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Disney's Mulan | "Fight"
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  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 58 seconds ago

    “I dOnT kNoW mY nAmE”

  • Blacklight
    Blacklight 5 minutes ago

    Togo was great, and I love Harrison Ford. Fuck it.

  • I’m back.
    I’m back. 7 minutes ago

    I love how no one cares that 2 other planes are obstructing the takeoff plus that plane can take of at very slow speeds 🤣

  • ai ko
    ai ko 41 minute ago

    Shit man grace vanderwaal can act now

  • A Shadow Gay
    A Shadow Gay 49 minutes ago


  • Daniel Engles
    Daniel Engles Hour ago

    This is DISGUSTING. Where's the headline: "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker tops $1 billion while Disney bans $20 handcrafted Baby Yoda's". Walt Disney said, “You reach a point where you don’t work for money.” How much do you need Disney? Great job sticking to core values! Absolutely DEPLORABLE.

  • Ernie The birdie

    Man I remember loving these books as a kid

  • Karen Daniela
    Karen Daniela Hour ago


  • Mary Ellen Pallozzi

    Disney, you guys should make a video game for all of your long-time Disney fans out there that's like Fortnite, but as it's own (Disney-friendly) thing entirely and it's also an addictingly and spectacularly fun video game experience to play in it's own right for long-time Disney fans (as well as non-Disney fans) alike and for all ages. But wait, there's more! All of your long-time Disney fans out there can not only play it as all of the Disney characters from the fan-favorite Disney Animation Studios movies and TV shows, as well as the PIXAR characters from the fan-favorite PIXAR Animation Studios movies, the Marvel Studios cast (both good guys and bad guys) and the Star Wars cast (again, both good guys and bad guys), but the long-time Disney fans out there can also play it as Sora, his island friends and all of The Final Fantasy characters from the popular Kingdom Hearts video game franchise and they can even play it as their Disney Avatars.

  • Jenny Far
    Jenny Far Hour ago

    I started crying at the reflection instrumental

  • Brett
    Brett Hour ago

    Is this the girl that won AGT like a few years ago? She was like 12 at the time.

  • Emma Law
    Emma Law Hour ago

    The only thing Grace Vanderwaal ever does is shout "look at me, I'm so quirky!" in her affected husky voice

    • Emma Law
      Emma Law Hour ago

      @Erfedwe Thank you for your concern. My head feels a little better after... the incident. Who knew that accidentally blasting a Grace Vanderwaal song through headphones would cause so much trauma.

    • Erfedwe
      Erfedwe Hour ago

      I am very sorry to hear about your head injury. That must have hurt. But, at least it explains the stupidity of your comment. Grace is one of the more humble and down to earth performers out there. Only someone currently recovering from head trauma would come to another conclusion, so you get a pass. Also, did it occur to you that she just might be quirky? Yup, I know, something to get worked up over for sure. Now, please get some rest. You will need it.

  • Magdalena Reuter

    It doesn't matter how badly i wanne see this movie, i'm not going to support a Pro-China actress..

  • Brian Kent Pirrie

    good news is no mushu. bad news is no musical numbers.

  • mann _
    mann _ Hour ago

    Kpn tayang di indo???

  • Sasaha Lawerance
    Sasaha Lawerance 2 hours ago

    So beautiful 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😿😿👍

  • henry
    henry 2 hours ago

    she doesn’t play by the rules of the game

  • faron tilley
    faron tilley 2 hours ago

    Find it funny how he can go faster then the F/A-18's, F/A-18's have a top speed of 1190mph about Mach 1.55 using TMS. But it's just a cartoon.

  • angela nguyen
    angela nguyen 2 hours ago

    Make THE LION KING 2:SIMBA'S PRIDE Live Action remake in 2021 Voices has to be Donald Glover as Simba Beyonce as Nala Maya Le Clark as Little Kiara Paxton Boot as Little Kovu Melanie C as Zira Lucas Till as Nuka Mia Talerico as as Little Vitani Hailee Steinfield as Young Adult Kiara Harry Styles as Young Adult Kovu Perrie Edwards as Young Adult Vitani Jim Kani as Rafiki John Oliver as Zazu Billy Eichner as Timon Seth Rogen as Pumbaa James Earl Jones as Mufasa

  • Gabby Omega
    Gabby Omega 3 hours ago

    I remember the books omg 🥺

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson 3 hours ago

    Manic Pixie Dream Girl alert.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hour ago

      @Erfedwe I've read both Stargirl books ... in fact just re-read the first book... loved them. I agree with Nathan Rabin. Folks like you just need a trope to yell out... must make you feel better.. I expect you'll keep on ranting... carry on then...

    • Erfedwe
      Erfedwe 2 hours ago

      Someone doesn’t know the plot alert.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau 3 hours ago

      Your comment is so cliche ....

  • Torilinn Cwanek
    Torilinn Cwanek 3 hours ago

    I mean no hate directed towards this, it looks like it's going to be a good retelling of the book. That being said PLEASE READ THE BOOK FIRST

  • Thai B. Tran
    Thai B. Tran 3 hours ago

    Is that Mushu at 1:31?!

  • LiveFree&LoveForever


  • Rider541
    Rider541 3 hours ago

    I hope they made this movie well, great book

  • Rahrah Unique
    Rahrah Unique 3 hours ago

    There ain’t gone be no mushu so idk 😐

  • HeyNowJose
    HeyNowJose 3 hours ago

    Ive never read the book so maybe I'm wrong. But this just looks like manic pixie girl the movie. Extra points if she dies lol

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau Hour ago

      @Erfedwe still nothing intelligent to say? Oh well, carry on...

    • Erfedwe
      Erfedwe 2 hours ago

      How did you manage to get so much wrong in such a short comment? That was epic. Congrats.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau 2 hours ago

      Please read Nathan Rabin's apology for coining the term. He writes "The trope of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fundamentally sexist one" www.salon.com/2014/07/15/im_sorry_for_coining_the_phrase_manic_pixie_dream_girl/ I'll give you extra points if you could say one informed intelligent thing.... Rather than spouting trash without having read it

  • Matthew Votino
    Matthew Votino 3 hours ago

    Is this maniac pixie dream girl personified!?!

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau 3 hours ago

      Please read Nathan Rabin's apology for coining the term. He writes "The trope of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fundamentally sexist one" @t

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip 3 hours ago

    I can already tell that this movie doesn't look book accurate.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 hours ago

    Even a rock would well up after watching this. TOGO - we will never forget.

  • Phoenyx Grajeda
    Phoenyx Grajeda 3 hours ago

    I'm.glad its not gonna be a musical number! Bring in the fight!!

  • B. K.
    B. K. 3 hours ago

    Where is mushu??

  • Davon Keys
    Davon Keys 4 hours ago

    Manic Pixie Dream Girl: The Movie

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau 2 hours ago

      i'll watch it to. regarding MPDG, Please read Nathan Rabin's apology for coining the term. He writes "The trope of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fundamentally sexist one" www.salon.com/2014/07/15/im_sorry_for_coining_the_phrase_manic_pixie_dream_girl/

    • Davon Keys
      Davon Keys 3 hours ago

      Iam Galarneau Not trolling lol. I’m gonna watch it. It actually looks interesting.

    • Iam Galarneau
      Iam Galarneau 3 hours ago

      Trolling sheep spouting meaningless tropes alert

  • idkmads
    idkmads 4 hours ago

    Where's cinnamon the rat at tho?

    • Jeff_W
      Jeff_W 2 hours ago

      On her shoulder @ 1:11

  • DreamEnglandBeauty
    DreamEnglandBeauty 4 hours ago

    « The spirit is evident, but something holds you back » 😭

  • Maria Fher
    Maria Fher 4 hours ago

    Ooh,ganitas de ver la 📽🎬🙊🐕

  • Lukey Dovey
    Lukey Dovey 4 hours ago

    I love the Timmy failure books, but all the characters that are from the book are: Timmy, Total, Timmy's Mom, Molly, Maybe Rollo, and doorman dave. WERE IS CORRINA CORRINA? Look, I'm all in for this movie, BUT YOU DONT ADD THE MAIN VILLIAN FROM THE BOOKS? I'm a little mad right now

  • Jess Minshull
    Jess Minshull 4 hours ago


  • trectoide doidão
    trectoide doidão 4 hours ago

    Makes a new season of Gravity Falls

  • Aris Simion
    Aris Simion 4 hours ago

    Awesome. This great. Ok. 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇👍😁😊😀

  • will. n
    will. n 4 hours ago

    Wow Disney show called “star girl” real original dc would like to talk to you

    • Harlechmaker
      Harlechmaker 3 hours ago

      @will. n Haha, no. More like Disney stays "Stargirl" and you can watch " DC's Stargirl" on the CW. Ot is it just too confusing to see George Lockwood find a nice friend to sing with?

    • will. n
      will. n 3 hours ago

      @Harlechmaker reversed Like reverse flash 🤯🤯

    • Harlechmaker
      Harlechmaker 4 hours ago

      I think you have it reversed.

  • cuiny lucie
    cuiny lucie 5 hours ago

    i remember reading this book in 5th grade and i loved it. disney better do it justice

  • Loukas Papps
    Loukas Papps 5 hours ago

    Until now this is disney's best live action remake. Now we wait for Mulan.

  • Nicolás Sans López


  • AbigailTheGamer
    AbigailTheGamer 5 hours ago

    I came here because of Grace

  • Kelly Romero
    Kelly Romero 5 hours ago

    tbh i feel like she’s gonna die at the end

  • Dr. Who Cares
    Dr. Who Cares 5 hours ago

    Stick to singing !

    • Dr. Who Cares
      Dr. Who Cares 4 hours ago

      I knew I was gonna get shit for the comment but whatever

    • David Sharp
      David Sharp 4 hours ago

      Dr, stick to something other than leaving clueless comments.

    • Toad Sauce
      Toad Sauce 5 hours ago

      Dr. Who Cares jealous much?

  • Antonio Stefan
    Antonio Stefan 6 hours ago

    I was here for DC new series. Feeling confused.

  • Danilo Lucena
    Danilo Lucena 6 hours ago

    Love of the condor heroes 😍

  • J 13
    J 13 6 hours ago

    Umm grace vanderWAL

  • Lirece
    Lirece 6 hours ago

    Can't wait for that Szechuan Dipping Sauce.

  • booshaw24
    booshaw24 6 hours ago

    So about this

  • Angelica Tanierla
    Angelica Tanierla 6 hours ago

    For those who don't know, China has been strict about their rules in showing series and movies (esp if its mainstream) for portraying their history. Maybe that is the reason why they left out the musical genre of it instead, they focused in telling the story of hua mulan. Can't wait to see this 😍😍

  • Samantha Olson
    Samantha Olson 6 hours ago

    Ravi is in this yassss

  • Toga himoki
    Toga himoki 6 hours ago

    Oh brother😂

    • Toga himoki
      Toga himoki 3 hours ago

      @David Sharp l don't know lol maybe make song💜

    • David Sharp
      David Sharp 4 hours ago

      Oh sister. I know that song. But, it has nothing to do with the movie Stargirl which is based on an award winning book.

  • gavo1201
    gavo1201 6 hours ago

    Even is not a 'real' princess (but Disney insists to show her along with Cinderella and the others), Mulan is how a real princess should be. Fighter, courage, brave. She didnt wait for the man to rescue her or take her from her 'horrible life and destiny'.. Mulan is definitely one of the best.

  • Stephen Garcia
    Stephen Garcia 6 hours ago

    My play for this you in Lucia Elementary school it’s a jungle book

  • Maxille Lucero
    Maxille Lucero 6 hours ago


  • Totoro Catbus
    Totoro Catbus 6 hours ago

    so are they just gonna put everything on Disney+ now or do we poor people get something

  • Sthuthukile Biyela
    Sthuthukile Biyela 6 hours ago

    THIS IS BASED ON A BOOK BY JERRY SPINELLI There's nothing wrong with that but it irks me when they don't point it out.

  • Ruben Chaot
    Ruben Chaot 6 hours ago

    this mulan, really telling story of mulan, not like mulan in animation!

  • F. Rose
    F. Rose 6 hours ago

    Good trailer! ✌

  • Antonio Pisacane
    Antonio Pisacane 6 hours ago

    Lady and Trump

  • n collier23
    n collier23 6 hours ago

    Where is the dragon

  • Misha Shapalov
    Misha Shapalov 7 hours ago

    cgi overload , might as well be animated , too bad

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff 7 hours ago

    So Grace Vanderwaal can sing AND act so well?

  • memes for life
    memes for life 7 hours ago

    Who’s here after the name change to 20th Century Studios

  • Chief Ed
    Chief Ed 7 hours ago

    Dude this reminds me of a movie called *Flipped*

    JD EXPERT 7 hours ago

    Grace Venderwaal is Grace Venderwaal in this movie.

    • Greg Cadman
      Greg Cadman 6 hours ago

      yup she is a real life Stargirl

  • Terri Seaton
    Terri Seaton 8 hours ago

    TERRIBLE movie!!!!!

  • Elioo Art
    Elioo Art 8 hours ago

    Last time I came here it was an animation

  • Chikeziri Amadi
    Chikeziri Amadi 8 hours ago

    Oh wow i read the book in middle school

  • Yasmeena Elmahdy
    Yasmeena Elmahdy 8 hours ago

    Ok but this looks stunning

  • Mister AiTonmaIKruB
    Mister AiTonmaIKruB 8 hours ago

    Spoil* It's just a dream of cropduster xD

  • April A
    April A 9 hours ago

    Awesome preview. I hope it's worth watching. They changed so many things. First her makeup and outfit is not like in the first one . Second Mulan is supposed to be an only child with a dog she calls little brother. Third there is no sorceress in the first one. Fourth the villain is called Shan Yu not this other name. Fifth where is the dragon , where is mushu and cricket ? I'm will pissed if she doesn't get together Shang!! I so hope this movie is worth watching.

  • Just Some Lunatic Without a Mustache

    1:12 same gurl, same

  • Jeremy Inaldo
    Jeremy Inaldo 9 hours ago

    Watch there be a sad ending and she disappears

  • Pieter Van Gorp
    Pieter Van Gorp 9 hours ago

    Disney: we are remaking Mulan. Everybody: yes Disney: but there will be no mushu or cricket or grandma, songs, mulans friends + Shang. Everybody: and the great villain Shan Yu and the hun army? Disney: also gone but we have added a witch. Everybody: so its actually a bad movie wich you just slapped the name Mulan on to get more money out of people who dont know this isnt Mulan. Disney: yes.

  • Paolo Monroy
    Paolo Monroy 9 hours ago

    Disney and Fox in the same sentence. Gotta get used to it

  • Vasia Katsou
    Vasia Katsou 10 hours ago


  • Wolf Child Forever
    Wolf Child Forever 10 hours ago

    I really wish they make a sequel, I love this movie so much.

  • Zerog Games
    Zerog Games 10 hours ago

    I swear I just randomly thought about the book the other day and now they're coming out with a movie adaptation, crazy.

  • Sun shine
    Sun shine 10 hours ago


  • blue acid
    blue acid 10 hours ago

    This is so cute

  • 雨黑
    雨黑 10 hours ago

    Why not black? 🤔🤭🤣🤣🤣

  • Rozmari Martini
    Rozmari Martini 10 hours ago


  • Rozmari Martini
    Rozmari Martini 10 hours ago


  • AwesomeSauce
    AwesomeSauce 10 hours ago

    Anyone else read the book as part of a school assignment?

  • JENN
    JENN 10 hours ago


  • Merry Blueberry
    Merry Blueberry 10 hours ago

    I'm so excited for this movie!!!

  • BriLovesKurtHummel Briones

    Is it weird that I always thought that Maleficent was Prettier than sleeping beauty?

  • ησαн ᴅısηєy
    ησαн ᴅısηєy 11 hours ago

    Another anime in Disney😍😍😍😍 please kill me someone 🤤🤤🤤💜💜💜😆😆😆😆

  • Funtime Bongle
    Funtime Bongle 11 hours ago

    Oh my god! I read this book in middle school! I'm so excited!!

  • Arie
    Arie 11 hours ago

    “While some are born to feast, others spend their lives in the dark. Begging for scraps” Man, that line is so powerful. Gives me goosebumps everytime

  • Kelly Colchin
    Kelly Colchin 11 hours ago

    i have read the book its good

    HYPER KEZ 11 hours ago

    I am sick of people keep saying where is Mushu where's Shang like if you would take your time to research and listen you would know it's more based on The Legend of Mulan and not the Disney film that most people think is the ”original” like enjoy the fact that Disney isn't making another remake that is exactly like the Disney version I'm personally glad that it's more serious and there's no talking animals or songs every twenty minutes and dancing by just hearing the reflection instrumental piece I got chills and even if there's no love interest at all I'm still excited that it's not like every Disney film and has more action even though I liked the Disney film and liked Mushu I'm very glad that he isn't there because when I was watching the Disney film I'm like isn't that a bit disrespectful to China that something as much as there Chinese dragons that they respect so much is used as a comedy character in a Disney film for ”funny” purposes and not really something serious so get over the fact that it's not like the Disney version and just enjoy the fact that we're getting an exciting different movie as great as mulan

  • Crazykidstube 22
    Crazykidstube 22 11 hours ago

    Looks like a grand adventure!

  • Matteo Zampini
    Matteo Zampini 12 hours ago

    PG-13!!!! PG-13!!!! PG-13!!!! PG-13!!!!

  • Asher Pulse
    Asher Pulse 12 hours ago

    Why doesn't disney just start making originals again?... All they're doin is just remaking their classics which were cartoons to either CGI Or Live action movies. Disney has lost its spark and is just making use of the old movies to make ppl interested. Just lazy tbh

    • phantom lover
      phantom lover Hour ago

      But hey, this actually looks like the only one that is worth fighting for!

  • Dulanjani Kumarasingha