Seth's Bike Hacks
Seth's Bike Hacks
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  • Neilrou Castro
    Neilrou Castro 46 minutes ago

    Can I have some pedal and disc brakes

  • Chris FPS
    Chris FPS Hour ago

    Mini rant: Why do cyclists feel the need to have their headlight on their bike flash? or even their rear light? You don't see motorbikes or cars with fucking flashing headlights, it's annoying and distracting, just get a solid beam light you moron, you look like a christmas tree.

  • Samdaboss Gaming
    Samdaboss Gaming 3 hours ago

    I want more Pup’ cam

  • Tower Hill Pitch Officer

    How are you so good 🙈

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 4 hours ago

    I dont know why but chain guides look awesome, these box products may be for me.

  • Manuel Funes
    Manuel Funes 4 hours ago

    Where can i buy one?

  • uraniumjoe
    uraniumjoe 5 hours ago

    Preach it, Seth! Docs prescribed medications to me before to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness... but I ceased all of them shortly after, as they only perturbed me - or had no effect at all. For years, I wanted to get a decent mtb, but never took the plunge. Then, on the 4th of July, my lady told me about an ad she heard of the local bike chain's holiday special. She encouraged me to buy my first real hardtail, the Trek X-caliber. I ride often. And this might sound cliché, but the results are literally life-changing. I remember one time feeling sick, agitated, tired - just overall bleh. But my brother & I had a ride scheduled, and we weren't about to cancel. So, as I pedaled past the trailhead, all the negativity and drudgery melted away. Instantly. Way better for the human body than any drug (with proper safety, of course), and way better for the soul.

    ENDURO MASIVO 5 hours ago

    Pan con palta! Un clasico.

  • big bass
    big bass 5 hours ago

    that's nothing now do it on roller blades--

  • Elijah Jamieson
    Elijah Jamieson 5 hours ago

    We all want seths hike hacks

  • Bruce Boles
    Bruce Boles 5 hours ago

    Rode it faster on my hardtail.

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior 6 hours ago

    It’s called a skate park, not a bike park

  • Jonas' Evil twin
    Jonas' Evil twin 6 hours ago

    what go pro is best for a beginner

  • Jonas' Evil twin
    Jonas' Evil twin 6 hours ago

    a better bike is dback overdrive 29 1

  • Björn verkaik
    Björn verkaik 6 hours ago

    I literly starderd on a pro trail

  • Jonas' Evil twin
    Jonas' Evil twin 6 hours ago

    me watching this imagining im not a 12 yr old and i have money to buy a bike

  • Nnif nel
    Nnif nel 7 hours ago

    All your videos are copyright claimed i’m so sorry hope you can get them not copyright claimed

  • symon hang
    symon hang 7 hours ago

    Seth:where the money socks Socks: I'm not telling you Seth: *drowns socks in water* Socks: okay okay I'll tell you

  • Robert Romero
    Robert Romero 8 hours ago

    For the changing hack you can put a blanket in the car doors to make a mini dressing room

  • uz0
    uz0 8 hours ago

    Had no idea baby needs to be oiled. Hilarious

  • mind yo
    mind yo 8 hours ago

    Like the video but the 1st bike stand not working 4 me. Bike just topples over every time.

  • The Jolly Squad
    The Jolly Squad 9 hours ago

    Seths crash gave me flashback to a couple weeks ago when I had a very similar high speed crash. Wasn’t so lucky, broke my arm and pelvis. Watching these videos until I can get back on the dirt😄

  • tide macedo alexandrina

    for fitness reasons these bikes are amazing.

  • Vader 74
    Vader 74 9 hours ago

    You have a 35 mm camera!!

  • symon hang
    symon hang 9 hours ago

    Your thumbnail made me think that mustard gave you craps😂

    EPIC GAME 10 hours ago

    Explain the thumbnail

  • Cycles and Ridels
    Cycles and Ridels 10 hours ago

    Poor drama man getting stuck over a log

  • Cyclo_furious
    Cyclo_furious 11 hours ago

    Chucking stuff in a dry bag and strapping into the Blackburn rack would get around the ‘wet conditions’ issue.

  • Leando videla
    Leando videla 11 hours ago

    Muy buenos tus video hermano

  • Biking with O dog
    Biking with O dog 11 hours ago

    i would always use my multi tool for every repair and now i got these tools and actually bought myself how to repair and switch parts now thanks seth

  • ViktorUFO
    ViktorUFO 11 hours ago

    Seth, remember. When you get a baby, you gotta oil bleed it like 2 times a year..

    EPIC GAME 11 hours ago

    4:48 he just got dirty water and start talking about hydration bag

  • bacteria_ UnknowN-ConnectioN

    im trying to play with fps as well

  • ViktorUFO
    ViktorUFO 11 hours ago

    i like how this was uploaded at christmas

  • daniel dillon
    daniel dillon 12 hours ago

    Hoe puns!!! Love it!

  • MyMMC
    MyMMC 12 hours ago

    i love that swingbike.

  • juan salvador amorós lopez


  • XplosiveStoning
    XplosiveStoning 13 hours ago

    Thanks for this video dude! Really helpful

  • Elijah Jamieson
    Elijah Jamieson 13 hours ago

    6:52 shake it for us Seth

  • Nathan S
    Nathan S 13 hours ago

    Ahhhh had to reminisce of the Tokyo Drift days before the clear cut ...

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 13 hours ago

    Can you make a Urban Downhill ”trail”? stairs alot of weird jumps with stairs as landing

  • Justas A
    Justas A 14 hours ago

    wdym the se bike is normal bro

  • Sick Skits
    Sick Skits 14 hours ago

    Get the genus is or mongoose again and modify it to compete on berm peak

  • Toaster O76
    Toaster O76 14 hours ago

    Hey Seth you should do another the squad video

  • Vizzions Izzmydad
    Vizzions Izzmydad 14 hours ago

    The music sounds like the a8r comin out your tire

  • Halvor Stjern
    Halvor Stjern 15 hours ago


  • Bruno Bruce
    Bruno Bruce 15 hours ago

    Hey, Seth when you are trying to compact the dirt you can use the end of the crobar and pack it around the poles this is what I do when putting in fence poles...

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 15 hours ago

    does metal tire levers work? i only have metal ones.

  • Jelle Jacobs
    Jelle Jacobs 15 hours ago

    we almost at 10 mil views

  • Ziga Leon
    Ziga Leon 15 hours ago


  • tony the
    tony the 15 hours ago

    Seth, whats your upload schedual, if you have one?

  • Bushwhackfpv
    Bushwhackfpv 16 hours ago


  • Intraspective
    Intraspective 16 hours ago

    The handlebar jacks is probably one of the most pointless things you can buy.

  • Milan
    Milan 16 hours ago

    Is the miter saw accu powerd

  • TheShankMan
    TheShankMan 16 hours ago


  • kojot0976
    kojot0976 17 hours ago

    Natural remedies has been proven to work. You know. After thousands of years of human experience.

  • Steve W
    Steve W 18 hours ago

    great video

  • Josef Dallimore
    Josef Dallimore 18 hours ago

    Seth looks older 15 years ago

  • heusker
    heusker 18 hours ago

    This looks like is was filmed at Bent Creek in Asheville, NC.

  • Kinetic Dislexic
    Kinetic Dislexic 19 hours ago

    I have a sidewall knife slashed tire that I have been saving up for, to get repaired by an engineering team. I have spoken to an engineer on the team,. Basically they will use a laser cutter to separate the layers, and re steel the inside threads. I plan on making a video as soon as I get around to it.

  • Luke Jenkins
    Luke Jenkins 20 hours ago

    I have a Trek Roscoe 6 from 2019 and I got it $300 off for $800

  • GoldenTrevallyWisperer

    Yo seth i was wondering that can you do a test on a hummer folding mountain bike.I want to see how good it is because i want to buy it

  • tsuf chakmon
    tsuf chakmon 20 hours ago

    But on most of mountain bikes you have suspension so this test is not 100% true, but good vid!

    GODLIKE GAMER 20 hours ago

    Well MY *INDIAN* friends even *$80* == *₹5000+*

  • GoldenTrevallyWisperer

    The thumbnail tho

  • kotcomgw
    kotcomgw 21 hour ago

    Awesome, straight to the point

  • Robert van 't Haar
    Robert van 't Haar 21 hour ago

    I can manage the blue pedals on this bike, white cable ties on the other hand are a no go, they look so disgusting.

  • Lorenz Map
    Lorenz Map 21 hour ago

    Don't make hoes a housewife you can't trust them

  • Louis Joos
    Louis Joos 22 hours ago

    And slime?

  • mud boy Even Froestad Gjerde

    2009 commecel furious

  • Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis Day ago

    the best bike tools and durable too. the channel is a go to for home repairs

  • Kev’in Bike
    Kev’in Bike Day ago

    Thanks for this products présentation 👍🏼

  • Harvey Davies
    Harvey Davies Day ago

    I'm going to probably get a 'Lezyne CNC Digital Drive Floor Pump' but does anyone else have a better idea?

  • Jordan Bovet
    Jordan Bovet Day ago

    never trust a hoe, unless its rogue

  • jasper_of_puppets

    9:48 Know your enemaay!!!

  • neon genji09
    neon genji09 Day ago

    Imagine what if Seth Just Crashes in this First Go

  • King Rthur
    King Rthur Day ago

    First time i’ve heard this man swear

  • Joel Miranda
    Joel Miranda Day ago

    maybe someone mentioned this in the comments already (sorry, didn't go through all 1.3k of them), but aren't the raceface straps supposed to grab your downtube?

  • Nick Myrant
    Nick Myrant Day ago

    I got that black burn bottle cage because I use larger water bottles! I just trimmed the straps and burned the ends. I love it

  • Carpe Lutum
    Carpe Lutum Day ago

    2:43 “yo this is where people come for the safety meetings” Yeah we know what he means by that lmao 😂

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay Day ago

    I recently did a search on Amazon for the same thing and I found a 4k camera this an action camera with a fool touch screen on the back valitor something like that it runs her like $76 or $79 and it's waterproof up there something deaths

  • Tim
    Tim Day ago

    I have to say nice

  • Island Aerial
    Island Aerial Day ago

    Wait till he tries an eMTB...

  • Gabriel WW2 Nerd

    I have another bailing tip Oh shit oh shit I’m gonna fuckin die fuck fuck shit shit shit oh shitfuck

  • big maan
    big maan Day ago

    i have a completely unrelated question to this video but rather about the whistler trip, do you own the mission 2c you were riding? or was it lent to you?

  • Rockhead Gary
    Rockhead Gary Day ago

    My son when he was 8 put me onto Seth. Lots of quality hacks here. 👍

  • Sandro Sandro
    Sandro Sandro Day ago

    Seth You should use straws for sprocket covers

  • AndrewA
    AndrewA Day ago

    I got a $174 mtb from Walmart, and it’s really good, doesn’t make those sounds, and it is smooth.

  • Neo Monkey
    Neo Monkey Day ago

    Glad your alright

  • Yes No
    Yes No Day ago

    No one: Cocaine addicts in the comments:

  • Anthony Walters

    My bike chain broke right before finals week and I am N O T A H A P P Y C A M P E R

  • German Villarreal

    I made a chain guide and I broke off but hey it worked!

  • LBSK Media
    LBSK Media Day ago

    6:56 That one leaf TRIGGERS me!

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay Day ago

    Watching the video actually thought that would make an excellent bike touring trailer setup

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay Day ago

    On the feet you should have used bar end I bought a pair of from Amazon they were applying Apes for like 11 bucks they would have worked so well on their and look cool

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff Day ago

    You should go to the nica races like one or two for every state that has it they are so much fun I personally race for MN and it’s so much fun

  • Little jack 120

    Seth: hits helmet with bat *2 seconds later* Seth: Presuming you cracked or dented this helmet you’d need to replace it Me:*visible confusion*

  • graham kehoe
    graham kehoe Day ago

    I’m a bike.

  • d alvarez
    d alvarez Day ago

    Seth, again your videos and edits are the best! Thanks and we'll keep on riding in Murrieta Ca!

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller Day ago

    I'm sorry but that hoe's joke nearly killed me, I had to get out of bed to pee 🤣🤣🤣