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my battle..
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*WTF* Minecraft Mods
Views 5M20 days ago
The Best Update EVER!
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Club Penguin is BACK
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Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
Views 6M2 months ago
i saved SEASON 10
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this gun is cursed
Views 6M3 months ago
sorry ninja
Views 7M3 months ago
i beat NINJA in fortnite
Views 13M3 months ago
this weapon isnt fair
Views 5M3 months ago
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pretending to be THE STORM
Views 5M4 months ago
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dumb memes in SEASON 9
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  • The Bad Wolfe
    The Bad Wolfe Hour ago

    SOMEONE just saw a certain Key & Peele episode

  • Bento boy
    Bento boy Hour ago

    Im paralysed This is just to much Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • Matix 777
    Matix 777 Hour ago

    Lazar is now officially fortnite fishing king

  • II 14
    II 14 Hour ago


    MR.TICKELS Hour ago

    9:56 i cried XD

  • Name of the Rose

    No confirmation that BotChen got his money.

  • Marco Lloyd
    Marco Lloyd Hour ago

    The first goldfish looked fake as hell

  • Soria Namato
    Soria Namato Hour ago

    Yeet yeet

  • Hamish Dwyer
    Hamish Dwyer Hour ago

    Spring bucks are shit the allblacks are gonna win World Cup

  • tfayle 2004
    tfayle 2004 Hour ago

    *Has a screenshot of real footage in Fortnite* Lazar: 'No one knows if it even exists...'

  • Wildlife Encounters Global


  • Rosli h
    Rosli h Hour ago


  • TG gaming
    TG gaming Hour ago

    Boy that merch tho got to pick some up soon right

  • Alyohin Budathoki

    Im 10 so im getting older

  • Ranjita Narayan
    Ranjita Narayan Hour ago


  • Keyaan Amidzic
    Keyaan Amidzic Hour ago


  • My dick is insanely small, but

    0:48 “infact they might just disable fortnite all together”

  • Oskar Playz
    Oskar Playz Hour ago

    More minecraft plzz

  • My dad Left me
    My dad Left me Hour ago

    9:55 voice of an angel 😂

  • the shookwarrior856

    Lazars still beter

  • lil Skrred - Topic

    Ninja = Bot

  • the ninja fn
    the ninja fn Hour ago

    what a sboss

  • Natasha Rinderhagen-Douglas

    I rarely watch discovery channel But I hope this video is on the channel! 😂😂

  • Shadow StrikeS
    Shadow StrikeS Hour ago

    Lannan: *running out of merch* Me: *has no money* Also me: *cries*

  • Tuber PewDieCake

    Bot_Chen is my friend, he found tha yeet fish with lazarbeam yesterday

  • Fieslio De andrade

    Rip lettuce

  • Bchfish
    Bchfish Hour ago

    Next he has to find the shrouded ghost :)

  • MrMuffinman
    MrMuffinman Hour ago

    Lannan: Gets the ultra rare mythic fish Everyone else: 😮 Lannan: I want five.

  • Vincent McKee
    Vincent McKee Hour ago

    Fortnite: This fish is *NOT* in game Lannan: hold my not yet demonetized beverage

  • Rylan Watson
    Rylan Watson Hour ago

    Love how I legit ran past that fish in my last game thinking it was a statue

  • Geoff Man357
    Geoff Man357 Hour ago

    1:50 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • loxy YT
    loxy YT Hour ago

    1:10 Bitch please Me and my friend did the fishing only challenge and it first time And we tryed to do it again and died but lets not talk about that

  • Jack Hartley
    Jack Hartley Hour ago

    Lannan you bloody legend you are the best RU-clipr and this just proves it even more Good job mate👍

  • Andrew Dowling
    Andrew Dowling Hour ago

    Mf hingle mcCringleberry the damn legend!

  • Wawasjohn
    Wawasjohn Hour ago

    So this game has turned into Pokémon emerald aka fishing for a feebas

  • music 24 7 music

    only mistake u made is U DIDNT SAY YEET WHEN U REELED IT IN I'm very dissapointed I may want to unsubscribe

  • Ali Rezahi
    Ali Rezahi Hour ago

    Alec dungeon in minecraft

  • Proffesional gaming

    whos before 500k views

  • Hector Saura Andion


  • Johan Andersen
    Johan Andersen Hour ago

    Can you play star wars battlefront again

  • Jessica Ray
    Jessica Ray Hour ago

    Da merch is looking pretty good!👍🏿

  • R3D 666
    R3D 666 Hour ago

    303K likes pay up.

  • FuntimeSpringz
    FuntimeSpringz Hour ago

    You did a good job on polluting the ocean

  • toast Psyco killjoy

    Love all your videos 💙

  • Miguel Enrique Faustino

    For once fresh is screming and yelling

  • Viggo Juliusson
    Viggo Juliusson Hour ago

    Couldnt you just go to creative

  • Sydthepig 2010
    Sydthepig 2010 Hour ago

    Use code lazarlazar with 2 az

  • Maki Turnic
    Maki Turnic Hour ago


  • L3g1t
    L3g1t Hour ago

    Wenn der Keller überall ist... *KeInE sChWäChE zEiGeN*

  • Zyruzdhil paraiso


  • therealruski guy

    Did bot Chen actually got paid 1k

  • Gowza
    Gowza Hour ago

    Lazarbeam: telling us we were too slow to buy his merch when literally the only people buying are his viewers...😂

  • Ruth Varghese
    Ruth Varghese Hour ago

    Lannan: “ I finally found the mythic goldfish” Lannan: “And I’ll see you again.... woaaaahhhhh........with a new challenge of winning a game only using the mythic goldfish”

  • JamesTB
    JamesTB Hour ago

    Is this like the new Fortnite click bait trend Every where is go I found a golden fish😂

  • tidalsplash 18
    tidalsplash 18 Hour ago

    Back in season 6 I hit someone in the balls and it did headshot damage

  • Tom Russo
    Tom Russo Hour ago

    7:20 is when they found it

  • TheFireFrame YT
    TheFireFrame YT Hour ago

    Eat it or Yeet it

  • BlyatTuxTurtle -RTC-

    *That is the greatest Fisherman I ever seen*

  • RNG Joker
    RNG Joker Hour ago


  • overwattz
    overwattz Hour ago

    But did he get 1k

  • mogram pro
    mogram pro Hour ago

    Someone gotta get it in thier Creative Island and on a item spawner

  • RNG Joker
    RNG Joker Hour ago

    Yeet everyday

  • MrHybridAussie 3

    I love watching lazarbeams videos he makes my laugh

  • lucy lauder
    lucy lauder Hour ago

    Yeet yeet yeet

  • Ghosty_snipezz
    Ghosty_snipezz Hour ago

    Quality content

  • ØFFx Onion
    ØFFx Onion Hour ago

    I went in a game and got it my 3rd time first thing I thought of was lazarbeam

  • Anishka Hindocha


  • Jack Nicholson
    Jack Nicholson Hour ago


  • tidalsplash 18
    tidalsplash 18 Hour ago

    Back in line season 6 I hit someone in the balls and it did headshot damage

  • gaming with adan playz

    He said we found the fish but only one persone got it soo lier

  • Chill Turtle
    Chill Turtle Hour ago

    please do not torture urself making a vid on winning a game with it.

  • Christian Gavino
    Christian Gavino 2 hours ago

    Thats my name christian

  • hx player
    hx player 2 hours ago


  • BlyatTuxTurtle -RTC-

    1st stage: Shock 2 stage: sadness 3rd stage: Depression 4th stage: Even more depression 5th stage: Accept 6th stage: crazy 7th: Ahh its rewind time!

  • Heather Demarest
    Heather Demarest 2 hours ago

    Code Lazar inthe fortnite and minecraft item shop

  • WightBlade
    WightBlade 2 hours ago

    Everyone: 2019??? , 👇👇

  • Lediamondking Wiseman

    Give lazarbeam money

  • Pelican Air
    Pelican Air 2 hours ago

    What livestream does Lazar use?

  • Nick 089
    Nick 089 2 hours ago

    I have a new Challenge, Play on German!!

  • Emmett Roeder
    Emmett Roeder 2 hours ago


  • Ghost Person
    Ghost Person 2 hours ago


  • -3Rr0r 3G G4m1NG-
    -3Rr0r 3G G4m1NG- 2 hours ago

    *Clears Throat* *1 w4nT t0 sE3 f1v3 0f 3M*

  • TimmyS27
    TimmyS27 2 hours ago

    How did he run into that many bots? lmao

  • HypeDrone
    HypeDrone 2 hours ago

    Bro you are insane can I pls get a shoutout. At 1k sub I can give you a DJI spark drone.

  • Flynn w
    Flynn w 2 hours ago


  • RNG Joker
    RNG Joker 2 hours ago

    I yeeeet

  • Draggo the Maddo
    Draggo the Maddo 2 hours ago

    If your by an cat you can fart rainbows see

    LEMON LEMON BOYS 2 hours ago

    Aight let’s get Lannan to 12 mil by 2020

  • Groovy V2
    Groovy V2 2 hours ago

    Whos was watching in 480p or 360p becuse of their poor WiFi xd

  • XTwisteTD
    XTwisteTD 2 hours ago

    I got you, 7:24 thats when he gets it.

    MAGIIC 2 hours ago

    Its in a creative he could’ve just grabbed it LOL

  • cuza co nstable
    cuza co nstable 2 hours ago

    Lazarbeam: I’m inviting all my friends Doesn’t invite Elliot Elsa: LLAANNNAAN

  • jolly joker
    jolly joker 2 hours ago

    Me: this cannot be true Also me: wait, this is Lazarbeam this has to be true

  • Jacky Zhou
    Jacky Zhou 2 hours ago

    Lazarbeam your so b-b-ba-good

  • Doodlescnof
    Doodlescnof 2 hours ago

    Once i saw your video i made sure it wasnt clickbait lol

  • The MNH Show
    The MNH Show 2 hours ago

    REAL QUESTION: Can 2 spawn in one game??

  • Ollie Stuffed
    Ollie Stuffed 2 hours ago

    I Yeet my Yeet like a Yeet

  • Memes R US
    Memes R US 2 hours ago

    Ew who plays fortnite 🤮👽

  • lorenz matthew cabugoy

    Noo way