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Hextech Poppy Teaser
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  • Jerry Ao
    Jerry Ao 3 days ago

    I thought Garen's dance was from Family Guy

  • King Silver
    King Silver 3 days ago

    wow no, I know I'm a weeb 12:11 the only one that really got me it too fking cute

  • Rafaela Soares
    Rafaela Soares 3 days ago

    All those Girls' Generation/SNSD references 💗💗💗

  • Miggy
    Miggy 4 days ago

    Dayum lux is thicc

  • Dann Santos
    Dann Santos 4 days ago

    It's time to make another video

  • Dann Santos
    Dann Santos 4 days ago

    R u alive?

  • spartythespart
    spartythespart 4 days ago

    The master yi dance is so clearly incorrectly contributed, it's mc hammer from can't touch this, also the same dance as the orc from world of Warcraft, ironic because the very next dance from Darius is attributed to mc hammer but they missed master yi?

  • Leo ML
    Leo ML 5 days ago

    I think that you dident need th warwick one cuz it was obvious that it's from thriller XD

  • 5t3v3 21
    5t3v3 21 5 days ago

    19:00 i... dont know what i expected

  • randy butternubbs
    randy butternubbs 5 days ago

    6:37 rip love you king

  • Shadows Within
    Shadows Within 5 days ago

    I really enjoyed this, good stuff.

  • Vũ Hoàng Đặng
    Vũ Hoàng Đặng 5 days ago

    17:15 very underated

  • Mainthem Side
    Mainthem Side 6 days ago

    Oh... And i thinked what Quinn copies some bird dance)

  • Mats Dethlefsen
    Mats Dethlefsen 6 days ago

    who is the first character? :D

  • 이즈의쉔음소리

    6:31초에 누구 노래인지 알려주실분..

  • Đức Phương Vũ

    Kawaii desuuuuuuuu

  • Ryuga Roxas
    Ryuga Roxas 7 days ago

    Cant believe Ezreal is weeb ....

  • killerKo49
    killerKo49 7 days ago

    Where did you find that lux pic... for research purposes obviously

  • esat bener
    esat bener 8 days ago

    Jhin is The perfect

  • aww kebab
    aww kebab 8 days ago

    *Yassuo has left the chat*

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 8 days ago

    Tf should have the last dance and not the Gangnam Style

  • Landgson
    Landgson 9 days ago

    I'm Dota player, but this is actually funny xD

  • Lizzie Otome
    Lizzie Otome 9 days ago

    wtf is that thumbnail?

  • GameMania
    GameMania 10 days ago

    I lost when i see Alizze, at this moment i will play Ashe everywhere.

  • Will3116
    Will3116 10 days ago

    I had a feeling Ezreal was a weeb

  • Mrap
    Mrap 12 days ago

    Name of the champ who dances singin in the rain? Pls

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake 12 days ago

    20:31 I LOST Kreygasm

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 13 days ago

    Ezreal sebeeeee xd

  • Miku Nakano
    Miku Nakano 13 days ago

    I recommend that anime You'll enjoy the endless eight arc

  • Ezio Uchiha
    Ezio Uchiha 13 days ago

    Is there someone want to talk about in 8.15?

  • Thomas Saruhanius
    Thomas Saruhanius 13 days ago

    24:00 Morgana=Semazens pretty good

  • oyun keranesi
    oyun keranesi 13 days ago


  • oof kms
    oof kms 14 days ago

    3:58 HOW DARE U ROAST MY MAIN *builds ap and twoshotes him*

  • Yheat
    Yheat 14 days ago

    Ok but akali doin the single ladies dance

  • Pikdisho
    Pikdisho 18 days ago


  • Aarush Kumar
    Aarush Kumar 19 days ago

    What is Orianna doing in Demacia?

  • DonutChu
    DonutChu 19 days ago

    why does Urgot have to have kirbys dance

  • ツLemonTea
    ツLemonTea 20 days ago

    I wonder there was "Passione's Tourture Dance" here

    • psysoka Kujo
      psysoka Kujo 3 days ago

      No one : LemonTea: only one Jojo's Reference

  • Taha esmaeili
    Taha esmaeili 20 days ago

    14:54 i'm already want that big old spider back :'(

  • NeverLuckyy
    NeverLuckyy 21 day ago

    Rly dude... I didnt watch this video cuz of Lux in the beggining...

  • Ronildo
    Ronildo 23 days ago

    League of legends e um bom jogo

  • Onmitsu Kid
    Onmitsu Kid 25 days ago

    Waiting for the Ricardo dance. Get on it Riot.


    there's a lot of memes here

  • Davi Leandro
    Davi Leandro 27 days ago

    what is this version of ryze? kkkk

  • sevin thisan
    sevin thisan 27 days ago

    So Ezreal is a weeb...

  • Neris
    Neris 28 days ago

    Where is my Nidalee dance!!??

  • Exta3y
    Exta3y 29 days ago

    what music was shaco dancing to?

  • Matías Barrales
    Matías Barrales 29 days ago


  • I congratulate you for getting on trending gaming

    Of course Garen has the 90s chad dance.

  • aqua sama
    aqua sama Month ago

    Tremendo culazo la kindred PD: no furro

  • TREMOR -
    TREMOR - Month ago

    you’re fat

  • Mobkun sama
    Mobkun sama Month ago

    Tell me you clicked the video because of the thumbnail. Am I right?

  • marco antonio
    marco antonio Month ago

    Riot: Whole internet: stfu weeb

  • Kiryu Kazuma
    Kiryu Kazuma Month ago

    sivir's close up model is pretty hot ngl

  • NaXiz Deadlock Gaming

    I would like to buy some noxus air

  • Mawi
    Mawi Month ago

    2:43 the drop is different than the original song

  • Sonny
    Sonny Month ago

    Y'all came for this: *0:01*

  • Cpt. Yandere
    Cpt. Yandere Month ago

    League of Weebs

  • Feo Tamby
    Feo Tamby Month ago

    I cant believe kayle dance like that

  • kkyeopjoy
    kkyeopjoy Month ago

    Rito loves 1st gen kpop

  • Iggy Best Jojo
    Iggy Best Jojo Month ago

    I almost had a heart attact whan I saw Urgot

  • Jeonghyio Kim
    Jeonghyio Kim Month ago

    But TF was released in 2009 and PSY released gangnam style in 2013, so what was his dance before?

  • هيج وديج
    هيج وديج Month ago

    Wtf 15:32😂😂

  • Benny Undead
    Benny Undead Month ago

    i see the poster lux underwear then i press in ─=≡Σ(((っ゚Д゚)っ

  • Franz Lawrenz Romano

    3:25 ...WTF..why!!

  • Franz Lawrenz Romano

    2:50 i havent see the nexus blue dancing

  • Franz Lawrenz Romano

    2:30 Yeah its really the same cuz they're bot scarecrows

  • Gunter The Dark Penguin

    Why is that guy copying jhin's dance

  • DeadXBread 1
    DeadXBread 1 Month ago

    Yes, I looked at every comment.

  • Alan Shadowyn
    Alan Shadowyn Month ago

    dang..I wish Aphelios is in this vid..I'm curious af about his dance reference

  • Cimex090
    Cimex090 Month ago

    Are you still alive bro ?

  • Татяна Кралева

    Where dianaa.???.

  • Anonim, Кто ты?

    1:41.......... Wait, Ezreal?????!?!?!?!??!?!

  • moody saludsong
    moody saludsong Month ago

    man michael talon is good...

  • LeoMondé Traz
    LeoMondé Traz Month ago

    Da fuq was that Garen!?

  • Nem
    Nem Month ago

    Ok we get it, Ahri is a huge fan of SNSD.

  • Legendary Creep
    Legendary Creep Month ago


  • Rasenpapi On ig
    Rasenpapi On ig Month ago

    Still don’t know why they changed akali’s dance

  • Mandy Vandepaar
    Mandy Vandepaar Month ago

    Star guardians are the best

  • Ramón Elbal Ruiz

    69 Interactions Every champ/skin since Tahm Kench: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • Guesswhat
    Guesswhat Month ago

    Now I know that Ezreal is a weeb.

  • koga the thousand hands

    nice thumbnail.

  • Katarina Du Couteau

    6:52 , 12:43 , 24:42 Michael Jackson ❤️❤️ ( 18:42 me 😁)

  • Dream Hope
    Dream Hope Month ago

    These old dances

    DARK GAME Month ago

    No me esperaba el de Haruhi xd

  • 붕어빵형사
    붕어빵형사 Month ago

    한국노래는 한국노래로해주세요 듣기쫌그러내

  • tao huang
    tao huang Month ago

    So the tomb at the base is yours?

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man Month ago

    13:50 makes sense lol. She’s kinda like death i think.

  • Travis Illerbrun
    Travis Illerbrun Month ago

    13:55 I find the aspect of the death saying “you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone” quiet disturbing

    • Tariek Watson
      Tariek Watson Month ago

      Don't you miss someone when they're gone period?

  • Vox Radio
    Vox Radio Month ago

    Why is this one not blocked but the other one is and has comments disabled?

  • Benjamin Yang
    Benjamin Yang Month ago

    Lore time tell necrit poppys gotta hammer leona

  • dava ryšus
    dava ryšus 2 months ago

    We'll miss you ... Big - F -

  • ZooZZoLLE
    ZooZZoLLE 2 months ago


  • Diavolo
    Diavolo 2 months ago

    Soraka loves bananas

  • alzu nyan
    alzu nyan 2 months ago

    is yhis legit?

  • Martín Santa Lopez
    Martín Santa Lopez 2 months ago

    Who entered just for the miniature?

  • Airin Gonzales
    Airin Gonzales 2 months ago

    Not even Warwick can beat Brand's thriller

  • Jebi Takahashi
    Jebi Takahashi 2 months ago

    No one: Joker 2019 in a public bathroom: 11:16

  • Vergil Spardason
    Vergil Spardason 2 months ago

    this was a league dance video? i just saw the thumbnail and i just clicked

  • swagzza
    swagzza 2 months ago

    OH MY GOD!