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  • Jason Sjafrudin
    Jason Sjafrudin 8 hours ago

    You can sing Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams to the beat of 37:28 Dekleyn - Empty.

  • Paniz Salehy
    Paniz Salehy Day ago


  • Chill'in
    Chill'in Day ago

    Anyone in Zürich in next few days? We could do a meetup If someone is interested. Feel free to send me a dm on instagram -@classychill

  • Melissa Magbanua

    Thumbs up! :D

  • jesus is disappointed

    i love it sm

  • Radzas
    Radzas 2 days ago

    A lot of silent breaks. I presume fillers to make up the length...

    • Radzas
      Radzas 2 days ago

      Chill'in I’m sorry to have accused you of adding fillers.

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 2 days ago

      Some songs had claims that blocked video to be viewed by most countries. That's why there are muted parts.

  • Josslyn Hammond
    Josslyn Hammond 2 days ago

    hey im a small youtuber and I was wondering how do you get your logo at the bottom of the screen? thanks so much love! great track btw!!

    • Josslyn Hammond
      Josslyn Hammond Hour ago

      @George Thornton so like once your on YT studio on your computer what do you do lol sorry

    • George Thornton
      George Thornton 18 hours ago

      Josslyn Hammond - if you go onto a computer and go to RU-clip studio then you can put in a logo from there. Hope this helps :-)

  • Ji Chim
    Ji Chim 2 days ago

    i listen to it every day when i need to lay down and think. thanks for this chill Cozy Evenings. love ya

  • Lily Fairhead
    Lily Fairhead 2 days ago

    this really helped me focus on studying x thanks

  • Nathan Burchiel
    Nathan Burchiel 2 days ago

    I seriously love this mix... Thank you for this. Been looking for something like this for a while. GREAT job. If anyone has recommendations of any other mixes, please let me know!

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in Day ago

      Hope you had great time listening to it! Stay tuned and make sure to check other mixes ((:

  • d3lta-w-
    d3lta-w- 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for this mix, i am so glad i found this ❤ This mix will help me over my stress days,i can't thank you enough (sorry for my english my native language is not english)

  • Алия Омарбекова

    I guess it's the best what I've heard last time

  • Frustrated Climber
    Frustrated Climber 3 days ago

    Wow. Love this mix!

  • Arjay G
    Arjay G 3 days ago

    life has been so stressful, i forgot the feeling of being happy.

  • Eli- Tech
    Eli- Tech 4 days ago


  • Cheyanne Hughes
    Cheyanne Hughes 4 days ago

    I was crying because of the stress of school work. This helped me to calm down for a minute.


    Take me to a quiet place but knock until it [?] Take me to head in space I've been looking all night In a forest fire, running with the wolves You take me higher, somewhere only you could Half exposed, you've seen what's shown My eyes are closed, I'm letting go Falling with the left side, I'm not the high tide I'm safe with you Swimming in the starlight, hold me to the [?] I'm safe with you Trust me, we don't have to run from here, here Love me, love me till we end up clear Falling with the left side, I'm not the high tide Remember when you found me, I was running with the wolves I was in the dark too long to recognize the good Never lost ways, I would be alright Laying in your arms, all storms passed us by Half exposed, you've seen what's shown My eyes are closed, I'm letting go Falling with the left side, I'm not the high tide I'm safe with you Swimming in the starlight, hold me to the [?] I'm safe with you Trust me, we don't have to run from here, here Love me, love me till we end up clear Falling with the left side, I'm not the high tide I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling right to you There's nothing, there's nothing, there's nothing I'd rather do Give me your love and I'll do anything that you want me to Falling with the left side, I'm not the high tide I'm safe with you Swimming in the starlight, hold me to the [?] I'm safe with you Trust me, we don't have to run from here, here Love me, love me till we end up clear Falling with the left side, I'm not the high tide

  • Karissma Pettigrew
    Karissma Pettigrew 4 days ago

    Year later and I still come back to it🥰

  • Mikael Joyal-Nadeau


  • MacieTheToast
    MacieTheToast 5 days ago

    Yessss EDEN is my jam

  • Audrey Choate
    Audrey Choate 5 days ago

    What’s the first songs name 🙏💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

    • A4r0n
      A4r0n 4 days ago

      Tracklist has been pinned by chill'in himself😉it's the first comment But its SYML with "Where is my love (Acoustic)"

  • eeelekuh
    eeelekuh 5 days ago

    That nostalgia feeling you are sure you never experienced yet but somehow you can’t determine where have you experienced such familiar feeling 🍃

  • ᐯ I ᑎ T ᗩ G E

    Me perdi em pensamento com esse mix

  • Wander Almeida
    Wander Almeida 6 days ago

    Yeah, I´m Wander! Big thanks from Brazil.

  • Trọng Đặng
    Trọng Đặng 6 days ago

    love this song

  • Mr. Mysteryman
    Mr. Mysteryman 7 days ago

    Most of you won't read this, but to whoever has a hard time while listening to this: stay here. Accept what you are feeling, that's the best you can do. Don't reject the pain. The harder you try to reject, the more it will hurt you. Let it in and notice how it feels. Only to get to know how to beat it eventually. Some will take a day, some will take ten years. Maybe it will never even go away completely. That's life. Up to now, you have beaten 100% of your worst days. Time to continue that streak, isn't it? Think of it this way: the lower it gets, the sweeter the feeling when you're doing great again. How to feel great? Do whatever you love. Don't let anyone tell something is wrong, weird, stupid, dumb, or whatever. You live to satisfy yourself. And you know how you can reach that feeling. It's not a problem if you don't know how to comfort others. Put yourself on the first place first. Eventually, you'll start to notice you will be able to feel at place somewhere and able to comfort others as well. I know, I can't fix your problem. I pretty much know too that you don't want me to fix it, you just want me to listen. I'm here to listen. Please, write your story under here to see how many actually care about you. And I do too, because that's the only reason I've put this here. So to anyone who has a hard time: stay here <3.

    • Cynthia Munoz
      Cynthia Munoz Day ago

      That was the kindest and the most realest way to help someone in need. Words are powerful! Never give up and always take care of #1(you) first and foremost. Life is a gift and we have our lifetime to constantly open that gift and make it how "we" want it. Write your own story. To thine own self be true. You matter..we all matter. Love yourself...its worth it!

    • Kyla Rabe
      Kyla Rabe 2 days ago

      thank you so much :)) i hope that everything is well in your world and that you also have someone that offers this kind of kindness and comfort <3

    • Loretta Pozo
      Loretta Pozo 3 days ago

      Adi Trifa I definitely have Jesus in my heart.thank you.🙂

    • Loretta Pozo
      Loretta Pozo 3 days ago

      Mr. Mysteryman thanks 🙏 I really appreciate your help

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 3 days ago

      Spreading love!❤️

  • Aryaman
    Aryaman 7 days ago

    21:44 Which cover/remix of Location is this? I NEED TO KNOW PLEASE

    • Aryaman
      Aryaman 6 days ago

      @Chill'in tysm

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 6 days ago

      atlas in motion x antlantic 🖤

  • Arina Shaku
    Arina Shaku 7 days ago

    I love it :3

  • Creative Bastard
    Creative Bastard 8 days ago

    Ya m felling it..

  • Mrudula Mahindrakar

    Great tracks ..Everybody enjoyed this on a cold evening.

  • Kamlesh Sharma
    Kamlesh Sharma 8 days ago


  • Annabel Armstrong
    Annabel Armstrong 8 days ago

    I suggest the song possibility where it goes like “there’s a possibilityyyyyy” XD I think it’s calming

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 8 days ago


  • The Wanderlust Book Dreamer

    I’m moving up to Boulder, Colorado from Texas at the end of the month and I can’t wait to listen to this while driving through the mountains and passing the rushing Colorado river with the cool breezes blowing.... it’s going to be so great!!! Love this! 💚💚💚

    • AvonArchlight
      AvonArchlight 6 days ago

      The Wanderlust Book Dreamer I can tell you that this mix isn’t very fitting for the roads you’ll be driving, but enjoy your trip!

  • Doremon Movie
    Doremon Movie 9 days ago


  • Fab Fez
    Fab Fez 9 days ago

    Peace vibes🎶🎶❤❤✌✌

  • N. C.
    N. C. 9 days ago

    this is so beautiful omg

  • shu ouma
    shu ouma 10 days ago

    what song is at 31:07 ?

  • Trixia Louisé Colarte

    Please make a Spotify playlist 💛

  • Chelle B
    Chelle B 10 days ago

    You did awesome

  • Super B
    Super B 11 days ago

    Am trying my Best to Be Ok 😔

  • Oscar Todd
    Oscar Todd 11 days ago

    There is a gap of silence. Is it on purpose? Nice Mix TFS

    • Pwner 1492
      Pwner 1492 6 days ago

      one song was prob copyrighted

  • Paul Fish
    Paul Fish 12 days ago

    thank you for this

  • Sylvia S
    Sylvia S 12 days ago

    P e r f e c t m I x ~ =3

  • Gouthami Mattapati
    Gouthami Mattapati 12 days ago

    The name itself made me to click on the video.... Wander😍😍😍😘😘 having this on playlist while hiking with frnds or going on tour carrying bagpacks is really an amazing experience ... seriously I can have this at anytime of my day no matter what I do....!!

  • Shelby
    Shelby 12 days ago

    I miss him so much..

  • badiang 207
    badiang 207 12 days ago

    the mix starts with Eden........ nice

  • nelli souki
    nelli souki 12 days ago

    Oh I love Electric Feel, so I'm already tempted to listen to the whole mix... Even though I don't have time right now

  • Mercury Gryphon
    Mercury Gryphon 12 days ago

    Anyone else get Dead Air from 28:08 to 29:35 ?

  • Angel
    Angel 12 days ago

    With that global warming in 2 years our winters are going to be our past summer so I enjoy this 😂

  • Tesla Wolfie
    Tesla Wolfie 12 days ago

    This is beutiful for sleeping i love this song much keep up the work!! <3

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 13 days ago

    I love this kind of songs, they make me feel at peace, greetings from Colombia

  • electro thorn
    electro thorn 13 days ago

    The first song reminds me of life is strange anyone else think that leave a like ty

    • electro thorn
      electro thorn 4 days ago

      @Carson Raffaele that's the beauty and bitterness of life its always strange

    • Carson Raffaele
      Carson Raffaele 11 days ago

      I thought of all the autumn aesthetics and just taking a drive staring out the window with me and my thoughts until I doze off :) or things I want to do in autumn :) but it does make me think of life and how strange it can be sometimes:)

    • Seven Of Eight
      Seven Of Eight 12 days ago

      That was my first thought as well

  • Over My Head
    Over My Head 13 days ago


  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 13 days ago

    If there’s no one next to you right now, just know I would be if I could... 🧡

    • Natalie Haller
      Natalie Haller 4 days ago

      Aaawwww. Namaste 🙏🏻

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 13 days ago

      Sending love too! Have a wonderful week!🖤

    • Calie. Darling
      Calie. Darling 13 days ago

      Sending good vibes & lots of love to you from Chicago. ❣️

    • Calie. Darling
      Calie. Darling 13 days ago

      Ashley Williams 🦋❤️

  • Russell Thomas
    Russell Thomas 13 days ago

    How are you adding music without getting copy write issues?

  • Seth Powderface
    Seth Powderface 14 days ago

    im listhing to this while telling my ex that i dont love her anymore

  • LeoTello
    LeoTello 14 days ago

    cant i like this more ?? why is there a limit to only one :/

  • garfield
    garfield 14 days ago

    Melanie Martinez x lana del Rey

  • Dominic B.
    Dominic B. 14 days ago

    listening to it after a breakup wasnt a good idea.. oof

  • Vertex Records
    Vertex Records 15 days ago

    So good to see you back!! Too bad I totally missed it though. Either way thanks for introducing an amazing new artist, love this! 🧡

    • MUNN
      MUNN 11 days ago

      Glad you like it! 🙌🏼

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 13 days ago

      All fine, glad you are here buddy! 🖤

  • joey millenia
    joey millenia 15 days ago

    God bless whoever made this playlist

  • tHe KNacKErËr
    tHe KNacKErËr 15 days ago

    i am playin dota with this i won 9 games in a row

  • Potato12 Productions

    is this on spotify?

  • manal lahrache
    manal lahrache 16 days ago

    I discover this type of music in my first day of university and am in love with it gets me trow my study sessions im in my third year by the way now and I listen to it in my car driving to my university ( a medical student ) <3 <3

    • Lila Gniwkiewicz
      Lila Gniwkiewicz 5 days ago

      @manal lahrache ❤

    • manal lahrache
      manal lahrache 5 days ago

      @Lila Gniwkiewicz thank you so much I appreciated your comment just motivated me to stop procrastinate and go study <3

    • Lila Gniwkiewicz
      Lila Gniwkiewicz 5 days ago

      Good luck. I hope that you will succed and become a great doctor or sth 👏❤

    • erni9710
      erni9710 14 days ago

      @Taelo Marupeng Good luck have a wonderful and successful semester, too!!! :)

    • Taelo Marupeng
      Taelo Marupeng 15 days ago

      I only discovered this kind of good music two weeks ago. Also a third year at university studying engineering, sorry am late folks!!!

  • MUNN
    MUNN 16 days ago

    Yo thank you so much for putting my song up. Means so much to me and my producer 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia 16 days ago

    I just discovered this. Thank you so much. It takes me to my favorite backpacking locations, miles from anything and anyone. ❤️

  • Daryl De Guzman
    Daryl De Guzman 16 days ago

    Listen to this while laying on the ground and watching the stars <3

  • Blade
    Blade 16 days ago

    Those 555 people who disliked will go to hell

    • B Fritz
      B Fritz 14 days ago

      I like your sense of humor and sadistic way of view old grump 🎅

  • Solo Bot GG
    Solo Bot GG 17 days ago

    Eden the best lul.

  • fran0
    fran0 17 days ago

    cant wait for the winter

  • AngelTime Sweet
    AngelTime Sweet 17 days ago

    Thank You)❤

    AMRIT RAJ 17 days ago

    its really a chill..........

  • CateDoge
    CateDoge 17 days ago

    I vibe with everyone in this comment section.

  • Honey Hufflepuff
    Honey Hufflepuff 18 days ago

    everyone around me is super sad about the summer ending and here i am waiting patiently for cold weather while recreating it in my house lmao

    • Seneya Azad
      Seneya Azad 3 days ago

      I love winter. Being in a country with subtropical climate we don't experience snowfalls during winter. The winter here feels more like autumn of western countries.

    • Sylwester Fischer
      Sylwester Fischer 12 days ago

      Life. Love to taste each season. Summer Malta, Canary Islands. Winter xmas & snow games with my kid. Spring & Autumn maraton running. Life is sp good to us <3

    • Over My Head
      Over My Head 13 days ago

      I love the cold too but when I tell people they don't understand

  • Victoria Lia
    Victoria Lia 18 days ago

    The original of this song makes me feel sad and down and out. This cover makes me feel sad but reflective and hopeful. have an up doot.

  • April Whalerain
    April Whalerain 19 days ago

    Thank you for putting this on Spotify! 💙

  • Fluffy Fluff
    Fluffy Fluff 19 days ago

    oh no i love this but im a total metal freak😂 help

  • Blackeye ́s Music
    Blackeye ́s Music 19 days ago

    Great song! Your Channel is very Interesting, like your style :)

  • Ally’s Ambition
    Ally’s Ambition 19 days ago


  • Fernando Souza
    Fernando Souza 19 days ago

    This is so good... omg..

  • Isa Orozco
    Isa Orozco 19 days ago

    Teamo Vida!♥️

  • call me a disappointment

    All these songs gave me the chills. Absolutely wonderful for sleepless nights or stressful days. Thanks to all these artists and the creator of this mix. I'll have to check out all these artists.

  • call me a disappointment

    The instant I heard the first song I knew. I knew it was a cover of Electric Feel by MGMT. And it's absolutely amazing, I'm tempted to download it for sleepless nights.

  • Blackeye ́s Music
    Blackeye ́s Music 20 days ago

    Just Awesome song , my girl left me 1 week ago - hearing this is just too emotional..

  • Carissa Bernard
    Carissa Bernard 20 days ago

    Great journaling music!

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 20 days ago

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

  • AngelTime Sweet
    AngelTime Sweet 20 days ago


  • Then Gellix
    Then Gellix 20 days ago

    He's back! Thanks god that everything is okay for now and u r back. luv u

    • Chill'in
      Chill'in 20 days ago

      Hey, thanks for support! 🖤

  • Natahlia Goss
    Natahlia Goss 20 days ago

    great chill mix!

  • Aplanity.
    Aplanity. 20 days ago

    Great Job bro!

  • Ted
    Ted 21 day ago

    its nice that it has breaks of music, thanks.

  • Marina Ashley
    Marina Ashley 21 day ago

    Beautiful 😍

  • hamid hfr
    hamid hfr 21 day ago

    very nice , thanks a lot

  • Y
    Y 21 day ago


  • Cyra Nightcore
    Cyra Nightcore 21 day ago

    feel good <3

  • Chill'in
    Chill'in 22 days ago

    Hey friends, it's been a long time. Took some time for myself & college. Back with this single by MUNN, hope you like it! - Much love🖤

  • GrayMood
    GrayMood 22 days ago

    Always chillin' with songs u post <3

  • Tosuaw
    Tosuaw 22 days ago

    Shits fire! 🤞🔥

  • Pine Dile
    Pine Dile 22 days ago

    amazing as always <3

    EVIL EYE 22 days ago

    I still♥️u 🌎👑