz
    Eric Ruiz 14 hours ago

    Scanning the comments for something serious, not sarcastic..... Be back in a year.

  • PENandPAPER 808
    PENandPAPER 808 14 hours ago

    Mahomes smoke all them.

  • Bob Spence
    Bob Spence 14 hours ago

    Tommy lost a title last year all he needed was mark in 10 and threw a wash-out,outstanding. To see him start this way

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 14 hours ago

    What a lovely Disney story

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 14 hours ago

    Now Richard is in the Super Bowl 1/21/20 12:15 am

  • Kirby Master
    Kirby Master 14 hours ago

    Go dragons!! 🐉

  • Yea Yea
    Yea Yea 14 hours ago

    Don’t know why this was recommended to me but neat