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  • Andrey Ivanov
    Andrey Ivanov 28 seconds ago

    Liberals collecting data for property ownership to start taxing up to 50% all Canadians if they sell property

  • Froggy Blunderbutt
    Froggy Blunderbutt 48 seconds ago

    She says there are "thousands and thousands" in attendance. Why didn't they show them? Why was the camera view always 10" from her face? As she walked away and the camera panned, it looked like about 50. Where is the angle that shows the thousands and thousands? I am absolutely positive that if there were that many in attendance, it would be in a coliseum type building and the camera would do NOTHING but show all of her wonderful supporters. This is just more leftist B.S. and they use a young teen as their front to spout phrases and numbers she has no clue about. Pathetic! Her dad is a money wh-ore and her mother just a wh-ore to let her be used in this fashion.

  • Sovahkiin
    Sovahkiin Minute ago

    He has no idea. Head in the sand to avoid hearing about the issues that truly matter.

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye 2 minutes ago

    More trees less people

  • Mike B
    Mike B 2 minutes ago

    She has mannerisms like Justin Trudeau when she speaks.

  • Max Go
    Max Go 3 minutes ago


  • Max Go
    Max Go 3 minutes ago


  • rtl2002
    rtl2002 3 minutes ago


  • Sharon Ritchie
    Sharon Ritchie 3 minutes ago

    Jagmeet is done. He sincerely said he wouldn’t work with Conservatives. That’s not “building an Nation” talk. That’s sewing division. The Basket of Deplorables will be thrown to the side in Singh’s Canada.

  • Pomah Pomaluan
    Pomah Pomaluan 4 minutes ago

    Just free West papu

  • Mindy Vaughn
    Mindy Vaughn 4 minutes ago

    Bull!! None of those guys even went to jail. They went to work for someone else the next day.

    FHINNY FIN 4 minutes ago


  • Max Go
    Max Go 4 minutes ago


  • Joyce Robertson
    Joyce Robertson 4 minutes ago

    Who let her into Canada just go home,get back in school. When you grow up more,understand the world,the jobs,how people struggle to make a living,the. Shot your mouth off. You have probably never went out anything. Have ever gone to a food bank,cause your dad,can’t find work. Just go home grow up.

  • rtl2002
    rtl2002 5 minutes ago


  • nil .edit
    nil .edit 6 minutes ago

    Pray to a child rapist then you claim unjust hatred lmao your prophet screwed goats . Rot in hell losers

  • Andrey Ivanov
    Andrey Ivanov 6 minutes ago

    Justin Trudeau is a disaster as a Prime Minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Canada deserves better!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andra Book
    Andra Book 6 minutes ago

    nuclear power doesnt have zero emissions!

  • 69 Savage
    69 Savage 6 minutes ago

    Greedy ©unt. You should be happy with 600k it's better than the 600k you clearly didn't have before winning it.

  • rtl2002
    rtl2002 7 minutes ago

    Kokanee Groper is such a fraud.

  • rtl2002
    rtl2002 9 minutes ago


  • Jaskirat Singh Takhar
    Jaskirat Singh Takhar 10 minutes ago

    It's just a way bank can say no to you. Or someone pray upon you by saying ur credit score is low.

  • Love Sra
    Love Sra 11 minutes ago

    Jag meet singh

  • Joseph Forest
    Joseph Forest 12 minutes ago

    His party gets my vote on Monday .

  • Rob G
    Rob G 12 minutes ago

    Are they really advocating for the end of the industrial economy? Or just a change to the modern industrial economy? People are always scared of change but it is coming.

  • tydaguy
    tydaguy 12 minutes ago

    Who will stop the flood of migrants?

  • Ea Ea
    Ea Ea 12 minutes ago

    im sorry but did that lady with the jetta tdi actually complain about a liter of gas per 100km ... that poor lady lol

  • Hugh Hammell
    Hugh Hammell 13 minutes ago


  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 14 minutes ago

    Mental problems need to be solved. All the people at the rally must seek help.

  • Sohn der ERDE
    Sohn der ERDE 14 minutes ago

    I would like to have seen the ecological footprint of Greta, she is certainly the most dangerous child for climate protection worldwide!

  • Gio X
    Gio X 16 minutes ago

    Trump 2020

  • Marty Kimble
    Marty Kimble 19 minutes ago

    look at all those bellies

  • Brent Scheer
    Brent Scheer 21 minute ago

    I have never voted Strategically...I have always voted for the greater good...Canada is largely a resource based economy...Canada is a business...social programs are great, they are abused, but they are great...but we need to be able to fund or afford these social programs...shutting Canada down for business is not conducive to the long term life of these social programs...remember social programs are abused by the general population as well as Gov't Bureaucracy... my opinion...

  • Ricardo Tejada
    Ricardo Tejada 22 minutes ago

    My mortgage lender told me they pretty much only use Experian's FICO Score, it's sometimes lower and sometimes higher than my TransUnion VantageScore and it updates less frequently.

  • Lockescythe
    Lockescythe 22 minutes ago

    Update it's almost 2020 just got a call from AIR DUCT CLEANING SERVICES.

  • Antton Wilbanks
    Antton Wilbanks 23 minutes ago

    I find it interesting that they aren't showing both sides. It is clearly biased. I took a 23AndMe dna test and connected with a cousin who was adopted out of our family. I had never met her before and yet we have the same grandmother. After speaking with my family, it was true.

  • Ted Paulus
    Ted Paulus 23 minutes ago

    CBC with such a disingenuous title to the clip!! Absolutely infuriating.

  • One Good Turn Gets Most Of The Blanket

    The earth is in fine shape and will continue to be so, long after these misinformed uneducated doomsayers are long since elapsed from history.

  • bob fossum
    bob fossum 25 minutes ago

    This man is a Sikh supremacist. He is what is wrong with Canada. He is also very sympathetic to a Muslim invasion. They will become the new voting base.

  • Reed Allyn
    Reed Allyn 25 minutes ago

    LOve Jimmy Dahliwal. He seems pretty down to earth, sincere and tries really hard to get people excited about all the programs he won't know how to pay for. When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to promise. Poor bastard, Jimmy. He doesn't even get or understand Maxime Bernier and what he is trying to do, Jimmy needs to focus and listen to those who will have a real stake in the election, those are the Liberals and the PC. Jimmy can do ok, but he needs to have some proper strategists in his corner to help him navigate these political waters which he seems to flounder in, from time to time. Vote PPC and Maxime Bernier for real change.

  • Alex Weyh-Dunst
    Alex Weyh-Dunst 26 minutes ago

    You can find relatives though it but that's about it.

  • Elcrypto
    Elcrypto 26 minutes ago

    If there is a coalition to take down the conservatives...i will move back west and support seperating from Canada

  • Chris Van Bekkum
    Chris Van Bekkum 27 minutes ago

    It will not save this creeps job, down with dictators!!

  • 46336 34
    46336 34 27 minutes ago

    I respect his reasoning. Im generally against lowering the voting age. I miss his rants

  • brian2559
    brian2559 28 minutes ago

    Any reputable company should have alerted her RIGHT AWAY

  • Kenneth Ng
    Kenneth Ng 29 minutes ago

    To all Canadians please tell your government to continue using fossil fuels. Dont act too aggressively on climate change. It is a hoax made by the far left PC liberals only. You will be fooled if you think global warming is real. Thank you.

  • sachin mathurr
    sachin mathurr 30 minutes ago

    Better donate your body to hungry animals

  • Pierre Duranleau
    Pierre Duranleau 31 minute ago

    He said it "Islam is not incompatible with free and open western society" Yet "Sharia is incompatible with democracy. One is governance based on freedom, the other slavery." The American Center for Democracy (ACD) quotes Imam Aasim Rashid of Vancouver, British Columbia, who spoke in October 2017 at Thompson Rivers University, explaining why the Canadian government wants to implement Sharia Law. “I’ll tell you who wants to bring Sharia Law,” Thompson said then. “The Canadian government wants to bring Sharia Law and this is not a joke. Why? Because Sharia Law is simply the way Muslims are doing things.” “The Canadian government wanted the Muslims to be able to regulate their own issues….to solve their problems amongst themselves [according] to Sharia Law, so it is not a burden on the court system which is already so bogged down. “The government told us - we would like you to have this system, and we would like to work on these initiatives with you.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told CBC in January 2016 that “Islam is not incompatible with Western secular democracy.”

  • Brent Scheer
    Brent Scheer 31 minute ago

    I agree with everything Kenney said...what I am tired of is why single out the first nations? We are all Canadians and we all can lose...we are all people, stop creating racism with the singling out of minorities...speak to us all as Canadians, not some Canadians or Albertan's and the First Nations...I am not picking on Kenney, I am picking on the Political Correct movement...Go Kenney Go...

  • bob fossum
    bob fossum 32 minutes ago

    Elizabeth May is a shiftless lowbrow. Nice language,you pig.

  • W Teach
    W Teach 32 minutes ago

    There were Militias that fought against those overlords and oppressors and if needed it may happen again we have certain God-given rights

  • marcwolfleach
    marcwolfleach 35 minutes ago

    Meddling or not being endorse by Obama should be more than enough reason to vote for anyone else

  • IceColdGamer
    IceColdGamer 35 minutes ago

    I wonder how much of her outfit was made using fossil fuels

  • CEEAKI 22nd century
    CEEAKI 22nd century 35 minutes ago

    This guy is a delusional...youtube chemtrails are real. WTF are those the !?!?

    PROGRESS65 36 minutes ago

    What a freak

  • Frederick Smith
    Frederick Smith 37 minutes ago

    Bring her to Àfrica .. we will clap her

  • Bear Slayer
    Bear Slayer 38 minutes ago

    No one cares libs are out ! Cbc ur next !

  • Karen Acton
    Karen Acton 39 minutes ago

    IF THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING THEY ARE LYING!! All politicians do it to get where they want to be and unfortunately the one that lies the most, that seemingly rings true to the public, is the one that gets voted in. If you dump enough money into Ontario and Quebec anyone outside those provinces voting don't even count. The first politician that tells me that the transfer payments will stop will perk my ears because that little money grab is the biggest fiascco ever!

  • Kenneth Ng
    Kenneth Ng 42 minutes ago

    Greta is not a good role model as she goes too extreme on climate change. I think we dont need to act too radically as there is still plenty of time left.

  • BeNachos
    BeNachos 42 minutes ago

    Imagine pretending to take on climate change while also building a pipeline. Smh

  • Kevin Lees
    Kevin Lees 43 minutes ago

    We know about climate change because we have done our home work. ???? Shame on the CBC, shame on our teachers, and shame on all those politicians who promote this false bias.

  • North Korea
    North Korea 44 minutes ago

    *ZEY ARE IN ZE ATTIC!!* 😶🤭

  • Kathy Howard
    Kathy Howard 44 minutes ago

    We love you Joe Biden

  • Jimmy Meliala
    Jimmy Meliala 45 minutes ago

    hopely Israel support kurd in syria

  • Abhijeet Banode
    Abhijeet Banode 45 minutes ago

    It’s win win situation.. I got up to 50% discount from American hotel chain. I found it accidentally but then I started using it intentionally. Same goes for web page ads.. I sign in in my google chrome and search for whatever I am looking for and then for its discount codes and next day you have a best deal available. This way you can trick their trick by tricking their system ‘intentionally’ unintentionally.. that’s the secret and loop hole in DNA of data profiling.

  • Ossault Vehicles
    Ossault Vehicles 46 minutes ago

    Perhaps his feather pen signifies that he wants to become a writer.

  • Malik gulfam Khan
    Malik gulfam Khan 46 minutes ago

    Long live Turk army

  • comen4u troll
    comen4u troll 47 minutes ago

    Canada if you vote this guy and you're on your own. Those people have been invading Canada for the last 7 years Canada won't be Canada anymore I pray for you Canada.

  • youngil91
    youngil91 48 minutes ago

    Greta Drives with 3.0 TDI over the ocean

  • Savannah Hoosier
    Savannah Hoosier 48 minutes ago

    Ya'll down vote this cause you know she's right.

  • Diamond Light
    Diamond Light 49 minutes ago

    He probably would have been successful if he worked in marketing...

  • Maddog Slone
    Maddog Slone 49 minutes ago

    Sheer shows his real colours and its not good this guy is bad for CANADA . www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/political-backroom-veteran-warren-kinsella-mulls-bid-for-trudeaus-liberals/article21652826/

  • Bob Armstrong
    Bob Armstrong 50 minutes ago

    Please watch Rosa Koire blow the lid off of the climate change/Agenda 2030 scheme to enslave us completely. The climate change movement has nothing to do with saving the earth but controlling every little aspect of the small freedom we have left as we move closer to Orwells' 1984.

  • Maddog Slone
    Maddog Slone 50 minutes ago

    Sheer shows his real colours and its not good this guy is bad for CANADA . www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/political-backroom-veteran-warren-kinsella-mulls-bid-for-trudeaus-liberals/article21652826/

  • Ossault Vehicles
    Ossault Vehicles 50 minutes ago

    Punjabis, for some reason, do not become surgeons. I have not seen a Pujabi surgeon ever-just like I have never seen an Arab surgeon. Maybe those-who wear cloth on their head-become incapable to perform a profession like surgery.

  • crystal stanborough
    crystal stanborough 51 minute ago

    i had a deer jump at my mini van ( common in Ontario ) the son of a buck knockes my side mirror threw my door window into my face, then his body slams into along the van fubar the sliding door.... i pulled over ( coming off 12 hour night shift...( got out to look, im still a bit "rocked" from the bash to the head, million cuts to the face, bleeding like a pig, eye full a glass, i step back to survey the scene ( bita shock...) onto the highway lol, big rig blows the horn, i f near got my ticket punched.... so im standing there, bleeding like a sow and watch as each of my team members from work drive by, waveing ( thx guys, luv ya ) my lead hand picked me up and drove me the 200 yards to the opp , they call me an ambulance, thx guys! So after getting my looker cleaned up i go out, cops are there , file my report cop and say i gotta go with to drive my van off the highway to the bodyshop.,... i didnt know the shop, just moved there for the job..... and ya, i get my van ( not evan a year old ) as im driving it home the air leaks around everywere the deer hit, they couldnt fix a red wagon ! oh, the deer was gone or i woulda straped him to the hood! deer season here in a couple weeks ..... im gonna get him yet..... rural Ontario....

  • Jim Burden
    Jim Burden 51 minute ago

    Greta, says to Einstein hold my beer lol Screw treaty 6

  • Hawaain Kansan feindel
    Hawaain Kansan feindel 51 minute ago

    In 1975 my wedding cost less than 500, including my gown and veil. Cake, punch and flowers. It was beautiful!

  • Azaria
    Azaria 51 minute ago

    8:24 "who said people are rational" 😂😂 made my day .

  • trebletoon biadno
    trebletoon biadno 51 minute ago

    Drill me daddy 😍😁😂🤭

  • Maddog Slone
    Maddog Slone 51 minute ago

    Sheer shows his real colours and its not good this guy is bad for CANADA . www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/political-backroom-veteran-warren-kinsella-mulls-bid-for-trudeaus-liberals/article21652826/

  • DL
    DL 52 minutes ago

    Once again, they're using 2013 as a benchmark to establish a trend of increasing gun violence that DOES NOT EXIST. 2013 was a statistical anomaly, an uncharacteristic dip in the rate of gun violence that is easily verified through StatsCan. The subsequent "rise" was due to that level returning to its baseline, which has been a generally downward trend for the last 40 years. Coincidentally, in 2013 we'd had almost a decade of conservative government.... Re: AR15s - not sure why they're even being mentioned. They aren't used in crime in Canada and have never been used in a shooting (mass, or otherwise) in Canada. If nothing else, that shows that we have sufficient laws on the books already.

  • RastaRyaNurse
    RastaRyaNurse 52 minutes ago

    Stop climate change . End Chinese trade !!!

  • Maddog Slone
    Maddog Slone 53 minutes ago

    Sheer shows his real colours and its not good this guy is bad for CANADA . www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/political-backroom-veteran-warren-kinsella-mulls-bid-for-trudeaus-liberals/article21652826/

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim 53 minutes ago

    I Luv turkey

  • Luke Mettam Gaming
    Luke Mettam Gaming 54 minutes ago

    Wait, Canadians expect someone else to pump their gas/petrol. In the UK pumping your own is the norm. Also self checkouts are quicker and you don’t have to talk to anyone.

  • Rancher
    Rancher 54 minutes ago

    People should not be able to vote now until they are 30 years old maybe 35.

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 55 minutes ago

    As a voter, I expect the leaders to show me where the differences are between them and where they agree. I want policies to move forward that the Greens, NDP, PPC, Block and Conservatives can agree on. I do not want the policies that are only from one party or the other. I do not trust political parties in this electoral system. I want to see no more majority governments anymore. Conservatives and Liberals are sell outs, I don't want them to think they have some sort of mandate. I want different people with different opinions and world views to only move forward on the very best ideas that everyone agrees on

  • Stone Jiahao Yu
    Stone Jiahao Yu 55 minutes ago

    Honestly, this is my feelings through the whole things going on with this poor girl: how ridiculous!!! How about let’s shout down all the electric devices and transportations for these people in order to reduce CO2 pollutions? Obviously, they are generating the CO2 lol Can some one support yo send this girl to the most rural area in Africa to help people over there with school climate strike and took off her cellphone? Let’s see what’s gonna happen

  • Serge Bisson
    Serge Bisson 56 minutes ago

    I am stunt that so many trolls are attaking this young and courageous teenager while she is trying to tell us that the house is on fire.

  • Dean Snombers
    Dean Snombers 57 minutes ago

    abolish liberals from Canadian politics forever PPC 2019

  • Brian G.
    Brian G. 57 minutes ago

    Is it just me, or is "sacrificing your education to bring attention to the climate emergency" kind of a bad idea? You want to change something, then get educated enough to actually enact change. Unless, of course, the planet is indeed falling to pieces as quickly as Thunberg claims, in which case I suppose it's perfectly fine to devote one's whole life to the climate activism movement, since there isn't really enough time to get educated to enact change yourself. It is important, however, to note that the climate truly does have to be changing as quickly and drastically as all that in order to justify such striking, otherwise they'll have sacrificed days of education for nothing. If we indeed are concerned about raising a generation of people to help innovate on behalf of the human race in the climate change issue, then we must ensure they are well equipped to do so; and they aren't going to get there by skipping school all the time, even if it's for a good cause.

  • Eeyore
    Eeyore 57 minutes ago

    Watched the movie, very entertaining....unlike this tweeb.

  • Cris C
    Cris C 58 minutes ago

    GRETA OF GREEN FABLES.... definitely a suitable name for this little brat. LMAO.

  • Christian B
    Christian B 58 minutes ago

    You sheeple make me sick🤢

  • doug ridgway
    doug ridgway 58 minutes ago

    Canada has sent their ambassador of shame blame to the West. Don’t tread on us Canada

  • Ricky Rickardo
    Ricky Rickardo 59 minutes ago

    The worst President in History endorsing the worst Prime Minister in history.

  • Hayan Imadi
    Hayan Imadi Hour ago


  • James V
    James V Hour ago

    For those who believe in the prejudice United Nations, agenda 21 and the leftist sickeness: Aurelio Peccei, Founder of the Club of Rome. Quoted in the First Global Revolution, 1991 “I’m searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.” Congrats Greta you can read a script. You sound horribly misinformed and an abused child by the leftist sickness in this world.

  • Crazy Cooconuts
    Crazy Cooconuts Hour ago

    If you wan to take your kid to a park like these make sure that they are competent and understand how these things work so they can avoid certain positions. If you are a jumper try to picture the jump in your head, how far are you bending your back? Is someone else in the way? Do you have the skill set to do it? And be honest with your self.