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Who Came Up With This Crap
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  • Prajeesh kumar
    Prajeesh kumar 59 minutes ago

    Then why is kfc not sharing their trade secret recipe ?

  • Bardrick
    Bardrick Hour ago

    I don't like how mechanics seem to be afraid of EVs. I have no trouble driving to an area that has power. And the gas pumps tend to go offline when the power goes out too! I suposed you could keep a good generator around for emergencies or have solar / wind power with backup batteries.

  • krazeekalvin
    krazeekalvin Hour ago

    What's do you think about a used Toyota Sequoia? Pro's and Con's? Thanks

  • Username McUsernameFace

    UK fuel is 95 octane for the regular and 98 for the premium. It also costs around £1.30 a litre for regular.

  • krazeekalvin
    krazeekalvin Hour ago

    We are having our place repaired from the flooding that the insurance company denied the claim due to storm surge.

  • zuilok
    zuilok Hour ago

    After trying everything else to remove the bolt on my X-type I tried this (imo quite sketchy method) and it actually worked like a charm, thanks.

  • AlphaQup1597
    AlphaQup1597 Hour ago

    What about my 5.0 gt it says it only take premium

  • jcrnda
    jcrnda Hour ago

    Forced close captioned in Korean, that's new!

  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus Hour ago

    You are the dodgy mechanic

  • Moath Dalaeen
    Moath Dalaeen Hour ago

    Scotty i have the same car but hybrid 2.5 L Is300h f sport 2016 and it's also great car i pass more than 150k mile on it in 3 years and still like new car

  • DjiDash
    DjiDash Hour ago

    Nobody: Scotty: YOUR STUPID!!!

  • Nicholas Galea
    Nicholas Galea Hour ago

    plastic intake manifold, cheap crap.

  • blount_man
    blount_man Hour ago

    All this time I've been putting in midgrade...I feel so ashamed

  • Vincent Productions

    my Doctorate without this dashcam is useless.

  • Killswitch01
    Killswitch01 Hour ago

    I hope I win so I can make my own Russian style car crash videos of other peoples driving

  • Graham Wells
    Graham Wells Hour ago

    The company's that make your breakfast cereal have too tell you cause your eating it the fuel company's putting fuel in your car don't have to tell you jack because money to Congress talks

  • Pastor Paul D
    Pastor Paul D Hour ago

    My absolutely gorgeous beautiful 2007 Lincoln town car President series is the most amazingly comfortable car I have ever owned and believe me I have a fractured spine I have more steel on my back then there is in my steering wheel so I need a nice ride and let me tell you nice ride is all you get this car and it’s pure luxury

  • Ferrari Red
    Ferrari Red Hour ago

    Because plus is better.

  • waswestkan
    waswestkan Hour ago

    IMO as long as people still need to purchase pickups, and medium duty truck, the V8 will be around. Modern V8 are reliable. long lived, with decent broad power band. I just cant see boosted I4 s and V6 standing up driven for hours wrapped up to the nuts to deliver the required power.

  • oh dear! me
    oh dear! me Hour ago

    Had a guy come to me about how his hand brake came on when driving his audi last month car spun out trashed the rear end told him am not going near it, this in uk.they brought this in for the weak people that cant pull a hand brake on. I wont own a car with electric hand brake.

  • G Gem
    G Gem Hour ago

    My experience managing a fleet of E350 vans that idle a lot throw much less check engine codes on premium fuel. Non technical people like accountants see your video and than send an E mail to the fleet manager forbidding the use of premium fuel. When the complaints start to come in over check engine lights I say start putting premium fuel in. Than I will get a note saying it worked.

  • Jesse Aldo
    Jesse Aldo Hour ago

    My 4.8l vortec shakes when i rev it in park or neutral. But not in drive. I installed New plugs,wires,fuel regulator. Cleaned mass air sensor and throttle body. No codes. Please help! ! P.s... i watch all your videos. Your the best

  • Leigh Rich
    Leigh Rich Hour ago


  • krazeekalvin
    krazeekalvin Hour ago

    What do you think of the Toyota V8?

  • Rick Harris
    Rick Harris Hour ago

    In nz we have 91 95 and 98 octane

  • simon bolton
    simon bolton Hour ago

    The new defender is utter computerised pointlessly complex unrepairable heap of complete plastic tosh. The latest iteration basically bins the very foundations of what made us buy a defender since the 1950s, therefore abandoning its devout 70 year customer base. Companies these days are clueless!

  • Shawn Beck
    Shawn Beck Hour ago

    I put Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 full synthetic oil in my 2004 Concorde LXI limited 3.5 H.O. motor with a Mobil 1 oil filter. Had the timing belt and tensioner changed two weeks later. The shop had to change the oil after fixing it. The car came back with Half and Half oil and a really cheap filter. When I went to change the oil! The oil filter was very loose and the drain plug was over tighten. This why I change my own oil and filter. Using SuperTech 5w30 High mileage full synthetic and a Fram Ultra Synthetic filter. $26.00 tops. I have over a 165,000 miles on both my cars. Heading for 200,000. Change your own oil its takes a little time but its your car Right! Shawn

  • Paul Roux
    Paul Roux Hour ago

    Gas pumps need electricity to work.

  • John Damage
    John Damage Hour ago

    V Power diesel is really good stuff IF you have the engine that can use it

  • Yukun Cui
    Yukun Cui Hour ago

    I can hear you yelling while I’m in Canada.

  • marie moore
    marie moore Hour ago

    Wish id kept my old one instead of getting into debt with mine

  • Karim Salem
    Karim Salem Hour ago

    But most of the new cars have keyless remotes now! What to do then?

  • Pat X
    Pat X Hour ago

    that middle choice you get if you dont choose the reg or hi octane one is for the peeps that feel cheap to not use the hi octane but not cheap enough to get regular , me i mix the 3 of them 15$ reg + 15$ middle one + 15 to 20 $ of high octane so my 2007 mexican versa can ride like a #$%?& bullet !!!!!

  • Elijah Iaea
    Elijah Iaea Hour ago

    Great info

  • athfdrizzle
    athfdrizzle Hour ago

    Scotty I need it!! pleaseII Me!!!

  • George Asplen
    George Asplen Hour ago

    Instructions unclear. I poured the soapy water in my fuel tank. How many miles should I drive?

  • ReconTHG
    ReconTHG Hour ago

    We only live once so if I decide to buy one of those money pits I will buy it.

  • Dimensionalconsciousness

    The last manual Lexus made and I guess there was no demand from stupid Americans so there goes that 😤

  • Verdi Lowe
    Verdi Lowe Hour ago

    Got Dizzy watching Scotty conducting & arm waving..

  • Joshua
    Joshua Hour ago

    They’re not like the cheap teslas that are outsourced to China because Elon found out it wasn’t possible to build a cheap car fully in the US

  • Greek Sun
    Greek Sun Hour ago

    Why are EV designs so ugly? Even Tesla, except for the model s, are ugly.

  • Hussam R
    Hussam R Hour ago

    dam man you gave me a relief.

    JLUMINADO Hour ago

    Hey Scotty I only waste my wife's hard earned money no mine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DED 1344
    DED 1344 Hour ago

    Don t ever call me stupid

  • Centredoorplugs Thornton

    Ford F150 Raptor with the 6.2 v8 runs best on 91 octane. But some areas don't have 91 octane. Also says ok to put in 87 octane, just lose 10 horsepower.

  • nate c
    nate c Hour ago


  • Do It Yourself DIY At Home

    I'd like to have the dash cam

  • j freed
    j freed Hour ago

    Congrats on the great news! The new wife expecting baby is pretty cool news too, hah. When you can't lose on the deal you paid cars are way more fun. Plus you can always fix and upgrade the body parts and seats and PS mirror as a weekend project if you find good used parts to pull. You have spent so little you can budget for it whether it's a good car to keep or eventually flip. Maybe you can get an upholsterer to recover the seats as a birthday present for yourself!

  • Jen G
    Jen G Hour ago

    That dashcam is really neat! Thank you for the recommendation!

  • Vincent Productions

    so cars can get constipated as well, haha never thought of that.

  • Darnel C
    Darnel C Hour ago

    So what's the deal with plus 89?

  • Colin Zzz
    Colin Zzz Hour ago


  • Moaz Alandanusi
    Moaz Alandanusi Hour ago

    Scotty... but I just recently bought a Nissan X trail... What's the best way to maintain it? I had it for like 7 months and I already have over 20k kilometers on it!

  • Chief9-10
    Chief9-10 Hour ago

    Mustang with 1200 street legal horsepower. Light turns green guy guns it Mustang sits there and burns tire's completely off .WTF do you need 1200 h.p. for .I remember back when 300 h.p. was considered serious

  • skid126
    skid126 2 hours ago

    This was no help

  • Rehan Aziz
    Rehan Aziz 2 hours ago

    Hey Scotttyyy! What do you think about chinese headlights?Should I go for it or stay away from it?

  • Mike Brhel
    Mike Brhel 2 hours ago

    Hey Scotty should buy a 2019 rav4 or Honda C-VR 2019

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions 2 hours ago

    Land Rover -Defender- Depender.

  • keithsa41
    keithsa41 2 hours ago


  • brjha
    brjha 2 hours ago

    Scotty: The number 1 pickup truck is the Ford F150 Also Scotty 2 weeks ago: This F150 has serious problems

  • Shrubchucker
    Shrubchucker 2 hours ago

    Haha you idiots! I use all 3 pumps at once when I fill up. Then I put diesel in for wiper fluid. YOU HAVE TO TURN MY CAR OFF TO GET IT GOING

  • Brad Burmeister
    Brad Burmeister 2 hours ago

    Could you do a video on if NAPA's quality is better than autozone, and if you think NAPA is worth the extra money.

  • Nonneo Liberal
    Nonneo Liberal 2 hours ago

    Scotty smokes massive bowls

  • Sub-urban Art-ist
    Sub-urban Art-ist 2 hours ago

    Scotty, the only guy on planet that looks younger now then 10 years ago HAHAHAHA (looked at old video TV show)

  • Sub-urban Art-ist
    Sub-urban Art-ist 2 hours ago

    Scotty, the only guy on planet that looks younger now then 10 years ago HAHAHAHA

  • ali altamimi
    ali altamimi 2 hours ago


  • kd k
    kd k 2 hours ago

    I'm going to buy an electric car just to put a generator on the back to use gas to charge as I drive

  • maxthemagition
    maxthemagition 2 hours ago

    Get a s/h VW Golf Diesel with low mileage and get it serviced by a VW dealer. Low purchase price, low service costs, build quality and they will last a lifetime.

  • Kev D
    Kev D 2 hours ago

    I'm mad.

  • Joseph Brogna
    Joseph Brogna 2 hours ago

    Yeaaaaaaah I removed my cats and threw in a cam long tubes and other full bolt on aftermarket parts

  • Morten christensen
    Morten christensen 2 hours ago

    Electronics cars are the step before horse and wagon.

  • Nightserk
    Nightserk 2 hours ago

    So what do you think of the older lexus is300?

  • TzFrank
    TzFrank 2 hours ago

    I'd love to have this dash cam

  • Paul Keating
    Paul Keating 2 hours ago

    What about Tippin?

  • Thinking Impaired
    Thinking Impaired 2 hours ago

    Scotty what do you think of the Lexus is350 if they still make those models.

  • David Morris
    David Morris 2 hours ago

    I know the Is250 has available AWD, but how does the RWD do in the snow?

  • Firsty Aid
    Firsty Aid 2 hours ago

    I Use Eulex from Kochchemie germany

  • robertastk
    robertastk 2 hours ago

    Since when IS250 is port injected? Since 2005 V6 IS250 has direct injection.

  • 2003evodave
    2003evodave 2 hours ago


  • David Morris
    David Morris 2 hours ago

    Lol the Lexus is normally aspirated? 🙄🤣

  • Dan Myself
    Dan Myself 2 hours ago

    we should all put a white lab coats on, then we could charge more for anything we sell, lol

  • Slappy Pumkineater
    Slappy Pumkineater 2 hours ago

    I do not think I am stupid

  • Shawn Blackhurst
    Shawn Blackhurst 2 hours ago

    Coolant Temperature Censor. A loose connection caused my gauge to stay on cold while the fans stayed on and the A/C stopped working.

  • Race Bannon
    Race Bannon 2 hours ago

    It's $26,000 for an average 2015. Is that cheap for a 5 year old car? I'm not stupid, I just don't want to shell out $26 grand for a tiny 5 year old car. Maybe if I was a millionaire like you Scotty $26k would be walking around money.

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 2 hours ago

    I am SO glad I served before that hunk of Garbage Motors produced trash was chosen to replace the Humvee....or course, I didn't travel in a Humvee too often anyway, I was busy doin my job in an M2....Hooah

  • Aaron Zetroc
    Aaron Zetroc 2 hours ago

    You are stupid!

  • Thelby1
    Thelby1 2 hours ago

    Personally, I use 87 Octane, Ethanol Free!

  • hobosdominecraft1
    hobosdominecraft1 2 hours ago

    Is it illegal to not diclose whats inside your oil or additives?

  • Duderama 67
    Duderama 67 2 hours ago

    It's a Texas Lexus, of course it's dirty!

  • жестокий человек

    When from driving a 2002 Mercedes c230 to a 1998 volvo v70 xc and I like the Volvo more in every single way possible and got it for half the price of the merc lmao

  • Irshad Kt
    Irshad Kt 2 hours ago

    Hey Scotty Can you do a video on causes of tight steering wheel

  • DamJDonkey
    DamJDonkey 2 hours ago

    So if someone responds to this im not sure how I'll see but I have a question on reprogramming an ikey and how too without immobilizer code?

  • Steven Burns
    Steven Burns 2 hours ago

    Scotty you are simply awesome. I learn so much from you, its mind blowing. Thank you so much!

  • De Sign
    De Sign 2 hours ago

    The only good BMW, is a motorcycle.

  • caddcoll1
    caddcoll1 2 hours ago

    Hey Scotty- beem me up for the Dash-cam!

  • De Sign
    De Sign 2 hours ago

    If Scotty ever went wheelin, he’d enjoy it so much that he’d fall in love with Jeep, he’d suddenly understand why a caged military Colorado diesel is a brilliant thing, and he’d sell that celica, due to its awful ground clearance and lack of suspension flex.

  • Duderama 67
    Duderama 67 2 hours ago

    If you take advice from an unemployed mechanic you're stupid!

  • sloppy toppy
    sloppy toppy 2 hours ago

    We are all stupid!!

  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack 2 hours ago

    gas is too cheap

  • Front light
    Front light 2 hours ago

    Hi Scotty, I really enjoy your content, you are teaching me things about car maintenance my dad never did thank you