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The Alabama Miracle
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Trump Launches SPACECOM
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Mueller Hearing Opens
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Trump Attacks The Squad
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  • Reed Rasmussen
    Reed Rasmussen 41 minute ago

    How you are delusional and wrong. You have no life or understanding. You don't even know what you know. Your over 50. You have some wierd opinion that make your illusion believe your right

  • SammySay
    SammySay 5 hours ago

    Are you an OBGYN RN? This is the bullshit we argue about in committee? There are so many other important issues to address. Poverty. Joblessness. Homelessness. Healthcare for All. And that is just to name a few. I don't consider the opioid crisis to be an actual crisis, but a power grab by the DEA and FDA/CDC. But, they are wasting time talking about this issue of abortion? Fuck! No wonder we can't seem to do the right things. These educated idiots are arguing about pebbles when there are mountains of real issues to tackle. Incidentally, you take care of poverty and homelessness and the drug and abortion issues will disappear. Oh, but don't tell these idiots behind the microphones. They don't want to hear it anyway!

  • irene gewinner
    irene gewinner 6 hours ago

    Hymm... profiteering, using Jesus as a mascot at the prayer breakfast, coseying up to dictators who commit genocide...these evangelicals are evil and they are undermining American democracy.

  • irene gewinner
    irene gewinner 7 hours ago

    Hitler, m a o u, kadafi, Kim, putin... the fellowship has lost its focus.

  • AuntiJen
    AuntiJen 8 hours ago

    Speaking as someone who is proud to wear the t-shirt "REAL DJ'S SPIN VINYL" Biden's 'record player' ref was so bad it was awesome! ;)

  • Littlelady.7 Vidhya vishal

    This dude lost me when he started talking.

  • brianna mcmahon
    brianna mcmahon 9 hours ago

    Could you do a segment on waxworms? I am so enthralled to be talking to you right now. As I am sure you know the world is in great peril and I was wondering if you wanted to be part of the solution. The enzyme comes from a bacteria, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, which was discovered in 2016 by Japanese researchers, who subsequently found that it could completely break down a thin layer of low-quality plastic within six weeks. Structural biologist John McGeehan and his team have now taken that enzyme and genetically engineered it so that it can begin the process in a matter of days. That kind of discovery is cause for excitement: It takes centuries for polyester, scientifically known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET, to degrade naturally. Waxworms- The secret was in the worms’ ability to break down beeswax, which contains some of the same chemical bonds found in polyethylene. Since then, researchers have been working to harness the enzymes found in their digestive system in hopes that it can degrade the millions of tons of plastic in our landfills and oceans. Exactly how remains hazy, though one idea that’s been floated is to spray the piles of trash in the ocean with the bacteria or the enzyme, and let them do their work.

  • Kitty S.
    Kitty S. 13 hours ago


  • Elisha
    Elisha 14 hours ago

    Homan slam dunks the muppet but the delusional left are blind. Seriously.

  • Duh its Abner
    Duh its Abner 15 hours ago

    Lmao "What!? " Old timer: .........😶?? (dick in the mouth)?? Schooled sir.

  • lol surprises
    lol surprises 20 hours ago

    So, I suppose according to her thinking, we can simply imprison the whole family when an illegal alien mother or father commit an offense, such as ILLEGALLY crossing our border, or while already in our country, committing ANY crime. Let's simply throw the whole family in prison, just like they do in North Korea. Then once we find the person guilty, we put them all on a bus and ship 'em south, back over the border and on the other side of Trumps wall, where they will not be able to ILLEGALLY cross back over. Fu@k them, Fu@k 'em ALL. AOC too!

  • Rodney Williams
    Rodney Williams 21 hour ago

    When the sperm hit the egg in take that's what life again people keep trying Define gods amazingness

    • Ric Hicks
      Ric Hicks 9 hours ago

      WOW!!! Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind. ESPECIALLY for people of color. The bible and every other religious text are full of lies.

  • Brooks 89
    Brooks 89 Day ago

    Why is it always America's problem when none of these useless Islanders want to help themselves fix shit. I'm sick of wasting my hard earned tax dollars on useless people. If none of these island dwelling people don't want to help themselves when they need to , they should die . It's how nature works , the strongest survive . It's not our job to pay for useless dead weight.

  • Panthera Onca
    Panthera Onca Day ago

    Dumb fuck worry about the wrong thing. Homeless motherfuckers everywhere.

  • Crimson Halo
    Crimson Halo Day ago

    That guy is lying so hard about his pre-birth memories, every doctor in a 100 mile radius just rolled their eyes. I bet he has been abducted by aliens and has had communications with angels, too.

  • goartist
    goartist Day ago

    also cute was (paraphrased): bernie "we pay double for less" biden "that's america"

  • white conservative patriot.


  • suffolk6311
    suffolk6311 Day ago

    Most nurses dont know much. They forget most of what's in the book and partially cheated to pass the board exams.

    • Ric Hicks
      Ric Hicks 9 hours ago

      Goddamn you are EXCEEDINGLY ignorant and SEVERELY stupid. I hope you get one of the nurses you described next time you or one of your famy goes to the hospital or emergency room. I wish much pain and death on you and yours.

  • Felichia Ritter

    Great recap of Biden during debate. I just don't get how Biden leads polls, who is being polled? Biden "supporters" must be very uninformed on the issues; Biden keeps hidden from public scrutiny. I loved watching the debate to see candidates irl. Look forward to your next chat!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Day ago

    "You, your parents, your grandparents, and all your ancestors, your heroes, and your entire culture and heritage are murdering racists...please vote for me for President of the United States." The modern, "woke" Democratic Party is an uninspiring, power-hungry, pandering, wet blanket. You are a hell of a long way from this: ru-clip.com/video/th5A6ZQ28pE/video.html

  • Pop Reality
    Pop Reality Day ago


    • Pop Reality
      Pop Reality Day ago

      @Felichia Ritter yes he did. He bashed him on twitter last night during the debate.

    • Felichia Ritter
      Felichia Ritter Day ago

      Ken does great work, & didn't bash Bernie Sanders.

  • Связь Восток-Запад

    Joe Biden is the John Kerry of 2019. Unelectable.

    • Santos D
      Santos D Day ago

      You'e been faaaaar too nice. He's a mix of the worse of Kerry & Hillary

  • Mitchell Krouth

    You you don’t know how to be cool like Joe by fancy grandpa touchy-feely

  • Shayla Crews
    Shayla Crews Day ago

    Kenny Klips! Audio is much better today!

  • strictlydiesel

    Greetings from Big Gorby at the Bun Hut

  • Elisa Castro
    Elisa Castro Day ago

    Says the guy hiding behind a Mexican identity for votes.

  • Tyler Duffy
    Tyler Duffy Day ago

    He didn’t prove a damn thing!

  • Paul B
    Paul B Day ago


  • Stephen Long
    Stephen Long Day ago

    Amazing he is so much against abortion yet he is quite happy to snatch kids from their parents when they come to the border and stick them behind fencing leaving them hungry and with no health care. Could it be he is just against abortions for white women?

  • Dragon Wolf
    Dragon Wolf Day ago

    Funny, no one called President Trump a racist till 2016.

  • Cindy Harris
    Cindy Harris 2 days ago

    I’m a nurse. That made me proud!

  • DPowered Smith
    DPowered Smith 2 days ago

    He is the kind of guy that things research into cancers that only effect women using men as the research subjects was a good idea

  • DPowered Smith
    DPowered Smith 2 days ago

    Republicans: Im not a doctor or expert on any of these things i can't tell you or explain much to you without anecdotal evidence or what people tell me and there isn't even basic research that supports my ideas but im still going to tell you my thoughts and what has to be done because its how i feel about it and that is the end of the discussion and god help those that are effected because we all know i refuse to do anything to help those effected by my discussions.

  • DPowered Smith
    DPowered Smith 2 days ago

    Says you have to have a child and take care of it then passes laws and removes laws that make it harder on you and say its your damn fault you got pregnant

  • Lord Baxter
    Lord Baxter 2 days ago

    She couldnt make a bloody mary never mind "corner someone." She is a complete fool and will only have a short time in office. Thank god for that.

    SYDNEY HI 2 days ago

    old guy full of shit, if not born u have the right as a mother not lawyer

  • bubbiesdad
    bubbiesdad 2 days ago

    AOC doesn't know the difference between climate and weather.

  • Rakesh Ghosh
    Rakesh Ghosh 2 days ago

    Go, girl, show your real education 😂 teach that stupid guy some real lesson

  • trump2020!illegalsgohome

    Betta fuckbag good luck with all that

  • ogama843
    ogama843 2 days ago

    Corners? More like gets educated.

  • a2zme
    a2zme 2 days ago

    There's close to 150Million orphans on the Planet right now .. lets focus on those kids first not the ones that haven't been born yet .. lol #Murica: dumbest nation that has ever existed

  • Pure Darkness
    Pure Darkness 2 days ago

    aoc hoe azz bitch

  • Chronos
    Chronos 2 days ago

    this woman lied and took a shit on a minority to climb the ladder to the top. you two faced liberal marxist ,just look the other way right. you people are so phony,oh it is ok mrs warren you can shit on minorities all you want,as long as you pay off student loans.

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson 2 days ago

    Sounds like he reading and book sleep waking

  • Anne H
    Anne H 2 days ago

    It is a ridiculous, small amount of time. I’m so sick of the power of the corporate media. I watched MSNBC yesterday and had to endure Mica and Joe pining over the thought of A progressive beating Biden! They want Joe Biden because they are terrified of justice in our system of government!

  • Auntie Kimberlee
    Auntie Kimberlee 2 days ago

    Why is it when facts are being stated is when they come out with some type of censorship. Ugh this country is trash.

  • Gregory Williams
    Gregory Williams 2 days ago

    The dude is a claptrap.

  • Dax Chenier
    Dax Chenier 2 days ago

    Religions are just to control the masses with lies , science is what's real, the world is run by a bunch of " greedy asses" and we are all stuck in the back seat going along for the ride , that's real life,,, lies lies and more lies .

  • RETiredGM
    RETiredGM 2 days ago

    Life begins in the womb. Zero argument. HOWEVER, while that life is in the womb, the decision to terminate or bring to term is 100% the choice of the woman. Full stop.

  • 1982
    1982 2 days ago

    Warren is a fraud. you all are not fooling anyone.

  • Lou Gualario
    Lou Gualario 2 days ago

    My main Concern with Warren is her embracing the Establishment especially the Clintons Crime Machine. I find Warren is high on words and Rhetoric and low on actual action and integrity. Back in 2018 she was with the very Big Money donors she now condemns , She was nowhere to be found with NDAPL protests and Water Protectors she gave Trump's Miltary industrial Compex a blank check instead of voting against it and actually gave Trump a Standing ovation when he was Attacking Bernie Sanders . There is too much there , there to ignore anymore I was a Warren Supporter and would have picked her as my Second choice if the DNC Fuck us over again but not anymore she is proving untrustworthy I'm not voting for another Neo Liberal Pretending to be Progressive that's how we got Trump

  • Alicia Jones
    Alicia Jones 3 days ago

    OKAY fasen your seatbelt

  • Robert Destromp
    Robert Destromp 3 days ago

    How does this woman sleep at night? If she has a child would she let them sleep on a cold concrete floor without soap and a toothbrush? Every state in the country would call this neglect and try to remove children from the home.

  • Robert Destromp
    Robert Destromp 3 days ago

    I wonder how many immigration judges they could hire to speed up the process with all of the money they are wasting?

  • Robert Destromp
    Robert Destromp 3 days ago

    What a disgusting and gross administration. How greedy are these folks that run these these private detention centers that they won't provide a basic bed, soap, and a toothbrush? If we can't do that then they need to have any contracts where they are ripping off the US tax payers cancelled. They should be happy to provide these basic things since in some cases they are charging up to $750 a day per person.

  • M2B mluvAndgrace
    M2B mluvAndgrace 3 days ago

    The lazy guy couldn’t even bother to google some facts before testifying!

  • Blyhs
    Blyhs 3 days ago

    Calling people Animals, predators, and killers isn’t racist. If trump were to have said “all Mexicans are animals, predators, and killers” that would in fact be racist. He is saying in essence that we don’t know who is coming in so we should assume the worst so we can protect our legal citizens first. Calling a country run by cruel and corrupt governments/leaders a “shithole country” also isn’t racist. The ones he is referring to would be the 3rd world countries for ex: Ethiopia, Niger, Liberia etc.

  • aki akiii
    aki akiii 3 days ago

    Who invited that dude? I need to know what's their guidelines to consider anyone as a witness

  • aki akiii
    aki akiii 3 days ago

    That dude is cray cray

  • daveogarf
    daveogarf 3 days ago

    HEARSAY, Senator! You ASSUMED that your recurring dream is a memory of childbirth; there is NO empirical PROOF to substantiate your supposition. You're a Pro-Life IDIOT!

  • jen cobra
    jen cobra 3 days ago

    Nonsense,warren is better for Wall Street then Bernie. I think this is staged between WS and Warren.

  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 3 days ago

    You call this a “news” channel??? Sad...

  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 3 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 3 days ago


  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 3 days ago


  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 3 days ago


  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 3 days ago

    Warren smokem peace pipe in Wigwam. Squaw paid big Wampum to rise Totem Pole. Scalpem many with tomahawk on Warpath.

  • Electrical Genius
    Electrical Genius 3 days ago

    Ted Lieu 2028

  • Omni 101
    Omni 101 3 days ago


  • ColumbusSteelerGirl

    He knows nothing about guns, but he wants to take them from law abiding citizens. Wake up - people that carry illegal weapons will still carry them. Then the government will have us unarmed. Time and time again other countries have done this, and look at them now. They are sorely regretting it!

  • Связь Восток-Запад

    DO SOMETHING!!!!! Hey Jack off Jim. Remember when you had your little hissy fit when the markets were melting down. Guess who help that happen?...YOU and all you scumbag friend on Wall Street. I care nothing of what you think. And hope All Of Wall Street is heavily taxed and Regulated. I’ll take stability over growth any day.

  • Donny Danko
    Donny Danko 3 days ago

    You want to voice your opinion while calling yourself the YOUNG TURKS. you might as well call yourself nazis... you do love socialism quite a bit.. very fitting You will be educated about the ottoman empire one of these days🤣

  • Gina Dennis
    Gina Dennis 3 days ago

    Katrina Robinson is my rep! Love having someone fighting so hard for our rights in the TN legislature!

  • X - Force
    X - Force 3 days ago

    You DO NOT have to go through a "Port of Entry" to legally seek asylum in the United States. Seeking asylum is not breaking the law, and you do not have to go to a "Port of Entry" to legally seek asylum in the United States. Which should be obvious to even the most ignorant. Imagine you were being chased by gang members who were trying to murder you and put your child into human trafficking (slavery). Do you think that you have to run to the port of entry (even if it's dozens of miles in the wrong direction, and would put you in the path of those trying to kill you) in order to find safety and the protection that asylum is supposed to confer? Or would you just flee to wherever was the closest place for you to enter, and then approach the first authority you encounter and tell them you are seeking asylum? Obviously the second answer is what any sane person would do, and exactly how it's been done, legally, for decades and decades.

  • uomonelnero
    uomonelnero 3 days ago

    Some people doing something to Israel to deny their Access of support

  • Richard Vigneault
    Richard Vigneault 3 days ago

    Easy on the heart. Easy on the eyes

  • rolback
    rolback 3 days ago

    Beto , Mexico called and the Mexicans want you as president of Mexico.

  • invalidname43
    invalidname43 3 days ago


  • CraigandJane1
    CraigandJane1 3 days ago

    What the fuck was that?

  • Robert Zimmermann
    Robert Zimmermann 4 days ago

    You can take an ancient vacation fly over Florida's deep-blue end rise up out of this mad-house nation I'm going down with my oldest tender friend I'm going down to Puerto Rico I'm going down on the midnight plane I'm going down on the Vomit Express I'm going down with my suitcase pain.

  • MyQueenFreddieMercury

    Never negotiate with a terrorist. At least not at Camp David around 9/11. Um. Duh.

  • Tiffany Lyons
    Tiffany Lyons 4 days ago

    She is absolutely right to be exasperated! How in the hell would he know unless he bothered to learn! Just a kook!

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia 4 days ago

    Mic drop!

  • Helen Pomerleau
    Helen Pomerleau 4 days ago

    and his use of pronoun "he" as he is nuts

  • Mistral Dawn
    Mistral Dawn 4 days ago

    I wanted to respond to your video earlier, but I was working. Sorry in advance for the criticism, I love your work generally. I just wanted to say that I was disappointed. Normally you do an outstanding job of talking about an issue and presenting all the sides, but I think you dropped the ball on this one. I understand and agree that a lot of the reasons so many people in this country have lost health insurance is due to what Trump and congressional Republicans have done, but that's not all of it, and I think you left out an important reason: the product we're being asked to buy is terrible quality. Private health insurance sucks. I know you hate blanket statements like that but, in this case, it's true. It's terrible. The policies you can purchase through the exchange are expensive, even with the subsidies, and the deductibles are really high. So, for most people, even if they have insurance, they aren't really insured. Because anything that isn't preventative they have to pay for out of pocket 100% until they have spent several thousand dollars during the year. And it resets at the end of the year, so each year they have to pay out of pocket 100% of thousands of dollars for healthcare, and that's on top of the already over-priced cost of the policies, before the insurance pays a dime. So, basically, for a lot of people, there are really only two reasons to keep their insurance. One, out of principle to participate in a collectivist approach to healthcare. Because as long as Medicare For All isn't on the table, this is the closest we can get, and generally healthy people need to participate for it to work. But that's a really expensive principled stance, and not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford it. And two, to hedge against the off chance they get hit by a bus or end up getting something really big like cancer, so the doctors will actually talk to them and not just chuck them out to the curb like trash. Which is how the uninsured are generally treated in this country. But short of something like that, health insurance is basically useless to a lot of people. It's an extremely expensive product that doesn't provide a lot of benefits, and there are a lot of Americans who simply can't afford it. And that's not the fault of Republicans. It's the fault of Obama and Democrats who didn't fight for real healthcare reform when they had the chance, but instead passed this half-ass bullshit that, sure, makes it look like people have health coverage on paper, but in reality, they don't. And, yes, the fact that there are quite a few states that refuse to implement the Medicaid expansion definitely contributes to this problem, and that is on the Republicans. But if the Democrats had fought for real change instead of centrist incrementalism bullshit, that wouldn't have been an issue. And I'm not going to say that the 2016 election is because of just that because that's ridiculous, it was the result of a lot of factors coming together, but I think it was a big contributing factor. People in this country are desperate and some were willing to buy into a snake-oil salesman's phony promises if it gave them hope. Because the Democrats sure as shit weren't. And most of them still aren't. Again, sorry for the rant, but as much as I despise the tangerine toddler and would love to see him prosecuted and incarcerated for his many crimes, this particular issue isn't all on him. I understand you were focusing just on what changed, and not the overarching problem, and I know the statistics say that almost 2 million fewer Americans are insured now, but I doubt many of them are materially worse off than they were. And that's a point I think needed to be made in your video, even if it was only about what changed. Because the numbers aren't even close to telling the story of what's going on and why those people no longer have health insurance. And, again, I can't stand Trump, but he and other Republicans aren't the only ones who bear the blame in that change.

  • Marcus Baker
    Marcus Baker 4 days ago

    Video was screwed.

  • Heather Pluskota
    Heather Pluskota 4 days ago

    I don’t understand how she got her job... stupid bitch doesn’t even know what a garbage disposal is...

  • Lauren Kent
    Lauren Kent 4 days ago

    This guy is an idiot. To an uneducated person, he might sound somewhat convincing, but he obviously doesn’t understand how viability works. I love that she said, “I’m a nurse, what are you?” Mic Drop.

  • Geoheenalu .Delmar
    Geoheenalu .Delmar 4 days ago

    F#*k Romniecare. Health insurance is a death sentence.

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B 4 days ago

    TRUMP 2020! Save this country from the fragile snowflakes!

  • Thats not funny
    Thats not funny 4 days ago

    Something really annoying is going on with the video quality. Lately the same thing happens when I watch David Pakman Show. It skips and the audio doesn't match up with the picture and it freezes then skips ahead.. Etc.. Please fix this for us.

  • Jean Nieves
    Jean Nieves 4 days ago

    End racism leave women Rights alone

  • klondike444
    klondike444 4 days ago

    When will you come to terms with the fact that the "normal lifestyle" you describe was possible only because of cheap conventional oil? It ain't coming back. And I'm afraid any significant redistribution of income will only reveal how depleted energy and other resources are, and many goods and services will still be unaffordable for many.

  • Alec Collinsworth
    Alec Collinsworth 4 days ago

    Can you guys like fix the skipping and stuff before you post a video? This is impossible to watch because the video skips so much

    • Alec Collinsworth
      Alec Collinsworth 4 days ago

      @TYT Investigates oh okay! Thanks for telling us at least :)

    • TYT Investigates
      TYT Investigates 4 days ago

      @Alec Collinsworth Actually, it was a livestream, so we didn't even know it was glitching til we were almost through. So much for streaming via laptop!

    • Alec Collinsworth
      Alec Collinsworth 4 days ago

      Surely you guys watch before you post right? I mean, come on.

  • menckencynic
    menckencynic 4 days ago

    Interesting: I looked up "drunk Nancy Pelosi" and the only videos I see are LEFT WING videos crying about what a horrible thing a joke video is. Amazing. The war against free speech continues apace. All leftists are assholes. There are no good leftists. None.

  • Clayton Shake
    Clayton Shake 4 days ago

    The quality is garbage

  • Dopa Min
    Dopa Min 4 days ago

    Has he ever NOT contradicted himself?

  • antiheroginger 666
    antiheroginger 666 4 days ago

    Terrible quality video sad I actually wanted to watch this

    • Thats not funny
      Thats not funny 4 days ago

      Me too. It's almost unwatchable. So distracting.

  • Jeri Rhea
    Jeri Rhea 4 days ago

    He's such a huge embarrassment and I just cringe everytime he speaks on behalf of the American people. He is not the representative of the majority of us and I often wonder if the world outside knows how badly we feel when he opens his mouth.

  • Zed Wolf
    Zed Wolf 4 days ago

    As long as someone makes a dollar off the war in Afghanistan we will never get out of there or until Bernie becomes president.