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Good Housekeeping
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  • Аня Аня
    Аня Аня 24 days ago

    She is soooo cute ☺

  • Muhmd Nafih
    Muhmd Nafih Month ago

    Can u plz show how to fold Indian clothes

  • Ирина Светлая


  • Elaine Pollard
    Elaine Pollard 2 months ago

    Uh, just look up how Martha Stewart does it.

  • isabel • gallardo
    isabel • gallardo 2 months ago

    this whole comment section is hate😳

  • jor_r
    jor_r 3 months ago

    If I wanted to study her face I'd watch this video. If I want to learn how to fold a long sleeve shirt I would not.

  • la fan de nuel
    la fan de nuel 3 months ago

    Is it me or her folding is getting worse every day. I've made myself a playlist of her conferences and interviews last year and back then she did it a lot neater

  • la fan de nuel
    la fan de nuel 3 months ago

    Espero no estar financiando a los del Yunque viendo esto 😵😵

  • Oof gang Oof
    Oof gang Oof 4 months ago

    Lies just lies she did not invent that

  • Dalia García
    Dalia García 4 months ago

    you and missasinfonia are friends

  • Beyzanur Kaya
    Beyzanur Kaya 4 months ago

    Her outfit is so beautiful💜

  • Oceanira Farias de Miranda

    Marie Kondo doesn't know how to folding elastic sheet.

  • isri indah wanti
    isri indah wanti 4 months ago

    from indonesia love this chanel😙

  • Fathima Malik
    Fathima Malik 4 months ago

    she is like Cinderella working and tiding all the time, with patience and smile

  • Fathima Malik
    Fathima Malik 4 months ago

    she is cinderella tiding all the time, with smile and patience

  • Kay Vee
    Kay Vee 5 months ago

    Imposter ! I fold clothes neater than this

    • Aria Stark
      Aria Stark 3 months ago

      Kay Vee good for you, I think you should also make a yt channel, make a living out of it, and stop being a hater and we can watch videos like this without hating someone and saying he or she is sn impostor.. (just saying) 🤭🤭✌️✌️✌️

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 5 months ago

    Why have a thumbnail pop up midway through? GH should be smart enough to make a RU-clip video.

    • gbabyjzphil23
      gbabyjzphil23 4 months ago

      Christopher Smith yes same here I was trying to swipe it away

  • Gemelli
    Gemelli 5 months ago

    Marie l. piegato di merda

  • S K
    S K 5 months ago

    Me: Watches video on how to fold shirt in my closet! Me later: Keeps watching other videos of marie kondo😂

  • San Ramos
    San Ramos 6 months ago

    She is perfect but your video suck

  • Jake Borrelli
    Jake Borrelli 6 months ago

    Jeesh, she really jumps into that first step/fold pretty quick, already lost

  • YouDummy
    YouDummy 6 months ago

    How not to fold a fitted sheet, and just give up and rolling it up

  • jinxgirl5
    jinxgirl5 6 months ago

    This is so much easier than the corner tucking method. Like seriously, at least I can see what she's doing. In the dozens of folding videos I've watched, those women all lose me right at tucking the very first corner. Like what part of the fabric are they even grabbing?!! Are they making tutorials or just bragging?

  • Maria lopez Lopez
    Maria lopez Lopez 7 months ago

    Te juro yo dobló más prolijo y mejor que ella

    • E57384N
      E57384N 6 months ago

      Subi un video y demostralo.

  • Liz Ochoa
    Liz Ochoa 7 months ago

    Sure point it at her face when she’s making the folds

    • K L
      K L 7 months ago

      Right? Haha I'm trying to learn over here 😂

  • Jessica Strom
    Jessica Strom 7 months ago

    I love Marie...but I’m sticking to the Martha way and tucking the corners into on another and then folding.

  • Happy Soul
    Happy Soul 7 months ago

    She gaves me ASMR

  • Gabi X
    Gabi X 7 months ago

    love all this marie kondo videos