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  • Gelo Villanueva
    Gelo Villanueva Hour ago

    is he in columbine because tjays gonna be a preety good movie killing all the teachers starting a revoulution

  • deelzbub
    deelzbub Hour ago

    Mad Max vs Zombies If they had called it that they would have had a hit

  • Eloise Beeson
    Eloise Beeson Hour ago

    this was so weird to watch hahaha they keep saying my name

  • o x
    o x Hour ago

    Wtf is this

  • Slytherin Elphaba Supporter

    I understand why Monday disappeared lol 😆

  • Krisni Noor Patrianti

    Remember when Stranger Things are scifi horror film

  • T A I
    T A I 3 hours ago

    *Kirby bucket has left the chat*

  • cleetusyeetus neetus

    bruh diary of the wimpy kid all over again

  • Aarif Khan
    Aarif Khan 3 hours ago

    Superb movie

  • TheAdde7777
    TheAdde7777 4 hours ago

    Whats the name of the song

  • stitch
    stitch 5 hours ago

    oh, hollywood...

  • Another One
    Another One 5 hours ago

    It's Westinghouse VS Edison not Edison VS Tesla in this movie. Disappointed.

  • Janno JJ
    Janno JJ 5 hours ago

    Probably the BEST action movie ever created. It's just perfection.

  • Nami
    Nami 7 hours ago

    So basiclly there Fighting Kal Drogo plus this is overkill

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 7 hours ago

    Amazing movie concept but seems terrible

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 7 hours ago

    That’s very interesting

  • korbennelentari
    korbennelentari 7 hours ago

    God her whisper talking is so damn annoying

  • Shivam Kilanjar
    Shivam Kilanjar 7 hours ago

    Such a powerful trailer

  • Bibbian Gonzalez
    Bibbian Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    Is it he in y’all girl???

  • Santiago Navarro
    Santiago Navarro 8 hours ago

    From Godfather to Dirty Grandpa 😞

  • estetty
    estetty 8 hours ago


  • venomclown1134
    venomclown1134 8 hours ago

    The boyfriend was a fucking gutless pussy. I think that after he basically told her he didn't even try to save him, she tried to kill them both by crashing the car. The dude didn't have the balls to grab the rifle and literally put an end to it all, but could literally abandon a baby in the woods? How is it possible to be a pussy AND a monster??

  • OptimusPhillip
    OptimusPhillip 8 hours ago

    Now I really want to see Ren Kiriyama play L

  • Bkack 07
    Bkack 07 9 hours ago

    Like si vienes de play

  • Allison Flores
    Allison Flores 10 hours ago


  • markaboy WWE
    markaboy WWE 10 hours ago

    Gary Gary Avenue

  • Carl Howard
    Carl Howard 10 hours ago

    "Quickly, Robin... To the Crosswalk!" Adam West's final endearing Batmanism, and it was a great one. Nothing else from either of the two animated films before his passing was anywhere near as perfect as that.

    HARPREET TIWANA 10 hours ago

    It’s crazy to think that’s he’s turning 20 next year

  • Soledad Sicurella
    Soledad Sicurella 10 hours ago


  • spyro 0907
    spyro 0907 10 hours ago

    oh god

  • Jacob DeHaan
    Jacob DeHaan 11 hours ago

    This movie fucking rules!!!!

  • Paige Haworth
    Paige Haworth 11 hours ago

    i cried like 47 times during this movie

  • C F
    C F 13 hours ago

    I noticed in one of the scenes, a bunch of English soldiers had one of the bombers in custody. Instead of arresting her (as would the British government do to any terrorist) they proceed to kill her. This sort of action is why these bombers will kill, because they aren't even treated to a fair trial. This wouldn't happen to a radical Muslim, they'd be arrested. Therefore, they are killed based on their culture of being from Northern Ireland. Fuck the Brits man. Make a movie on the atrocities they have done around the world, in history

  • Pedro Sayajin
    Pedro Sayajin 14 hours ago

    Ricardo Milos evolution

  • ZANE!
    ZANE! 14 hours ago

    This was honestly a big disappointment

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 14 hours ago

    This was just about the most boring, awful movie I've ever seen. The loud sounds during scene jumps designed for a cheap scare were even boring, save for the annoyance of having to turn the volume back down due to equally awful mixing. No one should watch this movie. The people who made it should not even watch it, save as penance for any potential crimes they may commit in the future. I'm very glad I didn't pay for this movie, otherwise I would've been more than bored, I would've been pissed.

  • Madeline Harper
    Madeline Harper 15 hours ago

    This looks like world war Z if WWZ had been made correctly. I haven't seen this movie and I can tell it's got to be in the top 10 zombie movies ever made! Hollywood, don't even try to make an American version! Please

  • Madeline Harper
    Madeline Harper 15 hours ago

    0:05 "ROLLLL CREDITS!!"

  • Christian Banks
    Christian Banks 15 hours ago ready for this

  • Alice Wonderland
    Alice Wonderland 15 hours ago

    Wasn’t 1967 the “summer of love”?

  • Gdub angel
    Gdub angel 16 hours ago

    Uncaged is scarier

  • David Cook
    David Cook 16 hours ago

    Why have i just heard of this movie now?!?!

  • Battsie
    Battsie 17 hours ago

    I watched this movie ages ago

  • xVqid_
    xVqid_ 17 hours ago

    who else was not ready for the twist in this movie?

  • PaperLuigi99
    PaperLuigi99 17 hours ago

    If I were to haunt that house, first thing I'd do was to remodel that house.

  • Truebluedah
    Truebluedah 17 hours ago

    Wait, this was three years ago?

  • sebastian yt
    sebastian yt 17 hours ago

    Aqui esta el comentario en español que busacas😉

  • Hecky Billy
    Hecky Billy 19 hours ago

    "Keemstar the movie"

  • Saanshi Pomegranate
    Saanshi Pomegranate 19 hours ago

    tall girl and spiderman

  • Ungenerous Crab 34
    Ungenerous Crab 34 19 hours ago

    This Movie was funny And sad

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 19 hours ago

    When I saw this show 4 years ago I was exited, but now I think this kid could be schizophrenic, and I’m only 11

  • Music Interviews and Documentaries

    Crazy Arabic Woman😂😂😂😂

  • Duma Kutya újratöltve

    This a Megalodon?!🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈

  • Kenyce
    Kenyce 21 hour ago


  • Sara javed
    Sara javed 21 hour ago

    Queen ak chor hai simpl as that

  • EᐯEᖇᔕᗷEᗩᐯEᖇᔕ ☾🌟 ☾

    So this is what tori Vega did after she graduated

  • judy
    judy 23 hours ago

    I see Lorelai and Luke hit it off really well

  • 山川
    山川 23 hours ago


  • 山川
    山川 23 hours ago


  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange 23 hours ago

    Before Black Panther, Fat Panther did this job.

  • Sandhya Adhikari

    I have a crush on Griffin after tall girl❤️

  • Qpid 1986
    Qpid 1986 Day ago

    No matter what role she play's, she seems to always have a look of innocence... I'd definitely marry a woman like her..

  • Il buon vecchio Ray

    great interpretation by jackie chan, i loved and i cry for him in this movie <3 the facial expression of jackie it s great in every role, dramatic roles too!!!

  • Queen Asmr
    Queen Asmr Day ago


  • Idėjų Miškas

    Omgg lol

  • Mr D
    Mr D Day ago

    movie woulda been great if it was about 30-40 min shorter. lots of repeated stuff and drawn out situations. a lil too much drama llamas

  • Karla Camila
    Karla Camila Day ago

    madelaine petsh 😍😍😍

  • giorgos sakaridis

    best drama movie ever

  • J Tabasa
    J Tabasa Day ago

    skipped to the end when I noticed the cage was wooden

  • Ve Ve
    Ve Ve Day ago

    Who is just here for Millie bobby brown from stranger things? 👇Like if you are

  • Shivam Malhotra

    No matter how bad it seems, but this is real fatherly love. His son wouldn't have achieved what he achieved if it weren't for his father.

  • dio arya
    dio arya Day ago

    Ghost Rider and Green Goblin

  • Pradeep Negi
    Pradeep Negi Day ago

    It's looks likeKirby bucket

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone Day ago

    We're all human love is blind

  • Lil Mino OFFICIAL

    I read the book it was great but haven’t watched the movie

  • Ruiz NBA
    Ruiz NBA Day ago

    If my middle school was like this, I would’ve had a pretty boring middle school life

  • will friid
    will friid Day ago

    The grudge is more scare than rings

  • Gee Luck
    Gee Luck Day ago

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  • Jae Smith
    Jae Smith Day ago

    I love this movie. Super simple but gets u curious as to whats going to happen next. Ive watched this movie a dozen times and will watch a dozen more

  • ImtheGodKing
    ImtheGodKing Day ago

    Everytime she wakes up she be like "ah sh*t, here we go again"

  • Stormy Lover
    Stormy Lover Day ago

    This is why he was familiar

  • Clay Lott
    Clay Lott Day ago

    This is like Jaws. But 3 times bigger and a tremendous appetite!

    • Walter Samuels
      Walter Samuels 20 hours ago

      And the strongest bite of all animals that existed

  • agnes -
    agnes - Day ago

    How come I've never seen this movie before.?

  • Pinky Dank
    Pinky Dank Day ago

    Wow, if this happened in real life at my school, the dude Doing it would get arrested.

  • Camilla Burdak

    millie likes to think happy thoughts and shes always making others happy

  • Sarra Sarra
    Sarra Sarra Day ago

    This kinda reminds of I wanna eat your pancreas

  • karena apus
    karena apus Day ago

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS First of let me say forget the psycho part, i think i fell in love with the boy...i mean look at that tall motherfucker with broad shoulders , curly hair and that chest also full of hair.... i thought maybe the man would be scary looking, and itd make me sad cause...i mean look at those shoulders and that chest and those curls....but boy was i wrong....James russell is freaking handsome handsome !! And secondly...nothing .. just enjoy the movie you little cheater who kept reading even tho i put spoiler warnings

  • Easton DaGoat
    Easton DaGoat Day ago

    This movie looks like shit

  • Ashton Kandeen

    He’s a teen and he just went to middle school I’m not even a teen as yet

  • Mrs. Holland
    Mrs. Holland Day ago

    I’m rewatching the trailer and it made me think what would they do if one of them had really bad acne? Like how do u hide that

  • Nathaniel Fitzgerald

    These shark movies are getting played out lol; Can they just spice things up and use killer whales next time? lol

  • mia shushi
    mia shushi Day ago

    oh mai god

  • Praveen kumar singh

    Anupam kher boss great time

  • Ayari Haythem
    Ayari Haythem Day ago

    It's same of Halloween

  • sharpaycutie2
    sharpaycutie2 Day ago

    Missed oprptunity: A boy persuing his dream to becime a ballerina.

  • iiRosezii
    iiRosezii Day ago

    go watch tall girl guys

  • ملك زماني ملك زماني

    اكو عرب بلطياره 😄

  • autumnwalk
    autumnwalk Day ago

    Shush but I have a crush on Regina lol

  • Alik Volkov
    Alik Volkov Day ago

    I am watching this. Yes.

  • Allyunicornx Vlogs

    But they clapped they do test outside