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  • Craig Eager
    Craig Eager 4 months ago

    That smile the girl did as she watched her friends stroking her legs gets me every time

  • Ольга Теслюк

    What's music?

  • gav omes
    gav omes Year ago

    All the way up

  • 227060
    227060 2 years ago

    Holy shit this video is old. This was put up in the early days of youtube and before Sopranos even finished

  • RC castle
    RC castle 3 years ago

    OMG those were the best days! Nowadays it's all manufactured BS

  • Rotty Hockstatter
    Rotty Hockstatter 3 years ago

    Happy with show instead

  • Matthewnsea
    Matthewnsea 4 years ago

    this video just exudes S-E-X, and dats a gud thang

  • jayme murphy
    jayme murphy 4 years ago

    Anyone know the episode when Rick Gomez punches someone ?

  • Retrosta
    Retrosta 6 years ago

    "Nice shot love!"

  • Melissa Carthage
    Melissa Carthage 6 years ago

    Im so jealous of her i wish i could make people lesbians

  • ecroxsandoz
    ecroxsandoz 6 years ago

    Dat cigar !

  • gman84
    gman84 6 years ago

    I think if it was 2 men rubbing her legs people would have complained.

  • Tactical63
    Tactical63 7 years ago

    I am blaming Betty that I am heterosexual! Great great music and what a woman!

  • Iris
    Iris 7 years ago

    I like very much this movie ...

  • didine di
    didine di 7 years ago

    pourrais vous me dire quelle est le titre de cette chanson

  • Rohit Dev
    Rohit Dev 7 years ago

    thanks man

  • 16fostej
    16fostej 7 years ago

    Yeah they probably want to borrow a cup of sugar...ah

  • MrScopal
    MrScopal 7 years ago


  • TipTailorTop
    TipTailorTop 7 years ago

    The only Lip Service they showed was Frankie. Bummer.

  • Pak Wong
    Pak Wong 7 years ago

    After the show was over, hopefully there would be TV film of "Ghost Whisperer" in Syfy Network & Jennifer Love Hewitt will reprise her role in the movie!

  • Squee Gee
    Squee Gee 8 years ago

    No wonder she's a druggie, I would do drugs too if I couldn't step outside without having a lamprey yell my name.

  • joru ghulam
    joru ghulam 8 years ago

    At 2:22

  • JagoFettNZ
    JagoFettNZ 8 years ago

    @FILABJBOY Hey !!! Thats in MY dreams nigga !! get your own dreams ! :)

  • KingCharltonHeston
    KingCharltonHeston 8 years ago

    @Vendettastarter It is a priceless overview.

  • kitsundesu
    kitsundesu 8 years ago

    Unfortunately, a trailer friendly quote is not what I'm looking for. DOES ANYBODY HAVE THE SOUND CLIP "YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE A VIRGIN, DO YOU?" I neeeed it and I can't find it anywhere!! TT_TT

  • skinfan jay
    skinfan jay 8 years ago

    awesome suckable feet DAMN HOW EROTIC

  • Alec JC
    Alec JC 8 years ago

    Thank god we in NZ got the Beatmasters version to this! What a waste of Alison's fuckable hot looks!!

  • eon Thomas
    eon Thomas 8 years ago

    boo is a legend...

  • FuckingHateTwilight
    FuckingHateTwilight 8 years ago

    lindsay lohan is pretty good, she could become the WBC champion of the world.

  • Danny O'Brien
    Danny O'Brien 8 years ago

    Dickson's mimicry of Patrick Allen is grotesque - a caricature. Part of me wants to be happy that the late actor's voice is being kept alive, but I'm finding this guy's opportunism a little macabre and unpleasant.

  • Amalia
    Amalia 8 years ago

    @edgarasc1 "Yep check your brain at the door soldier, because it's Independence Day" Lol

  • Andy Kokolis
    Andy Kokolis 9 years ago

    i can teach Lindsay to Box Lol

    FILABJBOY 9 years ago

    I wanna lick Alison Clarksons bum ,she is still lovely after all these years.

  • John Fraser
    John Fraser 9 years ago

    @Ridethatbuffalo BB UK started 9 days after BB USA

  • Andyontherocks
    Andyontherocks 9 years ago

    @chimpyboy1971 i dont think MrRickuk is a lesbian! haha! you call yourself chimpboy lol i guess some men have evolved quicker than others :-)

  • Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 9 years ago

    go betty ya a belta bab xxxx

  • megawoof2
    megawoof2 9 years ago


  • drrrink00
    drrrink00 9 years ago

    i was madly in love with this woman in my distant youth...

  • Georgi Dimitrov
    Georgi Dimitrov 9 years ago


  • compuwarrior
    compuwarrior 9 years ago

    @aaaax9 The band is called Mumford and sons The song is The Cave

  • charmingish
    charmingish 9 years ago

    Did John Lennon regenerate when he got shot?

  • thenewageriseth
    thenewageriseth 9 years ago

    Lolz cute E4 trailer. xD This is a very VERY good movie. Roland Emmerich is a good director!

  • Jay
    Jay 9 years ago

    HAHAHAHA YOUR NOT MY MUM JIM!!!!!!!!!! Ted is hilarious.

    • faisal Mahmood
      faisal Mahmood 2 years ago

      I watched Scrubs full movie heere

  • Elizabeth DeFisher
    Elizabeth DeFisher 9 years ago

    @MuffinMuncher666 Well actually there is a RU-clip Channel where you can watch every episode. Search up nessababe07. :)

  • VideoNitekatt
    VideoNitekatt 9 years ago

    Too bad 99.99% of these won't air in America :(

  • louis ong
    louis ong 9 years ago

    Lindsay u need some advice from iron mike tyson or mohamad ali.

  • edwie
    edwie 9 years ago

    OMG it's been 20 years. I'm old. PS. This song STILL rocks!

  • blueiruk
    blueiruk 9 years ago

    this is not form this year right ?? she looks healthy

  • Dabeydoo62
    Dabeydoo62 9 years ago

    why would she randomly practice boxing at the beach in a bikini? immature. still is. glad hollywood is seeing her for what she really is or was- pure hype.

  • Darren Jeffers
    Darren Jeffers 9 years ago

    Delise4.this was late 80's pal

  • fairfax1960
    fairfax1960 9 years ago

    The best cut from the album!!! It PACKED my dance floor at Scorpio in Charlotte.

  • KvizY
    KvizY 9 years ago

    yeah like im replying to every single comment, i reply comments to idiots, just like you, it bothers me to see such dumbasses such as yourself.

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams 9 years ago

    "yes they probably want to borrow a cup of sugar" loll

  • Anomie_Strain
    Anomie_Strain 9 years ago

    SHe keeps her right hand pretty low. They should tell her trainer to hook her.

  • mangeos
    mangeos 10 years ago

    Ahh! how I'd love to lick these mile-long legs of hers and suck her beautiful toes!

  • 80smusicfanNO1
    80smusicfanNO1 10 years ago

    Good trailer lol

  • galaxion500
    galaxion500 10 years ago

    never seen this vid before, wow, alison looks sooo hot here. x

  • A G
    A G 10 years ago

    Sexy , hermosa , gran actriz , todo!

  • KvizY
    KvizY 10 years ago

    the people that recorded this is doing there job. So in acctuallity they have a life. A well payed job, a car and probably a wife, but on the other hand theres you a low life internet looser who has no life and sits infront of his pc all day typing nonsense.

  • KvizY
    KvizY 10 years ago

    so? is this the first time you've seen bouncing boobs? You act as if its a big discovery. Moron.

  • paramanjara
    paramanjara 10 years ago

    I dislike them having someone impersonate Patrick Allen. It kind of pisses on his memory if you ask me and undermines his genuine irreplaceableness (is that even a word?)

  • laurahuh
    laurahuh 10 years ago

    You go White bread! E4 guy rules!!

  • Jerky Murky
    Jerky Murky 10 years ago

    omg! best commercial trailer ever made!

  • lee mont
    lee mont 10 years ago


  • tadpole3159
    tadpole3159 10 years ago

    no but there so should be!

  • TheLyther
    TheLyther 10 years ago

    he had to steer the plane into the spaceship, there is no "fly into ray gun mode" on autopilot

  • tobrieper1982
    tobrieper1982 10 years ago

    I'm not a Lindsay Lohan fan but in moments like these she deserves some privacy..No offense for the paparazzi job. And that left right left right.. that's simple punch...more like OCD..1 2 1 2 1 2..

  • markymint
    markymint 10 years ago

    good advert! made me laugh when i saw it on tv

  • GFI888
    GFI888 10 years ago

    This is priceless! It should have a million views!

  • Rusty Van
    Rusty Van 10 years ago

    she has a hot body

  • chindleymuffin
    chindleymuffin 10 years ago

    Wow Peter Dickson does the voice-overs so well on E4 that I thought Patrick Allen was still doing them! I didn't know he died 3 years ago, RIP Patrick Allen your humourous voice-overs defined the E4 channel and you will be missed.

  • alexkrycek21
    alexkrycek21 10 years ago

    Bill Pullman who plays the President.

  • Emily Clark
    Emily Clark 10 years ago

    who is the actor at the front of the big group at the end of the ad? its seriously bugging me.

  • impolding
    impolding 10 years ago

    bounce boobs! bounce!

  • Brian Mullan
    Brian Mullan 10 years ago

    Then at the end of the show the son gets a multi-million dollar bill in the mail requesting full payment for the fighter jet!!lol!

  • Brian Mullan
    Brian Mullan 10 years ago

    Anyone ever wonder why Russel did'nt set the auto pilot and eject instead of flying the fighter jet into the alien mothership?The soldier then comes up to his son at the base and says that was a very brave thing your father did;you should be proud;and the son says "I am".The soldier should have said that was a very foolish thing your father did,you should be embarrassed!;and the son should have replied,"you're right,I am"!

  • Geert365
    Geert365 10 years ago


  • Geert365
    Geert365 10 years ago

    Other vid. funier.

  • Ben Eklom
    Ben Eklom 10 years ago

    I feel weird even watching this, it's so voyeuristic to watch people in their everyday lives for no particular reason.

  • Miguel Mascorro
    Miguel Mascorro 10 years ago

    fantastico pero eso se llama no respetar la intimidad a quien le gustaria eso?

  • Delisle4
    Delisle4 10 years ago

    I can't believe how much time has elapsed. This song is sooooo 90s!!!!!

  • jdcruise2001
    jdcruise2001 10 years ago

    hot body! id pay to see her knock someone out in the ring!

  • GeminiAzules
    GeminiAzules 10 years ago

    nice catch

  • Scrubber89
    Scrubber89 10 years ago

    *todd rips pants off* "BINGO" HAHAHA

  • theolay
    theolay 10 years ago

    it wer rubbish

  • Rich j
    Rich j 10 years ago

    Practising for the fight with Duff.

  • Scrubber89
    Scrubber89 10 years ago

    ive been looking for this! it was the advert for 'my princess' and had a guy singing ZB forever. i need this

  • Ignacio Landa
    Ignacio Landa 10 years ago

    che vieja jaajajaj entrena en chikini jaja golfisisima xD pero hermosa mua te amo xD

  • wstcstltn
    wstcstltn 10 years ago

    Betty Boo is so hot in this video. I'd luv her to be my dominetrix. mmmmmmmmmmm love the boyz in this video too...hott!!

  • QuirkyLoveSongs
    QuirkyLoveSongs 10 years ago

    This preview is fucking hilarious! Further proof that the British do comedy right! -Yep, check your brain at the door, soldier!

    FILABJBOY 10 years ago

    I`d love to suck her arse out with a straw while she sucks my cock.

  • fredericg54
    fredericg54 11 years ago

    haha, that was brilliant, "check your brain at the door", lol

  • JadedTrojan
    JadedTrojan 11 years ago

    People with fake jobs filming fake celebrities... I swear, all this shit about Paris Hilton's DUIs and Britney Spears' personal troubles is really starting to piss me off. I have no idea why women find this stuff so interesting; I mean, my mom and my girlfriend actually had a conversation about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt that lasted for about twenty minutes... it really is screwed up. I swear to God our society is sooo backwards. :(

  • mikey0327
    mikey0327 11 years ago

    man, paparazzi people need to live there own life, and sounded like a fatass filming too. perve.

  • bennas123
    bennas123 11 years ago

    Hey diadora said you were busy you a visit from your aunt Lizzy lmho.

  • MartyMonster
    MartyMonster 11 years ago

    But how would BinLaden have know that the US government was conducting a mock terror attack on that day, so as to take advantage of NORAD being confused and not shooting down the hijacked planes? That is more than a coincidence.

  • MartyMonster
    MartyMonster 11 years ago

    So it was also just a coincidence that there was a mock terror attack of hijacked planes flying into the twin towers on that very day, which confused NORAD so that they did not shoot down the real hijacked planes, except the one headed for the White House?

  • MartyMonster
    MartyMonster 11 years ago

    It shows that the elites have input to the movie makers in Hollywood. They are into the occult (just look up Bohemian Grove) and numerology is part of their beliefs.

  • Oliver Back
    Oliver Back 11 years ago

    im also looking for the e4 scrubs advert where it says something "i love zach braff in a non gay way"

  • Meuk1982
    Meuk1982 11 years ago

    What has that got to do with the numbers 9:11 on a screen in amovie?