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Reaction: Saro WBC 2018
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MEGA Fluffy Slime!
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Unicorn Slime!!!!
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New video soon.....
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  • Sophia Peña
    Sophia Peña 4 months ago

    I really don’t think Lilly knew that wasabi is spicy

  • Sophia Peña
    Sophia Peña 4 months ago

    3:03 minutes into the video and I’m already laughing Morgan doesn’t want help eating her candy.. lol

  • Sophia Peña
    Sophia Peña 4 months ago

    Ohh my god Morgan in the intro LoL I love it!

  • Antonio Moreno
    Antonio Moreno 5 months ago

    the girl ended up possessed

  • OJ The Viking
    OJ The Viking 5 months ago

    Hopefully this shows them at an early age that women can be fierce warriors and that they don't have to take s-word from anybody.

  • Richard Hall
    Richard Hall 5 months ago

    Hi from the UK something for you to check out it's an all girl Japanese band called band maid these girls can really rock you might like to check out the following songs Play live Don't you tell me live Puzzle live .

  • Thomas Karnott
    Thomas Karnott 5 months ago

    Two future Metal Heads born right at this moment! Very good! 😊😉

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 5 months ago

    And thus, young metal heads begin their journey :).

  • SourCream 7
    SourCream 7 5 months ago

    Now the whole band should see this one.. 👍

  • Karmel Beatbox
    Karmel Beatbox 6 months ago

    Hey guys, I'm a beatboxer and I would love to show you guys some beatboxing stuff, just reply if you would...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Brent Manges
    Brent Manges 6 months ago

    Great reaction video

  • Paul Doerwang
    Paul Doerwang 8 months ago

    You two made this SO fun! Thank you.

  • Greg Potter
    Greg Potter 8 months ago

    I've seen more intelligence from these young girls then some folks who have watched this video...they get it and they both recognized it takes practice and skill to do what Tatiana does...have the girls check out "The Mara Effect Part 1" & then "Belcarra" from Spiritbox...have them check it out in order...Courtney LaPlante has a killer voice and vocal fry as well...

  • ItsJustMe
    ItsJustMe 8 months ago

    your dad has good taste

  • I. Rex
    I. Rex 8 months ago

    nice job ladies. thats quite a vocal roller coaster to get thrown onto blind. many full grown adults cant even handle it. but you guys did great. Tatiana would be pleased.

  • sean Hudson
    sean Hudson 8 months ago

    Good on ya Dad!

  • horrorshow3000
    horrorshow3000 8 months ago

    Great stuff here and now we need Nightwish-Ghost Love Score(live at Wacken). This is the best reaction to this tune btw, Had me laughing and giving respect to the respect they are giving to Jinger. Rock ya later

  • The_Manchurian_Candidate

    You two are just superadorable!!! (A daddy of a 6 years old :)))

  • Aghil FKR
    Aghil FKR 9 months ago

    Health tip: Never listen to loud music with one ear. It will hurt your hearing and causes headache. Use stereo headphones or speakers.

  • Doc Starbux
    Doc Starbux 9 months ago

    Keep doing reactions and I'll keep watching them. Love that you are so open minded and honest. Never be afraid to jump into something new, worst case is you don't like it and never have to hear it again... best case you find something you love. Tatiana, the singer, is so talented!

  • Yuri A.
    Yuri A. 9 months ago

    Girls see the strength coming from Tatiana and they love it

  • priest2347
    priest2347 9 months ago

    Looks like child abuse and giving these two great music taste at the same time.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 9 months ago

    so awesome i subbed

  • Martin Zapata
    Martin Zapata 9 months ago

    Great reaction girls, welcome to Nightwish Nation, enjoy the ride 😊

  • Marc Morton
    Marc Morton 9 months ago

    Hopefully the don't understand the lyrics clearly. They apparently didn't catch the words whore or rape. Then again perhaps they don't yet understand their meaning yet. When they are older and do understand those words. They'll probably wonder why there parents let them react to a video containing such words. I know I wouldn't of let my daughter do it when she was there ages. An I was a pretty liberal and progressive parent.

  • Tarmo Tyyri
    Tarmo Tyyri 9 months ago

    OMG, you are so cute & adorable, but also seem to appreciate great music like that of Nightwish. P.S. Floor wasn't singing at the beginning of the song, but two young boys from a background music track. Lead boy soprano is Guy Elliott, 2nd boy soprano is Tom Williams, courtesy of the Reigate St Mary's Choir School, Choirmaster John Tobin. P.S. I subscribed to support young talents like you.

  • Luiz Nallim
    Luiz Nallim 9 months ago

    The next ideal song for you... I WANT MY TEARS BACK-WACKEN 2013🤘

  • ICANanimations
    ICANanimations 9 months ago

    7:33 ASMR lol

  • p woudenberg
    p woudenberg 9 months ago

    good reaction! love your headbanging, but that will be easier when you get separate earphones, and then you won't be missing a single note, cause of pulling each others earbuds out!! Try Ghost love score ,Wacken '13 next for some more angelic singing. Bye bye from Holland.

  • Alan Alm Lop
    Alan Alm Lop 9 months ago

    ahahah nice reaction.

  • this_is_my_country
    this_is_my_country 9 months ago

    Thank you that was nice reaction, long song and you did it till the end. Great :)!

  • Chuck Wicker
    Chuck Wicker 9 months ago

    Great job, girls. Glad to see you both enjoying this one. The "noises" at the beginning were actually words but to be fair, it took me a while to realize that myself. I don't think y'all would not like most anything by Nightwish. I'll be following along on this journey. It does my heart good to see younger generations getting into this music. Well done, ladies.

  • Brock O'Meles
    Brock O'Meles 9 months ago

    Good reaction girls. Glad you enjoyed it. :) just so you know, the singing at the very beginning wasn’t her, it was a boy’s choir soprano soloist, recorded. :)

  • jaime rodelo
    jaime rodelo 9 months ago

    Great reaction

  • michael dougherty
    michael dougherty 9 months ago

    If you are going to keep doing reaction videos, you should both have own set of headphones. You can find a splitter to do that at dollar store. A few other songs you should check out: Nightwish - I Want my Tears Back live at Wacken 2013 Epica - Sancta Terra live from Retrospect concert After Forever - Eccentric live at Pinkpop 2004

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson 9 months ago

    From the chirp of the crickets daddy owns a bigass spider too! (you wont scare theese girls easy in the future!)

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson 9 months ago

    Sadisms against kids at its best :D (bet they got nightmares!)

    • Daniel Andersson
      Daniel Andersson 9 months ago

      From the chirp of the crickets i gather its a spider owner too his girls will be preparedwehen facing life!

  • ivan djanny
    ivan djanny 9 months ago

    I love it guys 😍

  • Jan Ottens
    Jan Ottens 9 months ago

    Don’t be afraid she said (wisphers) ha ha this is a new genaration of fan’s mark my words , love it 🥰❤️

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 9 months ago

    Practice your headbanging, ladies and pull up Storytime from Wacken...

  • Casual Carolina Fishing

    Great reaction ladies. Nightwish is an amazing band with many sounds and styles in their music. You made me smile when you said Floor Jansen's voice sounded like an angel. I've always thought the same thing. Enjoyed it very much!

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 9 months ago

    Well, that was quite zappy reaction, LOL! 🤭 I liked it! Next a little less dark song like Elan, Nemo or Storytime? 🤘😍 Rock on, girls!

    • iza
      iza 9 months ago


    • Mad Hatter
      Mad Hatter 9 months ago

      oh yes, Storytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mubbles1066
    mubbles1066 9 months ago

    Great reaction girls👍😊

  • Matt B
    Matt B 9 months ago

    Nice reaction, we’ll done girls. 👍 you should check out Devin Townsend - spirits will collide ( official video ) I think you would really enjoy the song and the video.

  • Global Cleaning Florida LLC

    Good job 👍 I enjoyed your video 👍😁

  • BunniMonster
    BunniMonster 9 months ago

    Here's a couple of performances by Dimash, his vocals are outstanding (He might be the best singer on the planet), the girls should get a kick out of it. S.O.S d'un terrien en détresse Diva Dance (From 5th Element)

  • Ronald Boers
    Ronald Boers 9 months ago

    You girls rock. You picked a great song. :-)

  • Ann Waychoff
    Ann Waychoff 9 months ago

    Great reaction girls. Your head banging is great!

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 9 months ago

    Proof that Nightwish is timeless( ageless),,,out of the mouths of babes- Beautiful- they say.

  • Grithron2
    Grithron2 9 months ago

    First Nightwish reaction - and what a place to start! But I have the feeling they weren't playing enough attention - this, song about Tuomas (the songwriter-keyboardist) contemplating suicide which takes some of its more startling imagery from an Edgar Allen Poe story (guess which one)... If the sisters are reading this - as is my habit, I have to recommend you react to something from the original Nightwish (with Tarja on vocals). Like this - - another fairly heavy lyric. And then (cue sadistic laughter) how about this:

    • jadu79
      jadu79 6 months ago

      I agree that you should read the lyrics and there is no lullaby as it is about suicide and depretion, but girls do you want to listen to a good song to react to who is of her who they lost who made him so depressed so is The Phantom Of The Opera a good song and i like and think the song The Greatest Show On Earth is a better lullaby and is about the rise of life on earth and try to listen carefully to the lyrics it is 21 minutes long

    • Marko Zec
      Marko Zec 9 months ago

      You do realize that you ask from two kids (who when you put their age together are still minors) to realize meaning of songs that even some people with big education do not get and also asking them to know of writings of EDGAR ALAN POE.... I mean there is loads of people in late 40s who never heard of him. I mean what you expect from them is above absurd.... I mean these kids were probably not even borned when Anette enter the band (let along would they care for Tarja who left band before they were even born), let them react to this music now and just enjoy thing that should be most important to them, and that thing is MUSIC not deep meanings behind it.

    • BunniMonster
      BunniMonster 9 months ago

      "they weren't playing enough attention - this, song about Tuomas (the songwriter-keyboardist) contemplating suicide which takes some of its more startling imagery from an Edgar Allen Poe story" You might be expecting a bit too much from a couple of little kids, running a channel which appears to be based around playing with slime. Also, recommending Zappa's horrific jazz? You monster..

  • Jim Harris
    Jim Harris 9 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed it girls 👍

  • Adam Blackstone
    Adam Blackstone 9 months ago

    Welcome to the Nightwish Nation!

  • Joe
    Joe 10 months ago

    Too funny! I just watched your Dad's reaction to this song, and clicked on your guys' link because I thought it would be interesting to hear a child's take on this band...and it was the same house! lol What really floored me about your reaction, was when you actually recognized how much practice it takes to master something like this...instead of making the usual, demon reference. Wow! I'm pretty sure your Dad is somewhat musical as well, because he specifically mentioned the half steps Tatianna was using in her melody, in his reaction video. I hope you are each able to find music that both inspires and motivates you to learn some theory while you are still young. Once you have a little music theory under your belts, you will be able to confidently play any genre of music on any instrument that appeals to you...And after a little studying, and training your fingers or voice, it becomes second nature, and you can just 'forget' it and play! :)

    • Dustin Allen
      Dustin Allen 5 months ago

      Who's the dad I'd like see his reaction

  • WrathchildNH
    WrathchildNH 10 months ago

    awesome to see someone raising their kids right..... keep them away from mindless pop music....

  • Sound Logic
    Sound Logic 10 months ago

    Little cuties listening to great music. Great reaction you two.

  • Vince Spartacus
    Vince Spartacus 10 months ago

    Hey sisters...don't's just a crying Mermaid, trapped by Fisherman...that all... Well done sisters & thx a lots. Salute from France...

  • Yisus Craist
    Yisus Craist 10 months ago

    Great reaction girls, you should do more reactions videos. I'm pretty sure you'll lots of views.

  • IAm TheBlurr
    IAm TheBlurr 10 months ago

    More music reactions!!! Nightwish - Ghost Love Score!!!

  • Arcade Roulette
    Arcade Roulette 10 months ago

    Probably my daughters reaction 24/7 with the music i listen to.

  • Ingo von der Lühe
    Ingo von der Lühe 10 months ago

    "these deep growls need a lot of practice" perfect,little girl gets it directly to the point.There is hope for the future...

  • Cubia Cerebrate
    Cubia Cerebrate 10 months ago

    My daughter had the same reaction, she's eight, but since then I have seen her watching the video and singing along, as best as she can. With kids like this, the future generations aren't looking so bleak.

  • ShrillChilli
    ShrillChilli 10 months ago

    Aw sweeties :-) Grouchy low voice is absolutely my favourite description of this.

  • Chuck Wicker
    Chuck Wicker 10 months ago

    This was a great video to watch. It made my heart smile inside. The girls are adorable. The 2 tone hair on the younger one is fantastic. Their reactions throughout the song were great. They get it. They followed it from start to finish and they very clearly actually enjoyed. Are they ready for more Jinjer? Maybe not just yet. They're absolutely ready for more metal. I'm with the other commenter below with some Nightwish. Romanticide, Élan, Nemo, Storytime, Alpenglow, Last Ride of the Day.. I could go on and on.. Of course the usual suspects, Ghost Love Score, Poet and the Pendulum, Greatest Show on Earth. But those are long songs and they may not be ready to do those just for that reason. But they're precious young ladies and Dad, you're doing it right. Good job

  • frostogtaake
    frostogtaake 10 months ago

    I'm gonna start calling them grouchy vocals from now on lol

  • Jeez Kult
    Jeez Kult 10 months ago

    ahahhaah so cute reaction!

  • GrizzleyBear
    GrizzleyBear 10 months ago

    Do a reaction to Me Against You by Infected Rain. I really think they would enjoy that. Trust me. That's a very fun vid (;

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker 10 months ago

    I bet one of you tried growl singing after this didn’t you?

    • Sister Crafts
      Sister Crafts 10 months ago


    • Lauchlan Mcleod
      Lauchlan Mcleod 10 months ago

      Haha i hope so in 15yrs if one of these girls leads a metal/rock band some1 message me. great parents

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker 10 months ago

    I see both girls getting it. Great reaction both of you!

  • MTG Addiction
    MTG Addiction 10 months ago

    React to behemoth: blow your trumpets gabriel 😉

  • anton notna
    anton notna 10 months ago

    Metal Heads in the making %)

  • Anthony Knight
    Anthony Knight 10 months ago

    the most cute reaction ever.... next stop baby metal megitsune please! you girls gonna love that

  • Ra No Father
    Ra No Father 10 months ago

    They both get it. The little one really gets it vocally, the other one understands the movement, beat and timing. To the parent's of these two. Well done👍

  • Tjocksnorris
    Tjocksnorris 10 months ago

    Arch Enemy next :D

  • Sheldon Cooper81
    Sheldon Cooper81 10 months ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE react to Devin Townsend s new video Genesis its really amazing and a great Song to.

  • Hikigaya Hachiman
    Hikigaya Hachiman 10 months ago

    this reaction is much mature and respectful than most of the adults reactors in this platform, big respect and love to their parents from Tokyo metalheads xD

  • michael dougherty
    michael dougherty 10 months ago

    A couple things: 1) get a splitter and a 2nd set of headphones so they both are wearing a full set 2) can you have them react to Nightwish - Ever Dream live at Wacken 2013?

  • 赤い髪のエイリアン

    Plz react to Nyango star

  • Tarmo Tyyri
    Tarmo Tyyri 10 months ago

    Kudos, future music critics. Since you're into metal now, dare I request your reaction to "Nightwish - Weak Fantasy - Lyric Video" which naturally can be found in RU-clip. Although most RU-cliprs start with reacting to their performance of "Ghost Love Score" Live at Wacken Open Air 2013, I think it might be a bit too long for you to start your Nightwish journey.

  • ravenwda007
    ravenwda007 10 months ago

    Try a more advanced song. Sons of Winter and Stars Live Rehearsal Remastered

    • ravenwda007
      ravenwda007 10 months ago

      Max Otto I know it’s crazy, but well worth it

    • Max Otto
      Max Otto 10 months ago

      ravenwda007 Hoo boy. That is a complex song

  • mark jones
    mark jones 10 months ago

    blonde girl...future metal head!!!

  • GrizzleyBear
    GrizzleyBear 11 months ago

    Women rule and so do you two! Great reaction and you liked it I'm subbed (;

  • William Luepke
    William Luepke 11 months ago

    lol there's a starwars poster behind the bassist at 5:11

  • Scott D
    Scott D 11 months ago

    Kudos to the parents for turning their kids onto REAL music 🤘👍

  • Dion Water
    Dion Water 11 months ago

    lol the little one's reaction is priceless "this is crazy I like it" hahaha awesome. I really hope these two grow up to listen to good music like this. rock on girls!

  • Swarth2300
    Swarth2300 11 months ago

    great reaction, a lot of people just yell and scream when she starts her growl for about 15 minutes about how she is satan and possessed and these young children have a very measured and much better reaction would watch more music reactions

    • ravenwda007
      ravenwda007 10 months ago

      It’s clear they’re not indoctrinated

  • Michael Plonus
    Michael Plonus 11 months ago

    Why do I recognise that Chameleon in the background? Verbal Droppings??? :-))))

  • Raul L
    Raul L 11 months ago

    Babymetal. Road of Resistence Live in Japan. Funny and crazy.

  • JuggaloJohn
    JuggaloJohn 11 months ago

    Arch enemy, Lacuna Coil, In this Moment, Leave's eyes, Nightwish, The Agonist, Halestorm, The Birthday Massacre, Cherri Bomb, Kontrust, New Years day, Band-Maid. all female Fronted (some all Female) Rock and metal Acts. may want to check them out too.

    • GrizzleyBear
      GrizzleyBear 10 months ago

      @Ger Gemini Also check out Cadaveria. Albums ( Shadows' Madame, Far Away From Conformity, and In You're Blood. ) This band has a hell of a style and she's very interesting and original. A true Italian metal band (;

    • GrizzleyBear
      GrizzleyBear 10 months ago

      @Kialynn Shipley Lena is amazing! I listen to them alot. Good call (;

    • Kialynn Shipley
      Kialynn Shipley 10 months ago

      Also Infected Rain ❤

    • MrKligson
      MrKligson 10 months ago

      @Ger Gemini I'm not John, but I'm Dutch so i maybe cheating :p Try Blackbriar ( ) or, as I said, Epica ( ). Both Dutch bands with amazing female vocalists. Floor Jansen used to play with Epica's guitarist and they're all good friends.

    • Ger Gemini
      Ger Gemini 10 months ago

      juggalo john - you seem to know your stuff....can you please recommend some simliar female lead bands to JinJer and Nightwish - Floor-Jensen - Revamp etc? i like female vocalist with a range but not only when they scream :)

  • Riff beatbox
    Riff beatbox 11 months ago

    Why did you guys stop doing Beatbox reactions??

    • Max Otto
      Max Otto 10 months ago

      Riff beatbox Cos this is better

    • Sister Crafts
      Sister Crafts 11 months ago

      We didn't stop. We just do different kinds of videos

  • Mario Mario Lemieux
    Mario Mario Lemieux 11 months ago

    BabyMetal - Karate

  • Ra No Father
    Ra No Father 11 months ago

    Around 2:25 "this is crazy. I like it" My faith in the future of humanity is restored again.

    • Austin Sherrell
      Austin Sherrell 11 months ago

      Ra No Father Same, you could tell on her face too that she really liked the song. Keep up the great work with the videos @SisterCrafts

  • 96annihilator
    96annihilator 11 months ago

    why the 10 years old girl confidently says "a low voice", while the whole u2be is flooded with the scared dudes' "SHE S A DEMON!!" cries? nice reaction.

    • I. Rex
      I. Rex 8 months ago

      @Sister Crafts oh my god they listen to In This Moment?? Please tell me they havent done a reaction video to SMB... Maybe when they get older...

    • Mario Garcia
      Mario Garcia 9 months ago

      Sister Craft's father there are these 3 sisters (19,17 & 14) years old. They have a band called The Warning. They are not scary like Jinjer jajaja, they just play rock. Check them out, maybe you can have your kids react to them, or you can do a reaction on your channel. They have 2 original albums and an EP, This song is called "Ugh"

    • Module79L
      Module79L 10 months ago

      @Sister Crafts - My hunch was right. ; )

    • Grington300 300
      Grington300 300 10 months ago

      @Sister Crafts I think they would be surprised at and like Babymetal - Ijime, Dame, Zettai (translates as bullying, no more, forever) would be a good first song - the Babymetal girls were 13, 11 and 11 when they made the official video, 16 and just turned 15 when they played Sonisphere in the UK in 2014 and closed their set on the main stage with it in front of 50-60k metalheads (most of them had no idea who they were at the time). Both videos are on the Babymetal official channel.

    • Sister Crafts
      Sister Crafts 10 months ago

      @Tommy Sedin will check it out

  • woof meow meow woof festival

    there so cute I want hug them :)

  • William Duckett
    William Duckett 11 months ago

    Lol Too cute!

  • Mtl Mike
    Mtl Mike 11 months ago

    Spirit box, perennial

    • A in a Dupuis
      A in a Dupuis 11 months ago

      Or Belcarra or Beauty Of Suffering. Electric Cross is good too.

  • jmscrft
    jmscrft 11 months ago

    8 owns

  • SicklessHell
    SicklessHell 11 months ago

    Check out Spiritbox - Belcarra

  • فضاء كاتي espacio kati

    بالتوفيق حبيباتي انا عملت 😘الواجب