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  • The 321
    The 321 Hour ago

    0:20 “Joey hanger”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • no use for a name

    Man that #3 was beautiful riding around the track

  • berto 222
    berto 222 Hour ago


  • Ron Vincent
    Ron Vincent Hour ago

    The next time Kyle wins the press should stay away, wouldn't that be a hoot! Start the interviews with second place and work down until it's time to pack it up.

  • Andy Baird
    Andy Baird 2 hours ago

    And no sign of Justin Fields........ok.

  • ali ali
    ali ali 2 hours ago

    he's not really an Astros legend - he was barely there for a cup of coffee

  • Hot Dogs
    Hot Dogs 2 hours ago

    Camera angels were awful NBC

  • Travis Cooper
    Travis Cooper 2 hours ago

    Kyle Busch NASCAR Champion

  • Hot Dogs
    Hot Dogs 2 hours ago

    Stage racing and playoffs are stupid

  • prapun udarraya
    prapun udarraya 2 hours ago

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  • aQuickHowdyWouldntHurt


  • Tanner Hudgins
    Tanner Hudgins 2 hours ago

    I’m trying to get where he is and I’m 14 and he’s a big roll model for me. But I live in west Texas so I kind of hard for me to start because no one In my family know about racing and it’s hard to buy a car because we don’t quite have the money to buy and car. But I’m going to get there one day.

  • deftones953
    deftones953 2 hours ago

    I like how machida pulled the punch. I don’t buy the i was in the moment and it happened so fast, it’s a cop out. Only if you are badly concussed would I even see it a possibility you didn’t know your opponent was out.

  • Donnie Delorenzo
    Donnie Delorenzo 2 hours ago

    This race was crazy

  • Brady Williams
    Brady Williams 2 hours ago

    18 and 22 wrecked! Awesome!

  • Don Don
    Don Don 3 hours ago

    Deion can't tackle and he's to scared to tackle

  • Nikolai522
    Nikolai522 3 hours ago

    The lapped cars were horrible this race. Too many lapped people getting in the way of those on the lead lap.

  • locksmith db
    locksmith db 3 hours ago

    Nascar sucks.....the only sport where you participate in the playoffs, when being the worst all season long.

  • 14edvas
    14edvas 3 hours ago

    I now understand why there are play callers in the booth

  • luprki
    luprki 3 hours ago

    He wasn’t blaming the refs, he was answering a question about the a blown call.

  • longhornz30
    longhornz30 3 hours ago

    Simple ... 8 playoff spots. ... each power conference champion gets an automatic spot and 3 at large spots

  • Allison Marie
    Allison Marie 3 hours ago

    Tyson is the ultimate man. He gets respect from literally everyone. No way Briggs would have ever trolled him

  • Douche Bag
    Douche Bag 3 hours ago

    Woah Dale Earnhardt’s car did a lap without wrecking someone. That’s new.

  • Michael Ashcraft
    Michael Ashcraft 4 hours ago

    I will wait for her in the locker room!

  • Ben Swayze
    Ben Swayze 4 hours ago

    This is great content. Both intelligent well spoken football minds.

  • Red Plays
    Red Plays 4 hours ago

    1lbs 11 oz Ed there are 16 oz in a pound

  • Raining Roses LPS
    Raining Roses LPS 4 hours ago

    the thought that a dog is more athletic than me

  • Andrew Kilman
    Andrew Kilman 4 hours ago

    Legendary playoff starter -- started 44 games for the Yankees and had a 19 - 11 record in the postseason. Absolute WORKHORSE

  • machomarty
    machomarty 5 hours ago

    This is not new. We were always taught this from grade school through highschool where I grew up. That was in the 90s. Our school won 3 state championships in 4 years and has been a powerhouse for decades. Watching poor form and technique at the college and professional level always irritated me.

  • Roller Coaster Line Productions

    LMAO at flipping the car into the parents yard picking her up for a date.

  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports 5 hours ago

    Who will win the series: Astros or Yankees?

  • Roaming Gnome
    Roaming Gnome 6 hours ago


  • RJ McCain
    RJ McCain 6 hours ago

    For a minute I thought he was gonna hit The catchfence

  • Luke Pace
    Luke Pace 6 hours ago

    Restrictor plate racing sucks, NASCAR is losing fan base, and most of the tracks are horrible and provide for horrible racing.

  • Nathan Cheung
    Nathan Cheung 6 hours ago

    2:22 and there we go...

  • Jon Carney
    Jon Carney 6 hours ago

    Enjoyed this race, would have rather seen more door to door racing...didn't enjoy the numerous wrecks. Paying for repairs and replacement race cars isn't cheap...even on the non-touring race cars. Wish NASCAR would stop counting caution laps at the end of each stage. Bad enough to go 5-8 caution laps to retrieve a piece of debri, especially on a 2.66 mile track. Losing 8-10 laps at the end of stages is nonsense.

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White 6 hours ago

    Two filps at talldega

  • Alex Medley
    Alex Medley 6 hours ago

    I personally think the 4 team playoff is fine. That being said, there needs to be a relegation/promotion system and Notre Dame needs to join a conference.

  • CrazyOFFICE  YT
    CrazyOFFICE YT 6 hours ago

    5:07 She is really disrespectful. 5:29 ^ Lady you don’t need wine since your (body is as slim as a SlimJim) She was probably bullied thats why shes very rude.

  • David Coggins
    David Coggins 7 hours ago

    Stinkhouse strikes again!!!

  • Balenciaga Brenda
    Balenciaga Brenda 7 hours ago

    Lmfao the way he scooped up the pug when he won 😂

  • chris dashney
    chris dashney 7 hours ago

    I don't want stupid highlights put the whole race up!!!!

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris 7 hours ago

    here's a fix sugar bowl- sec champ vs at large fiesta bowl- big 12 champ vs at large rose bowl- pac 12 champ vs big 10 champ orange bowl- acc champ vs at large (highest ranked group of 5 team gets an at large bid) take the 4 bowl winners and have a playoff bracket with them. this way it's an 8 team playoff, group of 5 gets represented, and we keep traditional bowl games.

  • randy kline
    randy kline 7 hours ago

    Fox sports. Your highlights are the worst that i have ever seen

  • spiderdrew
    spiderdrew 7 hours ago

    I thumbs upd for the Kawhi laugh

  • Eddie Ruiz
    Eddie Ruiz 7 hours ago

    Dosger fans boycott till Roberts is gone

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    Man.... the dodgers really need to sign rendon for 2020

  • Stancy Lee
    Stancy Lee 8 hours ago

    Posing as tubers.

  • Jonas Conn
    Jonas Conn 8 hours ago

    why is stenhouse always wrecking KB

  • 渴望重生
    渴望重生 8 hours ago

    Nice conclusion!

  • Willis Chalepah
    Willis Chalepah 8 hours ago

    He walks like a woman.

  • Nomad -81-
    Nomad -81- 9 hours ago

    The duck commander gifted him his career.

  • Sue B
    Sue B 9 hours ago

    I WANT this costume!! / 2019

  • Triborn
    Triborn 9 hours ago

    What happened with bill? He quit?

  • FANJG24
    FANJG24 9 hours ago

    The camera angles at the finish were horrendous. You can't see anything when the cameras are low to the ground like that. 2000 fall Talladega race was the book on great camera work.

    • Hot Dogs
      Hot Dogs 2 hours ago

      Agree 100% and the audio from the 2000 race was great. I love junior but you can't beat the announcers like Benny Parsons back then.

  • David Robbins
    David Robbins 10 hours ago

    Jay Mohr, the worst comedian I've ever heard. SO GLAD when his run doing the ceremony was over. Like freaking nails on the chalkboard.

  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball 10 hours ago

    Where's "let's go champ"

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    You heard it first from Jomboy

  • Ifaj Adgs
    Ifaj Adgs 10 hours ago


  • killshot p
    killshot p 10 hours ago

    Got the 62 upfront for a second proud of that

  • CharmCityCowboy
    CharmCityCowboy 10 hours ago

    Money dont make you smart, you already got to have smarts folks, smh......

  • 준실장
    준실장 11 hours ago

    이야 21회삼호컵우승한AJ존슨

  • 준실장
    준실장 11 hours ago


  • Jonas Conn
    Jonas Conn 11 hours ago

    1:56 Jeffery earhnardt is spinning in the bottom right corner

  • Sophiaa Taylor
    Sophiaa Taylor 11 hours ago

    Shut up Dana and stop pimping boxer stop disrespecting Floyd Mayweather. one of the greatest special. men in the world

  • Ricky Edwards
    Ricky Edwards 11 hours ago

    Hendrick drivers are idiots!!!!!

  • Rated
    Rated 11 hours ago

    baker never said the calls made the game....... those 3 calls he's talking about were HORRIBLE. blindside block on Landry which was clean block, the catch that was broken up to metcalf which was CLEARLY not a Catch, and the the illegal player downfield where he was NOT downfield.

  • Ryan Lentz
    Ryan Lentz 12 hours ago

    I don't think randy miss knows

  • tube dude
    tube dude 13 hours ago

    Nascar has become such a joke

  • Ryan Prentiss
    Ryan Prentiss 14 hours ago

    Weird, I was taught to tackle using my shoulder and then driving or rolling when playing Pop Warner back in the late-80s.

  • Sandler23
    Sandler23 14 hours ago

    Dodgers had the pitching, but did they really have the hitting? They were 5th in MLB, best in the National League, but not enough to get to the World Series. They'll get there though.

  • Dom1118
    Dom1118 14 hours ago

    The refs can be at fault and Baker can also be at fault. They're not mutually exclusive.

  • Justin Dement
    Justin Dement 14 hours ago

    Best race ever Matt vs Joey and Jeff winning his last race ☺️

  • ElliottDiBenedettoFan 995 #GuidoGang

    If I were Newman, I'd do the right thing and put the 12 into the wall. Blaney is the most luck filled driver ever, Blaney is so bad at Penske, his only wins there are wreckfest races where the best driver doesn't win. (Larson: 2018 ROVAL, Elliott: 2019 Talladega 2) Other than Blaney winning, this race was great, finish was exciting, Gaughan probably had the highlight of the race, flying into the sky, rolling once, and landing on all four tires. Don't at me for hating Blaney, I don't like drivers who get lucky and are bad at driving and winning

  • Cody Bell
    Cody Bell 14 hours ago

    At what point do we get rid of these super speedways??? God they’re asking for someone to get hurt seriously or killed again.

    • chris dashney
      chris dashney 7 hours ago

      Aww poor crybaby snowflake your pathetic don't like it don't watch idiot!!!

  • James Vannewkirk
    James Vannewkirk 14 hours ago

    vick, get away from nike, the child labor king

  • Zack Freeman
    Zack Freeman 14 hours ago

    Such a good race please keep it like this from here on out.

  • Korean dog eaters
    Korean dog eaters 15 hours ago


  • Shea Johnson
    Shea Johnson 15 hours ago

    Jimmie saved Chase Elliot on the first big wreck

  • Christopher Yoon Kim
    Christopher Yoon Kim 16 hours ago

    LA Dogers and Rams just CHARMIN SOFT!!! #SFGIANTS

  • Junior Pack
    Junior Pack 16 hours ago

    Man turn 3 is mayhem turn. Seems like all the wrecks happen there or the midway down the backstretch

  • Kevin Dunne
    Kevin Dunne 16 hours ago

    Who’s the blonde British 🐥?

  • Car Channel
    Car Channel 16 hours ago

    Who from 2019 October. Any Likes !

  • Bob Brainard
    Bob Brainard 17 hours ago

    They said on the radio logano had so much silver tape on the front of his car that he looked like a baked potato going around the track.

  • Hu Chay
    Hu Chay 17 hours ago


  • TheFive Oh4
    TheFive Oh4 17 hours ago

    Officiating will never be perfect. They are only humans after all.

  • lil whopper
    lil whopper 17 hours ago

    If your gonna so it do ut to my face i kniw u wont though

  • Justin Wilkinson
    Justin Wilkinson 18 hours ago

    Fox, one of the largest media companies in the world, can only upload videos on RU-clip at 720p?

  • Tom
    Tom 19 hours ago

    What a great Race!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks Boys for this great Race :D

  • JonWinstonLS2
    JonWinstonLS2 19 hours ago

    Forget your knees!

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 20 hours ago

    Jomboy media

  • Brandon Dixon
    Brandon Dixon 20 hours ago

    At least a couple of these guys still have a working fight or flight response.

  • Jay Jason
    Jay Jason 20 hours ago

    Could the Sr. #3 still beat these cars with the right driver?

  • chris mooney
    chris mooney 21 hour ago

    That was actually good racing

  • Don’t Ask me
    Don’t Ask me 21 hour ago

    The handler was very boring and gave very dry answers. Give a great interview lady especially if you plan on winning all the time! Great job Ty!

  • mustangjohhny
    mustangjohhny 21 hour ago

    quite the action packed event. awesome

  • Tom L.
    Tom L. 21 hour ago

    Now, will the #12 car survive post-race tech Inspection? #12 looked very very low crossing the finish line.

    • Ricky Edwards
      Ricky Edwards 11 hours ago

      😂😂😂😂😂not a chance that aint a jgr car

  • Daniel Mathis
    Daniel Mathis 22 hours ago

    Nothings wrong with the SEC