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The TRUE Cost of An iPhone
Views 68K6 months ago
Top 10 RICHEST World Leaders
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  • Magna75k daahir
    Magna75k daahir 19 minutes ago

    Yay my country is on here

  • nidaliti
    nidaliti 31 minute ago

    The Americans always need a boogie man for the drug consumption when we were in Vietnam all the heroine was coming from that region and when we went to Afghanistan we made the switch

  • Vicky Preece
    Vicky Preece 48 minutes ago

    Anyone else think this guys voice is annoying?

  • Chris Shafer
    Chris Shafer 53 minutes ago

    Cedar Point pretty much owns all of these lists but other parks need noticed too...

  • jeppp
    jeppp 55 minutes ago

    16. RU-clip

  • Aiko Galuh
    Aiko Galuh 59 minutes ago


    MUSICSTAR 59 minutes ago

    So we can drink our own pee using LifeStraw! 😂 Bear Grylls needs that.

  • BadBoo
    BadBoo Hour ago

    And I was complaining about my size and I'm not even fat

  • DJ S
    DJ S Hour ago

    Bitch, shut the fuck up and show the video, ain't nobody wanna hear your dumb ass.

  • Hong Pigeon
    Hong Pigeon Hour ago

    1:24 my favorite game clash of clans

  • brett 2004
    brett 2004 Hour ago

    Loved that movie “Steve in Real Life”

  • Jessica Tibbits
    Jessica Tibbits Hour ago

    hyperbole is pronounced hi-per-bow-lee not hyper-bowl. Reuters is pronounced Roiters. Please have a narrator that knows how to pronounce words.

  • wenn Guibao
    wenn Guibao Hour ago

    Anyone who has the baby 😭 are u waiting for the very lovely cuty baby avatar too??😍

  • **confidential**

    Me: Do you have change for a dollar? Rick: I know nothing about dollars, let me call in an expert. expert comes in and confirms it is worth a 100 cents Rick: The best I can do is 25 cents and I am taking a huge risk here.

  • Joseph Nickl
    Joseph Nickl 2 hours ago

    Did the video pin get anyone?

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 2 hours ago


  • Know is Trite
    Know is Trite 2 hours ago

    You missed the part of Richard Branson watching the episode of Shark Tank with Door Bot and Shaq agreeing to do commercials once he got the product

  • Caden Caiden
    Caden Caiden 2 hours ago

    That dumb bitch is so stupid she so scared of disiplen that she didn't explain it.

  • M S
    M S 2 hours ago

    Be kind to animals.

  • james nagib
    james nagib 2 hours ago

    do free my face and my eye more ok bye >>> send me my technology >>> I` m wanna fly ok bye

  • Svendrys
    Svendrys 2 hours ago

    Printer ink should be in the list also 😉

  • james nagib
    james nagib 2 hours ago

    ok do free me more

  • james nagib
    james nagib 2 hours ago

    hi team smart stop bad add to me and don`t add hell to me more ok bye

  • not that auntie
    not that auntie 3 hours ago

    First of all Cleopatra is not white!

  • Da_real_avacodo
    Da_real_avacodo 3 hours ago

    Who else having issues sleeping

  • Thailand_228
    Thailand_228 3 hours ago

    1 like for praying him

  • Holly Beeman
    Holly Beeman 3 hours ago

    Welll..... I hope I am not being watched because I have seen ufos

  • Rl c
    Rl c 3 hours ago

    Putin is my hero!!!putin is my hero, he does understand life ... Money is just a tool.

  • FazeYouHack
    FazeYouHack 3 hours ago

    Fat indian fuck

  • RJ Vélez
    RJ Vélez 3 hours ago

    MACARENA part up😂

  • ITS MEH!!
    ITS MEH!! 3 hours ago

    The phillippines habe the waiting thingy

  • Cemil Furkan Karakurt

    Wikipedia Turkey blocked

  • SosaDa'Vinci
    SosaDa'Vinci 3 hours ago

    Haha pay for bottle water? Better drink from the water hose😂

  • Bryan Cooper
    Bryan Cooper 4 hours ago

    He say's "The Federal Reserve - in which the Rothschild's have NO connection to - and is a Conspiracy Theory" wow -- I guess I need to listen to this man because he is RE-programming me -- I Obey - I Obey - I Obey - I O b e y you Master!!!!!

  • Leah Garces
    Leah Garces 4 hours ago

    Most disliked video on youtube: 2017: Justin Bieber 2019: *yOuTube rEwINd*

  • idoniue
    idoniue 4 hours ago

    red bull??

  • Wilma Playz
    Wilma Playz 4 hours ago

    I’m happy he’s healthy now:)

  • Pearl Infinite
    Pearl Infinite 4 hours ago

    America has a Cambridge Uni? I-

  • Harshyt Gupta
    Harshyt Gupta 4 hours ago

    *Buying land on moon* is the biggest scam

  • T Beau
    T Beau 4 hours ago

    Who in the world did this mess?! The Crater of Diamonds is in Murfreesboro, ARKANSAS! AR is Arkansas, AZ is Arizona and AK is Alaska. Crater of Diamonds Murfreesboro, ARKANSAS! Whomever wrote, read our edited this needs to take 4th grade again. Unbelievable! I just can't go any further after that crap. NEXT!

  • Erik Myers
    Erik Myers 5 hours ago

    "Steve in Real Life"????? Buahahs.

  • Tom
    Tom 5 hours ago

    $600 for a single use helmet HA!

  • jaz preet
    jaz preet 5 hours ago

    I wonder if the Bieber Look alike knows Bieber suffers from acne?

  • Middle Prince710
    Middle Prince710 5 hours ago

    420 ha he is on his way

    SYNTHIA RAE DANCES 5 hours ago

    The REAL TOP 10 1. USA (not ny much) 2. China 3. Russia 4. India 5. Israel 6. Iran 7. North Korea 8) Great Britain 9. Pakistan 9. Egypt

  • AgePlayz
    AgePlayz 5 hours ago

    I love how the crowd didn't make fun of him but yet, cheered him on. Just shows their is some good in the world.

  • Sakura Dejesus
    Sakura Dejesus 5 hours ago

    This is the most inspiring thing that I’ve ever seen

  • Phantux 1.667
    Phantux 1.667 5 hours ago

    Where's my house? I aTE tHoSE FoOd!

  • Faasamoa Siona
    Faasamoa Siona 5 hours ago

    bro dont say fat to poor kid because you are not blessed with a gift

  • Thanos
    Thanos 6 hours ago

    Rumour says they just purchased a gucci store on mars.

  • Jerrick Tong
    Jerrick Tong 6 hours ago


  • Johnny Lucio
    Johnny Lucio 6 hours ago

    One like =1 pray

  • jakob granat
    jakob granat 6 hours ago

    the director of this channel cannot correctly pronounce numbers.....

  • KqrlIto
    KqrlIto 6 hours ago

    getting 42,069 likes in 1 year is the best world record

  • e
    e 6 hours ago

    He lost 220lbs already

  • Dominican- FamilyVlog

    God is the richest at the end of all this he own everything living and dead. Repent now! For he shall come soon 🙏🏼 God Bless

  • Victor シ
    Victor シ 6 hours ago

    1:29 aruan fodac

  • Amazingbroo Roblox
    Amazingbroo Roblox 6 hours ago

    the 1 like=better health wont help.......... | | V

  • my mood 24/7
    my mood 24/7 6 hours ago

    God Bless His Soul🥺❤️

  • Tristan Cooper
    Tristan Cooper 7 hours ago

    And then there’s me who only makes $80k a year

  • Maddpirate75
    Maddpirate75 7 hours ago

    Damn That’s something u don’t see every day

  • The Alpha Eagle :0
    The Alpha Eagle :0 7 hours ago

    Wait what happens if a bird POoPs oN it

  • NuclearBOI
    NuclearBOI 7 hours ago

    gold is twice as rare as diamonds

  • ????????
    ???????? 7 hours ago

    Poor kid.

  • Lis Skelsey
    Lis Skelsey 7 hours ago

    Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuurk......I do not want to be human any more.

  • Rohacks3716
    Rohacks3716 7 hours ago

    Dang, he lost a lot of weight like A LOT of em. I can't even sometimes lose 5 pounds...

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman 7 hours ago

    This is the first cricket cheating things I've ever seen

  • Mr.G ameguide
    Mr.G ameguide 7 hours ago

    I... Can't... Resist... *N I C E*

  • NOT Morgz
    NOT Morgz 7 hours ago

    Yes the magic number 6 9

  • Sky Bat
    Sky Bat 8 hours ago

    Anyone can do anything even him 😀

  • Jay Zepeda
    Jay Zepeda 8 hours ago

    i only knew Budden because of eminem HAHAHAHA

  • Sky Bat
    Sky Bat 8 hours ago

    I feel bad 😞

  • Magic Medo
    Magic Medo 8 hours ago

    Is it just me is that Suge Knight car video looks kinda fake? he disappeared from under the front portion of the car then reappeared under the back portion of it like a stop motion shot.

  • millsbomb007
    millsbomb007 8 hours ago

    the attic where the boy found the stamp, is definitely the amityville house.

  • Hugh Anus
    Hugh Anus 8 hours ago

    All Wrong Loudest Noise Is My Clap Because Ya Boi Got 9.4 Inch Hands

  • Lary Botea
    Lary Botea 8 hours ago

    This people lifestyle make me trow up

  • David King
    David King 8 hours ago

    Correction there is stuff more valuable than gold platinum for one

  • Lil_pumpkins money
    Lil_pumpkins money 8 hours ago

    the fuck you just have to be in the Dubai police force to drive your dream car.

  • Oluwaseun Omotoso
    Oluwaseun Omotoso 8 hours ago

    One like for him to get better

    TOP NOTCH THE GMC 8 hours ago

    this kid needs to go on a diet PERIOD :/ i'm so glad that he got better that was bad

  • Andrew Sato1
    Andrew Sato1 8 hours ago

    that was like trillions

  • ItzNeonPandaz
    ItzNeonPandaz 8 hours ago

    One like equals one prayer for the little girl to put the cookie in her mouth 3:20 👇

  • Nvxiia
    Nvxiia 9 hours ago

    *N I C E*

  • Emily Bourbeau
    Emily Bourbeau 9 hours ago

    Ok does anyone else notice that he made mistakes about the show and the actors?

  • Kasi Watkins
    Kasi Watkins 9 hours ago

    This makes me wanna cry

  • 911shotJFK
    911shotJFK 9 hours ago

    Shit, I need to find out how to start an ATM business.

  • Kasi Watkins
    Kasi Watkins 9 hours ago

    This is so disturbing whyyy I feel bad for Ruth and the girl sandra

  • paul picone
    paul picone 9 hours ago

    200 k a hour what a joke 500 billion spent on military last year and 3.2 trillion spent on health care fucking crazy

  • Shirley Kitchens
    Shirley Kitchens 9 hours ago

    Teacher: So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Little girl: A baby machine. Me: 😨😨😨😱😱😱

  • rafi Islam bb
    rafi Islam bb 9 hours ago

    Like what the hell chips other type of unhealthy food they shouldn't listen to him they should only give treats once in a while

  • Toma Ujkic
    Toma Ujkic 9 hours ago

    It’s sooo funny how everyone knows that these guys rule the world by manipulating the working class, yet we allow it to happen anyway. Life sure is a bitch.

  • Hussain Maldives
    Hussain Maldives 9 hours ago

    Muraka Maldives,, world most expensive room' per night,,

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 9 hours ago

    Paying taxes is the biggest scam of them all

  • Nicholas Verellen
    Nicholas Verellen 9 hours ago

    Typical 21st century American. When people die it’s not the poor animals fault. But when the animal dies there’s so much outrage and humans are so cruel. Yes animals should not be killed without reason but human life is always more important than animals

  • Miami
    Miami 9 hours ago

    Fat ass

  • Peet Rungsima
    Peet Rungsima 9 hours ago

    We should gather all the Genius and put them together to solve climate problems. Put them in one big building give them everything they need, but they can’t go home until they have a good solution. Big nice building modern design- a world class chefs, gyms with trainers, pools, mini forest for running, game rooms, massage clinic, mini shopping mall, movie theater, super full scale science labs etc., hehe

  • MI MI
    MI MI 10 hours ago

    Prince George shouldn’t be on the list.Being a billionaire and coming from royal family he is very well behaved and well mannered.Thanks to his parents.

  • Jason Montero
    Jason Montero 10 hours ago

    Batman won