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  • Sul Lee
    Sul Lee 43 minutes ago

    I think my problem that i use a lot 😢

  • lbblegal
    lbblegal Hour ago

    How do you wash and dry your silk pillowcases? I bought some, and after I washed them in cold water and air dried them, they already lost their luster.

  • Motherof4
    Motherof4 Hour ago

    Ladies I want to say to everyone that I do NOT add water to my water bottles anymore but Goerges 100% aloe vera fractionally distilled liquid AMAZING!! with my conditioner & oils in a misting bottle that hasn't clogged yet & it's been way over a year! GOOD LUCK LADIES I ALSO USE IT FOR MY DIY MAC FIX PLUS & GOTHAMISTA'S FACE MIST IT'S EDIBLE & WONDERFUL stay hydrated inside & out. lots of love!!

  • Selma Voss
    Selma Voss 2 hours ago

    I have a mix between curls and waves, idk if the waves are not curling because its damaged? :(

  • Motherof4
    Motherof4 2 hours ago

    unruly eyebrows are all the rage doe 2020!!😉

  • fundamoniam
    fundamoniam 2 hours ago

    Is this a good styling method when just starting curly girl method?

  • fundamoniam
    fundamoniam 2 hours ago

    Husband's T-shirt! Oh my gosh I had a laugh!

  • thekidkmbl
    thekidkmbl 4 hours ago

    We have drastically different curl patterns and yours more so matches my moms...however I absolutely enjoy watching your videos and found you while trying to find scrub hats for my curls. I’m so glad I did 😊. Congrats on the pregnancy, really happy to find out after watching this video!

  • Andria Mills
    Andria Mills 6 hours ago

    Your music is life before the gender reveal lol

  • Mrs. Bissonnette
    Mrs. Bissonnette 12 hours ago

    He’s so beautiful 😍. Praying for you!

  • Gail Coleman
    Gail Coleman 20 hours ago

    My hair is much shorter with tight curls. How do I loosen them up?

  • Melissa Graham

    It does look gorgeous

  • Rebecca Maxwell

    Your hair looks AMAZING!!!

  • Tracey Lawrance

    Loved this video. Thank you.

  • Emily Damian
    Emily Damian Day ago

    I just chopped my curly hair

  • Alice C
    Alice C Day ago

    its normal to get a boost of energy at the end of a pregnancy, my mother said it was to get everything ready for when baby come… sometimes there is a lot to do !

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee Day ago

    I take out all my emotions on my hair too Susie. My poor hair!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 2 days ago

    I have very thick wavy hair that straightens as soon as I sleep. I wish it would make up it's mind.

  • Summer King
    Summer King 2 days ago

    Your freckles are soooo cute!

  • Susan West
    Susan West 2 days ago

    Absolutely love following you...I've just begun your curly girl hair method and love it! Feeling a little down lately with winter seasonal thing. Started with the light therapy and now this exercise routine - makes such a difference! Thanks for your wonderful tips and motivation!

  • CeciliaF
    CeciliaF 2 days ago

    Question! I have to wash my hai at least three times a week due to my job. That said, do you have any shampoo suggestions for a good shampoo that cleans but does not destroy hair? I work in an environment with lots of germs. Thank you!

  • Sandra Summers
    Sandra Summers 3 days ago

    You are so cute and I am hoping that you have investigated the dangers of vaccines so that you can keep your son happy and healthy! Happy birthing and breastfeeding!😍

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 2 days ago

      Hi Sandra. I’m a Registered Nurse with a background in Microbiology. My 3 year old is fully vaccinated & I will 100% be vaccinating my son. That being said, I appreciate your intentions & I believe that you are genuinely concerned so thank you for your comment ❤️ Agree to disagree. I love breastfeeding & I’m hoping to have a great experience again.

  • Dawn Moz
    Dawn Moz 3 days ago

    You are just beautiful! So excited for you and the new addition. 😍

  • Emily Helms
    Emily Helms 3 days ago

    I just got a bunch of Shea Moisture free today so looking for tutorials since I’ve never used it. I have fine hair so I worry it’ll be too heavy for my hair... thanks for the warning! I’ll try it on a weekend. 😉 😆

  • Thea Thea
    Thea Thea 3 days ago

    YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED PAUL MITCHELL..Im not sure about their new formula but the one in the big can would have glossy soft curls with a form.

  • Taranjeetkaur Toor
    Taranjeetkaur Toor 3 days ago

    I have curly hair bt now I’m suffering from hair fall and their is no hair growth n volume is also very low with grey hairs please suggest me to smthng to increase my hair length

  • n
    n 3 days ago

    You said do do

  • christine gwynn
    christine gwynn 4 days ago

    I've been watching your videos on the curly girl method and just knew by your accent you had to be a Cape Bretoner. Watched 10 videos in a row just to find out lol.

  • Julius Phua
    Julius Phua 4 days ago

    What a lovely accent you have !

  • Thea Thea
    Thea Thea 4 days ago

    I know you dont like silicones on hair but I have been reading that polyquats and silicones can build up on the hair,but still can be washed out even with sulphate free shampoos. I read that dimethicone or anything with PEGPPG is water soluble. I now tried and co.pared to gels on each side. TRESEMME BOUNCY CURLS is womderful! Shiny and soft feel with no crunchy hold or stiffness comparing to the ECO olive oil gel which has no silicones and it pretty much felt meh with no definition. Are you willing to try Tresemme Bouncy Curls Flawless Gel?

  • dani lee
    dani lee 4 days ago

    i can’t tell if i have wavy or curly hair, it looks different all the time but is always frizzy, i’ve tried a lot of these things, because i’ve been straightening my hair for so long and i’m just now trying to take care of it. someone please give me tips on how to wash and products to use. i’m struggling hard to love my hair and almost always end up straightening it just because it’s easier. any suggestion will help. thank you ❤️

    • Kady Ayoubi
      Kady Ayoubi Day ago

      dani lee MOISTURIZE. Cantu moisturizer really helps

  • Mine
    Mine 4 days ago

    Would you suggest plopping over night while using this technique?

  • Meggan McClincey
    Meggan McClincey 4 days ago

    You’re looking great! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 ❤️

  • Beatriz Fefel
    Beatriz Fefel 5 days ago

    after putting all that product in your hair, do you have to wash it out every so often with a cleansing shampoo?

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 4 days ago

      Hi!! I still do this method on occasion but I use less conditioner... still a LOT but less than the video. The beauty is that all of the ingredients in all of my products are water soluble so they rinse out extremely easily, you’d be surprised :)

  • Thea Thea
    Thea Thea 5 days ago

    I want Biotera gel..I'll go to Sally's. I love your curls! I wish I had big bouncy curls like yours.

  • Katie Hurley
    Katie Hurley 5 days ago

    HHahaa you are awesome. my husband and his family are all born and raised newfoundlanders. Loves it b'y

  • iMADgoaway
    iMADgoaway 6 days ago

    Your hair look so much like mine (like texture, curl pattern and stuff), and yours look beautiful, there's still hope for me

  • Tamsineke Tamsin
    Tamsineke Tamsin 6 days ago

    Can i say something? This method works completly! I've been using this method for two weeks now and after the first wash I already saw results. This is what I followed: • NO silicones, parabens or sulphates • NO towels • DO NOT touch when it's drying • DO NOT apply products when it's drying • DON 'T wheir your hair too thight • NO HEAT ALLOWED!!!!! EVEN IN THE SHOWER!!!! (20°C or 68°F) • DON 'T brush your hair when it's dry or drying • Shampoo it ONLY once a month • STAY MOTIVADED I've been feeling way better about my hair and I can finely see my curls back! Thankyou

  • Tammy Brown Barajas

    Much love and many blessings sweetie 💜

  • Lauren Martinez
    Lauren Martinez 6 days ago

    I have wavy hair and it looks straight because it's really frizzy. But I'll definitely try these tips☺

  • Meagan Kim
    Meagan Kim 6 days ago

    So nice to see a you-tuber from Cape Breton!! I grew up in Cape Breton, currently living in Boston. I am also an RN :-)

  • Fieryheadedgirl
    Fieryheadedgirl 7 days ago

    BEST video for curly girls ever! Thanks so much gorgeous x

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 6 days ago

      Thank you so much. I still use this technique occasionally but both Laura & I use less conditioner now that our hair is healthier ❤️

  • Gina M
    Gina M 7 days ago

    Wish I would have had this 30 years ago! 🤣🤣🤣 Would have come in handy 😁 Blessings and prayers for you and your family on a healthy birth ❤

  • Zoe Kothe
    Zoe Kothe 7 days ago

    Susie you could gain 100 lbs and you’d still be gorgeous! Good for you hiring a cleaner... I totally get it!!!

  • Dorothy Kearns
    Dorothy Kearns 7 days ago

    You are a beautiful soul........ I want you as my best friend!!

  • C Desouza
    C Desouza 7 days ago

    What was your hair like before? It would have been nice to see the before and after

  • Kayla Wing
    Kayla Wing 8 days ago

    I am just to the moon for you! Once my belly was that big, I didnt shave. No shame! Lol

  • Nabanita Sen
    Nabanita Sen 8 days ago

    They are not CG approved though.

  • Andromeda Tz
    Andromeda Tz 8 days ago

    Hello, Susie, please make us a video of finger coil but go very slow at least in some coils to get the trick, please! 🙏🏻

  • ircabbit
    ircabbit 8 days ago

    Oh my goodness your description of getting out of the tub. Hahaha! We have a very soft bed that is very high off the ground and when I was pregnant I felt like a beached whale every morning. So much heaving and flailing until I finally flopped free of it.

  • Elizabeth Levesque
    Elizabeth Levesque 9 days ago

    I have short hair though with layers. I don't have enough to put in a pineapple lol.

  • Jenni Wallace
    Jenni Wallace 9 days ago

    You look and sound amazing, Susie. I have enjoyed going through this time with you even though I have never been pregnant. I am a curly girl, however. ♥️

    LIZ HOFFMAN 9 days ago

    Hi Susie, Can you recommended a dryer & diffuser?

  • sunshineisalady
    sunshineisalady 9 days ago

    I just started following you and I love your videos! I’m a surgical tech in Labor and Delivery so this video in particular was really special to me especially once I found out you’re expecting. You seem like you’d be a lot of fun to work with too :) Hope everything goes smoothly for you from here on out, and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  • Cuda Barracuda
    Cuda Barracuda 9 days ago

  • Ellen Chisholm
    Ellen Chisholm 9 days ago

    NOT Australian. Haha. xx

  • Ellen Chisholm
    Ellen Chisholm 9 days ago

    Cadenshae is a NZ company! ;)

    • Ellen Chisholm
      Ellen Chisholm 9 days ago

      Curly Susie you sure can girl! Haha! Xx

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 9 days ago

      🤦🏻‍♀️ can I blame my pregnancy brain this one time. I’ve been watching too much Wiggles & have Australia on the brain.

  • Bree White
    Bree White 9 days ago

    So glad to hear all is going well and now super close to the home finish! Enjoy and take the holiday season in with Wilson and the hubs. It all goes SO quick and before you know it your baby is here!! Always wishing you well, Susie. <3

  • Ms Meow
    Ms Meow 9 days ago

    Bless you Susie for sharing with us so openly about yourself and your experiences. It’s very generous of you to help others by offering so much information. You look lovely - just as you always do! X

  • TheProudmummy3
    TheProudmummy3 10 days ago

    Thank you so much! Newby and very helpful

  • Eva McClellan
    Eva McClellan 10 days ago

    You are the cutest pregnant woman. I've never been pregnant (nor will I, too old) but I enjoy learning what it's like through your descriptions.

  • Camisha Urie
    Camisha Urie 10 days ago

    Looking great Susie!

  • Lots Of Love
    Lots Of Love 10 days ago

    Congrats at being at the ten week countdown! You look fabulous momma and totally got the pregnancy glow!

  • Madijo70
    Madijo70 10 days ago


  • n
    n 10 days ago

    Your intro is the best around

  • Shanley Olson
    Shanley Olson 10 days ago

    I have the same smoothie and I have had the same problem!! Thanks so much for this 💕 Definitely about to try this 😂

  • MrsHNKeller
    MrsHNKeller 10 days ago

    Happy to hear, and see, that you and baby Hank are doing well and thriving. 😚🇨🇦

  • C Land
    C Land 10 days ago

    Glad to hear you're doing so well, that's awesome news! 105, 000 subs! Wow, I was in the first 10,000, you've come a long way baby! Will Hank be just Hank? My dad was Henry but was called Hank or Jack. Idk where the Jack came from but good luck in your final weeks. So happy for you Suzie! And yr hair looks so healthy!!

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 10 days ago

      There is a slim chance that we will can him Hendrix or Hendrik but we are leaning towards just Hank!! Thanks so much. I still can’t believe that I have an actual channel with so many subs. I’m so thankful to you & everyone who’s been with me for so long 💕💕💕💕

  • callie calay
    callie calay 10 days ago

    Hello Susie, will you vlog your sons birth or anytime while in the hospital. We've all followed your pregnancy from the start and wish you the best during his arrival. Love from British Columbia 💖

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 10 days ago

      Hey Callie! I will 100% do a vlog. It’s a bit tricky because our Health Authority has a very strict privacy policy & so it won’t be the full birth or anything like that but there will be a vlog. I’ll start filming when I go into labour :)

  • Terry Edwards
    Terry Edwards 11 days ago

    Congrats you look amazing!!! Link for US store:

  • Kept Heart
    Kept Heart 11 days ago

    💜☺I'm so happy for you! You look wonderful and healthy. Thank you for sharing with us😚💜

  • Allison Roundy
    Allison Roundy 11 days ago

    Hi Susie! So glad you are feeling a bit better - I could see at the beginning of this video that you looked better. I had horrible varicosities from the top of my left buttocks down to my foot. My toes were often dusky colored and I had 2 u/s to r/o dvt. I had to wear special underwear to relieve the pressure and thigh high compression stockings. I too went by the don’t look there rule - it was terrible 😆! It’s amazing what pregnancy does to a body and then things go back to their normal size/shape/place (at least that’s how it was for me anyway). I hope you stay feeling good!

  • Lannie Lou Who
    Lannie Lou Who 11 days ago

    I love your honesty and that you’re matter of fact about your experience. Very helpful for me as someone who hasn’t been pregnant but thinking of starting a family. Few people will share about their symptoms this candidly. Best wishes to you and hope you continue feeling more positive!

  • Cathy Scroggy
    Cathy Scroggy 11 days ago

    I have 2 dgtr pregnant right now and they are making life horrible with their moods. I can’t wait until next spring for both babies to get rid of the moodiness. ug

  • Bee Agu
    Bee Agu 11 days ago

    Such happy news. Btw, some of us can wear maternity clothes all the time :) they are comfy.

  • Catherine Kitty Kat
    Catherine Kitty Kat 11 days ago

    Your hair is gorgeous! I've used Madison Reed once so far but I'm in the blonde and fine straight hair. I loved the light smell and it made my over processed hair in better shape. I love that there was no burning, and I can't be bothered with the gloves or skin protector or wipes, because they are not necessary. I then went back to s hair dye that is in the non toxic line because it costs almost 1/2 the price of Madison Reed. Bad idea, cause my scalp was tingling and burning and caused damage. Well I learned a lesson.. .Only use Madison Reed or nothing. The only reason I am seeing your video is because I've been watching other Madison Reed videos looking for videos that show different blondes because they gave a kazillion colors, and I wanted to try a different one than I already used. It seems there are way more people doing brunette colors, but I'll keep watching. Thanks again!

  • SignedBeauty
    SignedBeauty 11 days ago

    You're just glowing!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Sinndy Morr
    Sinndy Morr 11 days ago

    You will have a healthy baby soon :)

  • Chris DeRouchey
    Chris DeRouchey 11 days ago

    You look gorgeous Momma! Home stretch!!!! ♥️♥️

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      Thank you so much. I cant wait to meet him.

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K 11 days ago

    You look radiant! It won't be long before you're holding a beautiful bundle of joy❤. Btw, that is a nice Christmas tree.

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      Thank you! We get a fake tree because we always put it up mid November & don’t take it down until after the new year :)

  • thatsitablelo
    thatsitablelo 11 days ago

    😂🤣😁 dont look! susie love ya :)

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C 11 days ago

    You're so darn cute! Those leggings area amazing.

  • Becky Neufeld
    Becky Neufeld 11 days ago

    Sounds like your really ready get show on the road. You look nice.i hope your turkey day was good.

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      Hey!! Our Thanksgiving was in October :) I’m Canadian ❤️

  • Alissa Mills
    Alissa Mills 11 days ago

    “So there’s my boob” 😆 thst sweatshirt is so cute! I’m glad you’re doing so well, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing!

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      I wear that sweatshirt every day now lol

  • Jessica Sommerfeld
    Jessica Sommerfeld 11 days ago

    I was seriously worried about you and the baby since there wasn't a video for a couple weeks! So glad you're doing better and everything's okay!! I love that sweatshirt too!

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      I can’t believe how fast time is going by. Hard for me to post weekly for some reason but I’m back 💕💕💕

  • MaryCR
    MaryCR 11 days ago

    Susie you look amazing and that clothing line is gorgeous

  • Allison Stiles
    Allison Stiles 11 days ago

    I didn't have stretch marks while I was pregnant...but they showed up later. 🤷‍♀️

  • Rune Mist34
    Rune Mist34 11 days ago

    Loving seeing your journey through this, and I'm so glad things are going well!

  • Maggie Funk
    Maggie Funk 11 days ago

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned it but when is your due date? I believe my sister in law is just around 30 weeks right now as well!

    • Maggie Funk
      Maggie Funk 11 days ago

      Curly Susie awesome! She is Feb 16th. I’m so excited for you. It’s getting so close!!

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      Jan 29th :)

  • Mary Kathleen Phipps


  • Dawn Prince
    Dawn Prince 11 days ago

    Yay, an Australian company for the win 😊 Love your videos. You are doing amazing growing that young dude of yours.

    • Ellen Chisholm
      Ellen Chisholm 9 days ago

      It's a New Zealand company....typical. Aussies stealing all the good Kiwi stuff! LOL! ;) xx

  • Amanda Beauchamp - NewEnglandMumma

    That sweatshirt is super cute!

  • Shannon Rainwater
    Shannon Rainwater 11 days ago

    Glad things are going so well!!! Praying for a healthy full term baby!!

  • Serenity McBride
    Serenity McBride 11 days ago

    Susie, have you thought about a doula helping turn the baby, or the Webster technique, which is a Chiropractic procedure? That is, if he decides he doesn't want to turn around.

    • Curly Susie
      Curly Susie 11 days ago

      Hey!! I did the “spinning babies” technique with Willson & it worked :)

  • LuLu
    LuLu 11 days ago

    We are all so happy and excited for you💕 Speaking openly about the symptoms is very helpful for other moms out there.

  • Wilmatoday
    Wilmatoday 11 days ago

    Wow Susie you look amazing and that clothing line is gorgeous especially on you WOW!!

  • Lori S
    Lori S 11 days ago

    It’s good to see you looking so amazing and to hear that you’re feeling better. You crack me up describing your symptoms! 😂 Not much longer. So excited for you!

  • K E L L S E Y
    K E L L S E Y 11 days ago

    You crack me up with your graphic and informative preggie videos. Not because it's funny, but because I just love how you are! Your new symptoms sound awful and also pretty joyful in the weirdest way. I bet Will is about as excited as a big brother can be. You don't ever sound like you are complaining, you just sound real and a bit exasperated with the "what the hell is this now?" part of being pregnant. I have two cousins who are about at the same stage you are, and they would never talk as candidly as you do. I think you provide a great service to women who could use the information you share. Enjoy the season as much as you can, I know your boys can always make you laugh. You are very good at finding the smiles in life.

  • small footprint
    small footprint 11 days ago

    So glad you're doing pretty well, and you're on the final approach. Soon, you'll have that little one in your arms. You look lovely.

  • ruth lindahl
    ruth lindahl 11 days ago

    You look amazing. Maternity clothes are so much more stylish today than 40 years ago when I wore them. “Dog hair not included “. Love it. Hi Kile. So excited for you that the end is in sight.