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  • Stefan Olausson
    Stefan Olausson 2 minutes ago

    Why do star wars fans hate star wars? Rouge one and Solo whare ok movies. The problem is, this isent 1980 and we are not 6 years old, and we will never se a star wars as we did then... But the kids of to day might.

  • KrautGoesWild
    KrautGoesWild 7 minutes ago

    True Star Wars Fans - especially those with it since the beginning, like me - will watch the movie anyway, no matter what the critics, self-proclaimed critics, SJWs and other professional joy-of-life killers say.

  • boba fetta-cheese
    boba fetta-cheese 8 minutes ago

    George Lucas biggest mistake was definitely choosing kathleen kennedy, so sad...

  • TNT46
    TNT46 11 minutes ago

    The hacks at Disney will never get this right and here’s why. Star Wars is about love, hate, conflict, betrayal, success, failure, dark twists, the hero’s journey and the complicated complexity of family (or strong relationships) set to a space opera guided by mystical energy called the force. Special effects are nice but the other components are extremely critical for a Star Wars movie to succeed long term. For some reason Disney thinks all you need are some space ships, glowing sticks, bad guys, good guys and people will just blindly shell out money. this is why they’re doomed to failure.

  • Er Sturdevant
    Er Sturdevant 11 minutes ago

    This is "Highlander 2." Planet Zeist, anyone?

  • pashaofstuttgart
    pashaofstuttgart 14 minutes ago

    Excellent big pic recap!

  • navylaks2
    navylaks2 14 minutes ago

    If Kevin Feigi put's Brie Larson in star wars then the franhise is truly dead

  • Thomas Godwin
    Thomas Godwin 15 minutes ago

    Disney butchered our modern cultural mythos it's like Disney bought the Mona Lisa and painted a moustache on her

  • Aikurisu
    Aikurisu 15 minutes ago

    'Reshoot Kennedy' was the worst thing to happen to Star Wars. Everything else just followed after her blighted steps.

  • Jeremy  Starr
    Jeremy Starr 16 minutes ago

    They had the biggest franchise in history, with a nearly unlimited amount of source material. Having said that, they went their own corperate/identity politics driven way and completely destroyed it. They lost me with TFA. It killed the Extended Universe AND all accomplishments of the OT. Everyone that has died for the Rebel Alliance has died for absolutely nothing. I hope this movie flops. If fuckers would speak with their wallets, we could have a cool world again. #929

  • ManLikeNaz
    ManLikeNaz 19 minutes ago

    It's really stupid to say because it hasn't inspired violence in it's first week that the concern is all fake. I loved the movie but incel/right wing terror is a real threat. I think linking this film to that threat this heavily is dumb but again saying no violence in the first week means it will never inspire violence is equally short sighted.

  • EzLynx
    EzLynx 20 minutes ago

    I don't dislike ''Solo'' but i understand why it failed

  • HuzzahGamers
    HuzzahGamers 21 minute ago

    It would take a miracle to fix the now broken franchise. They should have never killed off Luke, and they most certainly should never have made him into such a coward and lost hope. It was disgraceful.

  • The Kiek
    The Kiek 21 minute ago

    Learned something new today 😁 "Nein to Nine!"

  • Xell1987
    Xell1987 23 minutes ago

    if you look how much source material Marvel and Lucasfilms have (Expanded Universe) it's kinda laughable that Disney only had to pay 4 Billion each I hope this entire Disney EU will crash, we will have the old EU to enjoy (and as much as i hate EA, their Star Wars MMO is better to continue the Star Wars legacy then Disney ever will)

  • Jeffrey Richards
    Jeffrey Richards 26 minutes ago

    1. Luke was needed to have a heroic showing that fallowed his character in the first 3 movies and if he was going to have a death it should have been big heroic and self sacrificing. 2.Your new main protagonist has to have background explained or have it reviled within the first two films and she or he needs to have many hardships to humanize them and failure in some form for Luke he lost his hand in his first saber fight not only that but he was overwhelmed completely as well and then the biggest reveal of all time nothing has ever topped it Luke I am your father... 3.Finn started out so good and quickly his arc dropped like a rock tossed into a river made a good splash but then it was over every character that is going to be a main focused should have a good arc that is going to last for 3 movies and yes I would have gone with the fact he was force sensitive and the pain of people dyeing around him hit him hard and made I would have him sitting there tethering between light and dark 4. Kights of ren I would have wrote in as traitors to Luke and his family I would have had rey been a set of twins one was taken while some big fight broke out and ben would be her cousin we could have seen Mara jade in the first two movies as Lukes wife her back story could be told in flash backs as how they came to be and then between episodes 7 and 8 a cartoon could be made just to show a more in-depth view of it and the movies could be them coming face to face with a turned Rey who is extremely powerful and she runs into finn and they hit it off and she teaches him we see a goodness here showing she still has light but will it be enough to bring her from the depths of darkness she is in all this time the traitors of the knights of ren could have darth plagues as a behind the curtain revived with his mastery of healing prolonged life and resurrection by having the ability to force absorb the very life energy from others and so on so forth.

  • Ben Rai
    Ben Rai 27 minutes ago

    The fact Leia,Luke and Han didn't share any scenes in this new trilogy alone is enough Disney Star Wars is dead to me. Let alone everything else.

  • atomiswave1971
    atomiswave1971 31 minute ago

    If star wars was good people under the age of 40 would be watching it. Its obvious to me that nobody knew what made the original trilogy successful.

  • javy sto
    javy sto 31 minute ago

    Don't worry Fiege has already confirmed SJW Captain Cunt herself Brie will be part of that universe

  • TheFineBooksLover
    TheFineBooksLover 31 minute ago

    There's no end to butthurt fanboys complaining. The good thing is general audience (99% of the market) doesn't care.

  • Effendi Chung
    Effendi Chung 34 minutes ago

    If disney gone through with capn marvie, even marvel would succumb.

  • Darth Plagueis
    Darth Plagueis 34 minutes ago

    It only proves that feminists like Kennedy, and perhaps in general, that think they are empowered simply by the fact that they are women are catastrophic for everything they touch. Not only in movies but also in politics and for western civilization. They are basically useless ignorant wahhhmen that shouldn't even have the right to vote.

  • Jammy
    Jammy 35 minutes ago

    The worst thing Disney has done to Star Wars is hand over the rights to make SW games to EA. I dont think there has honestly been a bad mainline Star Wars movie since Attack of the Clones.

  • Paddy Loch
    Paddy Loch 46 minutes ago

    they should have just kept their promise to treat the original characters with respect

    JUST A FAN 51 minute ago

    Steve jobs alive: made 10 years kids suffer in his factories in china. Steve jobs dead: made star wars fans suffer. *perfectly balanced*

  • Kenro Saidso
    Kenro Saidso 51 minute ago

    people like kennedy is the problem with this situation and every other problem in this country. You can obviously c that kennedy is a heartless piece of trash. her heart is full of GREED. she doesnt think about anyone but her self and is willing to even throw who own families future down the drain just for a big payday.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 53 minutes ago

    LUCAS: I need someone to represent my vision in Disney...(throws a Pokeball to the ground then appears Kathleen Kennedy) LUKE SKYWALKER: There is a disturbance in the Force! HAN SOLO: I have a bad feeling about this. CHEWBACCA:. Nggoooorrrrrr!!!!

  • Free Bee
    Free Bee 55 minutes ago

    Im boycotting these disney star wars movies

  • Søren Svarrer
    Søren Svarrer 57 minutes ago

    If we have gotten the same fierce Leia as a character again, would fans have loved that, or hated it in misbelief that it had something to do with a feminist agenda? I'm not defending Kathleens choices, but the original triology have always been somewhat progressive in terms of writing and cast. For me personally i agree with Lucas, the reason the new Star Wars Franchise sucks is because the writing and the story overall is one big copy/paste crap.

  • Dragan Blastovicz
    Dragan Blastovicz 57 minutes ago

    If your try to please everyone, nobody will like it. Murphy

  • Krytikal
    Krytikal 59 minutes ago

    You get it nooow Paul Feeeig???

  • Churn Blanston
    Churn Blanston Hour ago

    Haters gonna hate

  • Jesse Bond
    Jesse Bond Hour ago

    It sounds like Disney expected the Star Wars series to be an automatic win for audiences considering its place in pop culture and cinema - but audiences could tell, right from the word go, that these films were fake. It was a corporate decision to continue the franchise, not because someone had a burning desire to tell a new story or continue the series. That is how these films are fake.

  • Marc Elliott
    Marc Elliott Hour ago

    I will simply not be seeing it. After Last Jedi, it just won't happen.

  • Jonny English
    Jonny English Hour ago

    In all seriousness tho i don;t know why people are complaining I think the new Star Wars movies are the best yet. Only one that sucks is Episode 1 Kill jarr jarr for us please if you ever do a remake.

  • Jonny English
    Jonny English Hour ago

    The marvel movies are BS. Star Wars is real. I had friends on that deathstar !

  • Retro dealer 64#

    If they kill Ray the whole world will come back. Damn! sjw AKA Mary Sue.

  • Alex Baldwin
    Alex Baldwin Hour ago

    It's crazy that the Star Wars license wasn't worth more than Marvel alone. I'd never thought about the whole pipeline and production side of it, knowing that Disney themselves had to put everyone in there and make the movies from scratch is interesting, fundamental issues. Such a great video, thank you.

  • Scott Whatever
    Scott Whatever Hour ago

    If Disney want to save itself and SW, it will have to disavow publicly Episodes 7 and 8, fire Kennedy PUBLICLY, and hire a competent team to create SW flicks that won't get into wish fulfillment/Mary Sue nonsense. Dismantle the Galaxy's Edge, it's worthless. Expunge everything JJ Abrams had his hands in, and never hire the man again. He's a failure.

  • Geo Logic
    Geo Logic Hour ago


  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones Hour ago

    I like episode 8 and I'm not sorry. There are StarWars fans, then there are sh*t brained, whiny Trolls. If you are a sh*t brained Troll, burn your merch (Irony. You spent money on it lol) stay the hell away from the the theaters so I can enjoy episode 9 without a sh*t brained Troll stinking the place up. Go find something else to bitch about. You are not fans. I'm tired of fake fans bitching about how superior their ummmm... educated opinion is. I'm tired of people claiming no one should like episode 8. You're all armchair directors pretending to speak for everyone. But I get it. You know best. Because you all totally have made blockbuster movies too. Right? RIGHT? No? lol. Dumb. All this time crying about a franchise you were a fan of until ONE movie made you mad. Made some of you cry? You were a fan of StarWars but no more. Sad. Get over it. Move on. Shut up. Let me enjoy it. Shut up. Viva, Cathleen Kennedy! Viva, StarWars Disney. Viva Rian Johnson! Oops. I just pissed some of you off to the point of strokes lol. Jesus Christ!

  • Colin Denhart
    Colin Denhart Hour ago

    Disney has been too concerned with trying to make the new Star Wars a derivative of sci-fi fantasy action adventure series that have been successful in recent years (i.e. Hunger Games, Harry Potter) instead of doing something original and innovative with the films, not realizing that Star Wars is supposed to be the trendsetter and not the off-brand version of another franchise.

  • Retro dealer 64#

    And they better not kill chewy and C-3PO or R--2 because they killed everybody else. Thay are the last remaining original characters.

  • Geo Logic
    Geo Logic Hour ago

    I will be cursing Kathleen Kennedy for the rest of my life, I will spit in her direction if I ever see her.

  • Retro dealer 64#

    The damage is done Disney destroyed Star Wars. Since Force awakens in my opinion. There for this movie will fail like the rest of them. Farewell Star Wars R O T Jedi was the last decent movie they made.

  • Clay3613
    Clay3613 Hour ago

    How the fuck did they fail? They made billions and billions?

  • boxingjerapah
    boxingjerapah Hour ago

    It's just getting embarrassing now. Put it out of its misery. Please.

  • Themaxleydog
    Themaxleydog Hour ago

    I didn't really have a problem with any of the new starwars movies idk why other people are so overly critical of them.

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan Hour ago

    This explains a lot! Great job, guys!

  • Winston Sol
    Winston Sol Hour ago

    Two things killed the franchise: 1) leftist political propagandizing 2) Total destruction of the lore. Most critically, the Force was turned into an X-men power rather than a learned skill and exercise in spirituality. Equally bad, they treated the light side as if it was something that could tempt you (Kylo). That’s just not how it works. They also ignored the character arcs and events of previous movies, destroying beloved characters in the process. They also misunderstand the mythological basis for the story and characters. On a production level, they pumped out paint by numbers, incoherent garbage with no real story. Then they allowed the shill media to call the critical fans racist, sexist, and manbabies...because we didn’t enjoy the schlock propaganda they were shoveling. The problem they face in the future isn’t just about the quality of these movies. The sequels have irrevocably destroyed the concept of the Force. ANYTHING they produce that embraces the sequels will automatically be just plain wrong. Without decanonizing them, which they’d never do, the franchise is going to bleed fans. Why? Because it’s not Star Wars without the Force, and whatever the sequels have...it’s not the Force. It’s over.

  • David Coutts
    David Coutts Hour ago

    It's ironic. JJ could save Palpatine from death, but not the Star Wars franchise.

  • Brandon Knight
    Brandon Knight Hour ago

    What is sad about this whole mess is that George Lucas worst dream came true, the day he would loose control over star wars, Kennedy's success was created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, she could have shown respect to George Lucas by standing by his side, hell Jar Jar Abrams should have shown respect to him since that Abrams was mentored by Spielberg, if only Dave Filoni was put in position to keep the candle of the flame for star wars lite and protected since he was mentored by George Lucas and is a true star wars fan, he made 2 good series clone wars and rebels, Dave Filoni has the heart and soul of star wars not Kennedy, maybe A New Hope lies in the Mandalorian, if Filoni can bring back star wars then the dark times are over, it's funny Lucas once said he wanted to destroy the corporations so films can be free to be made the way they should be made without interference, but one day he became a corporation and became the monster he saught to destroy, he became just like Darth Vader, I hope there is hope for star wars because I love star wars, it is a big part of my life, I grew up with no father and never knew him and Luke Skywalker life and journey was very similar to mine, I would find out stuff about my father later in life just like Luke, plus it showed me what great talent and imagination can do and create, I may not see The Rise of Skywalker but I will always keep hope for star wars, may the force be with you.

  • Repair Man
    Repair Man Hour ago

    Kennedy just rode the coattails of two great men to her perch at the top of Lucasfilm. Her insecurity at this realization is the reason for the identity politics push into Star Wars. Feige wearing the Captain misandry hat doesn’t provide much new hope.

  • mark davis
    mark davis Hour ago

    Jared leto and leslie Jones are both salty as fuck and the world keeps turning lol.

  • Green Green
    Green Green Hour ago

    Good. Don't go see it. One less A-hole in the movie theater when the rest of us are having fun.

  • Eliza Mills
    Eliza Mills Hour ago

    if you build it he will come. the mcu and pixar work because they make good movies.

    AKSHU DHAVALA Hour ago

    Reshoots are normal. That’s all I’ll say

  • Scott Whatever
    Scott Whatever Hour ago

    SLIGHT PROBLEM THERE, MIDNIGHT! Disney is in the process of failing the MCU. What do you think Thor Love and Thunder is supposed to be, if not a failure in the making? And that's not the only bit of woke bull/horrible writing and directing Disney has coming up, and you know it. BTW, JJ Abrams only knows how to copy what has gone before, but do so badly. He has no talent or ability, no competency at all.

  • Vincent Keith
    Vincent Keith Hour ago

    If Feige wasn't responsible for Bree and the SJW swing in Marvel - he certainly let it happen. Does he understand what's killing Marvel comics? does he understand what kind of failure SJW Marvel will become? If so, then maybe he can find the right people to make new Star Wars shows & movies. He's gone one shot - find people who understand storytelling and character development and tell them to keep the identity politics out. If he fails at that then Marvel, Star Wars and Disney are going to all fail together.

  • Creator's Remorse

    Brilliant, sharp and unapologetic video. Loved it. <3

  • Rotten to the Core!

    I'm 40 and an OT fan, but I'll refer to Gen. Grievous when addressing Disney: 'you must realise you are doomed!'

  • Thomas Haigh
    Thomas Haigh Hour ago

    Marvel was planned, with star wars they were winging it

  • JStarStar00
    JStarStar00 Hour ago

    Rose is now a fat loser

  • Richard Cabeza
    Richard Cabeza Hour ago

    The last movie was a confusing mess. Nothing made sense in terms of what is allowed in Star Wars. More confusing than that one time R2-D2 flew....

  • yomofoindahouse
    yomofoindahouse Hour ago

    I think Kathleen always had Disney behind her back during the deal. Disney knew that Lucas would trust Kathleen and employed her long before starting the negotiations with Lucas. She always was on Disney side, that was the whole point. And Lucas was too naïve to trust Kathleen Kennedy.

  • MattDeMille
    MattDeMille Hour ago

    They should have listened to me. Kennedy shared the stage with me at AFI commencement. She is my honorary grad. I did my thesis on Lucasfilm. My fiance worked at Disney. Then Mickey came calling in 2011 . . . and I was too toxic white and straight of a man for Hellywood. Met the cults. The commies. The pedophiles. Oh, they're real. Had blackmail on KK but nobody would listen to me. Was going to be married in Disneyland after building GE properly . . . naught to be, because nobody would listen to me. Told you all in 2012 what was going to happen to Star Wars under Disney, and I was 1,000% accurate. Too bad nobody listens to me to this day. There is so much more damage that can be done. You fools have o idea what hellywood really is all about.

  • Jimmy Jams
    Jimmy Jams Hour ago

    Star Wars is just boring now. I’m sorry to say.

  • Dustin Barlow
    Dustin Barlow Hour ago

    6:00 Jesus I have never seen a more miserable looking man.... I feel like this may be the one instance getting a hooker and a large amount of drugs may actually help.

  • WorldhasLostthePlot

    What? People were actually going to see this film?

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D Hour ago

    "All of the great movies Kathleen Kennedy worked on were either written by Lucas, directed by Spielberg, or both." Wow, I guess it sucks to be Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Gremlins, The Sixth Sense, or Cape Fear. Whatever happened to that Scorsese guy?

  • Take Off Your Blinkers

    6:28 Captain marvel theatres 🤣

  • Francisco Gomez
    Francisco Gomez Hour ago

    It's best to stay as a cartoon than live action. If anything Disney should have the rights to make it a live action film since they have all the money.

  • ze pod
    ze pod Hour ago

    It couldn't be worse than the original movie!!

  • greenlantern2813
    greenlantern2813 2 hours ago

    I'm not gonna bother seeing it but I'm sure it's still gonna make money cause even though a lot of fans hated TLJ they might go see it out of curiosity.

  • Patrick Maguire
    Patrick Maguire 2 hours ago

    I have a serious question: why do high-budget films and TV shows often struggle with logical and internally-consistent plots? There are so many great novels that come out each year - look at the Hugo and Nebula award winners - that seem to have fewer plot holes and questionable devices than films. There are some brilliantly-talented screenwriters, so what is it about the process of screenwriting that leaves internal logic to be less-valued? Genuinely, why not hire someone to do something like Cinema Sins internally, and rework the script until all the major parts make good sense and seem logical?

  • Kardboard Kenny
    Kardboard Kenny 2 hours ago

    in other words, Resting Bitch Face gives the best head in hollyweird.

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew 2 hours ago

    I appreciate the narrator of these videos is making an effort to be clear and concise in his speaking, but his enunciation and inflection is so predictable and boring it makes me want to stop watching after like 2 minutes

  • ståle hansen
    ståle hansen 2 hours ago


  • Luiz Palombini
    Luiz Palombini 2 hours ago

    *FAIRY TALE VS LEGEND* - "Its an ok movie but a bad Star Wars movie" *Bulshit.* Both Force Awakens and Last Jedi are bad. . *They mixed a Fairy Tale story frame with a Legend story frame. It does not work that way.* . The fairy tale is more minimalistic and the Legend is closer to reality. . Fairy tales are more like dreams and Legends are more like Fishermen tales (the fish is always big but more or less based on reality). . Fairy tales characters are one dimensional and Legend characters are complex and paradoxal. . In other words Disney made a mess. *At least the prequels did not hurt the Legend story frame work.* . The only thing fairy tale like from the OT was the opening title "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away". Star Wars was 99% a Legend story framework (like La Morte d´Arthur). . Force Awakens and Last Jedi are like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is why the movies is a mess. You cannot ride two horses at the same time. Pick your audience. . Force Awakens tryed to have the same feel by copying the same plot points but failed the Hero´s Journey and the Legend frame work of story telling. . This mistake was abbysmal. *Plot points and the monomyth are completely different things. Plot points are infinite and the monomyth is always the same (see Joseph Campbell and the Hero with a thousand faces).* . Rules that you should never break: . Cinema > Brand. Monomyth > Brand. . Disney was trying to subvert the two equations above and failed because it is impossible to subvert some things like the Monomyth. The master figure already is the subversive element. The master is never what you expect.

  • Evilsdemise
    Evilsdemise 2 hours ago

    Brilliant video!

  • oneraceonedestiny
    oneraceonedestiny 2 hours ago

    Disney: Fulfill your destiny, and take your place at my side.... Me: Never. (Flicks wrist) (shakes head). I'll never turn to the dark side. You've failed, Kennedy, I'm a Star Wars fan, like my father before me...

  • martin mucha
    martin mucha 2 hours ago

    great content, this videos are amazing. thx

  • Jon Scott
    Jon Scott 2 hours ago

    I can’t take seriously any video which claims Lucas is among the greatest film makers of all time. He’s amongst the greatest toy salesmen of all time for sure, but Lucas is not a great film maker. Of the 4 Star Wars films he actually directed, only one is actually good. He’s a serial fantasist who takes credit for other people’s work. It’s the art direction, the effects and the charisma of the original cast which made Star Wars great, not Lucas’s pedestrian direction or his pitiful attempts at writing dialogue. I cringe every time Lucas claims he had it all planned out from the start, which is demonstrably not true. In short, Lucas is a B movie director who got lucky. The cult of Lucas’ supposed genius is pathetic.

  • AlexeiVoronin
    AlexeiVoronin 2 hours ago

    The movie will be very successful, and this moronic video will become a classic example of "this has not aged well" in December.

  • DitsyCityKitty
    DitsyCityKitty 2 hours ago

    Interesting. Wonder what Steve Jobs would have thought of this whole mess. Thanks, Rob. :)

  • Frank Zappa
    Frank Zappa 2 hours ago

    the Hatred 'Han Solo' received obviously came from the leftover backlash from 'The Last Jedi' especially when there's only 6 months between the two of them, fans were still bitter when Rian Johnson stomped all over the franchise, dividing its fans, it's really not about feminism, it's about Disney violently milking the Star Wars franchise and hiring young and unproven writers and directors because Disney doesn't want to spend more money on renowned and proven directors just to make a profit.

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe
    Harry Kiralfy Broe 2 hours ago

    Get woke go broke.

  • Rick Kuhn
    Rick Kuhn 2 hours ago

    Let it die!!!!!

  • Aya Reiko
    Aya Reiko 2 hours ago

    Remember kids; This is what you get when you trust the "vision" of someone who thought "Han doesn't shoot first" was a great idea and also made the Prequel Trilogy.

    • zoompt 1975
      zoompt 1975 2 hours ago

      This was already rotten there, Indeed

  • Skally The Wag
    Skally The Wag 2 hours ago

    The Social Justice element was a big turn off for me.

  • 3DMaster
    3DMaster 2 hours ago

    Disney didn't succeed with Mavel, Marvel succeeded with Marvel; Disney bought Marvel after it had already succeeded and then were just hands off.

  • SpectreTheHorseman
    SpectreTheHorseman 2 hours ago

    Woman, Loyalty? LMAO

  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 2 hours ago

    Schumer who talks about her vag and is focused on her body in her jokes is NOT the role model I want for my daughter(if I had one). It's not about her looks either it's her attitude, joke stealing and overall not good at her job. I'd rather girls watch Mr. Rogers for a role model. Way more to gain from him then 80-90% of the current females in Entertainment across the board......combined. Sorry Feminists.

  • Darren Cottam
    Darren Cottam 2 hours ago

    Luke Mickey mouse is your father.

  • Big Rick
    Big Rick 2 hours ago

    WB has no idea what's going on. With the Jokers success they are even more confused.

  • Rafael Arzate
    Rafael Arzate 2 hours ago

    Today is the day I still haven't seen Solo and I still dont care. I'm still mad for what Disney did to Luke. The failure is female.

  • yohannbiimu
    yohannbiimu 2 hours ago

    It isn't about telling compelling stories with great characterization with Disney anymore (and, it hasn't been that way for a long time), it is making money, full-stop. Idiots will fall for that but they can't hope to succeed in the long run.

  • djkazaz
    djkazaz 2 hours ago

    Very interesting ideas, it seems pretty insightful. But I don't get the notion that Loukas installed Kennedy as Chairperson to keep some creative influence. Why not make it part of the deal to be Chairman himself?

  • TheRubenLopez
    TheRubenLopez 2 hours ago

    Very nice. I think all of the original Star Wars #Toys have recently DOUBLE in #value because #Disney RUINED the STAR WARS series / saga. How can you share the Star Wars experience when Mickey BOUGHT everything up and they have little creativity/ originality.

  • betty lynch
    betty lynch 2 hours ago

    You know you can still love the original trilogy and hate the Disney trilogy