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  • Dipali debbarma
    Dipali debbarma 16 hours ago

    Plsss part3 pls pls pls??

  • shreenidhi venkat
    shreenidhi venkat 16 hours ago

    Part 4 pls!!!!!

  • shreenidhi venkat
    shreenidhi venkat 16 hours ago

    Part 3 pls

  • K Oraon
    K Oraon 17 hours ago

    Bailey spend most of the time with sabina 😣

  • Sumant Kumar Sahu
    Sumant Kumar Sahu 18 hours ago

    That's buuuuulllllshiiiitt

  • Ana Claudia
    Ana Claudia 2 days ago

    I shipp

  • Chaoya Achao
    Chaoya Achao 2 days ago

    God bless their friendship

  • Syafiq Nurhashim
    Syafiq Nurhashim 3 days ago

    Omaigod, Filipino and Indian.. yes oh yes

  • Dipali debbarma
    Dipali debbarma 3 days ago

    Bailey&shivani so cute?

  • Sheane Irish
    Sheane Irish 4 days ago

    i miss ylona and bailey

  • Chinboithem Haokip
    Chinboithem Haokip 4 days ago

    Pretty ☺😊

  • Dili Raba
    Dili Raba 4 days ago

    Ok i admit they look so good together

  • abha singh
    abha singh 5 days ago

    I am sure who are saying they ship them most of them are kpop lovers. No offence though coz I am one too and I really love and ship shivley.

  • janvi doriwala
    janvi doriwala 5 days ago

    Plz part 4

  • janvi doriwala
    janvi doriwala 5 days ago

    Plz 4 part

  • Kayta Rechia
    Kayta Rechia 6 days ago

    Hmm why i miss bailona :((

  • Yo sucker
    Yo sucker 6 days ago

    They literally look so good together. Hope you make another vid soon, there are so many more shively moments now!

  • janvi doriwala
    janvi doriwala 6 days ago

    We want 3 part

  • Mai Mei
    Mai Mei 6 days ago

    Thanks you 🙏🏻🙏🏻😂❤️😍

  • tanya sharma
    tanya sharma 7 days ago

    hahah what if her father wilkl see this,,,lol haha

  • wanshailang kamar wanshailang

    Hopefully they will be the best couple for the future

  • Welcomestar Shabong

    My favorite couple💏🥰🤩

  • Obelbok Lyndem
    Obelbok Lyndem 7 days ago

    ❤ u shivley 😍💕

  • Obelbok Lyndem
    Obelbok Lyndem 7 days ago

    God bless u both shivani bailey ❤😘💕

  • Varsha Mahajan
    Varsha Mahajan 7 days ago

    Part 4 please!!

  • _ Laura
    _ Laura 8 days ago

    they are so cute❤️

  • Kanchi Sangma
    Kanchi Sangma 9 days ago

    I love shivani and Bailey 😙

  • Stream Dddd
    Stream Dddd 9 days ago

    Does anyone know where the first clip is from?

  • Althea Estrada
    Althea Estrada 9 days ago

    My bias! C H O I H Y U N S U K 😍

  • Althea Estrada
    Althea Estrada 9 days ago

    God Ye Dam😍🤣They are so talented!😭😍🤣

  • biot Sten
    biot Sten 10 days ago

    Part 4 please

  • Sejal reddy
    Sejal reddy 10 days ago

    Where is the last rap part from? If anyone have the link please do share

  • Sejal reddy
    Sejal reddy 11 days ago

    After all the interactions happening between them recently,i cant wait for part 4

  • zzz nana
    zzz nana 11 days ago

    Wow... The are made for each other 😍😍😍😍

  • Let Jae
    Let Jae 11 days ago

    Haruto and Yedam are gem🤘

  • zina boletche
    zina boletche 13 days ago


  • MegLow
    MegLow 13 days ago

    ALL YG RAPPERS CAN SING Jennie, CL,GD, Lisa,B.I, Minho Hyunsuk And some vocalist from YG can rap : Leehi , Yedam, Taeyang, Jisoo, Dara, June

  • Diego Vitor
    Diego Vitor 14 days ago

    Baylei e shivani são melhores amigos 😁

  • Shweta Puhar
    Shweta Puhar 15 days ago

    Watching this in September❤ waiting for part 4 plz upload it fast.

  • Leticia Domingos
    Leticia Domingos 16 days ago

    Sabina using a CNCO shirt, OMG

    HARSHIT NIGAM 16 days ago

    yeh kya tha bhosadik ab aakhe hai to dekheg hi dekhe bhi na kaha se chemistry dikhi

  • Ridoy Hasan
    Ridoy Hasan 21 day ago

    IT's to much. They are just friends. You people just doing the simple matter so much guilty.

  • Treasure13 Haru
    Treasure13 Haru 23 days ago

    You forgot to put Yedam's BoA Noona rap in KPOP STAR He's so young that time.

  • its liontaee
    its liontaee 23 days ago

    Itu yg video sama seungri liatnya dmn ya?😂

  • Choi is the new hyunsuk

    Search in Google: what treasure13 can't do Google: ERROR NOT FOUND

  • aishwarya mane
    aishwarya mane 24 days ago

    If they watch this vedios the will definitely fall in love with each other 😍

  • Airtel

    I like shivani and bailey❤👍✌👌❤💙💙❤❤

  • twotwogoisguedes
    twotwogoisguedes 25 days ago


  • Shravan Poonja
    Shravan Poonja 25 days ago

    Stay out of india u dumb shit

  • Tiasa Tilak
    Tiasa Tilak 26 days ago

    does anybody know what's the song at 2:00

  • Tiasa Tilak
    Tiasa Tilak 26 days ago

    as much as I ship Shivani and Bailey I don't see any kind of "friendship" between them :(

  • Andrea jeyn
    Andrea jeyn 26 days ago

    I'm sorry but bailey is for ylona

  • P h
    P h 27 days ago

    Awe! ! I know that soku bachi vira song and action too (though it's different )

  • Only Apink
    Only Apink 27 days ago

    joaley for ever

  • Choi is the new hyunsuk

    Hyunsukie my bias 💜

  • legendary gamehunter

    oh common that's nothing they are just friends shiv deserve way better than Bailey ... someone like me

  • MsGoddessOf 2012
    MsGoddessOf 2012 27 days ago

    2:46 better <3

  • Ishita Pearl
    Ishita Pearl 27 days ago

    Please post part 4 also

  • Giovanna Miros
    Giovanna Miros 28 days ago

    Pisa em Joaley

  • Sofie T.
    Sofie T. 28 days ago

    Dude, Shivani is GORGEOUS

  • Raymara Silva
    Raymara Silva 28 days ago

    Sou aquela que shippa todo mundo com todo mundo 😂😂

  • just for fun
    just for fun 28 days ago

    woowwwww...shively i just love them😍😍😍 though its my first time..please i wanna see more

  • Wanbha Sohmat
    Wanbha Sohmat 28 days ago

    OMG Bailey you r so cut

  • Wanbha Sohmat
    Wanbha Sohmat 28 days ago

    OMG Bailey you r so cut

    PCHOGWA Month ago

    on this interview Noah say something to Bailey when Shiv starts to dance at 2:18 👀

  • mbb xl
    mbb xl Month ago

    my favorites

  • Tiasa Tilak
    Tiasa Tilak Month ago

    what was that dance at the end.??

  • villbi k
    villbi k Month ago

    I request immediate shipping!!

  • Nisha Choudhary
    Nisha Choudhary Month ago

    India and Philippines always looks good together 😊😊

  • Ayesha Rivas
    Ayesha Rivas Month ago

    Well YG artist are everything......everytime they will debut a group they will be a legend and will become a hit......even though yg artist doesnt make a lot of songs but once they release it will blow up like crazy....even just the announcement🔥🔥🔥....We are all saying YG is the most bad,annoying,etc....but bro we wouldnt have met this legend artists without him

  • Arão Lena
    Arão Lena Month ago

    Aaaaaa shippo muito

  • S
    S Month ago

    "Just friends".

  • Heena Anis
    Heena Anis Month ago

    Plz part 4

  • Neyanta Rai
    Neyanta Rai Month ago

    I love them. I ship them hard 😍😍😍😍

  • sla haha
    sla haha Month ago

    Oh, they're cute.

  • Pyndaplang Paliar

    pleasesssssss made a part 4,5,6 pleaseeeeesssss they're so cut

  • ꓘRUNK 〤Gaming



    What is that song at 2:12

  • cheks flex
    cheks flex Month ago

    *feeling jealous*

  • Isamara Nogueira
    Isamara Nogueira Month ago

    Gente eu nem sabia que esse shipp existia ...... já shippo

  • a l
    a l Month ago

    qualquer shipp que inventam: a eu : socorro quero ver os filhos


    Who r they

  • crazy maniac
    crazy maniac Month ago

    Ship them to island

  • Goin Bulilit
    Goin Bulilit Month ago

    Miz TREASURE13 ♡♡♡

  • Akshaya Sasidharan


  • Lorde vlog P
    Lorde vlog P Month ago

    Bailey so handsome..👍😍

  • toshe yosihi
    toshe yosihi Month ago

    Bailey at ylona paden.

  • Marylang Kharsyntiew

    Wow the members of this group wr so cute both boys n girls ..... .wow like ur group keep it up👍👍👍

  • Shabnam Choudhury

    If that’s so it’s good but in a recent interview he said that he’s still in love with Ylona Garcia

  • helloysa kethllyn

    Agora não sei mas se shippo ele com a joalin ou com a shivani

  • Chanyeol Baekhyun

    so in love with them

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher Month ago

    They look pretty good acting as Aladdin and Jasmine 😏

  • Mashi Nee
    Mashi Nee Month ago


  • Amandinha Porto
    Amandinha Porto Month ago

    Que fofuraaa

  • AshisThapa
    AshisThapa Month ago

    I like intro 😂

  • Adrienne
    Adrienne Month ago

    I miss ylona and bailey together.

  • Aiman Shafiq
    Aiman Shafiq Month ago


  • Aiman Shafiq
    Aiman Shafiq Month ago

    What song yedam rapping to ?

  • Sbinky _TJ
    Sbinky _TJ Month ago

    God Yedam . My bias is the best👑

  • Tonzou Ngazou
    Tonzou Ngazou Month ago

    haha its kind of weird seeing this but its funny.