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  • Andy Gold
    Andy Gold Minute ago

    The Max, with its larger heavier engines is inherently unstable and practically unfixable. MCAS was a poor attempt at a band aid which they were able to lobby through congress. Perhaps Boeing can design a better band aid, yet it is still just that and the plane remains seriously flawed. Sorry Southwest. I love you guys. You are my number one go-to domestic airline, but I will NEVER sit my butt in a Max.

  • David Clifton
    David Clifton Minute ago

    No. The loads and contracts belong to the large carriers. Theyre not gonna let uber in. Amazon gets moved because theyre a warehouse business. Uber wants to be a broker in an industry that is swimming in brokers/dispatchers.

  • lukeGO
    lukeGO Minute ago

    It's probably best if South West will get the A220. Like that, they have leverage against Boeing and are able to open new markets that were not possible so far with the 737

  • Bill Olsen
    Bill Olsen 3 minutes ago

    So what? People don't need to waste all that money traveling just to be a jerk in the stands at an NBA away game or lose all their money in Las Vegas.

  • 4 minutes ago

    I feel like i just saw the same video 4 times

  • 92hbhb
    92hbhb 6 minutes ago

    There a saying, "Never put all your eggs in ine basket.." Should have also included another plane model from Airbus in their plan.

  • Deplorable American
    Deplorable American 6 minutes ago

    Dunkin's employees in my neighborhood are too obese, therefore they can not walk and the line get too long. 15-20 customer wait on line even 6am in the morning.

  • ⚡🌀⚡
    ⚡🌀⚡ 7 minutes ago

    Let the gays breed themselves out of existence.

  • Dave Deiler
    Dave Deiler 8 minutes ago

    Stick to your Cristian values and practices. God will continue to honor your commitment!

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 9 minutes ago

    champing at the bit*

    SHYAMLAL VINOD 9 minutes ago

    Most trusted cars in india honda , toyota, suzuki JDM culture

  • THE Smith.
    THE Smith. 10 minutes ago

    The most reliable airframe in 50 yrs? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Max 8 was the greedy trying to squeeze every last bit of profit. It is, like your false narratives, is what is wrong with the world.

  • Jaleel Grove
    Jaleel Grove 10 minutes ago

    I have never heard a company use the word "sorry" in a statement before.

  • The Aviation Channel
    The Aviation Channel 10 minutes ago

    That's sad. And I remember (and looking back at my video on the max crash) that the US still thought the 737 max was safe to fly until every other country banned the aircraft.

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd 17 minutes ago

    Uhhhhhh the Max is one plane not the other 737’s... this whole video seems like a big fat phony. Anyways, bring back the scantily clad stewardesses. Then profit will skyrocket

  • magic cheeseball
    magic cheeseball 19 minutes ago

    not everyone is happy about the change? some long time corvette fans cry fowl? cnbc fake news, i have not seen any Corvette fans that don't like this car, show me some on youtube. even the oldest most hardcore like this car., some people may not like a thing or two but overall i have not heard anyone not like it.. i personally don't like the hood, too many lines make it look too busy but thats a small thing and just a matter of opinion the car overall is awesome. its a super car that cost less than pickup truck

  • maleman julpax
    maleman julpax 19 minutes ago

    Cut taxes, cut red tape, liberalize economic policies, federalism.

  • Locate Close with and Destroy

    Ugh, it’s not in crisis because of the 737 Max. It’s just a hiccup. Eventually Boeing will unf@&k the Max and life will go one.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 24 minutes ago

    Because they build junk

  • Flight 737-200
    Flight 737-200 24 minutes ago

    The plane is going through it's teething phase. Like all aircraft do. Once the issue is resolved. I am confident the plane will prove it's self. If I remember correctly. The very 1st A320 crashed on it's demonstration flight. It is sad that people lost their lives in this "teething phase" though.

  • chris pudwill
    chris pudwill 25 minutes ago

    id say im contributing more to society and the world then they are..........

  • Perpetual Collapse
    Perpetual Collapse 25 minutes ago

    3:15 Karen

  • Tobblesmash
    Tobblesmash 26 minutes ago

    0:57 yes, natural.... If you're having a stroke 24/7

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins 26 minutes ago

    All Boeing planes other than the MAX have very good safety records. The last major crash in the U.S. was in 2009, which speaks highly of both Airbus and Boeing. The Asiana 777 crash in San Francisco was pilot error. Let’s not engage in mass hysteria. Flying has never been safer and it will continue to be the safest mode of transportation going forward.

  • JPavilion2
    JPavilion2 27 minutes ago

    Just buy some A320s man ... And you’ll be fine

  • nimanna
    nimanna 27 minutes ago

    I'm going to miss flying southwest out of Newark. I hope they come back.

  • Daniel Aaron
    Daniel Aaron 29 minutes ago

    Chamath is a genius Love that guy

  • CMDR lJITimate
    CMDR lJITimate 29 minutes ago

    I prefer the look of the front engine corvette but it's growing on me

  • tillallareoneluv
    tillallareoneluv 30 minutes ago

    If they make it more efficient, great. Of they are just another add on, screw them.

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum 31 minute ago

    We've all been there, showing up on a Sunday to a Chick-fil-A parking lot and being like WTF

  • giantsean
    giantsean 35 minutes ago

    I take it back! Don't destroy humans. Just destroy the ones that don't give us funding.

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith 37 minutes ago

    Time to go to Airbus

  • John Kilty
    John Kilty 37 minutes ago

    After watching them both. I think she came across as credible. Brett Kavanaugh came across as extremely weird and whimpy.

  • giovanni cadoni
    giovanni cadoni 38 minutes ago

    It's pronounced FolksVagen, for Vuck's sake!

  • Stargun5502
    Stargun5502 40 minutes ago

    and the corvette is still ugly as it has been since the pop-up headlights went away.

  • Service Dog in Canada
    Service Dog in Canada 40 minutes ago

    More competitive competition, equals better pricing for consumers.

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 43 minutes ago

    Sir India is very poor country sir please establish Shanghai China Tesla electric cars manufacturing plant in India. Sir India always loves China Tesla electric cars

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 44 minutes ago

    Sir please construct and develop and establish Shanghai Tesla electric cars manufacturing plant in India. Sir India always loves China Tesla electric cars.

  • auzz99
    auzz99 45 minutes ago

    I’ve only gotten to go too try Tim Hortons once it was amazing

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 45 minutes ago

    Sir Elon musk sir please construct and develop USA Tesla electric cars and Tesla electric truck manufacture plant in India. Sir India we don't have Tesla electric cars sir please manufactur Tesla electric cars and electric truck manufacture plant in India. Sir India always loves USA Elon musk Tesla electric cars and electric truck. Sir you started Tesla electric cars in China, but not in India. Sir Elon musk sir India is very poor country to bring Tesla electric cars and electric truck. India always loves Elon musk sir.

  • MistaRudeBoy
    MistaRudeBoy 45 minutes ago

    new plan.....everyone in invest in pizza hut, then everyone in the world bad talk dominos, everyone will buy pizza hut and bomb you made $1 million easy, per person... not a gimmick. If you really apply this, it WILL 100% work.

  • thowdy
    thowdy 47 minutes ago

    The dining experience at CFA restaurants is wonderful. They are clean. The employees are happy. The food is good. It’s the only fast food place I go to.

  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe 48 minutes ago

    What percentage of parts on these planes come from overseas? Like from China.? SW has alot of make gat attendents.

  • Great Basin
    Great Basin 48 minutes ago

    Unless you need two checked bags, South West is rarely the low cost carrier for me.

  • Sooraj
    Sooraj 49 minutes ago

    Video could have been 5 minute shorter.

  • Bradley Coleman
    Bradley Coleman 50 minutes ago

    The 737 “MAX”!!!!!!! Not the standard 737! They have to leave the MAX but not the entire 737 fleet.

  • Doug Lei
    Doug Lei 50 minutes ago

    Boeing was headquartered in Seattle for over 100 years and then they moved to Chicago in 2002 just to save $800 in tax incentives per year. You know this is the beginning of the end for them.

    • Cats01
      Cats01 38 minutes ago

      They moved their headquarters. Planes are still built in WA and in South Carolina. They built the new plant in South Carolina to get away from the oppressive "boot-on-the-throat" unions. None of that has anything to do with the 737MAX mess.

  • Ade Teguh Prasetyo
    Ade Teguh Prasetyo 50 minutes ago

    Bcuz India is smarter than any other iSheep out there..

  • O g
    O g 51 minute ago

    Southwest would be very wise to sell all 737 MAX 8 even at a loss and be "The Airline that is 737 MAX 8 FREE"!

    • Marska *
      Marska * 7 minutes ago

      But not max- 7 and 9 free?

  • SF
    SF 52 minutes ago

    The Max not the 737NG. Its the most reliable and most used aircraft. U guys are good at sprinkling lies on truth

  • AWretchLikeThee
    AWretchLikeThee 52 minutes ago

    Not to mention, planes contribute to global warming.... Democrats pushing the green deal aren't flying anymore right? We are unparalleled danger...

  • vikas patel
    vikas patel 52 minutes ago

    Because they fail in US itself!!

  • Pete S.
    Pete S. 52 minutes ago

    3:30 I like Southwest's new logo with the fire alarm in the "H".

  • RustyLH
    RustyLH 54 minutes ago

    Everyone underestimates the fact that Liberals are not having as many children, and Conservatives are becoming much more aware of how they spend their money. If a company publicly expresses their support for Christian values, we support them. Much was made of the approval rating of the company. I am surprised at how supposedly smart people, cannot see the truth in that. Most people don't fill out surveys. But, when the public statements were made, the Liberal activists mobilized their people. I would bet that they not only saw an increase in negative surveys, but an increase in surveys being filled out. And yet sales increased. Why? Because people don't care what Liberal activists think, or say, or do. The majority of the country is not WOKE, and do not support the woke agenda. Only the vocal minority do. Some things never the fact that the silent majority is more conservative in nature. But they do speak with their money.

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 56 minutes ago

    That’s why you have your kids 4 years apart folks. By the time one goes to kindergarten the other is old enough for daycare and your monthly payments remain for 1 child. *At least in my experience.

  • AllOutta KhitKhatz
    AllOutta KhitKhatz 57 minutes ago

    Finny how these people going to college, have the need to get rid of capitalism when their whole goal is to make it better for themselfs in the long run

  • Farina Marcini
    Farina Marcini 57 minutes ago

    You just stole the clone king crown from the chinese

    NOSCAM 58 minutes ago

    Thumbs up if you saw iJustine !

  • Eve B
    Eve B 59 minutes ago

    Scummy passrngers

  • Robert Frost
    Robert Frost 59 minutes ago

    The food products are at best "marginally tasty" It is all that Canadians have sop it sells. They do not have anything special - just mediocre food and mediocre coffee. How is that going to grow ?

  • Hanz On
    Hanz On 59 minutes ago

    Vietnamese dont like to eat americunt cancerous junk food.

  • LiamRC
    LiamRC Hour ago

    Somebody should show Bill snowpiercer

  • Kerza AG
    Kerza AG Hour ago

    Southwest should switch to Airbus.

  • DaVinci
    DaVinci Hour ago

    They just omit to mention that this "wistleblower" also sabotaged the assembly line and cause tens of millions in damage?

  • HBY
    HBY Hour ago

    Uber is the middle man and the boss

  • Lucky Me
    Lucky Me Hour ago

    I always choose Southwest sauce with my Subway sub!

  • mrebholz
    mrebholz Hour ago

    Didn’t he just explain the traits of money: it’s producing nothing, it’s not meant to, that’s not it’s function. You could have just asked him if he invests in money; the answer remains the same.

  • Ronald Chan
    Ronald Chan Hour ago

    Southwest is my preferred airline. Mainly because of their business strategy. Low cost, direct flights, “open” seating, no baggage fee, no change/cancellation fee.

  • KCFlyer2
    KCFlyer2 Hour ago

    Boeing told Southwest (and everybody else) that the Max as a 737. IT's not. So by ordering the Max, they've already broken there "one type" rule. I won't get on a Max. They should scrap them and design a new plane.

  • Naughtius Maximus

    Just go to India, or Thailand for medical care... pay less than a fraction of the cost and receive ALMOST identical treatment... All thats missing are some amenities... Just because something costs more and is in the US doesnt mean its of better quality.

  • Harold Saive
    Harold Saive Hour ago

    No matter what they do...They don't care what you think.

  • KauiMaleko
    KauiMaleko Hour ago

    This story is all over the place, repeating what's already said

  • Dio Black
    Dio Black Hour ago

    In order for a trucker to take advantage of uber freight first the rates, the actual pay a trucker gets would have to be above average, then they have to be a operator/owner. Most truckers do not own and/or have free control of their truck. Hopefully there are good lease to own places then this could work. If one could lease the cab and no trailer at a decent rate and actually get insured and allowed to haul through most states without tons in fees this might have a chance.

  • mary mullis
    mary mullis Hour ago

    You are dealing with millenials, AKA The Entitlement Generation, and you can't find people that are willing to work. Shocker.

  • MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY

    It's not that women cant relate to it it's just that SOME women who dont and those shouldnt shop there but it's unfair on those of us who like to look great

  • TubeBrasil
    TubeBrasil Hour ago

    Buy Embraer jets. The new E195 is beautiful.

    • Marska *
      Marska * 3 minutes ago

      Who cares if it’s beautiful when it’s not good enough

    • kbfbest
      kbfbest 50 minutes ago

      Embraer is now Boeing Brasil-Commercial so it could work.

    • Ulrich Schenk
      Ulrich Schenk Hour ago

      Good one...

  • Toby Farman
    Toby Farman Hour ago


  • Liberty Patriot
    Liberty Patriot Hour ago

    It's about time a business sets high moral standards in this day and age of perversion and decay of morality!

  • StaticTube Matic

    Why did they show Ironman on a surfboard at 7:23 ??? 🤣😂🤨🤨

  • Saby
    Saby Hour ago

    Wat they do is not cooling the Earth, Chemtrails is done to keep the warmth building up between the Earth and the creates globalwarming. It keeps it warms up, and so they can support the lie that the Earth is warming up slowly each year. Dont forget they do this everyday since the 90s. So its already warmer overal because of this.

  • Kate Ellis
    Kate Ellis Hour ago

    This app was horrible I loved using it but then after a while it stopped letting me make ghost cards. I have never had any problems paying anything off. I tried calling customer service twice and sat on hold for 20 minutes only for the other line the suddenly go silent and hang up. I went from loving Klarna to hating it in about a month.

  • 4 KNIGHTS Productions

    eat meat and get rich

  • encinobalboa
    encinobalboa Hour ago

    Max problem is not Southwest problem, it is Boeing problem. When a sports team losses, the manager gets canned. Boeing needs to do the same. Get rid of the CEO and managers who allowed a flawed design to carry passengers.

  • Chewbacca Cat
    Chewbacca Cat Hour ago

    Where will you be when the poor eat the rich?

  • Siony Eufemio
    Siony Eufemio Hour ago

    I love jollebee for ever number1...🍟🍝🍗

  • robinrutschman
    robinrutschman Hour ago

    Yes, Boeing's Greed (farming out software development to underpaid third World Engineers) but the FAA also dropped the ball by not doing their jobs by verifying the plane's safety. They simply ask Boeing if was safe and when they said yes they approved it. That is total corruption. When and if the FAA says the Max is now safe, will you bet your lives that it is??? I wouldn't!

    • Bill Olsen
      Bill Olsen 14 minutes ago

      Boeing & the FAA are sharing the same bed.

  • fatty bulger
    fatty bulger Hour ago

    Sorry but carbon capture is a scam to help big oil companies maintain their monopoly. And the taxpayers pay for it.

  • Mircat MiriamB
    Mircat MiriamB Hour ago

    Bill Gates playing God. What could go wrong?

  • inditrini
    inditrini Hour ago

    She was murdered because she would hinder the justice department 92% conviction rate of American Muslims in bogus terror plots. She would actually have fair trials .

  • Aditya Rout
    Aditya Rout Hour ago

    Just order An225 ( modified passenger version ) With 700 seats Forget Boeing and Airbus

    • Doc
      Doc 20 minutes ago

      Lmaooooo an AN225 in Southwest livery

  • Benjamin-Tobias
    Benjamin-Tobias Hour ago

    Jesus is Lord...

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox Hour ago

    Because their cars, and partner Chrysler's, are badly engineered junk?

  • doom2avatar
    doom2avatar Hour ago

    So it seems like every time the Amazon employees gathered with legitimate concerns Amazon supported their cause and worked to improve conditions while every time one of the national “unions” came it they made a giant mess.

  • Nick D
    Nick D Hour ago

    America has spoken, we love our christian values and chicken. These protesters need to understand that they are waisting their time and energy on something that America quite frankly doesn't care about.

  • Studio Zaccaro
    Studio Zaccaro Hour ago

    Very interesting the process of manufacturing !!!! LZACCARO

  • Rodovaldo Avila
    Rodovaldo Avila Hour ago

    The background sound is annoying. Turn it offfff.

  • JasonThePerson1
    JasonThePerson1 Hour ago

    The soup is not overpriced. I buy mine for 1.23 cents a can..Mushroom and minute rice is the way to go..Once day i might add some chicken.

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias Hour ago

    Gee, I would how much money Boeing is losing just because they wanted to cut corners. Boeing is responsible for lost lives and a slowing airline economy. All because the company didn't want to develop a real cost-effective airplane and just re-tool older designs.

  • Plant Maven
    Plant Maven Hour ago

    We need very little protein - people are so gullible.

  • Albert Tennedy
    Albert Tennedy Hour ago


    • Bill Olsen
      Bill Olsen 15 minutes ago

      The new generation of MBAs and Marketing Men take over. What do engineers, scientists & pilots know??

    • Switch Fan
      Switch Fan Hour ago

      corporate way