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Emmy Awards Recap
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Younger Fling?!
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Friday, September 20
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Wednesday, September 18
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Tamar Braxton Gets Real!
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Food Trends
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Tuesday, September 17
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After Show: Single Life
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Monday, September 16
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Wendy’s Hot Girl Summer
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Sugar Daddy
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Monday, September 16
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Dog's Most Wanted
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Attention Mr. Perry
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#RHONY Predictions
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Retta's Selfie Phobia
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Scottie Pippen Sued!
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A$AP Rocky Trial Update
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Lil Nas X Breaks Record!
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Tituss Burgess
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Lobster Mac & Cheese
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Armie Daddy Shamed!
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Cynthia Bailey Engaged
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Caught Cheating?
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Bow Wow Disses Ciara!
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Explosive RHOBH Reunion
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Do Labels Matter?
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Caitlyn Bails on Brody!
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Blac Chyna & Tokyo Toni Feud
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Chrissy Metz: Breakthrough
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  • Kelsie MW
    Kelsie MW 14 minutes ago

    i dont like that wig sry :/

  • Babalwa Matutu
    Babalwa Matutu 15 minutes ago

    What is the name of the song playing when Nene was walking out?

  • Senam Aseye Bridget
    Senam Aseye Bridget 15 minutes ago

    Kardashian Koolaid jokes on Wendy...

  • Vivienne Davis
    Vivienne Davis 16 minutes ago

    Wendy sucking up to the Kardashians cause she’s in with them now

  • T Lee
    T Lee 16 minutes ago

    Hey 11th season joanie!!!

  • chris vemba
    chris vemba 17 minutes ago

    Wendy your outfit is giving me life 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️

  • T Lee
    T Lee 19 minutes ago

    And a after show what in the how did i get so lucky on a Monday is going on !!!

  • nicole ashley
    nicole ashley 21 minute ago i died when they called amy winehouse harvey the powerful hollywood rapest last name 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀⚰⚱

  • Glamrock oo7
    Glamrock oo7 22 minutes ago

    Man woman at it again

  • amina salgo
    amina salgo 25 minutes ago

    Tht woman on ask Wendy looks very familiar

  • Eleni Loo
    Eleni Loo 26 minutes ago

    What a buttslut

  • Brenda Ndaya
    Brenda Ndaya 27 minutes ago

    wendy sings praises to kardashian all the time,its kind of boring.she should be invited to their sunday service to serve them

  • afrosoko
    afrosoko 27 minutes ago

    People have worked hard for their awards and money and are very well educated but you reduce them to being jealous? Simply the Kardashian’s said something dumb and people laughed.

  • IamRachael
    IamRachael 28 minutes ago

    Goes to show it's always your kind leading the hate. That gay white judge shading Billy Porter but if it was Lady Gaga he wouldn't be saying all that. It's boring Queens support your folks too.

  • Biddy Bop
    Biddy Bop 29 minutes ago

    Here’s Wendy - woo woo ❤️

  • MiniKawaiiWorld
    MiniKawaiiWorld 33 minutes ago


  • amina salgo
    amina salgo 33 minutes ago

    Amy weinstein?

  • tshepang sese
    tshepang sese 35 minutes ago

    My Crush on Dj Boof❤😘

  • Tashekia Parham
    Tashekia Parham 35 minutes ago

    watching fashion part and Wendy legs looking like a elephant🐘 leg🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Maureen K. Muthaura
    Maureen K. Muthaura 35 minutes ago

    Thank the internet for You Tube I can catch up on Wendy. I am in a country that doesnt know what BET is so

    IKUTEGBE OGHENETEGA 37 minutes ago

    My aunt Wendy, so much love from Nigeria. your new you is so lovely. and i enjoyed today episode of after show. doing what you know who to do best. Nice

  • nitabee56
    nitabee56 38 minutes ago

    I love this after show 😍 and I can wait til you get in your ROBE!

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 41 minute ago

    I wonder if boothe is single

  • Danyiel Says
    Danyiel Says 43 minutes ago

    If Kendal took off that latex top part and added a necklace,that dress would've been better IMO🔥

  • Zorida Zorida
    Zorida Zorida 45 minutes ago

    Wendy you was only invited to there home once and you defending them.....Everyone know what them make no one need to remind anyone....Just imagine you forget when you laugh and had something to say....and after your word's are we are hot topics....So you sound ridiculous......That why i dont watch your show....Next time they invited you they will tell you what to say.....On your show....

  • Singing Trucker
    Singing Trucker 45 minutes ago

    On one hand I had wished Kim went offffffff on Kenya but looking back it s better Kim kept her class n didn t roll in the gutter like Kenya always does

  • Jocelyn Gibbs
    Jocelyn Gibbs 45 minutes ago

    We all hate being laughed at. It's the same as bullying. Shame on the them. And yes they are jealous

  • Orion Noiro
    Orion Noiro 47 minutes ago

    If you watch carefully, Wendy has a tell when she’s trying to twist the truth. She’ll start repeating phrases and stutters when she tries to fumble through her words. She did that around 4:03-ish and also when she brought Tamar onto the show to shade The Real. She needs to work on her lying.

  • Princess of Fireflies
    Princess of Fireflies 49 minutes ago

    all of the deals are actually the real price or like 10% off...

  • MultiMuffin21
    MultiMuffin21 50 minutes ago

    I love you Wendy and I like the Kardashians.. but come on now.. so everybody in the audience is jealous? isn't that a bit much?

  • Danyiel Says
    Danyiel Says 52 minutes ago

    Zendaya and Mandy looked so good💙😉👏

  • Madalina Vlogulina
    Madalina Vlogulina 52 minutes ago

    Ya, right, they jealous 🤣🤣🤣 W, you should appreciate the irony of the k family talking about non scripted “real” life hahahaha Mamager strikes again, putting you on the paycheck 🧐

  • Autumn B.
    Autumn B. 52 minutes ago

    No THEY DONT NEED HER! God removed her off the show for a reason ☺️

  • Victoria Kawesa
    Victoria Kawesa 53 minutes ago

    U guys, let's talk about Wendy's legs!! They are soooo swollen!! I really feel sorry for her. Hoping her condition improves soon. ❤🙏🏿❤

  • kristinarayart
    kristinarayart 54 minutes ago

    Beautiful bouquet on the table :)

  • P Auluknow
    P Auluknow 54 minutes ago

    Even tho Wendell hates showing Brendan’s face on camera. I love hearing the silver fox voice. I hate Tristan

  • J
    J 59 minutes ago

    Didn't want to say this before Wendy, because you were having such a good time with your new life. BUT these celebrities are NOT YOUR FRIENDS. They just want to have you not drag them on hot topics. And clearly it's working...

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez Hour ago

    Thank you for the full episodes !!!

  • iam free
    iam free Hour ago

    to the lady with the noise piecering a piece of advice u having sex with an ex and u dont know his past while yall wasnt together🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Konad B
    Konad B Hour ago

    People are bashing Kim k because they are jealous of how this lady and her family who are fake, no talent, Kim with sex tape made millions and they can’t. They are blessed because of the haters.

  • VC777 Greenwood
    VC777 Greenwood Hour ago

    The devil work hard but Kris Jenner work harder.

  • LaSabris08
    LaSabris08 Hour ago

    All I picture is Dorinda saying, "Giovanni!!!! Gi-O-VANI!!!!"

  • Valerie Hill
    Valerie Hill Hour ago

    Your son is a depressed kid . . . In my head so no pictures when with your kid. Mark is a grown man, Kenya can take a pic with a fan.

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Hour ago

    our new wig man knows what he is doingggg. love these looks

  • TrueExclusives
    TrueExclusives Hour ago

    #BringBackTristan lol

  • Hugh Haefner
    Hugh Haefner Hour ago

    As a white man, I am outraged at the bias of white privilege out there. I believe in fairness, but c'mon.

  • W J
    W J Hour ago

    If The Real needed Tamar, the show wouldn't be this successful without her. Tamar was fired THREE years ago...get over it Wendy! She just wanted to start some mess.

    ASULOVE22 Hour ago

    Wendy is drinking the Kardashian Kool-aid pretty hard these days😏 rest assured, I can guarantee that noooooo well educated person is jealous of the Kartrashians 🤣

  • Blue
    Blue Hour ago

    people laugh ed because Kendall said "Telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted" ... And that was funny because who believes that the stories were not unscripted. They are 100 % people out there that are jealous of them but not in this moment ... Just my opinion, feel free to see it differently. Have a nice day ❤

  • Kirk Moore
    Kirk Moore Hour ago

    Old school gangster (Victoria) meets new school street gangster (Wendy).....

  • Often
    Often Hour ago

    Amazing wendy for adopting homeless kitties what a lovely thing to do

  • Petit Bidou
    Petit Bidou Hour ago

    I remember when she said Jerry could never do her show because he is "too Hollywood" and friends with all of them.... Well welcome to the club girl !

  • Ajoh Wong
    Ajoh Wong Hour ago

    Nobody what’s new ? Me Wendy is now working for Kris Jenner 😏.

  • meg's utube
    meg's utube Hour ago

    Too bad she missed getting in touch with BTS...

  • timmy75
    timmy75 Hour ago

    How dare you say restaurant workers spit in the food!! That is a hideous thing to say. I’ve been in the business my whole life. Never have I ever seen such a thing. Very rude. You obviously never had to work in a restaurant in your whole life. Entitled rich woman that looks down on restaurant workers. Shame on you...

    • Lesley Bennett
      Lesley Bennett Hour ago

      I have seen enough videos on YT lately showing people interfering with customers food. Truly shocking!!

  • Woo Woody
    Woo Woody Hour ago

    I wipe my kitty feet and face with baby wipes

  • Giselle
    Giselle Hour ago

    That's definitely not the reason why Kenya and her husband split up, stop avoiding the topic of mistresses and out of wedlock children Wendy.

  • Parisa Dixon
    Parisa Dixon Hour ago

    I love Wendy’s daily life goin on Stories👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Love the Happy 😃 She is living now👍🏽 So Blessed 🙏🏽 Njoy Wendy like you are & DESERVE👌🏽 How U Doin👐🏽😁 I know how u doin 🤷🏽‍♀️ HAPPY, 😁 LIVING HAPPY😀👌🏽

  • Nur Gadima
    Nur Gadima Hour ago

    missing the old Wendy

  • rebecca george
    rebecca george Hour ago

    Maybe a bad dress choice...wish she wasn't putting her hands over stomach, especially after paying all that money...u can see insecurity but she looks wonderful

  • hilmir
    hilmir Hour ago

    The two moustaches with white male privilege was throwing shade cos of the fact that a person of color just told them that they were not winning.

  • ξ S L Δ λΛ
    ξ S L Δ λΛ Hour ago

    it's not that Kris is Blackmailing wendy or whatever ...Wendy likes the Kardashians-Jenners cos they are actually Nice & kind people something our world is lacking right now

  • Often
    Often Hour ago

    Try to get in the Kardashian circle lame wendy

  • iammeallday
    iammeallday Hour ago

    lawd Wendy has gone over to the house and drank Kris kool-aide chile

  • Ndidi Duru
    Ndidi Duru Hour ago

    Is this still Wendy? What changed about the Kardashians? Wendy, is this you talking from both sides of your mouth?

  • iiBarbiiDoll
    iiBarbiiDoll Hour ago

    Why isn’t she covering 69’s case ..? 🤔

  • Nikko Fiedacan
    Nikko Fiedacan Hour ago

    is that Ms. Janine Tugonon at 6:40 ?

  • Dina love
    Dina love Hour ago

    Wendy has a soft spot for the kardashians. Kim K and Kendall should have rehearsed more, and fixed their faces, also their outfits were not cute

  • Klgray7373
    Klgray7373 Hour ago

    What in the old ladies who walk at the mall before it opens outfit is THIS? Yuck.

  • dutchess simmon
    dutchess simmon Hour ago

    Wendy stop.....WHY DO THE WHITE WOMEN NOT GET JAIL TIME I notice Wendy do not support BLK women. I was watching her face as the BLK women taLK.

  • T Cook
    T Cook Hour ago

    Well now that Wendy is on the inside with the K's she has to make nice with them. But it was a nice outfit on kendall. I guess people won't let the Kards play outside yet....they did make millions off of the look ya gotta give it to them🤑🤑🤑

  • Damien Smith
    Damien Smith Hour ago

    Did yall catch it...."sounds very charmed" as in witchcraft...but cleaned it up by saying charming

  • luca winters
    luca winters Hour ago

    oooooh. it's back to one whole video? the hot topics? i subbing again!

  • Shawnell Brown
    Shawnell Brown Hour ago

    Wendy Kim k's friend now she wasnt saying the things all these years. Jealous of women like them Kardashian's??🤔🤔🤔🤔girl bye they are tv fake.

  • kristinarayart
    kristinarayart Hour ago

    Awwwww I had the same color cat that’s on the left T.T

  • Olivia Ike
    Olivia Ike Hour ago

    Biased Wendy cos she is friends with Kardashian. Wendy go back to being u duh

  • Aaliya m
    Aaliya m Hour ago

    Why are you mad at Wendy about the Kardashian when the people which is us make them rich with no talent she got a point. People need to stop following, watching and buying the Kardashian staff if we want them out of our lives.

  • ξ S L Δ λΛ
    ξ S L Δ λΛ Hour ago

    he's right actually Gaga would've SLAYED that Latex look

  • Damien Smith
    Damien Smith Hour ago

    There you have it "Beyonce and the girls"

  • K N
    K N Hour ago

    Excuse you all in the comments, I don't even like the Ks but I also agree that Kendal looks real good in the dress and I also think she absolutely stole the shine from Kimmie (who's dress btw reminded me of the carpets in the high-end obituary places) I do agree tho that the latex ontop shoulda been thither

  • Gloria Ndhlovu
    Gloria Ndhlovu Hour ago

    Even Norman is only agreeing to save his job...A room full of talented people jealous of a talentless family riding off the black culture...girl please, have several seats😏

    ZIKA EZIAGULU Hour ago

    The Kardashians are very filtered as opposed to the statement they made about been real and unfiltered, rolled my eyes on that one. They make good TV but......

  • Sean M
    Sean M Hour ago

    Love the hair. Love the after show. Not a fan of the outfit but better then Fridays lol

  • G. Parker
    G. Parker Hour ago

    Wendy, you use to go in hard on the Kardashian’s. You had one meeting with them and now you want kiss there their butts stop the BS. You know why everyone laugh. You are know better then Howard Stern. And you said Howard went Hollywood.

  • Reginald Middleton

    A 300 thread count for how much??!! Girl bye... If y'all don't go to Walmart or Target even Macy's home...smh

  • Retski7
    Retski7 Hour ago

    If you don't know the winners and big names at the Emmys you need to check yourself as a popculture show...

  • T.E. Burgos
    T.E. Burgos Hour ago

    People laughed at the utter absurdity of those two Kardashian bimbos saying that the Kardashians TV show is "unfiltered and unscripted."

  • Vltr_genius
    Vltr_genius Hour ago

    I dont see wendy being too soft,it just soft bcz she hang out with the kardashian klan .but laugh at someone speech is just childish and stupid.just bcz she has a bad past but kris defntly work hard for her family .respect for they business,not a big fan but i still have find the laughter just stupid and childish and shady

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah Hour ago

    DJ Boof exudes Good Man Energy.

  • ShmooieLowenstein

    Dafuq is she wearing?! She looks like a 5 year old who dressed herself.

  • Danni Sefu
    Danni Sefu Hour ago

    Loving this full episode ishhhhhh

  • Sable Bomb
    Sable Bomb Hour ago

    I guess Wendy isn’t the Straight Shooter anymore 😅 They didn’t laugh because they are jealous.. They laughed cause they said Unfiltered, Unscripted and being themselves.. Wendy WTF

  • Stephen Fassl
    Stephen Fassl Hour ago

    I wanna know what the audience member said at 39:14 that made everyone laugh out loud after Wendy asked “Will be be paying you?”

  • Laoch
    Laoch Hour ago

    Wendy is GLOWING today! 👏🏻 😍

  • Anna
    Anna Hour ago

    The reason why people are laughing Wendy it's cause they're are lying. It is scripted and fake

  • maya garba
    maya garba 2 hours ago

    the kardashians are using wendy for damage control. lol sis they are befrending u to control and limit your REALTALK

  • Kelvin Kyle
    Kelvin Kyle 2 hours ago

    I can't with the shady camera man 😂😂😂 20:10 seafood and points at the asian girl 💀

  • John Thang
    John Thang 2 hours ago

    Today's show is really diverse. 😂

  • Shay Brown
    Shay Brown 2 hours ago

    No. They DONT need her. They’re doing fine without her. Wendy stop bringing up past stuff. She gives me migraines.

  • Mrs. Scouting Pro
    Mrs. Scouting Pro 2 hours ago

    Zendaya would make a good Poison Ivy from Batman