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How A Witcher Is Created
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Hulk VS Pennywise Battle
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  • Mark Herman
    Mark Herman 6 hours ago

    *Hot take: There IS such a thing as bad cosplay. If you disagree, it's probably you.

  • SIR Grant
    SIR Grant 6 hours ago


  • gay girl
    gay girl 6 hours ago

    shut the fuck up

  • SSZ Macho
    SSZ Macho 6 hours ago

    Master chief vs captain America

  • MJ - Walker
    MJ - Walker 6 hours ago

    Thanos and rocket did sore of met when the averagers went to where he went after he snap his fingers to question him about where the infinity stones were!

  • Justin S
    Justin S 6 hours ago

    The narrator I'd killing me with every single miss pronunciation of every single name. Bro have you ever watched this show???

  • Norm Lenhart
    Norm Lenhart 6 hours ago

    "20 Marvel Outfits Disney Would Never Allow In The MCU Today " Because they have an agenda and hate profit. Get woke, go broke. See comic book sales compared to the 'bad ol'90s' for details.

  • dumi Morteanu
    dumi Morteanu 7 hours ago

    Leave a like if i cheated you Read more

  • Broken Nightmare bonnie

    I accidently baught the NFL's skin because I wanted to see the edit style and in my locker its x and the purchase button was x... let's just say in used a return ticket and got my vbucks back and baught the brite bomber skin

  • Cj
    Cj 7 hours ago

    Salt inducing losses

  • SrEe RaG
    SrEe RaG 7 hours ago

    i think you is DC fan and thor can defeat superman easily because of Odin force

  • ricvill9
    ricvill9 7 hours ago

    Make it a love story as main theme.

  • Michał Dmochowski
    Michał Dmochowski 7 hours ago

    Qui-Gon being sith doesn't make absolutely any sense. Why then would he fight and be killed by Maul?

  • Jay Berryman
    Jay Berryman 7 hours ago

    Sounds like someone summarized it to you, and now your summarizing it to others, I highly doubt you actually watched the show based on the way your speaking about it, j.s

  • Jhovonne McPherson
    Jhovonne McPherson 7 hours ago

    I'm convinced that Batman will beat his ass in a death battle.

  • BackfischLP
    BackfischLP 7 hours ago

    i stand 100% behind batinson

  • Fushion 2
    Fushion 2 7 hours ago

    Vision is not weak

  • AngelQueen
    AngelQueen 7 hours ago

    So this is for the guys oh okay sorry. 😅

  • Fushion 2
    Fushion 2 7 hours ago

    Hulk is pretty strong

  • ICDTWolf
    ICDTWolf 7 hours ago

    The question that should be asked is. Would Saitama take Goku on as a disciple? Once Goku sees the death punch he will be wanting what Genos wants, to become stronger and learn his secret. I would love to see Saitamas face after the 10 episodes of Goku screaming at him just to power up. Just to then be punched.

  • Frosty
    Frosty 7 hours ago

    So crazy that the Rey one is actually real

    NAOKI SATOYA 7 hours ago

    Should see Thanos face when Scarlet Witch break his sword😂.He was like "Wth is this lady made of"

  • Ishan Sharma
    Ishan Sharma 7 hours ago

    Shayne Topp as Human Torch...

  • E-G Empire
    E-G Empire 7 hours ago

    The age of consent is 13 in Japan.. so they arent underage?

  • ButtonSmasher
    ButtonSmasher 7 hours ago


    IIRFAN CH 7 hours ago

    I can't imagine all for one have an affair with deku's mom

  • Claire Nichol
    Claire Nichol 7 hours ago

    In avengers infinity war, Thanos seemed weaker because he wasn’t trying to kill any of the avengers because he was only on his quest for universal balance. In endgame, he was still on his warlord conquest and set on controlling the universe

  • okolekahuna
    okolekahuna 7 hours ago

    I love the scene where the Avengers are at the diner. Perfect ending.

  • webbtail245
    webbtail245 7 hours ago

    Raid shadow legends is stupid

  • Steven Lira
    Steven Lira 7 hours ago

    If one punch man has someone else strong like him he would be able to beyond his limits!!

  • Al Speid
    Al Speid 7 hours ago

    The problem with This is that they're using a bunch of different Batmen instead of one. Each Batman has different sets of gadgets and different strengths.

  • Zombie Ape
    Zombie Ape 7 hours ago

    They just let thanos beat his ass and nothing 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ashley Jane
    Ashley Jane 7 hours ago

    Get his own movie

  • Mr Cloud
    Mr Cloud 7 hours ago

    I only clicked this for meliodas because he’s in the thumbnail

  • Frosty Nicotine
    Frosty Nicotine 7 hours ago

    saitama still trains everyday using the same routine 100 push ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups and a 10 km run everyday and he has no limit so technically hes getting stronger everyday and weve never seen his limits and weve seen gokus so its like meh you cant really answer whos stronger because weve never seen saitamas full potential

  • Black Broly
    Black Broly 7 hours ago

    I like Jareds leto its cool

  • Zenjiro Gaming
    Zenjiro Gaming 7 hours ago

    I'd say that one of the teo nameless Saiyans was Nappa with hair. It's what he looked like.

    ONE SMASH BOI 7 hours ago

    So CBR does Fortnite now huh? Me: *clicks unsubscribe button* Just kidding but you know what I mean

  • Akshay Naik
    Akshay Naik 7 hours ago


  • Emokiriemi Abednego
    Emokiriemi Abednego 7 hours ago

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  • Lorenzo Fuggetta
    Lorenzo Fuggetta 7 hours ago

    Also, goku would smash saitama because raditz can dodge stuff that goes faster than light and that is the second major threat he fights!

  • linus ferdinard
    linus ferdinard 7 hours ago

    and they are the ones that will want to sue people for using just a little of their movie, isn't that stupid

  • Euphoric Sahil Thakuri

    you are the only one to say goku is stronger than saitama

  • Kyle Junior
    Kyle Junior 7 hours ago

    Is it bad that I want some of these tattooed on me

  • Carl Her
    Carl Her 7 hours ago

    “15 strange rules saiyans have to follow” yet they’re explaining traits that they have and not rules at all 🤦‍♂️

  • Emre Bayrak
    Emre Bayrak 7 hours ago

    9:56 that’s such a nice and heartwarming scene :)

  • arttu_player suomi
    arttu_player suomi 7 hours ago

    One puch man: this id too easy! Goku:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! One punch man: *punches* Goku: oh *** *dies*

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 7 hours ago

    Yup most of the female costumes in the old comics were very provocative and very exciting for the young boys who read them.

    AK STUDIO 7 hours ago

    Goku has already surpass the level of god..... By using his ultra instinct....... agents jiren......

  • putos weys putos weys

    Ssj3 and ssj4 is dope 🔥

  • Jody Pillay
    Jody Pillay 7 hours ago

    What about broly 😒?

  • matthew sigbornson
    matthew sigbornson 8 hours ago

    What would i change????? I don't know........ Maybe the X-Men, fantastic four, the inhumans, the defenders, ghost rider, punisher.......... I could go on...

  • PaoloKenneth Celemin

    Kameya meya.......

    CRISIS CR3ATOR 8 hours ago

    Tell something we dont know

  • Kazoku SSGSS
    Kazoku SSGSS 8 hours ago

    Preach to them, beerus is stronger than saitama, so if goku can whoop beerus butt..... goku is stronger

  • Arachnicution
    Arachnicution 8 hours ago

    Yeah this is pretty much spot on...

  • Любен Минков

    Bakugo: Beats Tokoyami. Also Bakugo: Beats Todoroki. Again Bakugo: Beats Midoriya. CBR: BaKuGo iS WeaKEr ThaN aLL oF tHem.

  • Kaos Jay
    Kaos Jay 8 hours ago

    if you really think about it one punch man is stronger than ssb kiokenx20, goku ui i don’t really know because he only went ui because of his friends so one on one one punch man got this and i’m a dbz fan

  • church v.s. the world

    You sound like a tool durring your Captain marvel speech

  • SriTeja Vedula
    SriTeja Vedula 8 hours ago

    Do batman Vs iron Man

  • john hilling
    john hilling 8 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Asta black form
    Asta black form 8 hours ago

    What about the broly fight were he abd vegeta became gogeta and shot loads of mini GALICK KAHMAEHAMEHAA'S

  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 8 hours ago

    MatPat Once Calculated That Saitama Could Shatter Captain America’s Shield In One Punch And If Thanos Struggeled With It Despite Haveing All The Infinity Stones On Well,Then We Can Confirm That Saitama Wins Instantly If He Lands A Blow On Goku

  • Hero's Clan
    Hero's Clan 8 hours ago

    *No one can match the dedication level of Christian Bale....*

  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 8 hours ago

    Saitama played around with Boros and Boros strait up stated that he could destroy the Milky Way Galaxy which alone is bigger then Universe 7 since we know that Universe 7 only has 30 planets so it would’t take much to destroy everything inside Universe 7

  • Jacob Lambert
    Jacob Lambert 8 hours ago

    i'm sorry but the lopsided moustache made it really hard for me to concentrate :S

  • James Amadasun
    James Amadasun 8 hours ago

    That would totally Be Fucked up and awesome

  • Weirdlyoneoffs
    Weirdlyoneoffs 8 hours ago

    Margot Robbie does a great job with the character. I don't think this film appeals to me that much, but I will go and see it and hope it is good. It will at least be good fun.

  • Viatic Gotham
    Viatic Gotham 8 hours ago

    You click bated me !

  • suvam sipun
    suvam sipun 8 hours ago

    Batman vs Ironman with all the suits n armor

  • TheShawn
    TheShawn 8 hours ago

    2:35 dumbest comment ever, that makes 0 sense... "not the gentle-est person, so having him as a teacher might not yield results" ...that's how you get results btw, we can see this youtube channel hasnt had an athletic past... lol

  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 8 hours ago

    Goku could’t take down Chappil with a single punch and Chappil is stated to be Steel level at weakest so Base Form Goku can’t break through Steel but Saitama has made the weather across the entire Earth change with less then 1% of his power

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 8 hours ago

    1. Cell 2. Frieza If those arent the top 2, this list is irrelevant.

  • Yzix ™
    Yzix ™ 8 hours ago

    7:42 and there u are wrong.. vegita vas fighting against hakai.. and he dont had any problems coz he has stronger then hakai user.. if hakai user is weaker then oponent, hakai cant harm it.

  • Alitronus Galxy
    Alitronus Galxy 8 hours ago

    finaly a video that covers my brain

  • jarno
    jarno 8 hours ago

    Old asian guy is old nasty stereotype but young female asian is just ok? What is wrong with this world

  • Omolemo Kgaile
    Omolemo Kgaile 8 hours ago

    Can you plz do Superman vs Black panther

  • Yash Bhambani
    Yash Bhambani 8 hours ago

    1.8k people are frost fan

  • Tosh 18
    Tosh 18 8 hours ago

    i know fortnite no fornite

  • moro the wizard
    moro the wizard 8 hours ago


  • Liwka Osmałek
    Liwka Osmałek 8 hours ago

    If they do it right i will agree, but...a prequel sounds good to me ` `)

  • keminawaッ
    keminawaッ 8 hours ago

    where is the god mode using kirito (sword Art Online

  • t0k3m0nk3y
    t0k3m0nk3y 8 hours ago

    I always assumed he took over after Fury got dusted. Then after everyone returns in Endgame, Nick takes a long vacation

  • Pearce Rockingham
    Pearce Rockingham 8 hours ago

    Well Brolly does learn techniek's quite quickly!

  • Steven Wiley
    Steven Wiley 8 hours ago

    Batman wouldn’t win. This is dumb. I’m butt hurt

  • gaming fish
    gaming fish 8 hours ago

    That's so trash

  • gaming fish
    gaming fish 8 hours ago

    What's this garbage grevieous beet ventres

  • Levi Bundy
    Levi Bundy 8 hours ago

    No first look at venom 2 at all

  • Pro SmilyFace
    Pro SmilyFace 8 hours ago

    Super smah bro? More like pixar smah bros

  • Bobby
    Bobby 8 hours ago

    Thanos: I am Inevitable Cap: Yeah, I know, I know *snap

  • Saad Nasr
    Saad Nasr 8 hours ago

    Groots death was also really sad and also endgame why you do dis to me

  • WINTER cub
    WINTER cub 8 hours ago

    How about this for a plot twist the mandolorian takes baby (not) Yoda with him and uses the force long enough for him to take a fatal shot and the mandalorian is the winner

  • DeathBlade Double X
    DeathBlade Double X 8 hours ago

    As soon as I saw this title, I knew that CBR was smoking some good shit

  • Gerald Ladera
    Gerald Ladera 8 hours ago

    Superman can`t have problems, of any kind, because his mind and gens comes from an Alien extinct race. any writer who has writen him just ignores the simple fact: He`s NOT HUMAN. we must reWrite the history and think like a 5 billions super advance Alien race! and be aware: humans still working for products and fighting each other. theres hunger and diseases all over the earth. a "Super-Man from outter space can deal with that? having a codex to ressemble his fallen specie?

  • Phoenix Productions
    Phoenix Productions 8 hours ago

    Mandorlorian should've won

  • Favour Robert
    Favour Robert 8 hours ago

    Make a video about thanos vs goku

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed 8 hours ago

    Thor beat the shit out of hulk and loki, he is the strongest avenger. Only reason thanos beat him, was beacuse he was out of form

  • Angrange .s
    Angrange .s 9 hours ago

    Baby yoda should have helped mando

  • davidleoncampbell
    davidleoncampbell 9 hours ago

    was not a fan of the smart/professor Hulk....Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets....period...

  • Stative
    Stative 9 hours ago

    I think mando should have won the fight