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Ivory Tower - Dorothy Collins
Views 1.1K10 years ago
Teaserama - Trailer (1955)
Views 39K10 years ago
Russell Arms - I Need You Now
Views 1.4K10 years ago
Eileen Wilson - Anytime
Views 3.1K10 years ago
Real McCoys 1961 Promo
Views 33K10 years ago
Honey West 1965 Promo
Views 37K10 years ago
Hogan's Heroes 1967 Promo
Views 4.7K10 years ago
He & She 1967 Promo
Views 1.1K10 years ago
F Troop 1965 Promo
Views 2K10 years ago
The Beauty & The Chair
Views 126K11 years ago
The Jetsons 1963 Promo
Views 3.1K11 years ago
Vintage Erotica, Hot Number
Views 432K11 years ago
1950's & 60's TV Commercials
Views 467K11 years ago
1950's & 60's TV Commercials
Views 1.4M11 years ago
Frankenstein clip (1910)
Views 9K12 years ago
Anastasia - Trailer (1956)
Views 53K12 years ago
Baby Doll - Trailer (1956)
Views 53K12 years ago
Bus Stop - Trailer (1956)
Views 6K12 years ago
Camille - Trailer (1936)
Views 22K12 years ago


  • Marcelo Jones
    Marcelo Jones 16 hours ago

    The 50s seemed like a simpler nicer warmer time

  • Rob F
    Rob F Day ago

    Procter is gamble

  • Klaus Heissler
    Klaus Heissler 3 days ago

    I wish I had a pack of matches and Old Gold cigarettes, that's all I need my friend. For the smoothest, mildest, tastiest cigarette ever created, made by tobacco men, not medicine men. Get a carton of Old Gold cigarettes and keep smoking!

  • Jake McGinnis
    Jake McGinnis 3 days ago

    Anybody fall asleep to these? No. Just me. Ok.

  • Ian W
    Ian W 4 days ago

    I love the Alka-Seltzer commercial (0:58-2:00)!

  • matheus holanda
    matheus holanda 5 days ago

    lana del rey?

  • Chunga Chunga
    Chunga Chunga 6 days ago

    I Keep smelling salts in my hand while watching

  • Tragedyking
    Tragedyking 6 days ago

    That old gold cigarette is dope

  • Ralf the COSMIC Coyote

    How Many LICKS Does It take to Get to the Center Of A Tootsie Roll Pop??? Let's find Out! Ahh....

  • Ralf the COSMIC Coyote

    I Will Never Poke fun Of Classic TV there Is NOTHING like It Any Longer... It Was full Of LIFE

  • lel Bourque
    lel Bourque 6 days ago

    Fun Fact: Foreign Correspondent was Scored by "Alfred Newman" Father of the Film Composer "Thomas Newman" who Scored films like "Road to Perdition" "Skyfall" "Spectre" "WALL• E" "Finding Nemo" "Finding Dory" " "Jarhead" and also of Course "Bridge of Spies"

  • StL Busker
    StL Busker 7 days ago

    I sent off for one of those secret decoders, when I was a kid. Waited two weeks to get it, then anxiously had to wait for another week for the next episode of Cpt Midnight! Copied the code..... After three weeks, I was sitting on pins and needles...... the code said "Drink Ovaltine Everyday!"

  • 49jubilee
    49jubilee 7 days ago

    Cereal and cigarettes are the worst thing...but they built early television

  • Michael Turcott
    Michael Turcott 8 days ago

    Tang spelled backwards is gnat.

  • juana washington
    juana washington 10 days ago

    President Clinton will know something about getting some Tang......Homer Simpson

  • juana washington
    juana washington 10 days ago

    Junk food and did we survive?

  • Bends95
    Bends95 11 days ago

    Brilliant and terrifying..Lon Chaney is a genius! 👏🏻

  • AJC
    AJC 11 days ago

    Bosco, what an appetizing name

  • Zoomer30
    Zoomer30 12 days ago

    "The Gemini spaceflight....." Wait for it, wait for it TANG!

  • Zoomer30
    Zoomer30 12 days ago

    Wow, doesn't matter how good the food is, it looks like crap in BnW. That jar of Bosco could be filled with used motor oil for all I know.

  • Zoomer30
    Zoomer30 12 days ago

    Wow, a whole generation of kids are in therapy because of that clown on the Sugar Smacks box. Spooky.

  • TheCarnivalguy
    TheCarnivalguy 14 days ago

    Irving Pincus really had a hit with this one. Our whole family watched it. I wonder if Irving Pincus and Barry Pincus (Manilow) are related? Both were from NYC but years apart in age.

  • Mr. G 717
    Mr. G 717 14 days ago

    TRIPle good!

  • Mocha Tech
    Mocha Tech 15 days ago

    I remember FLUFO! Mom and dad use to keep a can of it on their nightstand next to their bed. It made Mom walk funny on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Thank God for the FLUFO, Mom would always say, as she tried to sit down for her morning coffee.

  • Brendan K
    Brendan K 16 days ago

    If you look, you can actually see the strings that are pulling his nose back

  • ryan barker
    ryan barker 16 days ago

    so, you drink it hot at bedtime for rocket power?

  • Dave Steadman
    Dave Steadman 16 days ago

    Two generations later, 60% of Americans are obese, the others are overweight. I wonder why.

  • John Morris
    John Morris 17 days ago

    Buster Keaton in commercial 2. Richard Webb as "Captain Midnight" at 6:54.

  • David Condor
    David Condor 17 days ago

    put this song on another tab

  • Andrew Thornhill
    Andrew Thornhill 17 days ago

    Buster Keaton advertising Alka Selzers! LOL!

  • Chelsea White
    Chelsea White 18 days ago

    I just love these commercials from back in the day.

  • Brock White
    Brock White 18 days ago

    I'm so glad I was watching these in the 50s as a grade school guy.

  • curtis lawson
    curtis lawson 18 days ago

    I wounder how meany kids ate Sugar Smacks and jumped off the roof because they thought they could fly like Superman ?

  • ThaliaEatsDonuts
    ThaliaEatsDonuts 19 days ago

    These are like the commercials from our cartoons

  • Dianna Marie
    Dianna Marie 19 days ago

    Boy, these commercials bring back so many memories.

  • doingstuff76
    doingstuff76 19 days ago

    I want some 'Tang.

  • b jl
    b jl 19 days ago

    quality is too poor to watch

  • Jackie Kohn
    Jackie Kohn 19 days ago

    Visual Evidence of the white guy pushing drugs...just saying if it were a black guy...

  • seriadobr
    seriadobr 20 days ago

    It is sad that women today are no longer sexy as she was.

  • Kelly Costin
    Kelly Costin 20 days ago


  • Ilana Million
    Ilana Million 20 days ago

    The idea of Mike Wallace advertising Fluffo shortening is hilarious.

  • Heston B
    Heston B 20 days ago

    That stuff is junk.

  • Binkle Babe
    Binkle Babe 20 days ago

    Born in 1955. Turning 64 in two weeks! I don't remember stuff till 1957 or 1958.

  • Binkle Babe
    Binkle Babe 20 days ago

    Great Caesar's Ghost! 😂😂😂

  • Annie Belle Miller
    Annie Belle Miller 20 days ago

    I came here to get away from todays commercials!

  • NemoUberKitty
    NemoUberKitty 20 days ago

    That Sugar Smacks clown looking thing is creepy. Clowns creep me out, man.

  • Kenya Patterson
    Kenya Patterson 21 day ago

    The daughter from the imitation of life

  • Cristian Getubig
    Cristian Getubig 21 day ago

    Imagine in the future, robots will be watching the commercials we have today! LOL

  • Doomer John
    Doomer John 21 day ago

    I guarantee that 90% of the people seen here are dead

  • Randy Bingham
    Randy Bingham 21 day ago

    lot of people are happy hen they bring home thsCOKE man

  • Edward Creter
    Edward Creter 22 days ago

    6:20 "Hey, dancing cig cartons! You got nice butts!" (Tee hee!)

  • Gypsy Rovrette
    Gypsy Rovrette 22 days ago

    My gosh. It's a wonder we lived as long as we did.

  • Nava Beans
    Nava Beans 22 days ago

    Keep smoking, gotcha !

  • El Sea
    El Sea 23 days ago

    It’s hard to believe the world used to be this nice...😢 🙏🇺🇸🙏

  • Margo Mazzeo
    Margo Mazzeo 24 days ago

    Lifebuoy Mint was soo good..I wish we had it now..💝🎁🎈

  • Margo Mazzeo
    Margo Mazzeo 24 days ago

    Tang tasted fake..

  • Tino Rosmg
    Tino Rosmg 24 days ago

    Sugar snacks😂😂😂

  • Amie Richan
    Amie Richan 24 days ago

    Interesting that they refer to the flight program as GeminEE. I always heard it pronounced GeminEYE.

    • almostfm
      almostfm 22 days ago

      It can be either one, but most of the folks at NASA said GeminEE

  • CJ Soleta
    CJ Soleta 24 days ago

    that sugar smacks box smh...

  • Cathy Fitzpatrick
    Cathy Fitzpatrick 25 days ago

    the first ad sounds like Shirley Temple ah, memories from You Tube can't beat the pleasures we all have for our days of being younger.

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 25 days ago

    Tang was actually a reject from the space program. It was developed for astronauts, but they refused to drink it.

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 25 days ago

    I hate cigarettes, but somehow those old TV ads make me want to smoke.

  • Jake
    Jake 25 days ago

    Damn I need some of that soap

  • Andrew Mala
    Andrew Mala 26 days ago

    I find this film fascinating. It is genuinly interesting to see inside the mind of racists and to understand why they hate black people. It also shows you how much there view of black people. It also shows the stupidity and retardedness of these racists cause any sane person knows blacks arent what this film potrays them to be.

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 26 days ago

    The Ovaltine commercial reminded me of Ralphie from A Christmas Story. He could not wait to get that decoder ring and decode the secret message. He was crushed when he found out the secret message said "Do not forget to drink your Ovaltine". LOL. My favorite Christmas movie ever!

  • janice brown
    janice brown 27 days ago

    I wonder who this man is and is he the announcer of most 60s commercials

  • kirby 64
    kirby 64 27 days ago

    i really, really dont know why, but i feel like 50s and 60s commercials were just trying to hypnotize people. not that current day commercials dont do it now, but i really feel like then they were trying to manipulate people.

  • ThePowerOfEquality432

    When every ad was a musical 😂

  • Alge Borusas
    Alge Borusas 29 days ago

    Thanks Dennis James for telling us to buy cartons of cigs, made by tobacco men, not doctors. Who needs those stinking doctors? They just say, "Don't smoke!"

  • bwayluvr76
    bwayluvr76 29 days ago

    So, even then people knew that hydrogenated was bad?

  • joe
    joe 29 days ago

    At 5:00 those Swiss creme sandwich cookies are nothing but Golden Oreo"s with another name .

  • Junkyard Buzzard
    Junkyard Buzzard Month ago

    Golly gee mom!, why can’t I play with my Radioactive uranium atom manufacturing kit?! I’m wearing my safety goggles!

  • Junkyard Buzzard
    Junkyard Buzzard Month ago

    Humans were more ignant back then.

  • Junkyard Buzzard
    Junkyard Buzzard Month ago

    Oh golly gee mr Superman!

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago

    mmmm....sugar and cigarettes, breakfast of champions.

  • Cliff Yablonski
    Cliff Yablonski Month ago

    6:58 I was a Secret Squadron member, my mom sewed the patch on my jacket and I thought I was hot shit until the kids at school made fun of me. Of course I was 17 , maybe that had something to do with it.

  • 魏梦舟
    魏梦舟 Month ago

    It’s toasted,I’m having one of my old luckies while watching this video 😂

  • UnitedEarthEmpire

    people in that day need sugar for their everyday lives n the sugar would burn out before the end of day... today? you eat sugar when you bored...

  • Sold to be Diers
    Sold to be Diers Month ago

    ''Corpo-rate America''... Just ask The Pink Everybody else is just green, Have you seen the chart? It's a hell of a start, It could be made into a monster If we all pull together as a team.

  • Syntax AVA
    Syntax AVA Month ago

    After a long day of school n work. Friend asks me u down to do somethin today? "Nah i gotta watch my 50s and 60s commercials compilation

  • Nigel 900
    Nigel 900 Month ago

    Wow! Now we have very "progressive" commercials... like "New Green.. Improved Unfiltered Pot", "Miley Cyrus's Whip Cream for Crotches", "Life-Boy, Girl, LGBT, Multi-Racial Soap", and a thousand class action lawyers begging people to sue everything under the sun....

  • Barbasan Barbasanov

    Drives wives wicked, lol

  • The Lowmein
    The Lowmein Month ago

    6:55 shades of A Christmas Story, very cool collection


    Love a time where they encouraged smoking.

    • Gary Cooper
      Gary Cooper 25 days ago

      WOLF WITH ATTITUDE 3% : Well, the cigarette companies did. Why wouldn’t they? They were also actively suppressing evidence (which they had by then) that smoking kills people.

  • Natasha Barfield
    Natasha Barfield Month ago

    This is around the time when they pushed disease by telling people to eat more sugar. Which I believe causes mental illness, bad teeth etc

  • Akane Cortich
    Akane Cortich Month ago

    Tang! I remember Tang, tasted like crap.

  • Cisium
    Cisium Month ago

    A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch.

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke Month ago

    It’s kinda creepy

  • polly foo foo
    polly foo foo Month ago


  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller Month ago

    ovaltine sucked, along with tang and most of the other bullshit from back in the day..

  • Robert Cieslak
    Robert Cieslak Month ago

    The names of cereal's today do not include the word sugar on them. "Kellogg's Sugar Corn Pops, Sugar pops are tops". 1954

  • Herculydia
    Herculydia Month ago

    Now we know how Superman got his energy!

  • Mouse Kander
    Mouse Kander Month ago

    Wow they really pushed just anything back then didn't they no matter if it was backed by science or not 😂

  • Mouse Kander
    Mouse Kander Month ago

    Relief is just a swallow away? 🤔

  • Mr. Avion
    Mr. Avion Month ago

    Percentage Of The Comments: 10% say the Sugar Smacks clown looks creepy 25% say the people on the commercials are dead now 30% are criticizing the present 15% say the Fallout series brought them here 20% are being nostalgic

  • Gwendy R.
    Gwendy R. Month ago

    Yoo hoo hoo yoo hoo!

  • Gie Codilla
    Gie Codilla Month ago

    haha,. Jeez..

  • KG2018
    KG2018 Month ago

    Just all seems so fake. The whole Superman Sugar smacks commercial I bet was a shit show to film. I bet they all thought it was stupid and had to be talked down several times by a producer.

  • Nasha Foulks
    Nasha Foulks Month ago

    *aAhH sMeLL iT*

  • James Cronin
    James Cronin Month ago

    No wonder most Americans are morons.