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  • ihateurmom
    ihateurmom 2 hours ago

    Stratosphere was definitely the worst I've ever seen. Flamingo is terrible, no hot water before noon, but the location and view is great. Monte Carlo should get a mention as well because it claims to be four star. Excalibur is actually pretty fun and a good location plus the rooms are quite decent.

  • Kenneth Pomphrey
    Kenneth Pomphrey 3 hours ago

    Can you please do disneyland hotel !!! Love the channel.

  • Jeremiah _
    Jeremiah _ 4 hours ago

    I see the traffic is wow

  • Jeremiah _
    Jeremiah _ 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the future update dude

  • Kevin Storm Jorgensen

    I’m taking the family to Vegas right before Xmas this year. My wife and I have 3 young kids, ages 1, 4, & 5. We’d like to stay on the strip with a view of the lights but all the places have a max occupancy of 4. From what I hear, getting adjoining rooms can’t be guaranteed. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • jesse james
    jesse james 5 hours ago

    I like the beach but would never spend 30 million dollars on a small house to be on the beach. I would move to Wyoming and live like a king on a ranch with 500 acres and visit the beach when I felt like it.

  • Teech
    Teech 6 hours ago

    Wait what u have to pay to exit?

  • Dick Thunder
    Dick Thunder 13 hours ago

    damn everyday filthy ride

  • Amin Elemam
    Amin Elemam 14 hours ago

    I love the name Seattle

  • LB Carl
    LB Carl 15 hours ago

    Hi! I'm just curious at 6:28. How come there are no barricades before you enter on those entrances? If there are no barricades, meaning you can just walk freely without scanning your IC card? This ain't be right.

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 8 hours ago

      The barricades are generally "open" but if you try and walk thru without scanning then some barricades come out to block your way

  • L Doc
    L Doc 15 hours ago

    Hey, what’s your opinion on staying in Vdara, would you recommend it for a couple?

  • Payton Rivera
    Payton Rivera 16 hours ago

    I wish I could go 😭 :(

  • Rachel - jayceeuk42
    Rachel - jayceeuk42 17 hours ago

    Can you get to the theme parks such as Disneyland and universal studios via the subway?

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 15 hours ago

      Universal Studios yes. There is a subway stop right in front. Disneyland.. no

  • Cori Cakeyay
    Cori Cakeyay 18 hours ago

    I think it's kinda funny bc I live in ny and a tiny part of ny is NYC most of it is upstate ny and people think of ny as a big city (I'll stop saying ny now 😂)

  • Ricky
    Ricky 21 hour ago

    We all know who won; the trumpet gang

  • Christopher Traveler

    Positive dude 👌👍😊

    • Christopher Traveler
      Christopher Traveler 2 hours ago

      @Yellow Productions Thx You flying in march next year on Oahu so your Channel helped me to know many things Greetings

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 8 hours ago

      Thanks Chris!

  • Georgia Lynn Jones

    .won ton cookie.

  • Georgia Lynn Jones

    PS he went all the way to Missouri to do this and also tried to steal my son. no more money for his victims. I want my money back and Adam mobley comped. I have hypothermia and could disdain for Jeff a admirers. they bite and hiss but don't know the mistress-madame is cherished somewhere. give me my money Jeff. keys and money me pros. funny trump clowns ambled in after and scotched sex disease ..toilet seats and car leather. Bernie a car was never explained. g Jones NYC 6463399607

  • Georgia Lynn Jones

    jeff epstein was sent off by ny ops to raise money for his own defense. this may be true becuz i am out in nyc right now wondering how he knew the timing for geffs gift to me-a pay 19m.

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson Day ago

    Good advice to all travelers: never go to Las Vegas.

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson Day ago

    "Safety Man" with a cigarette? Something wrong with that.

  • merson21r
    merson21r Day ago

    Ok...i thought it was Great BRITAIN pounds but it seems u have it right !!! Great British Pounds

  • ahmed hassan
    ahmed hassan Day ago


  • Jeffrey S. Green

    We had so much fun there. Enjoyed the video, reminded me of our trip. Thx!

  • Veritas Summa
    Veritas Summa Day ago

    Additional items: - Price increases on admission, annual passes and food ('19) - Dynamic admission pricing by date ('19) - Flex Pass ('19) - Expanded Bengal BBQ eating area replacing shops ('19) - Expanded Hungry Bear eating area ('19) - New railroad segment, including waterfall at back of GE ('19) - Consolidated FastPass machines for multiple attractions (e.g Tomorrowland) ('19) - Removal of Tomorrowland french fry rocks ('19) - Change of Golden Horseshoe show, addition of roaming magician ('19) - Matterhorn queue area and building ('19) - Return of Judy Hopps / Nick Wilde meet and greet at DCA ('19) - Saber and droid building workshops ('19) - Roaming Rey, Chewy and Stormtroopers ('19) - Stroller size restrictions ('19) - Cancellation of massive new luxury hotel in DD ('19) - Halloween at DCA ('19) - Mobile app games at attraction queues ('19) - Lion King show at DCA ('19) - Jessie's Critter Carousel ('19) - Removal of smoking areas ('19) - Wagon restrictions ('19) - Ice restrictions ('19) - Stroller folding requirement on all DL transportation (e.g. tram, railroad) ('19) - Princess breakfast adventure ('19) - Snow White renovation ('20) - Indiana Jones renovation ('20) - Tenaya stone spa at the Californian ('20)

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 8 hours ago

      Wow Veritas! Thanks for this comprehensive additional list of new, and coming soon items!

  • iZNozomi569 Karthigashini

    I even tried Pepper Lunch, but in Singapore

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee Day ago


  • Peter Ros
    Peter Ros Day ago

    The pool is shape like a classic coffin, weird.

  • Arthur Feitosa

    Tip #9 - Avoid walking around seattle after 3~4pm unless you want to hangout with a bunch of homeless drug addicts. Miss my emerald.

  • 彡kawaiigaythug

    thanks im going here soon

  • Brandi Ley
    Brandi Ley Day ago

    Really helpful and informative. Thank you!

  • Hazel G.
    Hazel G. Day ago

    Love all your tips and tricks... I know You mentioned myvegas for MGM rewards... Does Ceasars have a rewards earning slot game in play store??? Also, Love chubby bear... Miss Topher! It be awesome if the thief returned him...

  • Scouser In The Falls

    Pitiful selection. Not cheap. Not good value. Line ups full of zombies. Would love to see your list of places for cheap drinks

  • Huh?
    Huh? Day ago

    I can hear David's laughter as he watches this. Whoever played Pierrot did a fantastic the poses down perfectly! The back side of that cape killed me in the end. Loved this! What fun! Thank you for posting!!

  • Lauri Carlson
    Lauri Carlson Day ago

    Rise of the resistance attraction at Disneyland resort in Anaheim California be opening next year in January 17th

  • The ultimate eating machine March

    Trying to propose to my girlfriend at Disneyland in California in may. What’s the best place to propose?

  • World Wide Bear 1967

    The best what you can do for this planet, leave your car at home or throw it away and use public transport. I had never a car in my whole life. :-)

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 8 hours ago

      I'm assuming you live in a city with actual public transit.. LA is not one of those cities

  • Wonton James
    Wonton James Day ago


  • Jeff polara
    Jeff polara Day ago

    Prepare to pay triple for autoparts

  • Howard Shubs
    Howard Shubs Day ago

    I went to Los Vegas, NV only once. I didn't go for the resorts but to see the Hoover Dam and the new bridge. But I got stuck on the Strip by accident at one point. I couldn't get out of there fast enough!!

  • May Yang
    May Yang Day ago

    No more chocolate fountains

  • May Yang
    May Yang Day ago

    I’m watching it right now in Vegas... staying in the Westin by the man made lake tonight. Thanks for the amazing videos!!!

  • sandra brown
    sandra brown Day ago

    Love your videos, Especially about Disneyland because of going so often so many years ago. So much has changed. I remember "Roy" from the original Mickey Mouse Club show sometimes he would be at the end of Main St. and he would cartoon draw a picture of yourself for you.

  • Josh.S James
    Josh.S James Day ago

    Hi ,your traveling tips are great. Can you also tell the closest metro station to LAX airport ? I am planning to stay in a hotel near airport, so more details will help me.

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 8 hours ago

      The closest metro station currently is on the green line.. it's the Aviation / LAX stop

  • It's not a pony phase

    No hate but your pronunciation was off when you said Hanbok.I know you said not to comment about it but I thought you might want to know how to pronounce it? You changed the A to an O but it is just pronounced HAN just so you know again, no hate just thought I'd let you know!💜

  • Midnight Turbo Foxy

    Did u know how much this place freaks me out as a kid many years back

  • Colleen Huntley

    Great video update. Thanks Chris

  • mitraj vyas
    mitraj vyas 2 days ago

    ñice experience! and amezing! #mitrajvyas

  • mitraj vyas
    mitraj vyas 2 days ago

    its so ñice amezing experience! ... #mitrajvyas

  • Jarrod Yuki
    Jarrod Yuki 2 days ago

    welcome to my nation nihon.

  • Jeremy Coss
    Jeremy Coss 2 days ago

    You mentioned Groupon for shows but you can also get some good drink deals. For example, you can get two giant margaritas for $24 instead of one for $30. If you're about to try somewhere new, check Groupon quickly to see if they have a deal you can use. It's saved me tons of money in the past.

  • Jeremy Coss
    Jeremy Coss 2 days ago

    If you desperately need a bit of cash, instead of going to an ATM, go to Walgreens and purchase a bottle of water for a buck and then get cash back. Not only do you get to hydrate at a regular price, you avoid ATM fees. This obviously doesn't help if you're pulling out a couple hundred dollars. Also, if you go into Starbucks and ask for a glass of ice water, it is free.

  • Jeremy Coss
    Jeremy Coss 2 days ago

    I know this video is a couple of years old, but axe throwing has gained popularity. We have multiple places in Denver.

  • Jeremy Coss
    Jeremy Coss 2 days ago

    Because I'm always on a budget when I go to Vegas, I've stayed at 2 of the rooms. Hooters and Circus Circus. That part of Circus Circus is completely accurate. Upgrade the 10 bucks for a room inside the actual hotel, it's night and day. Hooters is the other one. It wasn't awful the first time I stayed there, it was affordable and close to the strip, but the last time I stayed there it smelled, I saw roaches all over, and the experience just wasn't worth it. Now I just stay at the Golden Nugget. It's not on the strip but it's affordable, clean, and the staff is great.

  • greengambit2
    greengambit2 2 days ago

    Awesome information and very professional. 👍

  • LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    Disney California Adventure shouldn't be on this list over other overrated American Disney parks like Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

  • Timothyojohnson
    Timothyojohnson 2 days ago

    Hi Chris. Good tip. I always go to Las Vegas during the week. Also I don’t know if you mentioned it. But another good way to save money is to get your water bottles from a Cvs or Walgreens pharmacy.

  • CALI 420
    CALI 420 2 days ago

    How much does a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment cost in vegas doesn't have to be too close to the strip?

  • Everything Cool
    Everything Cool 2 days ago

    It's 2019 still you are a head by a long shot Christmas has not happened yet

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      Yeah.... But lots of people are visiting for the holidays for I figured this would be timely for them.. lots of people are also planning their 2020 visit.. and not much is going to change at Disneyland between now and Jan 1 2020.. so this is just as current now as it would be in 6 weeks

  • aimeejv
    aimeejv 2 days ago

    Awesome, I’m heading there for the first time mid-next year. Great to hear what’s new there

    JAMES HIGA 2 days ago

    Hi Chris. Love that World of Color Attraction.The Avengers campus will be a huge hit when everything is completed. Too bad that several places have closed down. Hopefully they can come up with a great concept to utilize the space. Thanks for sharing.

  • Paul Yuen
    Paul Yuen 2 days ago

    Man....I'm a SW fan but I hate lines, what I'm gonna do...need to get up early and rush to Galaxy's Edge I suppose. You are a Disneyland pro Chris!

  • Alpee Jiao
    Alpee Jiao 2 days ago

    Can i use suica card?

  • Glenn Paton
    Glenn Paton 2 days ago

    Thanks Chris, I will be there next September, hope the Earl of Sandwich is still there.

  • Jennifer Lorence
    Jennifer Lorence 2 days ago

    Topher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss him.

  • Nu Yawk
    Nu Yawk 2 days ago

    Chris has been a huge help with my Vegas travels. Going to Orlando in the Spring. Once again, some great advise. Great channel. Thanks Chris!

  • Cesar Mad
    Cesar Mad 2 days ago

    I just love your attitude, very informative as always. You bring me so much good energy and motivation to my life. I travel 300+ days a year and I always have to watch your videos before I'm heading to a new destination.

  • Traveler _09
    Traveler _09 2 days ago

    Hey Crystal... what’s up girl! Damn

  • Danni Ruth
    Danni Ruth 2 days ago

    I live in San Diego

  • Andrew S.
    Andrew S. 2 days ago

    One of my favorite videos of the year! I'll be there December 7-12. Going to be a lot of fun!

  • Linda S
    Linda S 2 days ago


  • Scottman895 Travel
    Scottman895 Travel 2 days ago

    I really like how the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge area looks. I feel like the best opportunity to get a good picture of the Millennium Falcon is right when the park opens during the day as there will be no line. I like how you featured two regulars to Disneyland at the end of the video to talk about some of the don't miss sights at the park.

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      Thanks Scott! Early morning is the best time to have the park to yourself... for like 15 minutes! :)

  • Josh.S James
    Josh.S James 2 days ago

    Hi these are great tips. Does the opening and closing time differ in December? I am traveling out of US with kids, please give me more details.

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      Yes.. you can check their website for the particular open and closing times for the day you are going to visit

  • Josie
    Josie 2 days ago

    Can't wait to see you review the new ride next Year!

  • Joe P
    Joe P 2 days ago

    thanks so much Chris !!! I haven't been to Disneyland in about 20 years, but I SO want to go back :-)

  • SnacksNchill
    SnacksNchill 2 days ago

    Awesome video! So jealous! I haven’t been to Disneyland since summer. I’m going through serious withdrawals! 😜

  • steve park
    steve park 2 days ago

    Thanks your video. Went to LA last month. Disneyland was very disappointing compared to Disney World. Universal was better but Orlando Universal is much better too. Santa Monica pier was ok. Venice Pier had so many homeless and druggies that we left after 10 mins - too scary.

  • steve park
    steve park 2 days ago

    Thanks. We went last month to LA and so crowded. Was on a weekday and school was in.

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      Check one of the "crowd tracker" websites next time before you go

  • Sonuwala12
    Sonuwala12 2 days ago

    Going to be visiting SF from Australia :) keen for the cold, its 38 degrees here😅

  • william johnson
    william johnson 2 days ago

    Is there parking?

  • Mike
    Mike 2 days ago

    Thanks Chris, great vid. Lived and worked in Cali and LA most of my life. Great suggestions. Might want to consider making a vid on metro-ing Los Angeles. You can almost cover the entire county (4751 sq mi) with an all day metro card ($7). I find it's fun, interesting, adventurous and cheaper than renting a car and feeling the L.A. burn on the 110. Lots of spots to stop and feel the different 'tribes' of Los Angeles. Bon chance.

  • Trell L
    Trell L 2 days ago

    Why am I watching this when I live here lol

  • Catalyst V7
    Catalyst V7 2 days ago

    I just purchased my pass last night and immediately went on splash mountain and got more soaked than I have on any ride in my life I swear they had extra water on yesterday.

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      Hah... yeah... I don't ride Splash Mountain all that often for that reason

  • Gloria Valdez
    Gloria Valdez 2 days ago

    I hate that they got rid of amc

  • Mike
    Mike 2 days ago

    Thanks for the vid Chris. Fun watch.

  • Wildflower memories

    Your videos is so helpful!

  • Wutaii1 Nostalgia
    Wutaii1 Nostalgia 2 days ago

    Yellow Productions!! All over the world!!

  • Mr McCrum
    Mr McCrum 2 days ago

    Star Wars land is the besttttt

  • Beus Amerika
    Beus Amerika 2 days ago

    Thank you so much :)

  • adil sumalani
    adil sumalani 2 days ago

    Which camera you use?📸

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      Good question! Because I get that question so often, I created a frequently asked question video to answer it: Check out question #5

  • Son Le
    Son Le 2 days ago

    one year when you made this video at disneyland

    • Yellow Productions
      Yellow Productions 2 days ago

      This is my second year making a video like this. The first one I made was what's new in 2019. I figured there's a lot of people that visit Disneyland during the holiday season which is why I decided to release this video right now because tons of people will be coming in December

  • Caesar Cinema
    Caesar Cinema 2 days ago

    You are the man Chris!

  • Thomas D
    Thomas D 2 days ago

    Great videos from Disneyland, now can you please make your way to Disney World in Florida for a cheap eats and visitors tips for East Coast travelers please!

  • Jade Cummings
    Jade Cummings 2 days ago

    That's so cool, thanks for sharing Chris! It's inspirational! 😉 awesome!

  • Yellow Productions
    Yellow Productions 2 days ago

    You might enjoy watching my Disneyland Tips Video: Or all of my Disney Videos in this Playlist:

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 2 days ago

    I would stay out of Harrahs, they are using some new scent in the casino that will make your nose atheletic. Everybody I talked to while there hated that smell as well. As for me next time i'm staying at the Mirage.


    Hi Chris, i just wanted to tell you THANK YOU 'cause with all ur recommandations i've spent a wonderful time in Vegas. Here is one of my fav' vid for you !

  • DonutBurglar
    DonutBurglar 2 days ago

    taking your wife being a mistake lmao he must had got caught with a dancer or looking and didnt like the outcome