Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus
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We met our TRIPLET!
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Best KISSER Wins $10,000!
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The worst day of our life..
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I saved my twin brother!
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Funny PRANK on Teacher!
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  • Joan Hernandez
    Joan Hernandez 25 minutes ago

    can i have one

  • Thomas Bonnici
    Thomas Bonnici 26 minutes ago

    HII I LOVE U❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ayo slay
    ayo slay 26 minutes ago

    Bruh they should smash mines

  • Hannah Ray
    Hannah Ray 26 minutes ago

    Can you brake my phone I have a Samsung

  • ken cook
    ken cook 26 minutes ago


  • Jasani Coney
    Jasani Coney 26 minutes ago

    New subscriber. :)

  • The D SQUAD_
    The D SQUAD_ 26 minutes ago

    Can you break my iPhone next, than give me a new one?!😊😭

  • Blessing Foaga
    Blessing Foaga 26 minutes ago

    you should shash your mum phone like it up

  • Jennifer Shumaker
    Jennifer Shumaker 26 minutes ago

    I wish I was there I don't have one

  • Megan Del Rio
    Megan Del Rio 26 minutes ago


  • JodyG
    JodyG 26 minutes ago

    Y’all are awesome

  • MeliLaci Meli
    MeliLaci Meli 26 minutes ago

    U guys are awosem u are lovely good job that u made people happy ilysm.

  • Blue Llama
    Blue Llama 27 minutes ago

    You're so mean Lucas and Marcus

  • Malachi Akines
    Malachi Akines 27 minutes ago

    I should give I guys a thumbs down because I didn't my give me one but I love you guys so I'm not

  • Sabrina Gaubault
    Sabrina Gaubault 27 minutes ago

    i love you

  • kamryn smith
    kamryn smith 27 minutes ago

    Can you do a giveaway iPhone plzzzzz

  • Emily Mccullough
    Emily Mccullough 27 minutes ago

    You shouldn’t do that cause maybe they were in a business conversations and Think of the bills

  • Travis Hurley
    Travis Hurley 27 minutes ago

    I think you should prank Cyrus buy crushing his phone

  • Nikita Larson
    Nikita Larson 27 minutes ago

    The next 10 people to subscribe will get money or gift cards

  • Brew Benard
    Brew Benard 27 minutes ago

    I need 1

  • Maria Osorio
    Maria Osorio 28 minutes ago

    I have a theory i feel like lucas and marcus are copying the stokes twins they made the video first of giving away the iphone 11

  • Tae Reidy
    Tae Reidy 28 minutes ago

    i want one and 10 mad

  • Eric's Play Time
    Eric's Play Time 28 minutes ago

    I would be 10 angry

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 28 minutes ago

    Cmooooooooon!!!!!! I caaaant event get iphone 6 but you just give people neeewest iphones!!!!!! Im just crying😢😭😑😖

  • Bryn Walts
    Bryn Walts 28 minutes ago

    I would be really mad because I wouldn’t get anything that I had on my phone and none were f my photos

  • Paige
    Paige 28 minutes ago

    The heck where is my IPhone 11 ????

  • plush x12
    plush x12 28 minutes ago

    I have the same earing as marcus except I made mine

  • Ishaan Farzand-ali
    Ishaan Farzand-ali 28 minutes ago


  • BugattiChiron55YT 067
    BugattiChiron55YT 067 28 minutes ago

    Weak prank but legit vlogs makes it with emotion but good video guys

  • shah khan
    shah khan 28 minutes ago

    Lucas and Marcus my brother's can i have one of the iPhone 11 plz

    GLADIS FLORES 29 minutes ago

    V BFF for v

  • Angela Campos
    Angela Campos 29 minutes ago

    None bc I really want iPhone 11 bc it cool and I won't be mad lol I'll be happy

  • Raven Williams
    Raven Williams 29 minutes ago


  • funsho ibrahim
    funsho ibrahim 29 minutes ago


  • Lydia Garcia
    Lydia Garcia 29 minutes ago

    I want you to be my girlfriend

  • Kivtiツ
    Kivtiツ 29 minutes ago

    Can you come in my house break my phone and give me the iphone 11 please

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 30 minutes ago

    Roses are red violets are blue my name is been I have a gun so get in the van

  • Larry Gorman
    Larry Gorman 30 minutes ago

    That would be a dream for me we have never had nothing like that

  • Jurni Jackson
    Jurni Jackson 30 minutes ago


  • Waniyah Burke
    Waniyah Burke 30 minutes ago

    Y'all so lame I had sought out the show and is locked skip me to win today by elf so I don't get one okay okay hope I don't see y'all no more.

  • Jurni Jackson
    Jurni Jackson 30 minutes ago

    OMG 😂

  • Edwin Gabriel Cintron
    Edwin Gabriel Cintron 30 minutes ago


  • emma’s elephant ears
    emma’s elephant ears 30 minutes ago

    omg i love it when you hold the camera and not steve lol just like you used to . 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • ledy and mare Irias calix

    Iv always whanted one thets my dream

  • Luis Victor Canlas Abrantes

    Thats not even the iphone 11

  • Ashley Maldonado
    Ashley Maldonado 31 minute ago

    Wheres mine at??

  • Herman Torres
    Herman Torres 31 minute ago

    Watching this video make me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carla Wesley
    Carla Wesley 31 minute ago

    Hit d like button if u LOVE the DOBRE BLOODS 😍😍

  • Josiah Wilson
    Josiah Wilson 31 minute ago

    People are talking about iphon11 all over the internet

  • Jean McCutcheon
    Jean McCutcheon 31 minute ago

    YOU WONT GIVE ME 1000M$$$

  • Espennet07
    Espennet07 32 minutes ago

    Has darius got his svj yet?

  • Roshawn Huskisson
    Roshawn Huskisson 32 minutes ago

    Come and smash my phone

  • Christine
    Christine 32 minutes ago

    Sssssssssooooooooo fffffffaaaaaakkkkkeeeeeeee

  • King Dylan gaming
    King Dylan gaming 32 minutes ago

    Can I get one please

  • Diana Obi
    Diana Obi 32 minutes ago

    You guys are like so amazing and kind❤️😍

  • natalia Williams
    natalia Williams 33 minutes ago


  • Daniela Gamez
    Daniela Gamez 33 minutes ago

    They went too far poor ivanita

  • Rachel's Life
    Rachel's Life 33 minutes ago

    So sweet and thoughtful

  • Kylie Palma
    Kylie Palma 33 minutes ago

    That’s messed up but funny 😂

  • Travis Hurley
    Travis Hurley 34 minutes ago

    You should do last to leave giant water balloon

  • Andrea Balderas
    Andrea Balderas 34 minutes ago

    Honestly I wouldn't be mad cuz I've never had an i phone before

  • Sherry Jones
    Sherry Jones 34 minutes ago

    Your girl Freind is so dramatic like some one is going to through her to a FAKE SHARK

  • Marshmallo fan
    Marshmallo fan 34 minutes ago

    Lucky I wish I could get one of those

  • Brandon Santos
    Brandon Santos 34 minutes ago

    8 iphone11 pros bro thats alot for $5,000 dollars are you kidding me?!

  • Richard Rangel
    Richard Rangel 34 minutes ago

    Y'all are my favorite RU-clipr I love y'all guys so much

  • Yamii Ruiz
    Yamii Ruiz 34 minutes ago


  • Eva Lementauskaite
    Eva Lementauskaite 34 minutes ago

    Not hate tho but u copied the Stoke twins

  • Carol Neil
    Carol Neil 34 minutes ago

    I wanna be bf and gf but im only 8

  • Madison Aubrey
    Madison Aubrey 34 minutes ago

    I was waiting for a vid like this!!

  • Karaina Lake
    Karaina Lake 34 minutes ago

    I need one

  • Bill Coty
    Bill Coty 34 minutes ago

    To be that generous is to be truly catholic. God Bless both of you!!!!!

  • Brooke Sims
    Brooke Sims 34 minutes ago

    Love it

  • Brandi Gaenzle
    Brandi Gaenzle 34 minutes ago

    I wish I could mete her she my biggest fan to

  • Kwabena Ofori
    Kwabena Ofori 35 minutes ago

    I need one please

  • BriDa_ Weirdo
    BriDa_ Weirdo 35 minutes ago

    I would of let u smash mine, but I live all the way up in Buckeye Lake Ohio, BTW LOVE YALL, AND TO EVERYONE WHO IS SEEING THIS COMMENT, DONT FIRGET TO SUBSCRIBE! :D

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez 35 minutes ago

    Gezz how much money do you guys have omg that was so much money

  • Purge King
    Purge King 35 minutes ago

    12:26 so sweet love it

  • Julius Pega_03
    Julius Pega_03 35 minutes ago

    Pleas give me an iphone 11 pro max

  • Two super cousins Two super cousins

    I got a shout out and iPhone today

  • Gabriella Awaitey
    Gabriella Awaitey 36 minutes ago

    bro come to old bridge nj, walmart on route 9 and do it next month and do the same thing giving iphones. ok? ok.

  • Yobana Ayala
    Yobana Ayala 36 minutes ago

    Those people are so lucky I wish that could happen to me😣😣😢❤❤

  • Lps Qyran
    Lps Qyran 36 minutes ago

    It does not even look like u guys

  • Imogen Eddy
    Imogen Eddy 36 minutes ago

    Love the video

  • Jowella Tuzon
    Jowella Tuzon 36 minutes ago

    I like Iphone 11 Max Pro😭😭. I wish that you gave me lucas and marcus. Im a Filipino(Philippines). Im a number one fun to of both of you

  • Iyahjah Thomas
    Iyahjah Thomas 36 minutes ago

    Ibwish I was the last person

  • Asia Faison
    Asia Faison 36 minutes ago


  • Sherry Jones
    Sherry Jones 36 minutes ago

    Why you lie like you are a LIE

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia 36 minutes ago

    My dreme is to have a iPhone

  • Wendy Warner
    Wendy Warner 36 minutes ago


  • giselle ruiz
    giselle ruiz 37 minutes ago

    I want that iPhone ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Faith Calderon
    Faith Calderon 37 minutes ago

    I love y'all

  • Alaeja Davis
    Alaeja Davis 37 minutes ago

    At the end of the video, that was the sweetest thing that they did l. That's what I love about them they do the sweetest things for people and encourage you to do ur best. I love them soooo much💖

  • A’Mariya Tatem
    A’Mariya Tatem 37 minutes ago

    I am a big fan

  • Andrew Oviok
    Andrew Oviok 37 minutes ago


  • soccer trends
    soccer trends 38 minutes ago

    11:45 why didn't you do the same for the entire video

  • Holly Mclaren
    Holly Mclaren 38 minutes ago


  • Eva Mendoza
    Eva Mendoza 38 minutes ago

    1 can you give me a iPhone 11

  • Ali El Husseiny /علي الحسيني

    Plz guys Lucas and Marcus answer me!!!!

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    dhruvi 38 minutes ago

    Imagine having the money to buy these many phones !!! 😂 I would love to gift people if only I had some dollassss

  • hameedullah ghafori
    hameedullah ghafori 38 minutes ago

    I wish I was getting a iPhone 11