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Otumfuo praises Akufo-Addo
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  • Asante Michael

    JDM all the way

    ASUNPUAGYI AKWASI 29 days ago

    After this speech u are expecting another person to give you a regional capital cheap man in action

  • Franklina Agedemeier

    This year election 😢😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Illusionz Mirage
    Illusionz Mirage Month ago

    Listen to your comments I can see that you're a fool. You speak English, but you're not educated person. John mahama who sold the country to IMF you still want him back? you're a big fool, i have no respect for you from today.

  • mo brown
    mo brown Month ago

    No body told you to collect that Aid, France is stealing 500bill from its colonies and they are paying 100 mill to aid and you are talking i like AAddo But Stop this Aid nonsense

  • Abdul Mannan Bashir

    Shut the fuck up 🤫 Age is just a number

  • Ibrahim Amadu
    Ibrahim Amadu Month ago

    We are bringing JM back👍

  • Sportsman world
    Sportsman world Month ago

    Who is this here in 2019?

  • Saintaolo
    Saintaolo 2 months ago

    Akufo Addo is focused on promoting his father's legacy to equal that of Nkrumah. No Ghanaian leader since Nkrumah can claim to match Nkrumah in charisma, character, and accomplishments. Nkrumah never profited personally from his reign as President. Akufo Addo on the other hand, is a thief and a buffoon, and his father's accomplishments made no memorable impact on Ghanaian citizens. In fact, while Nkrumah is recognized worldwide, Akufo Addo's father ( I don't even know his name) is hardly mentioned in any forum in Africa or on the global stage. The attempt to elevate his family's name without the commensurate sacrifice for the good of Ghana is bound to fail ignominiously. He occupies that office by default. Ex-President Kuffour tried to warn Ghanaians to not vote for Akufo Addo, but the warning fell on deaf ears, as usual. While discussing Akufo Addo during the campaign, Kufuor stated that "not every one can be a President". To the observant, there was little doubt who he was referring to. Ghanaians as a whole are not quick on judging dubious character. Akufo Addo worked under Kufuor who had first-hand knowledge of his ineffectiveness as a leader and administrator. The guy has never worked in any useful capacity, and has no clue when it comes to performance issues. He meanders aimlessly and tries to avoid having to produce results when needed. No wonder he is always traveling and engaging in useless meetings with others instead of working diligently on important issues.. Why do you think the Ghana economy is in shambles? Contrast his performance with Nkrumah's. The Osagyefo always personally reviewed project plans, outlined execution strategies and followed through to make sure that objectives were being achieved. This buffon occupying the President's chair is simply stealing from the national coffers to enrich his family and cronies at the expense of Ghanaians, and the public is too stupid to notice. This can only happen in Ghana, and, oh! Africa. No surprises there!

  • Abena Adepa
    Abena Adepa 2 months ago

    Nice one👍👌💃💃💃💃

  • Daniel Akuffo
    Daniel Akuffo 2 months ago

    I was here in 2019 Onaapo

  • maydate86
    maydate86 2 months ago

    It was intentionally done to sabotage.

  • miekyla mason
    miekyla mason 2 months ago

    PRESIDENT MAHAMA STAY STRONG STR💪NG 💪💪💪💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🎉🎈🎊🎊🎈🧗‍♂️🙏 STANDS UP STRONG fight the Good fight.

  • trust_ trust
    trust_ trust 3 months ago

    What's ONAAPO I don't understand 😊 ❤️

  • Doris Obuobi
    Doris Obuobi 3 months ago

    Careful if you're really a Pastor. God is watching wai

  • Doris Obuobi
    Doris Obuobi 3 months ago

    God Almighty Please Forgive Our Iniquities wai

  • vida Thompson
    vida Thompson 3 months ago

    For u we all know that you are not normal

    MIS-SRI MIFA-SRI 3 months ago

    Salut les amis je viens de la cote ivoire j’ai aimé votre musique elle me plait beaucoup si je comprends par ashanti j’aime sa kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    MIS-SRI MIFA-SRI 3 months ago

    Hi friends I come from Ivory Coast I liked your music I like it a lot if I understand it by Ashanti I like it kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Nana Malik
    Nana Malik 3 months ago

    Punk ass Ayariga

  • vida Thompson
    vida Thompson 3 months ago

    U Kennedy you are 100/ aware of the the dieth of them

  • Asiedu Charles
    Asiedu Charles 3 months ago

    2020 we go show NANA

  • Tetteh Stephen
    Tetteh Stephen 3 months ago

    2019 still!!!

  • Mathew naa
    Mathew naa 4 months ago

    Jm for 2o 2o

  • Kofi Ansu
    Kofi Ansu 4 months ago

    Npp is the most foolish party in the world , all their agenda is for next election not next generation

  • Christian Bediako
    Christian Bediako 4 months ago

    Samuel,we need good presenters like you.

  • David Ndukwe
    David Ndukwe 4 months ago


  • Joe white
    Joe white 4 months ago

    Long life Hon. Kennedy, the love is deep

  • Bayano Awiaa
    Bayano Awiaa 4 months ago

    Stand for Africa mother

  • Illusionz Mirage
    Illusionz Mirage 4 months ago

    I'm an NPP guru and will never support NDC, but truly speaking i enjoy listening to this song

  • Amaa Boatamaa
    Amaa Boatamaa 4 months ago

    Mahama 2020

  • Segbefia Blessing
    Segbefia Blessing 4 months ago

    💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃who else is dancing with me now up 👍💃💃💃💃❤️❤️

  • Solomon Danso
    Solomon Danso 4 months ago

    Your face like Tobgee

  • Loyal Ladies Worldwide

    We hijacking this song again in 2020 lol

  • Roberts k Newman
    Roberts k Newman 4 months ago

    NDC papapaaa,God bless us all.

  • LilianO
    LilianO 4 months ago

    Still listening in April 2019.🤣😂🥵

  • bjohnny002
    bjohnny002 4 months ago


  • Ibrahim John
    Ibrahim John 4 months ago

    Still enjoying the song k3k3 who else?

  • Akosua Nimo
    Akosua Nimo 5 months ago

    NDC CORRUPT and dishonest party. YOUR 8yrs on power.what actually ghanas achieved .only struggles and hardship. You took the nations money.which need for ghanaians need to be careful the way you vote.because if vote good leader is for generations to generations. And bad and corrupt leaders is for generations to generations. You talk about Europe. If their leaders are corrupt like Africa leaders who always took the nation's money after office. Do you think Europe will like Europe everyone trying to get there. Because you have nothing good for Ghanaians citizens. Rather using steal from this poor people. Very bad. And they never learnt from their mistakes.

  • Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    The music is nice.

  • Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    I don't support politics, but l want all of us to come together as Ghanaians.

  • Adade SUZZY
    Adade SUZZY 5 months ago

    Wawooo nice song may God bless you all

  • Regina Acquah
    Regina Acquah 5 months ago

    Are you a God prophet ? If Ghana colapes you also you're in 👏

  • Regina Acquah
    Regina Acquah 5 months ago

    Preach salvation not prophecy

  • Mary Twum tuma
    Mary Twum tuma 5 months ago

    Fake fake fake work of ndc people evildoers

  • Oman Ghanaba Oman ghanaba

    You cant do anything stupid idiot if you think you're man just go and do anything stupid to Mr Ken and you hear from people like will kidnap your children fool

  • Daniels Ashanti
    Daniels Ashanti 5 months ago

    Fake news products of anas

  • Anna May
    Anna May 5 months ago

    Maame Akua you talk too much are you Ken's sister?

  • Jerry SB
    Jerry SB 5 months ago

    Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha. Mi nye abofra! Me nkor biem! Ormu e gu me anim Asi. Hahahahahaha. This man really vex. At least finally he has realised he ain't a kid.

  • Amina Amina
    Amina Amina 5 months ago


  • aboaboyah ciciniko
    aboaboyah ciciniko 5 months ago

    Mahama is a dead goat

  • Elvis Mann Haben
    Elvis Mann Haben 5 months ago

    2020 elections NDC 65.4% and NPP 35.2% Allah Allah Allah Amen

  • Elvis Mann Haben
    Elvis Mann Haben 5 months ago

    May God bless president Mahama everyday and night every time for ever and ever and all NDC members in the name of Jesus Amen

  • Kennedy Ansong
    Kennedy Ansong 5 months ago

    How much Mahama gives to the country. Ghanaians learn to for get.

  • Regina Acquah
    Regina Acquah 5 months ago

    NDC are criminal from top to toe

  • Jibril A.A.
    Jibril A.A. 5 months ago

    Preach on man of God.

  • nicholas nana
    nicholas nana 5 months ago

    When are you joining your master Badu Kobi and team up with Mugabe to bring destruction to the Nation Ghana

  • Oyoo Yoyoyo
    Oyoo Yoyoyo 5 months ago

    I feel sorry for God.

  • Elvis Mann Haben
    Elvis Mann Haben 5 months ago

    the winner of the elections 2020 NDC 65.4% and NPP 45.2%in the name of Jesus Amen ***********

  • Anna May
    Anna May 6 months ago

    Pls who found them. Ken? Ken is evil, evil man God will kill Ken soon

    • Nana Boateng
      Nana Boateng 5 months ago

      God will kill you soon not Ken ok

      ISER DAKU 5 months ago

      Anna may man hidden behind this acount go and tell Kwaku Baako and that criminal Anas of yours that they will die first ofui.

    • Ernest Frimpong
      Ernest Frimpong 5 months ago

      Anna May you this ugly prostitute again? If You understand English properly, the murderer links with that foolish Anas.

    • zayaa coffie
      zayaa coffie 5 months ago

      Anna May Anna may you are foolish guy fuck your ass

  • Michael Baffoe
    Michael Baffoe 6 months ago

    Eiiiiiiii 😂😂😂😂😂😂 enemies of Kennedy Agyapong. NDC BLOGGER hahahaha

  • Anna May
    Anna May 6 months ago

    very funny

  • John Okofrobuo
    John Okofrobuo 6 months ago

    Ken God bless you n d c will never come to power

  • Doctor Owusu Kankam
    Doctor Owusu Kankam 6 months ago

    Stop writing false heading for getting many people onboard

  • Yaki Yak
    Yaki Yak 6 months ago

    Anas is evil ,corrupt guy..Nothing can change our minds..We've seen it with our eyes ...Ken did not mean what u guys trying to portray ...Get away 3rd World media

  • Emmanuel Fynn
    Emmanuel Fynn 6 months ago

    Next president of Ghana Kennedy Agyapong.

  • Surakah Salassy
    Surakah Salassy 6 months ago

    This man thinks he's smarter than everybody see mumu just because your party refused to give you a contract you come out talking nonsense about ndc are they not human beens stupid foolish man like that, that's what you people are doing both npp and ndc that's why we the youth are jobless greedy politicians God watching you people.

  • Solomon Amoah
    Solomon Amoah 6 months ago

    I just love this MAN

  • Ennumh Ebenezer
    Ennumh Ebenezer 6 months ago

    .!thank u my boss u are right

  • Game man Kumasi
    Game man Kumasi 6 months ago

    Hmm am speechless 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷Game man Kumasi

  • Emmanuel Atumboe
    Emmanuel Atumboe 6 months ago

    I like that

  • Christian Bediako
    Christian Bediako 6 months ago

    Anna May,you are sorry to say the crazy woman.Shame on you.

  • Joel forson
    Joel forson 6 months ago

    Aka aka mr ndum, bad ground papa nana addo

  • bas bas
    bas bas 6 months ago

    Paa Kwesi Ndoom you are highly respected in Ghana(society ) plz be polite for what you say to maintain your dignity. if I were you I will apologise to H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akofu Addo nd ask God Almighty for forgiveness

  • Samuel Adjei Okoe
    Samuel Adjei Okoe 6 months ago

    God Save Ghana

  • Amadou Sawadogo
    Amadou Sawadogo 6 months ago

    short man devil.america would never allowed short man to be president never

  • Seth Rich
    Seth Rich 6 months ago

    Akufools is wicked than DEMON

  • Samuel Okyere
    Samuel Okyere 6 months ago

    Stop this nonsense......Every one regardless of party affiliation should have the right to work

  • Kingsley Addai
    Kingsley Addai 6 months ago

    I respected Ndom but not now. Are u insulting short men in Ghana?


    Cheap journalist who take words out of context. YOU think Nduom is so dumb to make such a stupid statement?

  • aboaboyah ciciniko
    aboaboyah ciciniko 6 months ago

    Great and brave man, honorable ken

  • clifford asuah
    clifford asuah 6 months ago

    He is a respectful person and I don't think he can say that

  • Kobla Kartey-corsy
    Kobla Kartey-corsy 6 months ago

    Ndc fuo ye edjuma wo airport . R they not Ghanaians, or u expect them to stay home with their qualifications and employ uncertified Npp boys ? Ridiculous, and this dumb head claim he lived in America, and some fools want this trash head to be a president . Only ur dumb villagers will have u to represent them in parliament.

  • Adade SUZZY
    Adade SUZZY 6 months ago

    J.m all the way may God bless you all NdC membership love you all

  • Adade SUZZY
    Adade SUZZY 6 months ago

    J.m all the way may God bless you all

  • frank jason associates inc

    Ken there was equity eg hipic, petroleum etc

  • NaNa One
    NaNa One 6 months ago

    Masa I like u but I will vote u talk too much

  • Darko Sebastian
    Darko Sebastian 6 months ago

    Play Ndoum's voice to ascertain the gospel truth about what you claimed Ndoum has said.

  • Emmanuel Ansah
    Emmanuel Ansah 6 months ago

    Paa kwasi or what your money is fake you can be a President in Ghana just leave Akufo Addo because you are very jealous of Nana Addo. Akua donko want you .

  • maxwell appiah
    maxwell appiah 6 months ago

    Sergio was short man as bad motherfucker

  • Ernest Frimpong
    Ernest Frimpong 6 months ago

    This is stupidity and nonsensical, don't you have short people in your family? nonentities.

  • Eric Arthur
    Eric Arthur 6 months ago

    This is crazy, business has nothing to do with sizes of men, He served in Kuffour government, what did he do to help businesses in Ghana.

  • Radient Way
    Radient Way 6 months ago

    Ken is a saint to Ghana but ghanaians have problem with what is good and bad ! Ken and Avram Bin Moshe are my mentor!

  • Verona Verona
    Verona Verona 6 months ago


  • Verona Verona
    Verona Verona 6 months ago


  • agya Owusu
    agya Owusu 6 months ago

    Infact Kennedy agyapong is over reacting too much and his behavior will drug we npp back to opposition and they need to sit him down and make him aware that he is not the only person in npp.whats that supposed to mean?we suffered to come back in power and this man is gradually sinking the party. I will tell my family back home in Ghana not to even vote on that very day because of him.

    • Eric Arthur
      Eric Arthur 6 months ago

      Ken is saying the truth, NPP should thank God for giving them (NPP) somebody like him, look he is the only politician who comes out to tell his own party or government the truth in the open and the flowing voter likes that, NDC don't have somebody like that, and this is what NPP have over NDC.

  • Fati Arkorful
    Fati Arkorful 6 months ago

    Fake news 👈

  • Maame Alima
    Maame Alima 6 months ago

    Did the one who creates this TV been in school before? Because of little coins they want from RU-clip they don't even check their grammar they type.

  • Goodness Forever
    Goodness Forever 6 months ago

    They should also fear ugly men like you

    • Ad Do
      Ad Do 6 months ago

      Oh little minded Ndum you are idiot

  • odum Abass
    odum Abass 6 months ago

    Eii GOD is always GOD