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  • Artly
    Artly 37 minutes ago

    Kieran can u train like a pro footballer for a week and see if u improved. I know u did a day before but try to do a week.


    Very satisfying video

  • xRobloxVouad
    xRobloxVouad 2 hours ago

    Just my school needs this I broke like 100 balls at school already so yeah

  • Matthew Solorio
    Matthew Solorio 3 hours ago

    1:27 wtf was that

  • Vxntxys VTG
    Vxntxys VTG 4 hours ago

    American footballs: using hands British footballs: using foots sounds logical

  • Ady Yzels
    Ady Yzels 4 hours ago

    The music was too loud compare to your voice..🤣 please consider it.. footballers doesnt need loud music

  • Edison Godoy
    Edison Godoy 4 hours ago

    ronaldhino no tiene qe demostrar nada es grande

  • ZDS Reapxr
    ZDS Reapxr 4 hours ago

    who saw that bird fall

  • Daniel Smedley
    Daniel Smedley 4 hours ago

    Btec billy wingrove

  • Daniel Smedley
    Daniel Smedley 4 hours ago

    this kid sucks at football, stick to doing your silly tricks😂

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma 5 hours ago

    I feel bad for the guy picking up the balls.

  • goblin gamer
    goblin gamer 5 hours ago

    I play goalie for my club and a normal games includes be getting hit in the face and the nuts

  • patty man69 xlilYT
    patty man69 xlilYT 5 hours ago

    Everyone:1:26 was a bird Me:No it’s super man going for lex lugger

    KERVIN KoaCO 5 hours ago

    1:25 a doll fall from the window spooky

  • The0iron
    The0iron 5 hours ago

    Oops I spilt ur tea again😤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • The0iron
      The0iron 5 hours ago

      I think the tea will have a better chance of not spilling if u just call it a soccer ball like it is🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 6 hours ago

    I see Soccer ball

  • Nadi Dhiren
    Nadi Dhiren 6 hours ago

    😃😃😃😃😃😃 you are crazy man

  • Sports For Days TV
    Sports For Days TV 8 hours ago

    You can’t score from the eighteen or knuckleball 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cailew2oo7
    Cailew2oo7 8 hours ago

    To find out the accurate bounce you would have to get multiple of each ball then decide by the amount of balls you dropped.which if the same result I have no clue

  • James Rafferty
    James Rafferty 9 hours ago

    The footballs sound flat

  • OllieSaints2
    OllieSaints2 9 hours ago

    Should've used the jabulani

    DAWOOD JARRAR 9 hours ago

    Its maybe because the old balls have latex bladder that tend to have higher rebound as Uniforia having Butyl rubber bladder

  • SGC xxlolrollxx
    SGC xxlolrollxx 10 hours ago

    Rising sea levels: allow me to introduce myself

  • Mainman 101
    Mainman 101 10 hours ago

    1:26 a bird

  • Lloyd booth
    Lloyd booth 10 hours ago

    It's not hard being a goaly :-?!

  • Agast Aivani
    Agast Aivani 10 hours ago

    To drop the ball not football😂😂😂

  • FaraBear
    FaraBear 10 hours ago

    Congratulations, Swedish taxpayers! Another useless modern art piece of shit.

  • alban alliu
    alban alliu 11 hours ago

    You are so pro!!

  • Hassan Ibrahim
    Hassan Ibrahim 11 hours ago

    ETC Korean you ducking edited it What about dude perfect

  • alban alliu
    alban alliu 11 hours ago

    I like it you are pro!!!!😀😱🙌🙆💜

  • Voltz
    Voltz 11 hours ago

    Pollock: does anything The camera man: ooHh

  • Ivor Williams
    Ivor Williams 11 hours ago

    just pick it up

  • Max S
    Max S 12 hours ago

    Might as well buy fake football boots , they last about the same amount of time , but 10 x cheaper

  • Tam Alpaio
    Tam Alpaio 12 hours ago

    I was scared the whole time it was gonna break

  • footballi
    footballi 13 hours ago liverpool vs MAN UTD highlight 2020

  • elfeeyana tube
    elfeeyana tube 13 hours ago

  • Giulian Medaglia
    Giulian Medaglia 13 hours ago

    1.25 a fuckin bird smashed the window behind him

  • Pencil CrimeVEVO
    Pencil CrimeVEVO 14 hours ago

  • Jose Serrano
    Jose Serrano 14 hours ago

    No sabes achicar

  • 《Logical Youth》
    《Logical Youth》 14 hours ago

    RONALDHINO does not hv any duplicate copy. But, Let us admit the fact. The other boy is also skillful.

  • Random Giza
    Random Giza 15 hours ago

    4:01 It’s the euros mate

  • Fire phoniex03
    Fire phoniex03 15 hours ago

    How much is it?

  • Alexander Heatley
    Alexander Heatley 15 hours ago

    Why didn't u look at the one from 1966

  • Suzi Bennett
    Suzi Bennett 15 hours ago


  • Nicholas Jimenez
    Nicholas Jimenez 15 hours ago

    His trying his best with the new ball😂😂😂

  • John Ruddock
    John Ruddock 15 hours ago

    WHAT IN THE WINDOW AT 1:27 and like if watching in 2020

  • one gaimer
    one gaimer 15 hours ago

    Do you like The sweden nationell team

  • RAPID Gaming
    RAPID Gaming 15 hours ago

    Your Skills is so cool bro

  • RAPID Gaming
    RAPID Gaming 15 hours ago

    I like it

  • Alex Winstanley
    Alex Winstanley 16 hours ago

    I love these videos. Football vs a tennis racket or a stretch Armstrong (supposedly indestructible) would be a good challenge.

  • Nagavalli Venkateswaran

    This pitch is owned by the God himself zlatan

  • Fantastic Gamer 35
    Fantastic Gamer 35 17 hours ago

    can i get some support

  • Farrel Production
    Farrel Production 17 hours ago

    that looks like plastic ball

  • [sic]
    [sic] 17 hours ago

    You need to weave the bands over the goal dude.

  • Arpan Bhattacharyya
    Arpan Bhattacharyya 17 hours ago check this out

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 18 hours ago

    When a bird is more famous than you

  • JacksucksAtlife
    JacksucksAtlife 18 hours ago

    1:27 pause it there is a bird in window

  • Art Wrld
    Art Wrld 18 hours ago

    Just remeber they can shoot this good but it’s harder in a game for them and also depending on the team the rating drops, so you don’t see any 87+ fifa players playing for random leagues

  • MegaX Leader
    MegaX Leader 18 hours ago

    Ok here’s my opinion of his card PAC:70. SHO:72 DRI:68. DEF:? PAS:71. PHY:?

  • Simon Kay
    Simon Kay 18 hours ago

    Did anyone notice he said 2020 World Cup ball

  • Jannik Porwoll
    Jannik Porwoll 18 hours ago

    What's sad is that he can still juggle better than me with the slow motion ball

  • Jeremy Chang
    Jeremy Chang 19 hours ago

    Lol 8 years ago

  • Thomas Kiely
    Thomas Kiely 19 hours ago

    When he says dont hit the brim you can see he is standing still but in the second clip he moveing back

  • Tanuja Chaudhary
    Tanuja Chaudhary 19 hours ago

    You are best than all football player you are also too good than Messi and Ronaldo

  • Tea Gaming
    Tea Gaming 19 hours ago

    The modern ball is heavier than all the other ones

    SLIDES SPEAK 21 hour ago

    *Thanos: I am inevitable* *Football pitch: Well,in here injury is inevitable*

  • Sarang tamirisa
    Sarang tamirisa 21 hour ago

    Does laughing when he started taping the ball to his foot

  • Lyle Martin
    Lyle Martin 21 hour ago

    Did anyone else see the bird fall out the tree

  • Nadia Aamir
    Nadia Aamir 21 hour ago

    How does he shoot ewww

  • Reshma Shanavas
    Reshma Shanavas 21 hour ago

    If It was Zlatan or CR7 then Window will be blasted.

  • Sultana Shehnaz
    Sultana Shehnaz 22 hours ago

    from where do I get this thing

  • தமிழ் பையன் டா

    Attitude is very much important!

    PUBG VIRAL VIDEOS 22 hours ago

    I can 200+

  • Josh Nuttall
    Josh Nuttall 22 hours ago

    Hey there, I’m a qualified drone pilot and wondered if you wanted any aerial shots taken for a videos? Previously I have taken videos for Hashtag United in the Essex Senior League.

  • Young YZ
    Young YZ 22 hours ago

    1:27 Why did something fall? It looked like a bird 😂

  • Navas Haneef
    Navas Haneef 23 hours ago

    U could have uploaded a 24 hrs video

  • sasi palli
    sasi palli 23 hours ago


  • Pexgy FN
    Pexgy FN 23 hours ago

    Am I the only one that realised that.that was the same pitch f2 uses 😂

  • JustJtbNL
    JustJtbNL Day ago

    fun fact in thumbnail; coca cola Real, pepsi Fake

  • ᴡᴀʀᴘʀᴏᴍᴏ / E D I T S

    imp could have been edited better

  • BHARATH Paul
    BHARATH Paul Day ago

    Good bri

  • Ricky Alvinton

    Because you Noob.. And not professional football players.

  • Emma Ross
    Emma Ross Day ago

    Would be good for a frisbee maybe

  • Notso Sale
    Notso Sale Day ago

    This isn't a waste of time Imagine all the practice you got

  • Wesley Coy
    Wesley Coy Day ago

    This is the key to be a good goalkeeper play basketball for a year then try being a GK

  • El French
    El French Day ago

    4:00 2020 World Cup ball lol

  • DBZ Gameplays and more

    I can Say this from my own experience the more you do a full on dive the "Fear" goes away because you start to understand that it really doesn't hurt and i think that's what i feared the pain but yeah just keep diving and your good

  • Ramiro CARP
    Ramiro CARP Day ago

    El fifa y el pes tienen las stats colocadas de manera pésima , el juego que es más exacto en este sentido es el football manager.

  • Naviin Junior
    Naviin Junior Day ago


  • Diksha Sharma
    Diksha Sharma Day ago

    Your voice has changed a bit

  • PillowKing 999 Zerva

    Crap video. When I saw Stevie g I thought that there was going to be a slip. But no, a screamer is what U do

  • Parker Swee
    Parker Swee Day ago

    I want it

  • Parker Swee
    Parker Swee Day ago

    You are luck you have a tree

  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time Day ago

    i am reportting

  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time Day ago

    You are not a fan of Messi idoat

  • Shvrs
    Shvrs Day ago

    He wasn’t even trying

  • Mehdi Hussain09

    EA should give all of Lukakus stats to this player. It will be even then

  • MANpro 107
    MANpro 107 Day ago

    Great video! You are so kind!

  • Uzzydon913 badboy

    1:26 there was a dol falling from the sky