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  • GummySoda
    GummySoda 7 minutes ago

    Try engine 11

  • Lord Bert
    Lord Bert 31 minute ago

    Caption: hopefully no one will see me watching my soaps mid race.

  • henry porter
    henry porter 32 minutes ago

    Zen Master, 'Why do you ride your bike?' Student, 'I ride my bike to ride my bike'. That answers the question.

  • Wool Verigne
    Wool Verigne 36 minutes ago

    My commute is 200km per week year-round (in Canadian winters). Four bikes, no car. I tell my bikes I love them. Sometimes I leave 10 min early so I can take it easy for once, but just end up being 15 minutes early: "I have extra time so if I burn out it's not a big deal. If I'm sore tomorrow, I can just leave earlier"It is a sickness.

  • fowa
    fowa 38 minutes ago

    thank you habibi

  • Bruce Todd
    Bruce Todd 41 minute ago

    Lack of sunshine all autumn and winter is the reason the ancient 'Englisch' used to sacrifice virgins in the spring.

  • Ali Comando
    Ali Comando 45 minutes ago

    Can you heat the patch for better stickking ?

  • Ed Markey
    Ed Markey 50 minutes ago

    CAPTION: "Siri, play 'Whole Lotto Love"

  • Claudio Cianferotti
    Claudio Cianferotti 50 minutes ago

    You should talk more about Track Cycling...beautiful discipline!!

  • Marcus Partridge
    Marcus Partridge 53 minutes ago

    Yeah, that last 5 minute interval! I kept thinking, "Ummm, that's going to be a long cool down...oh nevermind!"

  • Anandakrishnan A
    Anandakrishnan A 55 minutes ago

    Hi.. I'm planning for a ride from Delhi to Leh..can anybody help me

  • marksoeplepel
    marksoeplepel 58 minutes ago

    I don't have a CAPtion, but still want to win!

  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson Hour ago

    He has a strange idea about what is two inches.

  • David Lehane
    David Lehane Hour ago

    Watching with my daughter when she asked "Is that his dad?" I'll leave you to decide who she was taking about?

  • Barry Cat
    Barry Cat Hour ago

    What are ‘deckles’? Oh, you mean ‘de cals’. Maybe it’s like the old northern cyclists who still insist on pronouncing gilet as ‘gill-it’. 😄

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis Hour ago

    6. It's a Bidon So it's 5/6 for me

  • TheWateringWiz
    TheWateringWiz Hour ago

    It was a great video ! Good job on qualifying too guys ! Can't wait for the video about you guys at the World Championships

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis Hour ago

    Please, Dan, never, ever show us any part of your upper body again #PipeCleaners

  • Joe Waegnwyrtha
    Joe Waegnwyrtha Hour ago

    24:50 byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee warranty, miss you already

  • Christian Clausen

    Caption: Should I look for new riders at Spinnr or Grindr?

  • Brendan S
    Brendan S Hour ago

    #askgcntraining When I am putting the bike on my trainer I have been switching the back tyre to an old worn tyre to preserve the tread on my 'good' tyres. I know putting a specific trainer tyre will be more durable, but does it effect the actual training itself? For instance, does it significantly alter the resistance or calculations of virtual power?

  • Alejandro Rey Trujillo

    Este personaje no sabe utilizar una bicicleta, solo tiene dinero y ya, basta con ver el min 2:27. Nadie que conozca de bicicletas utiliza los cambios tan mal!

  • JAC Gaming Life
    JAC Gaming Life Hour ago

    does someone know what model is the budget friendly frame for pinarello?

  • Brian Calvery
    Brian Calvery Hour ago

    A Corrado! :D

  • David Fellows
    David Fellows Hour ago

    Sub 17min 10 mile TT. It’ll never happen again.

  • Sport Me
    Sport Me 2 hours ago

    well, the forth point is aboulutly true, just that km and miles change for me, becouse I live in germany

  • James Duff
    James Duff 2 hours ago

    Some of these need to be sent to GMBN for a game of BIKE!

  • Daan Hoogland
    Daan Hoogland 2 hours ago

    water bottles are those disposable plastic waste that pollute our world with one-time-use plastic, no? Bidons are the plastic we re-use over and over until the inside is all green-black with growth.

  • rikkiola
    rikkiola 2 hours ago

    19:22 Top cuppage

  • Luca Taddei
    Luca Taddei 2 hours ago

    Caption: Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

  • Roitanna Peng
    Roitanna Peng 2 hours ago

    #askgcntraining Guys I don’t have a road bike but I have a Giant ATX. So is it better to keep on using my XC bike for road or should I buy a road bike. And I’m 11

  • Talorc MacAllan
    Talorc MacAllan 2 hours ago

    Who said us Scots are all drunks? clearly one of us isn't.

  • Flemming Kisbye
    Flemming Kisbye 2 hours ago

    shift to lower gears before the hills instead of half way up. keep your elbows close to your body instead of bent outwards. get rid of any excess gear before every ride: lights in the middle of the day, ass-savers on a sunny day, bottles and cages on a short ride and so on...

  • Retired Puller
    Retired Puller 2 hours ago

    6/6....but no where near Lars distances.

  • nicole bacon
    nicole bacon 2 hours ago

    I pull a trailer on my mountain bike that connection he has sucks!, you need two different pivots points on that hookup, he's only got the left right, it needs to spin and dip and rise. he also needs a mountain bike not that weakass bike.

  • Roitanna Peng
    Roitanna Peng 2 hours ago

    I use my XC bike for road

  • TheMadRatter
    TheMadRatter 2 hours ago

    700kg through a quick release?! Oooft! Solid hitch and lift the dolly wheel :D :P *Longest wheelie whilst towing a caravan*

  • green leaves 95
    green leaves 95 3 hours ago

    Ive biked to work for 10 years straight do not own a car. 7 miles a day part from sunday. Lifes hard

  • Nic Dorman
    Nic Dorman 3 hours ago

    Surely this should have been "Laid back or Lars Bak"

  • Nicolas Domon
    Nicolas Domon 3 hours ago

    Caption: "Wow... if only white shorts could fit me as they fit Dan... let’s set that picture as my wallpaper."

  • Alf,a Bethe
    Alf,a Bethe 3 hours ago

    Eehmm, noo, because i own a much more expensive Italian motorcycle (hope that's ok?(speedo in km 😁)) !

  • Michael Doherty
    Michael Doherty 3 hours ago

    gravel bikes exist because straight bars are not fun to ride for long distances, and road riding can get boring and menotaness

  • Shaun Williamson
    Shaun Williamson 3 hours ago

    caption the front of the mobile has concentrate written on it

  • N Squareroot
    N Squareroot 3 hours ago

    When were caravans ever a good idea?!

  • Deepak Solanki
    Deepak Solanki 3 hours ago

    People respect cars materialistic possessions don't care about bikers my experience on the road

  • 22fret
    22fret 3 hours ago

    You are absolutely bonkers. I love it... :D

    MAX NEPALI 3 hours ago

    Riders eats bottle ???🤔🤔🤔

  • Don Novicki
    Don Novicki 3 hours ago

    What about using a clay bar to remove grime first then wax or polish

  • Michael Kettleson
    Michael Kettleson 3 hours ago

    Use a tandem with a longer wheelbase to put more weight over the front wheel

  • Michael Doherty
    Michael Doherty 3 hours ago

    Listening to my selfie

  • Mierlea Alexandru
    Mierlea Alexandru 3 hours ago

    cheater :)))

  • Tycho Klapwijk
    Tycho Klapwijk 3 hours ago

    Take a old school full suspension mtb and put the towing hitch in front of the back wheel

  • Paul Murden
    Paul Murden 3 hours ago

    I always work in miles for cycling as those who cannot do the calculation to kilometres always think I've gone really really really far.

  • Anne Carlsson
    Anne Carlsson 3 hours ago

    Yes to 5 of them ;-) Only you Brits and Americans use miles - really annoying when watching the GCN Show - please get into the 21st century guys. UK has adopted the metric system ;-)

  • Sven Massart
    Sven Massart 3 hours ago

    Almost nobody in the comments is mentioning Lucien Van Impe or Manuel Fuente. Your cycling memory doens't go very far in time apparently.

  • Jolly Giant
    Jolly Giant 3 hours ago

    Hack/ Bodge, the tyre scraper on the Aeroad is in the wrong place and should be on the bottom bracket/ chain stays as thats the direction of rotation, so there for a bodge!!

  • Edmund Derwent
    Edmund Derwent 3 hours ago

    8:01 when you check the non-existent watch on your arm.

  • Elizabeth Morgan
    Elizabeth Morgan 3 hours ago

    Perfect short workout when you don’t have time for more, but still want an ass-kicking!

  • David Collins
    David Collins 3 hours ago

    Can't be bothered to check through all the captions, but that there Canyon hack used to be called a Flint Catcher and you used to be able to actually buy them (in the last century), made of curved wire and attached to your brake bolts. After a while on the bike the wire used to wear down a bit and become razor sharp...don't ask me how I know this!

    • Global Cycling Network
      Global Cycling Network Hour ago

      Thats really cool! Shame about all the sliced fingers though, wonder why they stopped being a thing

  • louchemobile
    louchemobile 3 hours ago

    anyone else spotted the mistake at 2:01?

  • jackseph03
    jackseph03 3 hours ago

    It makes me sad every time Dan mentions that he doesn't ride anymore.

  • Anders Bertram Mikkelsen

    Could be interesting to compare the mid-range, the super bike and the hyper bike in a group race - how many watts extra, do one need to produce to keep up with the pack? My money is on "close to no difference"?

  • Clint Nieves
    Clint Nieves 4 hours ago

    Damn can we all just agree that they're all evenly matched

  • Simon_says
    Simon_says 4 hours ago

    #hack/bodge First hack/bodge is not a hack. Is going for a ride unprepared: forgot shoes, saddle comes loose... ;)

  • Dobbo094
    Dobbo094 4 hours ago

    Caption Competition: Just checking my Lotto numbers.

  • Chris Langsford
    Chris Langsford 4 hours ago

    Caption: "Does this app convert between imperial and metric"?

  • Gellert Vinnai
    Gellert Vinnai 4 hours ago

    #askgcntraining Hello GCN training advisors! For the last 2 offseasons I was doing my indoor trainings mainly based on your earlier training videos, which helped me a lot to improve. I'm now pretty good in climbing and able to go figthing for local Strava KOMs or Top10s. But i realized that these abilities are not really the ones I need to participate and get good results in (amateur) races. I can't even get close to my good climbing efforts after 1-2 hours of harder racing even on flat. So what type of training do you recommend fo being able to keep a higher level for much longer period and then to still be able to increase it by the end. Thanks a lot!

  • Dani Edmunds
    Dani Edmunds 4 hours ago

    Caption: ‘this is ‘heavy metal’ music? No wonder my phone’s using power inefficiently today’

  • Jori Bremer
    Jori Bremer 4 hours ago

    shame there isnt a big competition with those things.. (like the tour)

  • Ishan Kelkar
    Ishan Kelkar 5 hours ago

    6 on 6 considering I'm 18 and don't have a car yet

    DIVUM 5 hours ago

    Does it have to be a road bike? A MTB might allow a better up right stance and suspension would absorb some of the oscillations. A lead weight in the handle bar would off set the turning moment in the vertical plan (like tractors have).... but of course it all adds to the weight.

  • Anastasia Raw
    Anastasia Raw 5 hours ago

    1. do you watch GCN? A: Yes, and submitted content 2. Do you ride a bike? A: I ride 2 bikes 3. Is your bike worth more than your car? A; Yes - since I ride my bike instead of a car!! 4. Do you plan your vacations In nice places to ride your bike A: Yes! A 500 mile bicycle ride around Lake Michigan with my mom 5. Do you use km even though you live in a place where miles are used? A: No, I'm American baby! Plus everyone calls 100 miles 100 miles so why should I? 6. Do you call your water bottle a bidon? A: No, I guess I need to hang with more cyclists, I just bike on my own

  • phil spencelayh
    phil spencelayh 5 hours ago

    Failed, I use Mph, for kph you may as well say turnips it means nothing to me. Living in the north of England drinks are carried in a Thermos flask. Holidays tend to be on a sailing boat (nautical miles do mean something)

  • R Crompton
    R Crompton 5 hours ago

    Looks like I’m more ‘sofa’ cyclist than armchair cyclist. No where near Lars Bak style, but I do still enjoy getting out and about on my bikes!

    • R Crompton
      R Crompton 51 minute ago

      It’s been a very long time since I was a decent cyclist, but I was always a way better swimmer. The problem was bulk. I was a very powerfully built swimmer and put on muscle just thinking about exercise. Bloody useless when you live and commute in a hilly place (North Devon). Moved up country to the more gentle county of hereford, but I’m still to bulky to climb with the whippets!

    • Global Cycling Network
      Global Cycling Network Hour ago

      Sounds familiar to us here

  • Reece Porter
    Reece Porter 5 hours ago

    #askGCNtraining I've signed up for a LEJOG ride next September (2020) which will cover the total distance in 9 days. I've recently got back into cycling after a few years away. I'm limited for time to train during the week due to working shifts. I'd like to use my winter training time to do as much as I can to get the fitness up ready for Spring. Could you advise me of a training plan/style I could fit round working shifts to help me improve my fitness and get me ready for multi day long distance rides I'll use in training (and LEJOG itself) once the better weather is back in the UK next year. Thanks.

  • Dražen Karamatić
    Dražen Karamatić 5 hours ago

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No 4. What about us who live in place where we use metric units as standard? 5. Yes, every february since I started cycling 6. That's Bidon. That's 4 out of 5, as 4. does not apply for me.

  • tom henst
    tom henst 5 hours ago

    16:09 confirmt there will be no ineos winner in 2020 tour de france

  • thesalkin
    thesalkin 5 hours ago

    I doubt a lot of cyclists will spend more time leading the peloton than Lars to be fair

  • C W
    C W 5 hours ago

    Nice video. I'm 51 and and have been an avid rider since I was quite you g. I actually raced as a USCF category 4 racer for 3 years back in the mid-90s. I was really bad, but I gave it my best go of it. I've had several bikes. My favorite bicycle of all time to ride which I still own is a 1991 Marin Indian fire Trail made from 7005 series aluminum. It's a hardtail with a chromoly Fork. No suspension. I've written it hard in the mountains and anywhere else I can get it. My average weight over the course of owning this bike is around 250 lb. The frame has held up beautifully and is still comfortable while at the same time transmitting a maximum amount of my energy output into propelling me in the direction I want to go.

  • Michael O
    Michael O 5 hours ago

    I think another question should be "Did you get your wife into cycling?"...i'd say that should be worth 10 points...

  • Nathaniel Hawkins
    Nathaniel Hawkins 5 hours ago

    Question 7: have you now just changed from miles to km just so you can score more points?

  • Allen Morris
    Allen Morris 6 hours ago

  • asuperstar
    asuperstar 6 hours ago

    2/6 oh well

  • studio smalltown
    studio smalltown 6 hours ago

    One question that wasn't really answered, but the question was asked is: what would be the best type of training for a mountain sportive race? for example, the Mallorca 312 with 5,500 metres of elevation.

  • Michel Kurst
    Michel Kurst 6 hours ago

    Oddly, in France, most non cyclists would call a Bidon a "gourde".

  • nemeczek67
    nemeczek67 6 hours ago

    Asthma again?

  • Felix Hughes
    Felix Hughes 6 hours ago

    That wheel scraper should be called (The Wheel Peel! )

  • Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly 6 hours ago

    4 out of 6

  • moochincrawdad
    moochincrawdad 6 hours ago

    I'm from Leeds as well, I've got video evidence of the widow maker that is known as the Claypit Lane Cycleway! 😀

  • Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

    CAPTION: "They banned EPO, they banned transfusions, what's next - cell-fies?"

  • Xander Hieken
    Xander Hieken 7 hours ago

    Caption: “One more shellacking and I think my hair is ready for this time trial”

  • Erik Baldwin
    Erik Baldwin 7 hours ago

    Now let’s see 25 to 0 panic stop

  • MikePlusGaming
    MikePlusGaming 7 hours ago

    Taking weight training to an extreme

  • nemeczek67
    nemeczek67 7 hours ago


  • nosiestaguiding
    nosiestaguiding 7 hours ago

    Brilliant - thank you. Only in Italia !

  • Paul Schwartz
    Paul Schwartz 7 hours ago

    I have booked a holiday with my girlfriend purely on being next to the course of Il Lombardia last saturday. Does this count?

  • International Harvester

    When's Pooley gonna return?

  • Colin Harris
    Colin Harris 8 hours ago

    They did sort of stretch the rules to break the 2:00 marathon record. It’s still a remarkable human feat that Eliud Kipchoge was able to run that fast (a 1:59:59 marathon is the equivalent of running 100m sprints in just over 17 seconds - 422 times in a row). However Kipchoge had a series of pacers and cyclists in a V formation to break the wind in front of him. In front of the pacemakers were a series of cars. The one directly in front of the runners was a pace car showing projected finish times and carrying a laser system that projects where the pacemakers should run. So if we stretch the rules for cycling then consider the hour record for a recumbent set in 2016 when Francesco Russo travelled 92.432 km on a 5.8 km oval in Germany. In July 2018 the team made an attempt at 95 km but had to postpone due to bad weather. I think it might be possible to speculate about a 100 km hour record.

  • Sean Young
    Sean Young 8 hours ago

    Caption: using the camera to see if my toupee is visible

  • Lukáš Kačiašvili

    Caption: Lotto manager facetiming to Belgium: “Guys sorry for Il Lombardia. If we don’t win Paris-Tours - I’ll resign.” :P