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JUDY (2019) Featurette
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Quentin’s Ninth
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  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 3 hours ago

    He looks so sad sitting at the table......

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 3 hours ago

    R I P Robin Williams.... sadly missed.....❤️

    LUXOR CITY 11 hours ago


  • Force136 SEAC
    Force136 SEAC 20 hours ago

    An organization run by Jew homosexual sex offenders. HFPA.

  • Given Family
    Given Family Day ago

    Great interview!!!! Jlo is a champion!!!!!! Breathtaking and mind blowing woman. What a brilliant brain !!!!! Smart and beautiful at the same time!

  • Antonia Faheerty

    What a loss to this world. The funny man was a sad soul. Love and miss you Robin Williams. You left us a wonderful legacy with your magical movies.

  • James Heath
    James Heath Day ago

    Jennifer Lopez gets better looking with age

  • DanJo Galicia
    DanJo Galicia Day ago

    "I will lick the stamps myself." Everyone in the theater burst to laughter.

  • jose jordan
    jose jordan 2 days ago

    Jennifer I wanna root for you, but please, read girl, read every book you find and keep reading... cultivate yourself. Sometimes I just can’t with you.

  • Alicia Walker
    Alicia Walker 2 days ago

    What a pretty lady 😍

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 2 days ago

    That woman is a Cadillac

  • Talita M.
    Talita M. 2 days ago

    She's very articulate.

  • Garvin Clarke
    Garvin Clarke 2 days ago

    Jesus loves you

  • Miguel Mora
    Miguel Mora 2 days ago

    💙 Jennifer Lopez

  • mirko peretto
    mirko peretto 2 days ago

    La amo

  • VincentVega111
    VincentVega111 3 days ago

    Oscar for Julia Butters !!!

  • Franky Frankson
    Franky Frankson 3 days ago

    Im happy to hear her say "Im naked" and that she was nerviuous. I still am not 100procent "for" Jen doing such "cheap" things but on the other hand the movie seems to be buzzing so yeah

  • Debra Debra
    Debra Debra 3 days ago

    Jennifer Lopez's strongest talent is her acting.

  • Alejandra Lopez
    Alejandra Lopez 3 days ago

    👛 VERY COOL ,💬

  • Laura White
    Laura White 3 days ago

    👂🏽 don’t call me again

  • ccyrus alcanatra
    ccyrus alcanatra 3 days ago

    Talking to bryan

  • migdalia dejesus
    migdalia dejesus 4 days ago

    💛💃🔥⭐🌐🎬🎞️🎦Beautifull 👑

  • Ann Holl
    Ann Holl 4 days ago

    Saw it last night, she killed it! Everyone did terrific job. Just put her on the Superbowl already!!

    • Alicia Walker
      Alicia Walker 2 days ago

      Ann Holl Great to hear I’m gonna watch the movie today can’t wait

  • Raquel D.
    Raquel D. 4 days ago

    I love her lol...her makeup is 100%!!

  • Ary
    Ary 5 days ago

    Pls change stilyst! That hair!

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 5 days ago

    release the movie already

  • Jason Stewart
    Jason Stewart 5 days ago

    My wife is hooked on this show!

  • Tom
    Tom 6 days ago

    Saw the first 30 mins and this film looks like a master piece

  • thejosh.
    thejosh. 6 days ago

    Stop saying this is the best performance you've seen or this deserves best picture, you haven't seen it lmao

    • Hey Its DaiSy
      Hey Its DaiSy 3 days ago

      @thejosh. Well if this movie has a great storyline in it, its worth the hype. But i agreed with your opinion, some other smaller movies need more recognition, i have watched some korean thriller movies before and most of em are so damn good they have more interesting plot to watch imo

    • thejosh.
      thejosh. 3 days ago

      @Hey Its DaiSy there are smaller films that deserve it, and people are crowding over something that's just decent

    • Hey Its DaiSy
      Hey Its DaiSy 4 days ago

      Dude, just let them be I don’t even got any high expectation for this movie but let’ just see how this movie is going to be...

    • thejosh.
      thejosh. 4 days ago

      @sushanth poojari i hate mcu movies too, joker and mcu are over-rated garbage. however infinity war was pretty great.

    • sushanth poojari
      sushanth poojari 5 days ago

      I mean the trailer itself is better than MCU movies so

  • Quinn Eickelberger
    Quinn Eickelberger 6 days ago

    Joaquin say “um” like he’s making a point to say it 😂😂

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez 6 days ago

    prepare to paint the globes white and green and give them a blood red kiss

  • Johnwick Winchester

    Joaquin: One small thing Golden Globes: Yes? Joaquin: When you bring me out,can you introduce me as Joker?

  • iLindahLIFE
    iLindahLIFE 7 days ago

    Love it! She is keeping narrative clear and open for interpretation.

  • Chris Caldwell
    Chris Caldwell 7 days ago

    His voice...sexiest voice on TV. Love his humility.

  • Les!ie Petersen
    Les!ie Petersen 7 days ago

    I want to be Ellen B. in this show. 2nd choice is Gemma in SOA.

  • Stas
    Stas 7 days ago

    Todd looks high af

    • Lucky Day
      Lucky Day 7 days ago

      He actually thought he was there for the gang bang.

  • M R
    M R 7 days ago

    Omg so amazing. Winner Golen Globes and Oscar

  • Who am i
    Who am i 7 days ago


  • Joker kill politics, because all are corrupt!

    I love Joaquin Phoenix since Gladiator, Commodus

    • Mamy Mimma
      Mamy Mimma Day ago

      Me too

    • Tobias Whale
      Tobias Whale 6 days ago

      Joker hated politicians, because they are corrupt. I’ve loved him since buffalo 66

  • Varshun Kaul
    Varshun Kaul 7 days ago

    Why is the movie titled "The Argonauts" here..... In the video??😅😅

  • Cyrxn
    Cyrxn 7 days ago

    I hope that score at the beginning in the soundtrack. Biblical and terrifying.

    • DayTripper
      DayTripper 5 days ago

      @CyrxnI concur

    • Lothbrok
      Lothbrok 5 days ago

      All I have are negative thoughts.

    • gatoradethirster
      gatoradethirster 6 days ago

      @Cyrxn i don't know you but i love you

    • Nabilio
      Nabilio 7 days ago

      I thought I was having a stroke while trying to read your comment

  • Yovanka Jones
    Yovanka Jones 8 days ago

    Omg! She should get an OSCAR simply for that last scene where she's begging to get shot! Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    • Jen Branker
      Jen Branker 7 days ago

      Yovanka Jones I agree with you. She was brilliant.

  • nealanilove life
    nealanilove life 8 days ago

    Jennifer has a some kind of bump on her left side of forehead,I wonder what is that.

    • migdalia dejesus
      migdalia dejesus 6 hours ago

      @#NatureLover saul really that's not a fact 🙄

    • #NatureLover saul
      #NatureLover saul 7 hours ago

      @migdalia dejesus hey I really love n admire her, she my fav . But she wears wigs they all do in industry.

    • migdalia dejesus
      migdalia dejesus 9 hours ago

      @#NatureLover saul she has no needs to have extensions.!! Her hair is very REAL💃 her own Real Beautiful ❤️ Long hair 😍👌

    • #NatureLover saul
      #NatureLover saul 2 days ago

      @nealanilove life that's probably skin color wig lace which is poorly glued to her forehead and coming off

    • migdalia dejesus
      migdalia dejesus 3 days ago

      I bet any money, money, y'all must look very horrible and devastating that's what y'all look and reflect complete. Jealousy's does too an Ugly person's like Your. ⭐J.LO 💛👠💃is 💋🔥 Perfectly and Gorgeous human being 😍❤️ 🤩 and that kills y'all ☠️💀 😂😂🤭

  • nealanilove life
    nealanilove life 8 days ago

    She always look 1 mln dollar woman.Always dress up beautifully.

  • Renata Cantore- Gross

    I really Love this show !!!

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar 8 days ago

    I see two winners I see two Oscars

  • BuryTheLife
    BuryTheLife 8 days ago

    He's just beautiful. Omfg.

  • Angel Del Valle
    Angel Del Valle 8 days ago


  • Georgi Bundev
    Georgi Bundev 8 days ago

    J Lo zvezda Love

  • Márcia Oliveira
    Márcia Oliveira 9 days ago

    Joaquin, best actor ever. <3

  • tangled55
    tangled55 9 days ago

    I really like Billy's hair like this. He looks his best to me. His face is very striking and well taken care of.

  • James Cn
    James Cn 9 days ago

    Did you notice he didn't smile and look broken on the inside ?

  • Prabat Rana MGR
    Prabat Rana MGR 10 days ago

    Best picture of Golden Globes! Joker 🃏

  • zoot2233
    zoot2233 10 days ago


  • First Last
    First Last 11 days ago

    "This is my first presenting" lmao *presentation 🙄

  • Vikki Davey
    Vikki Davey 11 days ago

    Ellen is an excellent actress . What an amazing career she’s had !! ❤️👏👏👏

  • Sunshine B
    Sunshine B 12 days ago

    I live this show, you have great acting and I must say eye candy!!! Even though they do bad things Im still rooting for them!

  • Alma Bashaw
    Alma Bashaw 12 days ago

    Brilliant actor and person.

  • Coffeebud Hong
    Coffeebud Hong 13 days ago

    Can’t wait for the movie to be released

  • Jennifer Magana
    Jennifer Magana 13 days ago

    who here just watched the season 4 finale

    RID COMICS 13 days ago

    I always tear up every time I see a video of this kind wonderful man and even now many years after his departure from this world it still hurts a little that we mention or think of him in the past tense. RIP Robin you were one hell of a great human being and quicker then a bolt of lightning with your creative mind full of comedic antidotes.

  • Zohar Sarig
    Zohar Sarig 13 days ago

    Eddie saying Tom Harper looks like a kid when he himself is 37 and looks fricking 22

  • SyncOfTheWord
    SyncOfTheWord 14 days ago

    Just watched this film. It is AMAZING and does complete justice to the story of Nat Turner. Love the reasoning for the title also.

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 15 days ago

    The man was a genius. If only we could have taken his pain away with our love for him.

  • Lisa Elsa
    Lisa Elsa 15 days ago

    Hot AF.

  • Kenny Gopal
    Kenny Gopal 15 days ago

    Love the way she walk on the show

  • Bektor Z
    Bektor Z 15 days ago

    FBI these thread right here.

  • la tutti
    la tutti 15 days ago

    poor Rob ook out place in the outfit...its wearing him, hes not wearing it. shouldve come dressed comfortably. p.s. his wife was a huge BITCH...... never loved ho,. so sad he died too sooon. probably s'uicided' wink wink

  • Izz Bizz
    Izz Bizz 15 days ago

    King of comedy right here

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 16 days ago

    Nailed it, my fav character and the last scene of yours was something to remember and talk about for a long time! 💗

  • Fultonfalcons86
    Fultonfalcons86 16 days ago

    The brilliance of Robin Williams will be forever lasting he is the finest comedian/actor to ever grace the cinema and an even better human being.....

  • Irena Rudnicki
    Irena Rudnicki 16 days ago


  • Lucrezia Pini
    Lucrezia Pini 17 days ago

    I love Helena ❤️👸🏻 She's the Queen

  • Dania Elshafie
    Dania Elshafie 17 days ago

    I miss in tears right now

  • Sweeney732
    Sweeney732 17 days ago

    Perfect for Sauron in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series

  • nitakate 49
    nitakate 49 18 days ago

    Wow.... There are no words

  • Paula Curran
    Paula Curran 18 days ago

    Tears fell while i watched and listened to this special angel. RIP Robin....keep the angels laughing.

  • AStoryGood
    AStoryGood 18 days ago

    This clip seems to suggest there's more to the background of Lady Bagshaw's maid Lucy Smith than Violet initially suspected. At least she doesn't appear to object to Tom and Lucy staying in touch with one another.

  • justathoughtaway
    justathoughtaway 19 days ago

    Love the show...binge watched the entire 4 seasons on Netflix

  • Raspberry Dove-Ali
    Raspberry Dove-Ali 19 days ago

    "May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest sweet prince." Sweet Dreams my friend. 💛

  • Nelvin
    Nelvin 19 days ago

    Cameron Diaz in 10 years time

  • Cinex Annihilation
    Cinex Annihilation 19 days ago

    Nice rack for an older woman!!

  • Juanita Curtis
    Juanita Curtis 20 days ago

    Ellen Barkin is fantastic as the matriarch Smurf Cody. Love her strut.


    rip smurf

  • Angel 505
    Angel 505 20 days ago

    His eyes and his smile i-

  • MsCuriousmom1
    MsCuriousmom1 20 days ago

    There will never be another. Sure miss him. What a genius he was in everything he did

  • Harvey Burrows
    Harvey Burrows 20 days ago

    For the haters out there you are free to speak out, you can also change the channel, Dancing With The Stars is starting right away so calm down

  • Harvey Burrows
    Harvey Burrows 20 days ago

    Ellen everything you just said is an understatement Ellen you are a superstar and you bring Smurf to life every episode , bravo Ellen and to the rest of the cast, I am very particular in what programs I watch and Animal Kingdom is in the top 3 of my all time list, keep on bringing it look forward to next season. Ellen you deserve an Emmy for your performance. Best wishes to cast and crew

  • Damian Starks
    Damian Starks 20 days ago

    I’m going to miss Ellen in this show.

  • Your Surgery Sister
    Your Surgery Sister 20 days ago

    He joked his pain away. Can relate. They say he was diagnosed w a disease and didn’t want to be a vegetable. Same thing happened to Don Cornelius. I hope to meet him 1 day in the here after.

    CAPTAIN ANGELO 21 day ago

    It's time that this ugly freak McCormack is put in his place.

  • MaryAnn Sarkady
    MaryAnn Sarkady 21 day ago

    Love this show, it’s full os surprises, action and drama

  • Chris Burgess
    Chris Burgess 21 day ago

    She's so fuckin' lit during this interview 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • D S
    D S 21 day ago

    Her overacting on this show is dumbfounding

    • Sue Ellen Turley
      Sue Ellen Turley 4 days ago

      Really? it myself. All part of her character...over the top passion n intensity. She has nailed it. Again...way to deliver Smurf💜💛

  • Christopher Marcek
    Christopher Marcek 21 day ago

    She's still a sexy fox. Even now. 🐱🐱🐱

  • Rumple Foreskin
    Rumple Foreskin 21 day ago

    And then there was the money. The Amazon money.

  • Edwin B
    Edwin B 21 day ago

    gosh, he is so dumb. Brainless Beauty

  • jeb _
    jeb _ 21 day ago

    70% of the world is water...why don't they use it to stop the fire?

  • Marguerite Dame
    Marguerite Dame 21 day ago

    Ugh I love Dame Maggie. She's so amazing

  • Sirena VG
    Sirena VG 21 day ago

    I love her acting, all their acting. One of the best tv shows I’ve seen in a very long time 😁👍 I hope they keep her alive in the flash backs.