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  • JBYTE BENJANI gaming

    Go to kari kambing 40 hari is the best

  • reveluv enna
    reveluv enna 4 hours ago

    please come to tioman island pahang Malaysia , i recommend paya village hopefully i got a chance to see you guys...

  • Jeram Bro's
    Jeram Bro's 4 hours ago

    Its coming, its coming. HAHAHA

  • Muhammad Suhairi
    Muhammad Suhairi 5 hours ago

    I think I have a crush on Hyegang

  • Ain S
    Ain S 6 hours ago

    Please do a reaction ( Hanbyul - Bigstage2019 ) the latest one he’s singing dangdut song😍😍😍

  • Farhan gazali
    Farhan gazali 6 hours ago

    Are you guys stay at Country Garden, JB?

  • Cindy David
    Cindy David 7 hours ago

    Hello Blimeyyyy i was wondering if you guys can make a video reaction on K-Clique - Mimpi. They're a rapper group from Sabah, Malaysia. They're quite popular nowadays. Thank you ! <3

  • Cindy David
    Cindy David 7 hours ago

    Hello Blimeyyyy i was wondering if you guys can make a video reaction on K-Clique - Mimpi. They're a rapper group from Sabah, Malaysia. They're quite popular nowadays. Thank you ! <3

  • Khairuddin Fadzil
    Khairuddin Fadzil 8 hours ago

    johor bahru is my please 😭😭😭😭😭 , saranghea blimeyyy ♥

  • charisowTV
    charisowTV 8 hours ago

    We had so much fun having you two over at our show!!! ♥️ Jinjja jaemiiiissoyo! Hope to collaborate with Blimey in the near future. Saranghaee!

  • min syaa
    min syaa 8 hours ago

    Last time I'm going to Legoland when I'm 11 and now I'm 18 😂

  • Mohamad Iswandy
    Mohamad Iswandy 8 hours ago

    I can see your voice Korea should invite Sheila hamzah in the program....

  • Won-Wook R
    Won-Wook R 11 hours ago

    혹시 이거ㅜ어디서ㅜ파는지 알려줄 수 있나요? 지금 쿠알라룸푸르인데 못 찾고 있어서요

  • syahirah aishah
    syahirah aishah 11 hours ago

    If Johor coastal already beautiful then you will be much happier n amazed with East coast beaches 😻

  • Mya farhana
    Mya farhana 12 hours ago

    Vanilla Coke and lemon 100plus are d best!!😘😘😘

  • qhais fr
    qhais fr 12 hours ago

    Wah it's my place Johor Bahru...thank coming

  • Suraya Annisa
    Suraya Annisa 13 hours ago

    Tht is place. I mean i work that area. Come i can show you where is the best pasar malam.

  • Tanker Jones
    Tanker Jones 13 hours ago

    why korean girls are all so hot

  • dodo didi
    dodo didi 13 hours ago

    Okay. I am simple man. I see "something" i press like.

  • Izwan no Limmite
    Izwan no Limmite 13 hours ago

    Haze from indo wik wik my place very cloud now

  • balck
    balck 13 hours ago

    you all so pretty

  • Milton Miles
    Milton Miles 13 hours ago

    Hello Blimey! While you're in JB you should go and try Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut in Kulai!

  • Army IsHere
    Army IsHere 13 hours ago

    You guys should check out Fort Cornwallis in Penang

  • Melvin Tan
    Melvin Tan 13 hours ago


  • Tan Jiek Hong
    Tan Jiek Hong 15 hours ago

    omg the college that me study in right now

  • Atikah Hamid
    Atikah Hamid 15 hours ago

    Please reaction mimpi

  • Sheila Zaaba
    Sheila Zaaba 15 hours ago

    Welcome to JB 🥰 d college very near to my place😘

  • Fikri Suhaimi
    Fikri Suhaimi 16 hours ago

    You at Johor Bahruu?? Unlucky I cant find you 😆

  • An Photosiew
    An Photosiew 16 hours ago

    You have been to monut Austin and forest city.but the nasi lemak just soso.wish you can discover more bout johor. Like desaru or pulau tioman.and more.lot of place fun too.

  • Shafiq Izzuddin
    Shafiq Izzuddin 17 hours ago

    you guys should visit sarawak but ofcourse after the haze..hmm

  • yaakobzakaria2013
    yaakobzakaria2013 17 hours ago

    If you are fasting, don't talk a lot. That make you feel thursty.. sorry for my english..

  • sisa md
    sisa md 17 hours ago

    Again in jb....

  • Hatim Taib
    Hatim Taib 18 hours ago

    When did you guys come. I live here in jb and never saw you guys 🤣🤣

  • peach slated
    peach slated 18 hours ago

    But right now, Malaysia was full with haze 😭 so incase you will come again in this nearest time, please wear mask and drink a lot of water, don't stay outdoor too long and exposed with dangerous air😂 or just don't come here for now

  • Fadzilah Ahmad
    Fadzilah Ahmad 18 hours ago

    Wow.. I got there last month. Yup.. Its beautiful place

  • Neos era
    Neos era 18 hours ago

    Danga Bay is a nice place for evening walk to see the sunset and feel the sea breeze.

  • pijesz
    pijesz 19 hours ago

    There is another 100plus flavor, the one without soda.

  • #Davin-D Channel
    #Davin-D Channel 19 hours ago

    What a wonderful reaction. Thanks for come to kota kinabalu.

  • #Davin-D Channel
    #Davin-D Channel 19 hours ago

    What a wonderful reaction. Thanks for come to kota kinabalu.

  • Saw Wanfern
    Saw Wanfern 20 hours ago

    And also don't come now because now there's haze

  • Saw Wanfern
    Saw Wanfern 20 hours ago

    Jade, Yerim and Dasol if u want to go to a place with a beautiful beach I will say that you go to Trengganu

  • hairul nizam
    hairul nizam 20 hours ago

    Visit Forest City at Gelang Patah please... Even it doesnt fully finish yet tho stull beautiful and like in another planet

  • AmirSharif Zin
    AmirSharif Zin 20 hours ago

    Country Garden~! this is close to my house..

  • Adilah Yaacob
    Adilah Yaacob 21 hour ago

    I stan Yerim. It's too spicy for me too! I almost curse because of the spiciness and it took me 24h to finish eat 1 (1bite and wait for spiciness gone tgen eat again)

  • azah muhd
    azah muhd 21 hour ago

    Just listening to your happy voices already made me happy 😂🙂

    JARED HOR 22 hours ago

    duh! they r plenty nice n delicious food in JB.. from town area until Kulai.. dun just searching for halal food..

  • Jean K Meow
    Jean K Meow 23 hours ago

    I just finished the pepper chicken and I am here to watch it! Haha... I only feel the spiciness after finishing the entire cup. It’s a totally different kind of spiciness we get from common noodles. If you want to recover from those burn fast, make sure u don’t drink cold water ya....

  • SAgima jjangg
    SAgima jjangg 23 hours ago

    Dasol, why dont you write jade's name on the sand too?? Poor jade 😅

  • Boboiboy
    Boboiboy Day ago

    it contains 0.2% alcohol (ethanol) and is considered non-halal. "Any intoxicant is illegal, something with a faraq (فرق) rate can be intoxicating, and even a handful of it is illegal." Riwayat al-Tirmizi (1867) dan Abu Daud (2687) reference source :

  • kaicascata
    kaicascata Day ago

    Dasol, i hope to see you in jb.

  • Try
    Try Day ago

    Indonesia sent haze to malaysia. Be carefullll out there blimey

  • Diecast 45
    Diecast 45 Day ago

    pls react to this new song feat shila amzah


    Y not go to Zarith Sofea Opera in JB....its like sydney opera...but more sharp architechture

  • MoHyo지효
    MoHyo지효 Day ago

    yerim with those capback kinda pretty tho

  • Luqman Hakimi
    Luqman Hakimi Day ago

    Gosh I love this video. Honesty can sometimes produce good content. Keep up the good work. Oh and durians really are the best to be eaten as soon as you open them.

  • Lina Abdullah
    Lina Abdullah Day ago

    I thought i was the only one who noticed Han Byul's face looked like a vampire (cos of the eyeliner that he wore). But he's still good looking😎!

  • Farah Dianah
    Farah Dianah Day ago

    What did you think about the haze I Malaysia right now ?? Is it bad??

  • Muhammad Kenken

    Luna dasol yepeun..💋

  • Nelang Tiu
    Nelang Tiu Day ago

    blimey terbaik...

  • Qilah A. B
    Qilah A. B Day ago

    So fun😍💕💕💕

  • Malu Apa Bossku

    no one in pool because it’s haunted pool... 🙈

  • Hanif Gaming
    Hanif Gaming Day ago

    Yea the toilet is waiting for you, better run.

  • Zir Aswad
    Zir Aswad Day ago

    Hai dasol!

  • Faliq Anwar
    Faliq Anwar Day ago

    Why u guys videos dun feel bored at all...??Really want to see more ❤️

  • Faliq Anwar
    Faliq Anwar Day ago

    Why u guys videos dun feel bored at all...??Really want to see more ❤️

  • Eita vim
    Eita vim Day ago

    Any Batch 02 ? Good luck for our spm guys 😂😂

  • Nur Atiqah
    Nur Atiqah Day ago

    when you want to come to johor again ?

  • Mohd Fazli Ibrahim

    Dasol terbaik 💕

  • Rèxq Gaming
    Rèxq Gaming Day ago

    My dad: kids pack up we're going to danga bay to search for the sand Blimey's made and take a photo there and making it our family heirloom

  • zaki mostapa
    zaki mostapa Day ago

    You should also pay a visit to Forest City in Gelang Patah near to Legoland!

  • Nur Aliah Maisarah Mohd Mohziz

    I wanna see you guys so bad :(

  • Nuraliya 7bts
    Nuraliya 7bts Day ago

    Trending please !! Omg I like this kind of video TT

  • Yasmin Azrin
    Yasmin Azrin Day ago

    Hi blimey Can I meet you guys in korea 🙏🏻💕


    Old kedah is the first sultanate in malaysia,it cover up to segenting kera (nowadays)border Thailand laos,can watch queen of langkasuka(old name for Kedah (state home for Langkawi island))

  • Nevrn Harpp
    Nevrn Harpp Day ago

    What can I say. Your video currently seem so much lame and not good as usual before. Before you start up your channel. Just currently not much favor.

  • mapaaa16
    mapaaa16 Day ago

    Dasol we have the same phone cover! Well, not exactly the same because mine is Grizz bear but it's still Bare Bears 😆

    • mapaaa16
      mapaaa16 Day ago

      @Blimey Dasol yes, very cute 😍😍 like you 😆

    • Blimey Dasol
      Blimey Dasol Day ago

      mapaaa16 Yay!! We bare bears!!!😆😆😆 They are so cute!!!!😍🥰

  • Fina Mohd
    Fina Mohd Day ago

    Hi blimey, please do react video music Dato siti nurhaliza - kasihku selamanya live performance

  • Nasuha Azman
    Nasuha Azman Day ago

    I don't know why. But i like all of your videos

  • khrnsh hmdn
    khrnsh hmdn Day ago

    New greetings of the day ! Hai Semua Apa Khabar ? ( Hi Everyone , How are you ?) Saya baik-baik sahaja , Terima Kasih ( I'm Fine , Thankyou ) Sekarang , anda bersama kami , Blimey ! ( Now You are with us , Blimey !) Hai , Saya Yerim ( Hi , i'm Yerim ) Hai , saya Dasol ( Hi , i'm Dasol ) Hai , saya Jade ( Hi, i'm Jade ) DONE !♡

  • khrnsh hmdn
    khrnsh hmdn Day ago

    Oh ya , Blimey ❤ Feel free to go Escape Theme Park in Pulau Pinang . Try all the extreme activities there . Oh ya , in Terengganu , there's a lot of beautiful places that all of u may go - our new drawbridge - Pasar Payang / Payang Market - Kampung Cina which is have graffiti on the wall - Oh ya don't forget to try Nasi Dagang . Nasi ( rice ) Dagang ( trade) to make u understand . but ya it's doesn't real meaning to the food . just a name . - Don't forget to go Batu Buruk Beach - Go to Redang Island / Kapas Island 😍 You will be happy with it !! .

  • soundthatblinding guy

    im confused, that yerim relative is younger or older 😄

  • hani
    hani Day ago

    Hi Blimey, perhaps next trip you can try our islands in the east coast like Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian..the white sandy beach, clear blue water, swimming with colourful fish and the beautiful would love it there 🙂

  • Fzh.z
    Fzh.z Day ago

    OMG, you're in my town!!!

  • Kao chai Mai
    Kao chai Mai Day ago

    Suggest ur all go to lelang island , rawa island & semporna

  • Jannatul Huda
    Jannatul Huda Day ago

    How to eat that fish snack(keropok) with chili sauce that's how malaysian eats that Sorry for my bad english 😅

  • cecelia siang
    cecelia siang Day ago

    Please come to Sarawak😘

  • Amira Aina
    Amira Aina Day ago


  • Afif Mikail
    Afif Mikail Day ago

    You come to my mother's restaurant in Austin🤭🤭 How come I don't know about thissss 😭😭 I can give u discount 😂

  • Hareez Haikal
    Hareez Haikal Day ago

    Why Dasol so cute😍😍😍

  • Lee Cavin93
    Lee Cavin93 Day ago

    Drink more water onegaishimasu blimey

  • Lee Cavin93
    Lee Cavin93 Day ago

    Un honto daebaku blimey wooo konbawa takumi des

  • Paranoid Mee_Beta


  • cat world
    cat world Day ago

    Near me..

  • Amirul Akmal
    Amirul Akmal Day ago

    Dasol si cantik jelita 😍

  • catzhakury
    catzhakury Day ago

    yeah yerim's sister is here too 😍

  • Sonix Siow
    Sonix Siow Day ago

    Blimey, Johor Bahru got delicious traditional nyonya desserts located at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, don’t miss it 😉

  • Nor Izani
    Nor Izani Day ago

    Is that place you go is Forest city...because i already go there

  • Danial Aiman
    Danial Aiman Day ago

    React to Haa tepok

  • Athirah Zainuddin

    Johor Bharu is the best city ever!! I couldnt tell 😍