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  • SJ Sherbs
    SJ Sherbs Minute ago

    I'm sure this rediculous sentence was by THREATS by the Obama Administration....that criminal!!!

  • Noel Espinoza
    Noel Espinoza 3 minutes ago

    All he had to do was point and he just laid down smdh😤

  • Joeleen Ladououcer
    Joeleen Ladououcer 37 minutes ago

    I think this is some type of Corel

  • Purple Pillow
    Purple Pillow 44 minutes ago

    Everyone: XD Peppa: D:

  • ForeverBlueKnight
    ForeverBlueKnight 46 minutes ago

    Molher of the Year!

  • Deniss Kirillovs
    Deniss Kirillovs 59 minutes ago

    Just an AR-15 on the kitchen counter, like any ordinary civilian would have on the bright, sunny day

  • Adindastrawberry

    There are two recycling & reuse centres in Walsall as far as I know. They are on Fryers Road and Merchants Way. Please bring any garbage, unwanted items such as old white goods, matresses, broken bicycles, old batteries, garden waste, anything at all to the centre.

  • Nonovak
    Nonovak Hour ago

    When the nerd of rpg build his perfect girl and started to date her

  • 김정근
    김정근 Hour ago

    나쁜놈들 🐶🥰🥰

  • Ines Obando
    Ines Obando Hour ago

    Have you ever seen cassidy out side of love island?

  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW Hour ago

    Always make sure the lid is tightly locked and wait until the timer on the Insta Pot beeps, indicating that it's safe to open the lid.

  • Veyron
    Veyron Hour ago

    Who the fucks recording this

  • Jennifer Woodhead

    At your father's funeral. Man that is horrifying

  • Chaperz
    Chaperz 2 hours ago

    1:20 thats a loverly SIG Sauer pistol maybe an M17 cant tell

  • Chaperz
    Chaperz 2 hours ago

    They'll be out in 2 years with this shitole of a country thats why i hate our government

  • Natalie i like pizza

    Show us we’re not babies

  • Jesse Young
    Jesse Young 2 hours ago

    To the people writing nasty comments I hope you end up going through the same thing. I hope it happens when you’re in a meeting with your boss or perhaps when you’re hugging your grandma. I’m sure most of the comments are from insecure people that have issues of their own though.

  • Don'tAsk
    Don'tAsk 2 hours ago

    Lmao Logan Paul headass

  • moonwalker15g
    moonwalker15g 2 hours ago

    He's the one that's actually being racist.

  • Emma Clowes
    Emma Clowes 2 hours ago

    I feel for her and the parents, I've got a child with Aspergers and know what they are going through.

  • Sajra Jahić
    Sajra Jahić 3 hours ago

    why would a ghost open the garage door if it can go trough it

  • minbuge
    minbuge 3 hours ago

    mjd again

  • Nadine Waring
    Nadine Waring 3 hours ago


  • Nadine Waring
    Nadine Waring 3 hours ago

    Respect always Nadine

  • Spanky Harland
    Spanky Harland 3 hours ago

    at least he cleaned the elevator....like a real pro, even removed his shirt.

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago

    La la la

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago

    Do do do do

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tickles her we can tell

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago

    Right there

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago

    Woo hoo for the brave baby

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago


  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 3 hours ago


  • Roger Rabbit
    Roger Rabbit 3 hours ago

    A complete waste. Spends 4 minutes to just walk around a building so they can say they r at the entrance that is blocked off. That's it.

  • S B
    S B 3 hours ago

    I dont believe a word that comes out of a Muslims mouth

  • jonybeam
    jonybeam 3 hours ago

    Bloody hypocrite and traitor same as all the rest of them now you just wait until the election when we all vote for the Brexit Party.Just you wait you lying scumbag you'll ALL be voted out never to return again.Churchill must be spinning in his grave after today

  • Kevin Dunn
    Kevin Dunn 3 hours ago


  • I Love The Colour Pink

    Absolutely disgusting and should not be allowed that woman is not her mother and never will be what about that little girl’s real mother how must she feel knowing this animal has stolen her child

  • Nadine Waring
    Nadine Waring 3 hours ago

    Respect to him he can rap loving the video

  • Hillary Lubangakene
    Hillary Lubangakene 3 hours ago

    kibuka is ugandan hahahahah

  • jesbsnrn
    jesbsnrn 3 hours ago

    oh stop it. you gold digging fool. work hard to make some money like the rest of us.

  • Ravi Mishra
    Ravi Mishra 4 hours ago

    Jagga mere bhai land kara de 😂😂😂w

  • Amelia Beels
    Amelia Beels 4 hours ago

    2:33 did he just zoom in on her butt???

  • daniel schachter
    daniel schachter 4 hours ago

    21 dumbasses gave this a thumbs down!

  • Anna loza
    Anna loza 4 hours ago

    omg comments be quiet this isfor them not us

  • magic spoon
    magic spoon 4 hours ago

    Lmao...i love those platform heels.

  • Gaz of-the-North
    Gaz of-the-North 4 hours ago

    Russian cops don't f**k about

  • Gaz of-the-North
    Gaz of-the-North 4 hours ago

    They needed a German Shephard dog.....

  • Ree _YT
    Ree _YT 4 hours ago

    Lol he’s colourblind XD LOLOLOL

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 4 hours ago

    With new revelations, now we know why Mifsud wasn't charged...he was an FBI plant!

  • Kernel Gaddafi
    Kernel Gaddafi 4 hours ago

    Although the biker is respectful at calm, he does close the range to a distance of perfect head butting , the policeman put back a safe distance . It might look aggressive but if I was in duty or off duty I would not let someone in that close .

  • eighth ocean
    eighth ocean 4 hours ago

    Wait until you see what that does to your flesh. These people need to be put somewhere where they can’t hurt their poor selves anymore.

  • Jr Tayloe
    Jr Tayloe 4 hours ago

    I canttt 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OrganicChemistry2
    OrganicChemistry2 4 hours ago

    01:58 Love pats

  • Michael Jackson History world tour full

    First you shoot an Innocent Dog And then you shoot an innocent girl in the eye bruh YOU ARE A

  • Aesthetic Shark
    Aesthetic Shark 4 hours ago

    How does he know the color?

  • Narinder Pal
    Narinder Pal 5 hours ago

    Bloody Traitor New name Treason May

    THE GAMER LIFE 5 hours ago

    please make prayer for him

    THE GAMER LIFE 5 hours ago

    This is my brother btw

  • Pineapple 2039
    Pineapple 2039 5 hours ago

    How do he knows the colors if he have never seen them?

  • Zeynep İrem
    Zeynep İrem 5 hours ago

    Me when i first learned the colors at school:

  • Cknever Dies
    Cknever Dies 5 hours ago

    I’ll be running

  • Gary Reeve
    Gary Reeve 5 hours ago

    Who the hell disliked this video this blokes a hero

  • Ronnie Keight
    Ronnie Keight 5 hours ago

    Pathetic sentences, 15 years minimum with no early release.

  • Alex Odusanya
    Alex Odusanya 5 hours ago

    So they took time off harassing people for TV licence to catch real criminals bravo

  • TCB
    TCB 5 hours ago

    Kind of Kind of Kind of

  • Like beggar Swat
    Like beggar Swat 5 hours ago

    The other dogs where trying to help I like that part and the shooting I like guns

  • Lijah
    Lijah 5 hours ago

    Wasp lift

  • Joe Lamden
    Joe Lamden 6 hours ago

    It’s interesting... these are likely the same people kicking up the most fuss about the police force being under funded.... so they create a situation where police funds need to be wasted in order to restore order to public transport where people can earn money to actually pay taxes to ultimately fund the police...

  • Snow Cookie
    Snow Cookie 6 hours ago

    She’s going to jail periodt

  • Timothy Stroud
    Timothy Stroud 6 hours ago

    She should be on the No-Fly list for life!

  • stof Nub
    stof Nub 6 hours ago

    Gang up on her and beat her up

  • Rachel Battersby
    Rachel Battersby 6 hours ago

    I know her from yrs ago,seen it coming tbh…...

  • Jrkhalifa 420
    Jrkhalifa 420 6 hours ago

    The app on the first clip is real I tried it it works~

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom 6 hours ago

    Dirty pervert

  • Candi Brim
    Candi Brim 6 hours ago

    @0:50 Cashew: heeellll no you're not gonna try that trick again. Don't speak to me

  • GN10Gaming
    GN10Gaming 6 hours ago

    That was an awesome display of drift skills! Nothing wrong with this video, just the media trying to ruin everyone's fun.

  • Sara Tars
    Sara Tars 6 hours ago

    5 years for possessing the knife? Are you for real?

  • Tiddles Jr
    Tiddles Jr 7 hours ago


  • JL Playzz
    JL Playzz 7 hours ago

    Logan paul:

  • mick jones
    mick jones 7 hours ago

    I would have shot him dead...

  • Lc95
    Lc95 7 hours ago

    Postman Nonce

  • Syri Wats
    Syri Wats 7 hours ago

    Aww this is so cute

  • Roko Klarić
    Roko Klarić 7 hours ago

    So cute

  • NotAfrogGaming
    NotAfrogGaming 7 hours ago

    Wow you spelt colour wrong in the title and the video😂

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin 7 hours ago

    It's not because she's a woman u idiots even tho it is not permissible, most saudis do it, but in such ceremonies only country leaders are greeted

  • Austeja Basyte
    Austeja Basyte 7 hours ago

    Where is your soul colour blind????

  • Marino The Natsarim
    Marino The Natsarim 7 hours ago

    Wow with names and pictures, this is something the Dutch popo must do to..

  • Sham Teal
    Sham Teal 7 hours ago

    It never use to be like this, politicians, especially Labour ones have a lot to answer for..

  • Jake Robinson
    Jake Robinson 8 hours ago

    Golden rule when dealing with Elephants: Don't approach unless you have a death wish

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master 8 hours ago

    *Logan Paul left the chat*

  • vilerrify
    vilerrify 8 hours ago

    5 años y un mes, estais flipados. Como jugáis con la vida de la gente. Servidores de mierda.

  • Flac Tha Doc
    Flac Tha Doc 8 hours ago

    Wat a wacko

  • Dre Cobain
    Dre Cobain 8 hours ago

    And they act like they care

  • Stormysmetalo Bot
    Stormysmetalo Bot 8 hours ago

    So cute

  • Mick Bailey
    Mick Bailey 8 hours ago

    Wish he had a machine gun

  • Salim Alshahab
    Salim Alshahab 8 hours ago

    How did he now what color name is because he it colourblind?

  • ItsSpecialHands
    ItsSpecialHands 8 hours ago

    Every single one of these paedos these groups catch beg. Pathetic

  • Stefan
    Stefan 9 hours ago

    Maybe they should go around and clean litter off the streets instead. The truth is, all these people are is desperate for attention.

  • الحمدلله
    الحمدلله 9 hours ago

    عندنا خذوه فغلوه 😂